The List Ch. 03: Charlene


*****Author’s Note*****

This story is part of a series composed of 6 chapters. Although this chapter can be read by itself, it is recommended to read the previous chapters in order to get a fuller sense of the story behind the list.

A big thanks to findingmyvoice for editing and putting up with me.


Running always seemed to clear Shane’s head. Shane slipped his jogging shorts on, put on a fitted t-shirt, then laced up his running shoes.

The trip to downtown, up to old man Rafferty’s farm, and back was approximately 10 miles. Shane thought it would do him some good to make the trek. He had been having a lot of memories, and along with those memories, feelings; feelings he hadn’t had in a very long time. The list had sparked his emotional curiosity of what happened to everyone.

As Shane ran through the park, he watched kids playing on the merry-go-round, spinning as fast as they could. After it stopped, each of them proceeded to a line drawn in the dirt, to see who could walk the straightest. Shane’s mind was taken back; another memory from his childhood.

The girls spun on the merry-go-round. As the world zipped by them, curving, with objects streaking past, one tipped her head back to view it upside down. The centrifugal force pulled her body. Only held by her legs wrapped around the bar near the center of the popular playground equipment, she let her arms stretch out.

She lost the grip she had on the bar and slid off the merry-go-round quickly. Shane watched as the girl clasped her mouth and searched the ground. He approached her. “Are you OK? Can I help you find something? You have a nasty scrape on your knee.”

“I’m ok. I lost a tooth though. I’m just trying to find it.” The girl kept her mouth covered while she ran her free hand over the ground.

“Let me help.” Shane scanned the ground then got down on his knees to get a better perspective of the brown dirt scattered with tufts of grass. As he moved a couple of rocks out of the way, he felt something small and sharp on one end. Shane picked up the object and presented it to the girl.

Muffled through her hand, “You found it! Thank you!”

The girl walked with Shane to a bench and they both sat down. It wasn’t long before the girl removed her hand from her mouth. Shane said, “It can’t be that bad. Are you sure you’re ok? Let me see and I will tell you what it looks like.”

She flashed her toothy smile, minus one; Shane’s heart skipped Her smile was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. “It doesn’t look bad at all. You should put that tooth under your pillow tonight.” It was the first time he met Charlene. He wanted to hold her hand and kiss her.

Shane remembered that moment 32 years ago. He was six, and Charlene was five. She was the first person on his list. Though, it wasn’t supposed to be the type of list it had become. As well as any six year old could think of, it was intended to be a list of everything in his life, not just girls.

At six years old, being scrawny and awkward, Shane lacked the courage to take her hand that day and give her a smooch. His lack of confidence followed him throughout elementary school. By the time he felt confident enough to ask her out, he was a freshman and she had a boyfriend.

Shane snapped out of it to find himself downtown, which seemed like it hadn’t changed one bit since he left. He noticed that everyone who moved away from town changed, and those who remained, stayed the same. This would make a good Twilight Zone episode.

The buildings downtown still showed their weather-worn brick faces and billboards advertise products and stores. Like a scene out of The Andy Griffith Show, Shane could see people sitting on chairs and benches outside the doors of their shops; the local gossip buzzing from their mouths.

One of the buildings did look like it had been renovated. As he was running past, he saw the sign in the window: Charlene Jackson, DDS. Is the world teasing me? Trying to tell me something? Shane thought to himself. He had been thinking about Charlene this morning. Images of her toothless smile invaded his thoughts, as he peered into the large plate-glass window.

Inside, a little girl received a lollipop from a short-haired brunette who was seated beside a counter. The woman stood and smiled at the little girl; there it was. Shane immediately recognized the toothy smile from his vision this morning. Charlene looked up and saw Shane standing in front of the window. Her face lit up, and she quickly said something to the little girl before excitedly waving to Shane, inviting him in.

Charlene had always been nice to him. He was constantly picked on in elementary school, but she never said anything mean, nor did she ever make him feel unwanted. He opened the door, side-stepping to allow the little girl and her mother room to pass through the door at the same time.

“Oh, my gosh! Shane, I haven’t seen you in forever!”

“Yeah, it’s been about…16, maybe 17 years, Anadolu Yakası Escort hasn’t it?”

“Something like that. You look really good after all of these years.”

