The Chess Club


I guess it was all Christine’s fault. Or rather, I suppose I have her to thank. Christine was a very rebellious girl in my school, with long black hair, overdeveloped breasts for a girl her age and an attitude that made the teachers wince whenever she even walked by. The boys all lusted after her, some secretly, some overtly, and she flirted with all the male teachers, though probably just to make them uncomfortable. The girls queued up to be her friend, not least because if you weren’t Christine’s friend she did her best to make your life a misery, and her best was pretty good.

I got in the way of some of Christine’s shots from time to time, but the truth was that I wasn’t interesting enough at school to even be bullied. I was average height, moderately decent looking (I can say with some modesty that I was a bit of a late bloomer), reasonably good at most subjects, but not enough to be seen as geeky. I was okay at sports, but not fabulous. I was just the invisible girl, wandering through life with nothing in particular to mark her out one way or the other.

I envied Christine her daring, and the boys. The more outrageous she became, the more desperately I wanted to be her. To top her, in fact. I had fantasies where I made her watch while I necked with her boyfriend, and where she watched as the teachers tried to chat me up. My dream life was even more vivid, bringing up my true subconscious desires, as together she and I raped the biology teacher, he screaming out in ecstasy as Christine patiently explained the intricacies of the g-spot to us.

His penis, I remember seemed enormous, but heavenly, moving inside me, and I also remember how I awoke, shrieking with pleasure, to my mother asking if I was okay, if I had had a bad dream.

No. No, not bad at all, thank you.

The next day I was deeply aroused. I had only ever been kissed once, and I had later learnt that he had done it on a bet. My own brother, who lived mainly these days with our estranged father, was the boy I knew best, and he had always seemed like a total waste of space to me. All in all I had a very low opinion of men, so no particular desire for a boyfriend of my own. But I did want that feeling back inside me again, soon. And this time for real.

I watched the teacher’s crotch through our next biology lesson. It didn’t look nearly as impressive as it had the night before, but maybe my subconscious had spotted something I hadn’t. In any case, I had hatched a plan.

The biology teacher ran a chess club on Thursday nights, straight after this lesson. I would go along, see if I could muster the courage to flirt a little. Hell, I’d watched Christine do it often enough. It wasn’t even as if, if anything came of it, it would actually be illegal or anything, we would both be consenting adults (though myself only just). It was just a dry run, I thought to myself, ironically enough, with Anadolu Yakası Escort my juices running down my legs in anticipation so much that I had to stop off to clean myself up on the way.

The chess club had never, to the best of my knowledge, ever had a girl go along. Not because we weren’t smart enough to play chess, but because it was populated by the kids even the geeks tried to avoid, nerds of the first order, who went breathless if a girl even sat on the same row. Not that they were ugly, particularly, they just didn’t relate to the rest of the school very well. Or even at all.

I arrived to the club a little late, as I had stopped to put make-up on, as well as mop myself up a little. I was breathless, and shaking, not just from running down there. But as I arrived I looked around the suddenly silent classroom to see that the teacher wasn’t there. I was so disappointed I nearly burst into tears. One of the geeks, whose name, like the rest of them, I still can’t remember, said that he’d just gone for some supplies. I couldn’t think what supplies a chess club might need, but sat down to wait anyway. I listlessly played a couple of games, and eventually entered into conversation with the boys. After I had won their confidence enough to get them properly talking, it transpired that the teacher wasn’t, in fact, coming back. They had made a deal with him some time ago that he could slope off to the pub with his pals while leaving them alone, ‘till he came back to lock up. Indignantly one added that sometimes he forgot for ages, and they’d had to hang on until ten o’clock.

My heart sank. I couldn’t wait that long. I might as well go home. I stood up to leave. All that work for nothing. The make-up. Hitching my skirt up to show off my legs, always my best feature. Well, second best, anyway, that and what lies at the top of them. Which I noticed for the first time all the boys, or should I say all the young men’s, eyes were glued to. One in particular was staring really hard at my ass, and when he realised I was looking at him he quickly moved his hand to cover his groin. Though not before I noticed the large erection he was covering, bulging under his grey school trousers. Good old subconscious, I thought.

I licked my lips, and looked around. The silence was deafening. I wasn’t scared of anyone in this room, I realised. I could trust them completely. The only kids in the school I ever could. Blood pounded in my ears. The boys exchanged glances. They might not have had much experience, but they were damn smart, and they read me like a book. The tallest one, the one who had spoken to me first, spoke to the boy nearest the door, with the last intelligible words I would hear any of them speak that night.

‘Watch the door, just in case.’

