The Kissing Game


As I said in the intro to my last story, the kissing game did happen. It has here been considerably embellished! It did lead to us losing our cherries together but not the same night and with much more clumsiness than our protagonists managed!

Simon was looking forward to the party. He knew a couple of the girls who were going and that they were unattached, the bonus being they were not part of the crowd that studiously ignored anyone they didn’t consider their equal. He looked at his invite again and decided the dress code would allow his platform shoes and flares that twenty years later, even five or ten years later if he was honest with himself he would wonder why on earth he ever thought it was a good look!

Those who remember that era will now know it was well before internet and mobile phones. Hell there were people in Simon’s class at school (Where one went till eighteen, not college!) who didn’t even have a landline! He also saw that there would be some games to get to know eachother better. Simon would have been lying if he denied that he hoped to get some action. More than his recently turned eighteen body had seen so far – a couple of hand jobs from girls he wasn’t really interested in and his own hands had got as far as feeling said girls breasts under t-shirts but over bras.

That wasn’t to say he was ignorant about all things sexual. The combination of the letters pages and stories in Tony’s porn stash (He didn’t dare have such a thing in his own home.) and his mother’s anatomy text books had taught him more than sex-ed in school had and he was bright enough to work out nearly all of the bull shit he read in the porn mags. But he lacked practical experience though this was far more common than any of his male friends would admit to, a fact he had worked out for himself but knowing it didn’t deal with the frustration of his being in that majority.

The invitation was from Judy whose parent’s house it was. And they were away for the weekend meaning Judy and the more responsible of her friends would have all of Saturday and Sunday to repair any damage done at the party.

“I will pair you up with Fiona for some of the games. You will really like her.” Judy promised. He had had two blind dates set up by friends in the past and while both had been OK and not disasters, neither had the spark that was needed on either side for them to go anywhere. In fact both Jane and Julie ended up in the friend zone which while not the outcome Simon had been hoping for was he admitted a lot better than some of the car crashes he had heard about from his school mates.

“Do you think that her name not beginning with, ‘J’ might improve my chances? You Julie and Jane all ended up as good friends. Come to think of it so did Jasmine! Maybe there is something in this names business?”

Simon did not have OCD far from it but give him a time to be somewhere he would be there on time whatever got in the way so exactly at seven PM he rang the door bell of the house. House? Mansion more like it was his first impression. There were classrooms smaller than the room he was shown in to! No way would he every have guessed Judy’s parents had that sort of money from the way she behaved.

There to his surprise were quite a few people he knew by name at least. Every one of them had been at some of the gymnastic competitions he attended himself. There were more girls than boys but if all or nearly all Judy’s friends were from gymnastics, then that was no surprise. The school club had almost twice as many girls as boys and so did the other club where Simon trained. He began to feel better about the party and his anxiety around meeting new people evaporated.

He was asked how he knew Judy and he replied that she was both in some of his school classes and in the school gymnastics club. Soon most of his school club were there, well those who were over eighteen at least. Judy had been told in no uncertain terms that no one underage should be at her party. More people arrived and the sex ratio evened out a bit but there were still about twenty odd girls to sixteen boys.

Judy spoke out with a voice that could easily reach every part of the large school gymnasium. – Useful given she wanted to be a PE teacher. She made sure everyone had a drink and then got them to all grab a pencil and some paper.

“First game, Everyone write down what they think the Mona Lisa’s smile is about.”

Simon laughed and put down that she had dumped her boyfriend because he was a cheat. There were another nine questions all with answers that had to be pure speculation or were silly questions with no real answer.

“How long is a piece of string?” Was another along with, “Why is the new TV transmitter antenna North of the city such a bright white?”

Simon answered these with,

“It does knot matter.” ” and, “So people can get BBC2 in colour.”

“Your next task is to find out who has the most answers identical in words and or meaning to your own.”

This led to much milling about and high fives when a pair came up with a matching answer.

“If the person who matches most with you has someone else they match even better with find the next Pendik Escort person down for number of matches.”

As there was more moving about, Simon talked with the girl who he had managed seven matches with. Including all the questions above.

