The Minister’s Seduction Ch. 02


02 : The Church Secretary

Tom was in his church study, a porn magazine open to a picture of a man holding a woman upside down. His mouth was on her pussy while she was sucking his cock. Tom had his zipper open with his hard member in his hand and was slowly moving his hand up and down to his fantasy about being the man and his secretary, Julia, being the woman.

Julia was a very sexy woman who had been hired as church secretary just after Tom arrived as pastor. He had been the one of the persons to interview her and give approval for her hiring. She had had a live-in boyfriend when she was hired, but she had dumped him about a year into the job.

Since Julia began work at the church, she and Tom had developed a good relationship with each other, sharing personal, sometimes intimate information and thoughts. They joked with each frequently, often with sexual innuendos. Tom had fantasized about her many times and had cum to those fantasies numerous times in his study. But he had never an overt pass at her for fear that she would turn him down and he would lose the close friendship and trust between them. He was also afraid that she might be offended and tell someone and then he would lose his job at the church.

This fear of rejection and losing his job had been a problem with Tom for many years, and so his sex life had not broadened as he wished it would. However, his thinking had been changing since his sexual encounter about four months ago. He was in a master’s program in counseling in a university about twenty miles away and one of his female classmates had come to the church on the pretext of working on an assignment with him. They had been alone in the church and had had sex in his office and fucked on the altar in the sanctuary. (Chapter 01) Since that time, she had come back twice during the semester, always late Tuesday evenings, and he had been to her apartment once. With the end of the semester, they did not see each other in classes anymore. The last he had heard, she was fucking her degree adviser.

Tom’s daydream with the porn picture was interrupted by the intercom buzz. Tom saw that it was the secretary’s office and answered. “Yes, Julia.” Damn, he loved holding his hard cock in his hand, stroking himself while was talking with his secretary.

The thought was broken by Julia’s voice: “The book you were waiting for was just delivered.”

“Thank you, Julia.” Tom responded.

Tom put his dick back in his pants, zipped up and headed for the door that separated the church office from the study thinking he would go get the book. He was unaware that Julia was heading toward the study at that moment to bring him the book. Tom yanked the door open and started through just as Julia reached the door and they collided. Julia being the smaller of the two lost her balance and would have fallen if Tom had not managed to grab her. As he grabbed her, he stepped backward, pulling her back on her feet and inside the office.

As Julia caught her balance in Tom’s arms, she glanced over and saw a magazine lying open on Tom’s desk. She inhaled sharply as she realized that it was a sexually explicit magazine. She brushed past him, moving to the desk and looking at the picture of the man and woman in a standing 69. Picking up the magazine, she looked at its cover more closely and turned toward Tom.

“Getting ready for the Sunday sermon?”

Tom turned bright red and looked down at the floor for a moment, then glanced back up to see Julia leafing through the magazine. He felt embarrassed, and yet sexually exhilarated as he watched Julia pause to look at pictures of people in various sexual positions – – twosomes, threesomes, and moresomes. His dick had started to get soft and was hanging town his pants leg. As usual, he had taken his boxers off as soon as he had gotten to work in the morning as it gave him more freedom to rub his dick or take it out of his pants. He could now feel it getting hard again, pushing against his pants leg as it strained to be upright again.

Julia looked up from the magazine. “So you jack off in here looking at magazines?” She was trying to hide her excitement at the thought of Tom, the minister, stroking his hard cock in his study while she was just on the other side of the door in the church office.

Tom blushed a deeper red. He wanted to lie, but something pushed him to nod his head slowly. Making the admission to Julia pushed him further into his erotic feelings, causing his cock to strain more. He was breathing hard as he tried to fathom what she might be thinking.

Julia sat in a chair, still looking through the magazine. She stopped on a picture of a man with his hardon inside a woman’s pussy from behind. She felt her own pussy getting wet as she looked up at Tom standing in front of her.

“Do you fantasize about me while you’re jerking off?” Julia asked him, turning her head to one side quizzically.

Tom froze; it was one thing to admit to his secretary that he jacked-off Kurtköy Escort in his study and quite another to admit to fantasizing about her while doing so.”

“Does that mean that you do?” Julia was persistent and Tom nodded his head ever so slightly.