“You look pretty amazing yourself. I really like your hair like that. And I see you still have that same wonderful smile.” Except the way I remembered it this morning, it was missing a tooth, he said to himself.

“Are you in for the reunion tonight?”

“I really haven’t decided if I’m going or not. I was only close to a few people.” Shane counted seven, at most.

“Well, I’m going and I would really like someone there to talk to who isn’t a complete ass. How about you pick me up at 5 and we can go get a bite to eat before the reunion? We can catch up on the last 17 years. I live at my parent’s old house. Pick me up at 5 sharp!” Even though Charlene’s voice took on a more commanding tone, her blue eyes twinkled as she tilted her head slightly and pushed her bottom lip out as though she were pleading.

“Umm…OK. See you at 5.” Shane wasn’t sure what to think. His mom had been begging him to go to the reunion, which he resisted. Now, he had been roped into going to the reunion by a smile filled with white teeth and a short bob haircut.

After showering, Shane picked out what he was going to wear to the reunion. Before meeting Charlene today he had decided that if he went, he was going to go in jeans and a t-shirt. He didn’t care. He would be showing up with a pretty girl who everyone knew, and he needed to look sharp. Shane unpacked the Armani suit he brought with him. He never knew when he would be called somewhere for his job and having the suit with him gave him at least one set of clothes to wear on his first arrival.

He was excited about going to the reunion with Charlene. As he went about the rest of his day, he thought of Charlene and his heart skipped a beat. The last time he remembered that feeling was when he dated Jolene for a summer after high school.

Shane finished buttoning his white shirt, he pull the loop of the tie over his head, tightened it and adjusted the Windsor knot. He looked in the mirror and smiled as he remembered what he looked like graduating from high school. He had come a long way. Grabbing his wallet and keys, he went downstairs.

His mom stepped toward him and hugged him tightly, “You’re going? I’m so excited. Maybe you will reconnect with a girl from school who can take care of you. I’m sorry. I said, I wouldn’t do that again.”

“You never know what can happen.” Shane teased his mother, knowing she was hoping he might find a girl to marry.

He, on the other hand, was referring to his unfinished list. All day he had been thinking about how he would hold Charlene’s hand and finally kiss her. He wanted to do more than that, but at six years old he really didn’t know about any of the other stuff, so it did not appear on the list. It was bad enough at six; to think that kissing a girl would make her pregnant.

This isn’t a conquest list, Shane though with a feeling of guilt. I shouldn’t be seeking out ways to cross everything off. Everything should just come naturally, as it already has. He made the decision that whatever happens, happens. He hadn’t sought Jolene out and convinced her to take his virginity, nor had he forced Monica to sleep with him. Both of those events happened by being in the right place at the right time.

Shane’s jaw dropped when Charlene opened the door. She was beautiful. Her red dress clung to her body, hugging her curves. She wore strappy heels and had long, slender legs that seemed to go on for miles before reaching the short hem of her dress. She was never well endowed, but had plenty enough to create cleavage that made Shane look down the neckline, or rather breast line of her dress.

Lifting his jaw back in place, Shane complimented, “You look stunning!”

“Thank you Shane. I don’t get to dress up often. You would think that a single dentist in a small town would be asked out at least once in a while. Well, I have been, but none of them have been worth dating.” Charlene giggled. “You look quite handsome yourself.”

“Thanks. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving, and you’re not helping my appetite any,” said Shane while winking at her. Shane thought with confusion, Where did that come from?

Charlene blushed, accepting Shane’s arm as he helped her down the steep steps. He guided her into the passenger seat and couldn’t help but stare down her dress and gawk at her long smooth legs as they parted slightly when she swung them into the car; not enough to see anything though.

For being a small town, there were quite a few food establishments to choose from. Charlene chose the new Mediterranean place. It was as far out of town as one could get without leaving town; near the motel that Monica’s brother owned.

Having filled their stomachs, and seeing that they still had plenty of time before going to the reunion, Shane and Charlene engaged in small talk Kartal Escort catching up.

Shane spoke in a serious tone, “You and I have always been friends, right?”

“Yeah. I guess so. Even though we didn’t talk much during school, I always thought we were close. I had a feeling that if there was anything in the world I wanted to say that others might not want to hear; you would always be there to listen. Does that sound funny?” said Charlene.