Wearing a mini and a short t-shirt that showed just over an inch of midriff he had noted from afar that she was one of the gymnasts by her powerful legs and shoulders as well as her taut abdominal muscles. While others were still sorting themselves out she told him,

“I am impressed.”

“That we managed seven matches?”

“That as well but even more impressed that you notice I have a head and face.”

“I certainly would have noticed if you didn’t.”

“You might have but you are probably the only boy here who would have. The rest have been too busy looking at my legs or my chest and wondering what my tits look like when I take my shirt off.” Simon considered this briefly,

“Well you do have superlative legs, easily the best here tonight.”

“When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.”

“You mean those legs aren’t real?” An open hand slapped him on the arm.

A cough sounded behind them.

“I see you two have met. Simon Fiona, Fiona Simon.”

“He was commenting on my legs.” Fiona said defensively.

“I plead mitigating circumstances. Fiona did bring up the subject of her legs first.”

Judy, having heard the whole

exchange just laughed before moving on,

“Hands up all those with no matches!” Two hands went up. “Congratulate yourselves on being unique individuals. You can be partners for the next few games.” There were four with one match each and Judy divided them into two pairs. More still had three, back to four for four one five, no sixes and Simon and Fiona were the winners with seven matches.

“Why does this not surprise me? The two worst most corny senses of humour in my life.” She appealed to those from our school, “Can you imagine two of Simon with his Jokes?” She then appealed to another large grouping, “Can you imagine doubling Fiona’s jokes?” A large groan went up after which Fiona spoke out,

“So this is your plan to get rid of both of us together?” More laughter.

“Before we eat is the handstand challenge. I know there are two of you who don’t do gymnastics. You get to have spotters and don’t have to start till a minute later than the others in your group.

“Keep your eyes where they belong mister.” Fiona told Simon’s

“Of course. I wouldn’t want to make it difficult for myself by spotting on something likely to move.” This time he was quick enough to avoid the slap. Judy sorted out who would go when so that none of the boys would be standing watching while any of the skirt wearing girls were doing their handstands. However at three minutes, Fiona and Simon were both going strong though they were the only ones who wee. One of the girls after standing up looked at Simon whose flares had fallen down past his knees and revealed half of his thighs and whistled.

“Nice legs Simon!”

“Thank you!” He didn’t even have the good grace to make it sound like answering was difficult. Another thirty seconds after the exchange, Fiona had to go down. (The glass of wine had perhaps not been a good idea, though Simon had also had one she had seen.)

It was past four and a half minutes when Judy said,

“I doubt anyone in the second half is going to beat you Simon.” He grinned and moved onto one hand.

“OK, Start the second lot off then.”

“Show off!” Commented Fiona. Simon was still up when the last of the second group came down. He did however have to swap onto his left hand to last that long. He put his hands on the high back of one of the chairs in the room, bending over at the waist to stretch his shoulders after the long time in handstand.

“Do you want to stand on my shoulders Fiona and give them a decent stretch?”

“You just want everyone to see what colour my knickers are.”

“Don’t be silly. Everyone knows they are blue because you were second to last to come down during the handstands.”

Fiona’s voice took on a dangerous note,

“You told me you wouldn’t look.”

“No, I told you I wouldn’t spot on something likely to move. I decided you were going to stay still. You chose what to believe. Besides, you knew you would still be upside down long after most of this lot were back on their feet.”

“Fine have it your own way then.” She jumped onto his back and then putting her hands just inside his shoulder blades levered into a plank. He was really enjoying the stretch when she told him, “Come on we need to get some food.”

As they walked, he asked,

“Fiona, if you don’t want people to know what colour your panties are, why wear a skirt so short you can’t even take a long stride without showing them?”

“I didn’t want YOU looking. I wanted you to have that question in your mind. Isn’t wondering what you might find there more exciting than knowing? Fiona picked up a cherry tomato and pushed it into his mouth preventing his answering as was her intent. This was the point in time Simon admitted to himself Kurtköy Escort that he would never understand women. Donald Rumsfeld had never talked about the category of unknowable unknowns. They fed eachother with their fingers, each picking choice items and placing them in the other’s mouth. It was the most sensual, erotic experience of Simon’s life. Understand women? Hell he couldn’t even understand himself! What he did understand was that he had a raging boner that was only going unnoticed because of his voluminous flares.