“Do you cum?” She cocked her head to one side as she looked at him.

Tom nodded a third time.

“So, let’s see it. Take it out and jack off while I’m in here.” Julia’s gaze was steady holding his eyes, her breathing shallow and very controlled.

Tom knew he had crossed a line that could not be uncrossed with someone he supervised in work and decided to go for broke. He slowly unzipped his pants, freed his straining member and started to stroke himself when Julia spoke again.

“No, not like that, drop your pants.”

Tom felt somewhat dazed, almost like he was outside his body watching himself as he unbuckled his belt, unfastened the front of his pants and leg them drop around his feet.

“Shirt too.”

Tom complied and stood nude in front of her.

“Go ahead. Jerk off.” Julia’s gaze was steady.

Tom began to slowly stroke up and down, feeling his arousal heightening. He was looking at Julia, fantasizing that she was naked and that it was her hand jacking him off. His embarrassment was being replaced by desire. His fist tightened on his cock and he began to stroke harder, faster as he stood in front of his seated secretary.

“Slow down.” Julia commanded, knowing he wouldn’t last long at this rate.

She was fascinated. She was very experienced sexually, having been sexually active since the eighth grade. However, this was her first to be fully clothed and watch a naked man masturbate for her pleasure. She felt excited and powerful as she watched Tom’s hand move slowly up and down his cock. He was not circumcised and each his hand rose in slow motion, the purple head was almost hidden only to appear again when his hand slid down his shaft.

Tom realized he was quickly building toward a climax even with his hand moving slowly up and down his cock. He too was enjoying being told to jack off, nude, for the entertainment of a fully clothed woman. This was his first time for this experience also, although he had fantasized about it many times. Watching Julia, he milked out pre-cum onto one finger and put it to his mouth, licking the goo off.

Julia was enjoying seeing Tom’s hand stroke his cock. She could see precum forming on his peehole and imagined herself on her knees in front of him licking it up and sucking his cock. She loved sucking cocks, loved the feeling of control it gave her; she knew that a man would do or say anything if she had his cock in her mouth.

She inhaled deeply as she watched him lick his own pre-cum off of his finger. Imagining a threesome in which she watched him do the same to another man. Her excitement grew even more as she watched Tom’s legs began to stiffen, his ass began to rise up and his head tilted back slightly. She knew he was about to cum.

As Tom felt his climax upon him, he pressed his little finger into the base of his cock, keeping cum inside as the pressure built. When he moved his finger, a spurt of white sperm shot out and landed on the toe of Julia’s shoe followed by a second spurt that barely missed. A third and fourth spurt and the climax began to subside with only small squirts left. Tom felt his knees weakening and had to put his hand on a cabinet to steady himself. By the time he finished cuming, both he and Julia were breathing hard.

Julia looked at the glob of cum on her shoe. “Nice shot. Now lie down on the floor. It’s my turn.”

Tom lay on the carpeted floor of his study on his back and watched as Julia raised her skirt, slid her panties down he legs and stepped out of them. He could see her trimmed bush and even her pussy lips and prominent stiff clit. He watched as she moved to straddle him and then squatted until her wet love opening touched his mouth. He kissed her pussy as his hands held her hips, pulling paradise to his mouth. He kissed her cunt a second time and pushed his tongue in as far inside as it would reach, feeling her sugar walls. She tasted wonderful. Her scent and taste filled his being, intoxicating. Drawing her sweet honey out of her and into his mouth, he swallowed and pushed his tongue back inside her for more. Putting his lips around her pussy, he sucked and then pushed his tongue inside her again.

Julia could feel Tom’s tongue sliding in and out of her, tongue-fucking her cunt; she could hear him moaning slightly with passion and heard her own moans joining his. She felt him suck one of her pussy lips into his mouth and run his tongue on each side, then move to her other lip, sucking it into his mouth. He sucked both lips into his mouth, sliding his tongue between them, then licked on each side of her pussy slowly. She felt his tongue lick up to her clit, and gasped with pleasure as he sucked on it gently.

Pushing her pussy down harder Maltepe Escort onto his mouth, she felt him put his lips around her clit with his mouth open and began to flick his tongue up and down and side to side, sending electric shocks through her system. She felt his tongue inside her pussy again and as he licked his way out; he flattened his tongue and licked slowly from her pussy to her clit, then repeated it several times. She wanted to scream with pleasure, but was afraid that someone might come into the church building and hear her.