“Not at all.” Shane shifted in his chair nervously as he started to confess. “I have something to tell you. It’s a little embarrassing and quite strange in my opinion, but I just have to go for it.” I thought you said you weren’t going to do this, he struggled with himself.

“What is it? You can tell me anything. Seventeen years of separation hasn’t changed the type of person I am. I can keep secrets and I won’t judge you for anything.”

“It seems silly really. The first day I met you and helped you find your tooth I was infatuated with you. Your smile made me melt. I ran home that day and I made a list. The first thing on it was your name. I wrote down that you had a great smile and also wrote that I wanted to hold your hand and kiss you. Sounds really stupid, doesn’t it?”

“There’s nothing strange or stupid about that. Everyone does that sort of thing when they’re young.”

“That’s not really the strangest part. I continued making the list throughout school. I found the list yesterday while rummaging through a box of my stuff. I had crossed a few names off of it, but yours has never been crossed off. I lacked the confidence growing up to ever attempt it, so now I would like to ask if I could hold your hand and kiss you?”

Shane felt a tug at his heart, waiting for a negative response. He was anxious that he would have to spend the rest of the night thoroughly embarrassed.

Charlene didn’t bat an eyelash, as she placed her hand on top of his. He turned his palm upward to meet hers and their fingers intertwined. She leaned into him and kissed him on the lips. They held the kiss longer than a typical hello kiss, but no tongue; there didn’t need to be.

“Will that cross me off your list?” Charlene fluttered her eyes and smiled.

“I believe that will do it. Though, it was a lot different than I had imagined when I was six.” Shane noticed that her hand was still entwined with his resting on top of the table.

“I’m flattered that after all of these years you still wanted to hold my hand and kiss me. I’m even more honored that I was the first one to capture your heart and inspire you to make a list.”

“I am very happy you allowed me the pleasure. So, we have about an hour or so before this reunion. What do you want to do while we wait?”

“I have an idea, but I have another question about your list. How many people are on it? No, don’t tell me. I don’t really want to know. Do you add to the list still?”

“The last I remember updating my list was just after college. I hadn’t seen the list since then, until yesterday. So, no, I do not still add to it.”

Charlene squeezed his hand again and looked deep into his eyes, “Would you like to add to it? My mouth has other uses than just talking and kissing.” She winked seductively. “And my hands are pretty good with instruments and tools.”

Shane tried to relax as his heart lurched redirecting blood flow toward his groin. Paying the check, they drove to the motel. The rates were cheap, and best of all the rooms were clean.

Fumbling with the key, Shane finally managed to get the door open. In a fevered rush, both Charlene and Shane started to undress. Lust engulfed them both as they tore at each other’s clothes and bodies, careful not to rip anything. Shane launched Charlene through the air onto the bed. Her body was slim with somewhat wider child-bearing hips. Her breasts were perky, with small areolas, and erasure sized nipples. Her left nipple was pierced; sporting a silver ring the size of a dime. Her completely shaved pussy made his cock twitch.

Shane crawled up Charlene’s body to rest his weight over her. Taking her lower lip between his teeth, he bit, and started to softly kiss her. She responded by parting her lips and sighing a short breath. She placed her hand on the back of his neck while the other wrapped under his arm. Shane braced himself up, holding some of his weight back. Turning his head, he continued to kiss her passionately.

Charlene’s hands roamed, caressing and stroking his back, shoulders, and chest. He kissed along her jaw line, and clasped his mouth around her earlobe sucking gently. “Mmm, I like that.” Shane licked and sucked again bringing a smile to her face and a shiver to her body.

Kissing her, Shane could feel her velvety flesh under his lips. She ran her fingers through his hair; tugging on the back of his head; forcing him onto her neck. Shane adjusted his position above her, putting more weight on one arm, while gliding his hand across her abdomen. He felt her quiver as Maltepe Escort he moved his hand along her body, making his way up to her small, yet beautiful breasts.

Charlene tigerishly clawed at his back and massaged his buttocks. With Shane’s hard penis pressed into her thigh, she pulled him closer and let out small moans and gasps, encouraging him to continue his pursuit of her aching nipples. She continued to explore his body, and then wrapped her hand around his shaft. Shane could feel her ineffectively trying to completely jacket his cock.