A leg slid across his, a bare leg starting with a well muscled calf, followed by the back of a knee and before Simon’s mind could reach Fiona was sitting in his lap and said raging boner stood no chance of not being noticed. A part of his brain asked,

“How the hell did she do that from the position she was sitting in?” Another part answered, “Because she like you is a fucking gymnast, idiot!” Next brain went out of the window as Fiona’s lips locked with his. His hardness increased beyond what he might have thought possible had his brain been in a condition to allow thought.

Coherent thought may have been stopped but visual imagination was not as he pictured himself and Fiona doing exactly as they were sans clothing.

“Ahem!” Judy had sneaked up behind Simon’s chair. Well walked up to behind it actually, there was no need for sneaking! The pair may have eventually noticed if the building fell down around them but Judy wasn’t even taking bets on that. “Simon and Fiona seem to have anticipated the next game and decided to get in some sneaky practice. Did you look at my notes for the games Fiona?” She didn’t wait for a red faced Fiona to answer but carried on, “While kissing, you must alternately breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth allowing your partner to breathe your air. They will then breathe out then in through their nose, then out through their mouth allowing you to breathe in the air from their lungs. I am sure our two volunteers here will be eager to demonstrate. You have ten minutes to practice, then err come up for air if you need to before we time you and see who can last the longest. If you giggle and lose it you are out. If you need to break to cough or sneeze likewise. I will be going around checking that none of you are just snogging and both partners breathing normally through their noses.”

The amount of giggling in the room indicated that Fiona and Simon faced little if any competition from some of those nearest them and Simon proved he was capable of multitasking as his hands explored the smooth skin of his partner’s back and while he had just been enjoying the feel of her bare skin on his hands and arms, he did confirm the lack of bra straps around her back.

“Practising over, the kissing competition starts in three minutes.” Fiona and Simon ignored the deadline. “One minute!” Simon noticed Fiona’s hands were also exploring. “And Go!” Somehow they had slipped into the rhythm of sharing their breathing so well that they didn’t even need to do it consciously any more. The fact that every other breath didn’t contain as much oxygen meant breathing more deeply and rapidly than normal but other emotions and urges may possibly have been even bigger drivers in this for our two protagonists. The first drop outs from giggling were two of the girls paired together. Judy couldn’t make up her mind whether that was because they were uncomfortable doing it with their own sex or because they were too comfortable with it.

Simon meanwhile was remembering at some level what had been ingrained by both his parents that he should never go past what the girl he was with limits were. Fortunately, Fiona sensed his indecision and guided his hands under her miniskirt and inside the blue knickers he wasn’t supposed to have seen yet. Neither noticed the flashes as Judy took Polaroid pictures of the snogging pairs. Two for each pair to take away with them. Eyes closed, they didn’t even notice when evidence was taken that his hands had strayed into territory previously unexplored by him except in dreams.

Why had he not met Fiona earlier in his life? The irony that this was more the thought of a thirty or forty-year-old rather than one at the tender age of eighteen did not occur to him till much later that night.

“Ahem!” Judy had to repeat herself more loudly but still to no avail. She resorted to bellowing,

“And the winners are, Simon and Fiona!” Their lips finally parted and hands were removed from compromising positions. “And your prise is,” She paused to build suspense, “You get to spend tonight in the first guest bedroom!” Whoops and wolf whistles followed. There were other games and competitions, some they did well in some not so well. At some point, Simon put a finger into the telephone dial, turning it in the familiar pattern 78292.

“Hi mum, I am sleeping over at Judy’s house. I will be back after helping tidy up in the morning.”

“Yes dear. Don’t forget, don’t do anything she isn’t comfortable with. And we would like to meet her at some point.” His mother was forty years or more ahead of her time in making sure her son didn’t do anything with Ümraniye Escort a girl without consent.