She felt his hands on her ass, pushing her further up until her rosebud was over his mouth, then felt the tip of his tongue touch her and lick. She loved anything anal and a small scream of pleasure escaped her lips. She was so excited that she lost her balance and had to catch herself with her hands on the floor to keep from falling off of Tom’s face.

Julia quickly moved from her squatting position over Tom’s face to her knees, again positioning her asshole over his mouth. She felt the tip of his tongue onto her back opening and push in. She tried to relax her sphincter muscles to let him inside. His tongue pushed slowly inside her, moved in and out as she moaned loudly with pleasure, no longer caring if she was heard, only wanting Tom’s tongue further up her ass.

As Tom continued to lick her asshole, Julia reached a hand between her legs and slid her fingers inside her pussy. Once lubricated, her fingers moved to her clit and began rubbing. She moved her fingers from her clit to her pussy and back again, wishing she had a cock in her pussy while her ass was being licked as she felt her climax building. She pushed her asshole down harder onto Tom’s mouth and tongue as she felt the first wave hit her, rising from inside to consume her entire body. She screamed as each wave hit and subsided slightly, only to be replaced by another and another. Now she was grinding her asshole on Tom’s mouth, pushing down harder.

After what seemed both an eternity and yet far too short a time, Julia jerked one last time and relaxed somewhat. She moved from her knees to lying flat on Tom, kissing his mouth, tasting herself. She slid her tongue inside his mouth and took his in hers, sucking and licking the tip as though it were a cock. The she rolled off him and lay on the floor, her head lying on his arm.

“How did you know that I love anything anal?” Julia asked, grinning.

“I didn’t. I was doing what I wanted to; glad you liked it too.” Tom replied. “I’ve always thought it to be perverse, forbidden and so very exciting to lick a woman’s asshole.”

Julia smiled, enjoying the afterglow of good sex. But she wasn’t completely satisfied. She wanted a cock in her cunt fucking her, pumping in and out hard. She wanted to feel a cock expand as it shot sperm inside her pussy and she wanted to feel a cock in her asshole.

Julia was about to straddle Tom’s hips and slide her hungry pussy down over his cock when the phone rang. Although neither she nor Tom answered the phone, the mood was broken and they both realized that anyone could come into the church building and that they were very lucky to not have been caught. Reluctantly, she stood and reached for her panties.

“We have to get dressed before someone comes in,” Julia said, then grinned, “and you had better clean up that mess.” She gestured toward the cum on the carpet.

Tom smiled and pointed at the gob of cum on Julia’s shoe. Then turning serious, he said, “I know, but I really want to fuck you, do other things with you.”

Julia smiled at him. “I feel the same way but we’ll have to find some safe place.”

As he slid on his pants, Tom had a thought. “Pam is out of town for the week and we can have all night tonight alone,” he grinned, “and tomorrow night and the next night if we wanted to.”

(Pam was Tom’s wife.)

Julia nodded her head as Tom outlined a plan. She would drive her car home, it was almost quitting time anyway, leave it in the garage and take a cab back the church. Then they would both take Tom’s four door Tundra pickup to his house where he would park in his garage, opening and closing his door with a remote. Julie would scrunch down in the back seat so as to not be seen. She could even bring clothes with her back to the church and leave them in the bathroom attached to Tom’s study. (He even had a shower in the bathroom and often kept a change of clothes in the bathroom.)

The thought was exciting for both of them. Although Julia and Pam were friends, there was something exciting about fucking Tom in the same bed where he made love to his wife. And for Tom, there was the thought of doing something wicked, fucking another woman in the same bed in which he and his wife made love.

Since it was already after four in the afternoon, Julia left to drive her car home. Tom waited at the church building, his member erect as he thought about having the entire night with Julia, and more, if it worked out. Tuzla Escort When she arrived back at the church, they went out to study bathroom and hung up Julia’s clothes. She kept an overnight bag with her, telling Tom that it contained toiletry items. They headed to the parking area in back of the building and got into Tom’s pickup as planned.

