The Magic Word


“Mmm hello there baby….blowjob?”

Her voice was a husky whisper in my ear her hands sliding over my chest as she moved to my mouth and kissed me hard.

She didn’t really have to say anything; as soon as I had come through the door she had pushed me up against the wall in the hall and grabbed me like a starving woman, and I was her last meal. Her hands started immediately to tug at the button fly on my jeans.

I moaned my agreement, not that it was needed, second only to please…in my opinion, blowjob is most magical word in the English language.

I breathed in deep as her hand closed around my hardening cock and pulled it free of the denim. Her hand was soft and warm against the smooth skin of my shaft as she started to work me up and down. Hard.

In fact any harder and it probably would have hurt. Not that I would have minded.

I couldn’t help it as my hips moved in time to her strokes and I moaned into her mouth. I felt her nipples harden into peaks through the thin, silky, short black nightgown she wore. She moved her hands for only a moment and grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt, pulling it over my head, then pulling down the top of her nightgown before wrapping one hand around my cock and scoring her fingernails over my chest with the other.

It was her little moan of pleasure that made my balls tingle as pressed her tits back against my bare chest. She has magnificent tits, round and soft, her nipples always a little hard were completely erect and poking into me as she rubbed them shamelessly against me for her own pleasure rather than mine.

I kissed her hard, taking back a little control as I slide my tongue into her mouth and squeezed both of her breasts in my hands, pinching her nipples between my fingers as she kept working my cock. My breathing came faster as she slid my foreskin back and forth, again and again, rubbing her thumb over the tip of my cock as she made little mewing sounds into my mouth.

She broke the kiss Tuzla Escort and started to slide down my body. She nipped at my skin, biting me just over my nipple, then my abs, a little swirl of her tongue into my bellybutton and she was on her knees in front of me.

My cock jumped a bit as she looked up at me with her big blue eyes and smiled a small smile while her hand wrapped around the base of my cock and gripped me tight. I leaned back against the wall, locking my knees as I saw her little pink tongue flick out of her mouth and wet her lips as she leaned into me a little closer.

I groaned as I felt the warm wetness of her tongue slide over the tip of my cock then down the length to meet her hand. She licked me up and down like a lollipop, the slightly rough rasp of her tongue making my cock harder and harder with each swipe.

“Awww fuck.”

Was all I could muster as she opened her mouth and I watched the tip of my cock slowly disappear into the hot wet cavern of her mouth. My hips jerked as I felt the wet silk of her lips sliding down the length of my cock. She took as much as she could of me then slowly slid back up. My balls tingled as she did it again, slowly, methodically, letting her mouth close tight around me and suck as she worked me in and out. It felt like heaven, I watched as my cock moved in and out of her mouth, felt her tongue swirling over the shaft as she moaned and sped up, bobbing her head, letting her hand travel up and down my length following her lips as she lost herself in giving me pleasure, and taking her own from it to.

My cock was so hard in contrast to the hot softness that surrounded it. I let my hands drop to her head, wrapping my fingers in her long brown hair as I started to move my hips, fucking her mouth as she locked her lips tight and moved her hands to my ass. I felt her nails digging into the soft flesh of my ass as she let me set the pace, I groaned loudly as I watched my cock disappear again Gebze Escort and again into her mouth. Let the sensations travel through my body until they were centered on my cock and every stroke felt like complete and total ecstasy.

I was getting close, and I think she knew it. She pulled back from me helped me out of my jeans, which were pooled around my ankles, and she just smiled when took me by my hand. She led me into the living room until we were just behind the sofa and she turned her back to me, bracing one hand on the back and using the other to reach around and grab my ass, pulling me tight against her.

She rotated her hips against me, her silky nightgown still around her waist and covering her ass. My cock jumped as it slide against the cool satin, then wedged against her ass. I smiled at her impromptu lap dance and ground into her, my hands coming up and cupping her tits as I slid against her. I knew I couldn’t take much more.

I took her hands and placed them both on the back of the couch, bending her slightly at the waist as I reached under the short nightgown and ran my hand over the back of her thigh and up to the soft skin of her ass. I used my feet to spread her legs a bit as I slid my fingers into her pussy from behind. She was hot, nice and wet. More than ready for me.

I moved between her spread legs and rubbed the head of my cock along the length of her slit, using her wetness as lube I rubbed back and forth, teasing her until she gave a little frustrated cry. I ground the head of my cock hard against her clit and she came easily with a little moan on her lips.

I moved back and slid into her with one long stroke, using the nightgown still around her waist for leverage. I stilled for a moment groaning at the sensation of her hot, wet cunt spasming along the length of my cock. It was like being wrapped in a tight, warm, wet cocoon.

I pulled back and slammed back into her. Her pussy grabbing at my cock as I Aydınlı Escort did it again and again. She was so wet her pussy made that delicious little squishy noise as I pounded into her hard, my balls slapping against her pussy as I felt her wetness seeping from her and covering me. I reached under her and grabbed her tits, pinching her nipples hard.

She came with a small jerk, her hips rolling against me and my name on her lips as her pussy clamped down tight around my cock. I pistoned in and out, right on edge. I reached one hand down and lifted one of her legs, bracing it on the back of the sofa as I arched my back and pushed even deeper inside her. I slammed hard against her over and over, filling her, riding out her climax and using it to trigger my own.

I groaned loud as I felt my cock swell, felt her muscles tighten around me as my cock jerked inside of her tight, wet sheath. All my thoughts were centered on that sensation, that perfect moment where you just feel every inch of her pussy fluttering along every inch of your cock. I ground against her as my fingers digging into her soft flesh. I rode her hard and fast until I was right on edge.

“Fuck baby I’m gonna cum.”

My words were almost a whisper but she heard me loud and clear. She used one hand to push me back and turned, dropping to her knees. I groaned loud as I felt her hot, wet mouth close around my cock, felt her hand gripping tight and stroking along my length.

I cried out as the sensations moved from my balls up the length of my cock, she took one long suck then released me from her mouth and kneeled up.

I watched as my thick white ropes of cum shot from the head of my cock to splash against the soft skin of her perfect tits. My hips jerked as she worked my cock, lifting one tit in her hand as another splash hit her nipple. I groaned as she milked every drop from my cock until it was soft and then rubbed the sensitive head back and forth against her nipples.

She smiled and stood, letting the nightgown finally fall from her body and pool on the floor in a puddle of black satin. I watched her sweet little rounded ass as she padded happily towards the bathroom.

God I was a lucky man, and THAT was one hell of a blowjob!

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