“I was young once too dear, hard as that might be for you to imagine. I know what that tone in your voice means. Have fun.”His cock deflated. Why did talking to his mum do that? It wasn’t as if she was telling him not to do it. He needn’t have worried. Fifteen minutes later having showered first as directed by Fiona he was told,

“Close your eyes.” Tempted as he was he didn’t attempt to peek as she came out of the bathroom, finished drying herself and removed the towel she had been wearing. He was well beyond half mast even before she gave him the instruction,

“Look at me.” Half mast moved rapidly to full mast as he took in her perfect form, her A cup breasts that meant the only time she needed a bra was when she didn’t want her nipples to show, nipples that were now jutting out erect from her tits. A dark, almost black triangle of pubic hair that was just a fraction darker than that on her head. No worries about not being shaved, Fiona stood Proud in her birthday suit in a day long before shaving became popular. (Actually in Britain, the vast majority still don’t shave.)

Despite his assessment of her body, Simon was able to look in her eyes as he told her how much he liked what he saw and that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her eyes twinkled as she asked,

“Oh yes. And how many naked women have you seen standing in front of you?”

“Three.” She felt a stab having hoped she was the first which quickly dissipated as he finished, “If you count my four and six year old sisters.”

“Bastard! You said that to wind me up didn’t you? Come here and kiss me.” The kiss clearly took priority over answering her question. Still careful, not wanting to overstep the mark, he moved his hands towards her breasts. She took them in her own hands and placed them there. You can kiss my nipples if you want.

“Are bears catholic?” He asked before getting to work.

“Doofus.” She responded to his mixed metaphors before relaxing into the sensations running through her body. They moved to the bed where under the pillows Simon had slipped the condoms he had bought the previous day. He had survived the blood rushing to his face when served by Julie who asked,

“Who is the lucky girl then?” Simon forgave her knowing that her teasing was not malicious in intent.

She guided his left hand down across her flat stomach to her slit. He felt her wetness and started to slowly explore her lips, spreading her lubrication around, his mind trying to remember all the different tricks he had read were, “guaranteed to get the girl to cum.”

Fortunately Simon was also paying attention to Fiona’s reactions. He soon learned that doing that and responding appropriately was far more effective than following a formula.

“That is so much better than when I do it myself.” Fiona sighed.

“You do this to yourself?” Fiona laughed at Simon’s shocked voice.

“And how often do you wank yourself off?” She asked, amusement plain in her tone.

“Twice a day most days, maybe four times if it is a weekend.”

“Don’t you think us girls have needs too? Don’t Tony’s porn mags tell you anything?”

“How do you know about that?” Simon managed while moving his index finger up to her clitoris.

“Yes! In case you hadn’t noticed, Julie whom you went on a date with. (She says you are a very nice person by the way.) is Tony’s sister. She said you were the only one who spent more time reading them than looking at the pictures.” So much for his stash being secret! He pushed a finger deep inside Fiona’s well lubricated channel, while his thumb worked on her love button. He was rewarded by her hips lifting off the bed in an attempt to push his finger in deeper. His frigging of her

up in response to the encouragement. The verbal reaction out of context would have been incoherent but despite his lack of experience Simon knew exactly what it meant. He felt exulted and decided to push his luck.

“Can I kiss you there?”

“Damn right you can!” Doing so, Simon was as careful to pay attention to what worked and what didn’t as he had been when using his fingers. It was not long before he decided it was a taste he liked really liked so he kept going, switching between her lips, tunnel and clitoris in an orgy of self satisfaction till she exploded again. “Make love to me now.” Fiona was almost pleading.

Retrieving one of the rubbers he managed to get it on more quickly than when he had practised.

“Slowly. It is my first time.”

“Mine too. We can learn together.”

Fiona, knowing her own anatomy better took his thickness between her fingers and guided it to her opening. Simon tried to keep the pace slow but Fiona wasn’t having any of it. Once used to his girth her hips rose up to meet his dictating the pace. Simon quickly worked out who the boss was and reciprocated, driving him towards the goal. If he hadn’t jerked of twice already that day, he would never have lasted the pace. As it was, he kept going till the heat and squeezing of his head as he popped out of her entrance before pushing back in got too much and his hot seed started to fill the rubber. Such was the force of his orgasm, he was starting to doubt his earlier manual activities. Thought went out of the window as he felt Fiona’s vagina’s rhythmic squeezing of his cock.

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