Shane’s tongue found her nipple, strained and protruding from her breast. Shane was aware of her hand slowing tugging at him, causing the soft skin on his cock to roll toward the tip. With a rush of adrenaline coursing through his veins, he bit. A short, high pitched yelp escaped Charlene’s mouth before returning to a low purring sound.

Stroking the length of Shane’s cock with one hand, she deftly pinched his nipple with the other. Shane jumped, losing the suction he had maintained on the meaty flesh surrounding her areola. “Mmm Hmm,” Charlene hummed before opening her mouth, biting his shoulder.

Shifting his weight, Shane suspended himself above her and slowly moved his head downward to kiss her stomach, just above her belly button; causing his stiff dick to disjoin from her grip. “Aww. I wanted that.” Exaggerated disappointment filled her face with pouty lips.

“Don’t worry. You will be able to have as much of it as you want; AFTER I lick and kiss you all over.”

Plunging his tongue into her navel, Shane continued working his way down until his mouth was kissing her pubic bone. It was smooth where she had shaved herself. Shane thought to himself, She must have just shaved before I picked her up.

The light musky scent washed over him, and he found his tongue resting on top of her clit. Charlene grabbed Shane’s ears and rammed his head into her crotch with such strength that her clit mashed against his teeth. She inhaled quickly. Shane’s mouth had been forced to open due to her strong pull on his head. He caught her clit between his teeth and began to suck.

Charlene moaned, groaned, and rolled her hips. She swung her legs over Shane’s shoulders, locking her ankles together and drawing him in while bucking her hips up. Shane found his mouth to be suddenly placed over her labia, allowing his tongue access to her vaginal hole which was dripping with lubrication.

Her breasts jiggled in Shane’s hands as he alternated between massaging the flesh and pinching her nipples; pulling on her piercing. His tongue worked in and out of her hole. While her free arm reached down to pull her clitoral hood up, her other hand moved to the top of Shane’s head. She grab his hair and pushed down harder on her clit.

Placing her middle finger on her clit, she rubbed and threw her hips at Shane. “Uh-huh! That’s the spot! Don’t stop Shane!” Shane’s tongue reached a small rough patch, just inside the front of her hole. He had never had his tongue so deep into a woman, he could feel her muscles grabbing and gripping at the tip.

With a few more bucks of her hips, Charlene clamped her legs together tightly and held her breath. Legs quivering, fingers fervently flicking her clit; she shuddered with her first orgasm. Fast, short breaths passed between her parted lips, and Shane could feel her lungs filling and relieving themselves of air.

Her hands reach down to grasp his head. Pulling gently this time, she guided him back on top of her; tracing his jaw and cheeks with her fingernails. Shane kissed her with passion, or lust, he wasn’t quite sure of the difference.

Charlene pushed him, making Shane lay on his back. “Time for me to show you what else these hands and mouth can do,” she whispered into his ear.

Kneeling on the bed beside him, perpendicular to his body, with her knees just touching his hip; Charlene found his cock and with her right hand she grasped at the base. She squeezed firmly, milking upward slowly while her left hand found Shane’s hand. Seizing it, she guided it to her left tit and clutched him there. As her thumb reached the top of his cock, she smeared the pre-cum around the head. Still covering Shane’s hand that was massaging her breast, Charlene bent to the right and licked the tip of his cock, gathering up the smeared pre-cum and adding her own saliva, further lubricating him. She was in total control of Shane’s right hand, sliding him down her chest and abdomen until his fingers rested on her mound, shy of their destination.

Ever so slowly, she pushed her lips over the head, past the ridge of his cock. She stopped for a moment, and circled her tongue around; flicking it in and out of his tiny opening. Shane felt her suck on the tip, making his cock jerk. “Ohh! That feels so good.”

Charlene continued her routine of stroking, mixing pre-cum and saliva, then pushing her lips over his cock, until she had the whole thing in her mouth. During her marathon to consume his entirety, she had allowed Shane’s hand to drift downward. Shane could feel the heat radiating from her loins as he spread her labial lips apart; she dipped two fingers into her hole. Shane could feel her grinding on his palm; not letting his fingers have a chance to enter her.

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