He nodded, and took up position in the doorway. I sat back on a desk, scattering chess pieces on the Kartal Escort floor. Nobody moved. I beckoned, and the tall one approached, and cautiously held out his hand and touched a breast. One of them moaned softly, and I smiled. Just in case anyone was in any doubt, I leaned forward and whipped off my panties, and pulled my skirt right up high. There was the sound of around a dozen flies being opened almost simultaneously, somebody having got up the nerve to be the first.

I looked around at the results. Fat, thin, long, short, all manner of sizes were here represented. My heart felt as though it was about to leap out of my chest any second. I was floating on a cloud of joy, at the situation, over the power over them my body wielded.

The tall one came forward first, cock in hand, and gracelessly shoved himself in, and a wave of delicious agony swept through my body. Foreplay was really never to be my thing. I orgasmed instantly, clapping my hand over my mouth to stop myself attracting anyone who might interrupt. Three or four thrusts later my first time came to an end, him shooting his first load of semen into me, and then collapsing onto my chest. We lay there, panting, for a sort while, and then he drew himself up and removed himself with a wet popping sound. There was a moment of bated breath, before I lifted myself up and beckoned again to another at random. More, please. They practically fell over each other in the rush to line up before me, the one at the door shoving the first over to the door even while the poor boy was trying, cock still in hand, to clean himself up a little.

It took three more of them cumming inside me before I orgasmed again, not because I was less sensitive but because they came so quickly. After that I was at least able to relax enough to take proper note of what was going on around me. Those that were waiting were standing around me to get the best view.

They all had their cocks out and were gripping them tightly. They were so close, and yet so far away. As another pushed himself inside my by now extremely slippery cunt lips I groaned and reached out for one of their beautiful, beautiful penises, it’s bulbous head shiny in the flourescent light. It’s owner glanced around him and then took a nervous step forward. I grabbed it gratefully, weighed it’s softness, its delicious firmness, it’s warmth. I had never even touched one before this night, except in my dreams. God, but it felt good.

I ran my hand up and down its length, unconsciously doing so in time to the thrusts into my hips, and the cock’s owner moaned loudly. I became aware of a gentle rubbing on the back of my other hand, which had been gripping the table, and reached out again to take the proffered cock in my other hand, orgasming again as I did so, at the picture of myself in my head, one cock in my cunt, another in each hand, others being wanked Maltepe Escort slowly all around me, at me, at the thought of having me, of touching me. Somebody, probably one of the boys I was holding, clamped a hand over my mouth to quieten my yell and avoid me having to let go.

The boy inside me came copious, removing himself before he did so to spray my legs and pubes with his seed. The sensation was like a warm, light shower being played down my legs, and it helped to cool me down. Shortly afterwards number six entered me and I softly cried out to God in thanks. He was certainly the biggest yet, and he ran himself in and out of me with infinite patience and care. I’m sorry I don’t know which one he was, I could have gone back much later and given him an even bigger treat.

One of the cocks I was holding exploded in my hand, and sticky cum ran down my wrist. I instinctively brought my hand down and licked it off, like it was a melting ice-cream. It didn’t taste like I expected it to, more like some sort of shellfish than cream. The taste made me more horny, though, and brought to mind a new diversion. I looked towards the nearest stiff penis, and there was still no shortage, several having come round for a second go, opened my mouth wide, and ran my tongue over my bottom lip and teeth. This time there was no hesitation, and several rushed forward, the biggest being the one that one purely because it projected itself further.

I licked it experimentally and the owner groaned thickly and came in my mouth instantly, the thin liquid swishing around my mouth, myself gulping desperately so I did not choke. Finally there was no more and he pulled out and another was pushed in my face, only to be removed again seconds later as its owner was pushed out of the way by the boy who was inside me a second before, who splattered his cum all over my face as well as on my waiting tongue in his eagerness to give himself to me.

After that, a routine settled in. One pumped slowly at my hips whilst another locked with my in inexpert oral sex, he occasionally making me gag and choke with his length, me occasionally making them wince with my teeth. I have been told since that there is no such thing as a bad blow job, and it would seem these guys certainly agreed.

There was certainly no shortage of takers. Whilst, at least the first couple of times, they all came very quickly, they recovered almost as quickly again. I must have been fucked more times that night than some people get fucked in years. Fortunately because I was swallowing most of it I didn’t get too messy, and when the teacher eventually did come back we were able to hastily put ourselves in order. I stuck my panties in my bag, smiled sweetly at the teacher, turned my back on the all and left with my head held high.

I didn’t say goodbye. I still had a mouthful of cum, which I swirled around in my mouth on the way home. I had to stop halfway to go behind some bushes and masturbate, my hands up my skirt on the ground, swallowing as I came, yelling out in my ecstasy. I had found what I was good at, what made me stand out from the crowd. And I still wanted more.

Thank you, Christine.

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