As Tom pulled out onto the street, an arm reached between the two front seats and dropped a blouse in the passenger seat. That was followed by a bra and then a skirt and panties. Tom was excited by the fact that there was a lovely, sexy, naked woman in the pickup with him and yet a bit unnerved.

He reached back between the seats as he spoke. “Damn, Julia, what if a cop stops us?”

Julia laughted, took his hand and placed it on one of her breasts. “You’d best drive carefully, huh?”

Tom was careful, and finally did make it home. He opened his garage door with the remote and then closed it once the car was inside.

“Would you get my clothes?” Julia asked as she opened the back door.

Tom picked up the clothes on the passenger seat and opened his door, getting out. Julia was standing with her arms out and her legs spread slightly.

“You like?” She asked as she exhibited her completely nude body to Tom for the first time.

“God yes!” Tom breathed heavily. “God, Yes!”

Julia grinned at him as he reached out to cup her breasts in his hands. “Whoa there.” She said. “Let’s go inside first.”

She followed Tom through the door leading from the garage into the house. Having been in the house before for dinners and parties, Julia knew the location of the master bedroom and headed for it, jumping on the bed and lying on her back.

“Fuck me!” Julia said as she rubbed a hand between her legs.

Tom stripped quickly, his cock rock hard, and lay down with his head between Julia’s legs, wanting to taste her sweet pussy again. He loved eating pussy almost as much as breathing. This time, he put his mouth over Julia’s pussy and sucked, wanting her nectar. He sucked her clit, pushed her legs up and licked her asshole, feeling so hot he could hardly contain himself. He wanted to tongue fuck her pussy and asshole. He had fantasized about being very small and able to crawl inside a woman’s cunt, spending hours feeling and licking the walls of her love tunnel, covering himself with pussy juice.

Julia wrapped her fingers in Tom’s hair, pulling him to her love opening. She had never had a man be so taken by her pussy, so enamored by her asshole, so eager to lick, suck and tongue fuck and swallow everything between her legs. But she wanted to be fucked, needed to be fucked, and pulled Tom’s head from her crotch pulling upward.

“Fuck me!” Julia demanded, wanting to be filled.

She felt the head of Tom’s cock on her very wet opening, felt the pushing and the slipping inside her. Wrapping her legs around his ass, she pulled him to her with each thrust and pushed her hips to meet him. She moaned loudly now, knowing they could not be heard, and repeated over and over again: “Fuck me, cum inside me, fuck me . . . . .”

Tom pumped in and out of Julia’s heavenly pussy, feeling her warmth, her wet cunt swallowing his cock. He had wanted to, fantasized about fucking her for soooo long, and now his fantasy was turning to real life. He felt her hands separating his ass cheeks and a finger finding his asshole and pushing inside, loving the feel of her finger. Then two fingers inserted themselves into his ass. He imagined that this is what it would feel like to have a woman to fuck him in the ass with a dildo; he had never had the pleasure.

Julia’s arms and legs were around Tom, pulling him onto her body, feeling his chest on her tits as his arms wrapped around her hugging. She realized that her tits had not been pleasured, her nipples had not been sucked and needed it. But there would be time enough for that later on tonight.

Different fantasies began to play in his mind. Fantasies he had never had before, and he felt himself building, slipping into the ecstasy of climax. He pushed in hard, spurting inside his love for the night, feeling himself cuming again and again, each time pushing in, grunting loudly and saying, “Oh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

When Julia felt that Tom had finished cuming, she pushed him off of her and rolled on top of him in a 69 position, her pussy near his mouth and his cock in her mouth. She sucked the slick head covered with her juices into her mouth, then took his cock as far down her throat as she could, sucking as she pulled her head up off his cock. Grasping his dick with one hand, Julia licked its length from his balls to the pee hole, paying special attention to the sensitive spot at the base of the head. She licked back down to his balls, gently sucking one of his balls into her mouth. She began to jack off his cock as she sucked on it.

Tom felt her pussy on his mouth when she moved to the 69 position and stuck in tongue inside her, tasting the mixture of his cum and her love honey. Although he had done this before with his wife and with his classmate (Chapter 1), this time it turned him on even more. He sucked and licked the combined sex juices, swallowing, then moved to Julia’s clit.

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