The Morning Routine


Julia got out of bed wearing nothing but a see-thru night gown. The 31-year-old housewife put on her bathrobe as her husband, Tom, took a shower to get ready for work. After adjusting the robe so an ample amount of her 34C bust showed she made her way to the kitchen to get breakfast ready. Tom put on his business suit with tie and made his way to the kitchen for coffee. He checked out his wife’s legs as he went up to say good morning. Julia greeted him with a kiss, being sure to rub her breasts against him before pulling away. It was a game they played every morning. She would tease him. And sometimes he would lose control and take her before leaving. The result is some of the roughest and most intense trysts of Julia’s life, let alone her marriage. Just last week he threw her onto the floor and fucked both her pussy and her ass. She always makes a show of resisting his advances; it’s part of their game. It turns him on and she loves it when Tom is turned on. He’ll fuck her even harder then.

Tom sat down at the counter to drink his coffee while still checking out his wife out of the corner of his eye. The 36-year-old knows how lucky he is to marry such a gorgeous woman. She was laying the teasing routine on thick today. Her bathrobe was so short that it barely was low enough to cover her entire ass. In fact, every time she bends over even slightly he gets a view of it. Julia noticed his looking after a few minutes and decided to play with him. She knocked a spoon onto the floor and made an “oops” sound that almost sounded like a teasing cooing noise. Slowly, she bent over facing away from him and bared it all. She could feel his eyes on her bare ass and she spread her legs a little so he could have a view of her cunt too.

Suddenly her eyes went wide with surprise as his hand came onto her ass. She didn’t even Anadolu Yakası Escort hear him get up. His palm was covering her crack while his fingers were between her legs, rubbing her and feeling how wet she was. Julia let out a deep sigh of pleasure before straightening up. She turned around to face him and leaned back against the marble counter. He came up to her and ran his hands up and down her sides as he leaned in for a kiss. She side-stepped his move, slipped out of his grip, and left him there kissing air. She walked into the TV room with a bounce in her step that came with the knowledge that she was about to get laid.

She leaned against the back of the leather sofa and gave him a smile full of lust. Her robe was open, having gotten tangled with his hands when she moved away from him. He stood and admired her body through the very thinly veiled material of her nightie. She went to the gym four times a week and her body, especially her slightly muscular stomach, showed it. She reached down and rested her hand on her inner thigh just beneath where the nightgown ended. Slowly, she moved her hand upwards underneath the fabric until it was resting over her cunt. She gripped the couch tightly with her other hand for support as she began to rub herself. Her back arched and her mouth was open in a series of silent moans as the heat took over.

She slid her fingers inside her pussy one at a time. With each she rubbed her walls and g-spot while getting it covered in her juices. Once all four of them were wet she brought her hand up and let the fabric fall back down. She brought the tips of her fingers up to her stomach just above her cunt hair. She slowly traced them upwards on top of the nightie. Upon reaching her tit the palm of her hand rested over it while the tips of her fingers traced the edge up the center of her chest. She could feel her hard nipple being pressed underneath her palm and she gave it a slight twist as her fingers worked their way around her tit. Then her hand continued upwards over her neck and cheek to her mouth. One at a time she licked the pussy juice off of her hand.

By now Tom had to take her. He rushed over and grabbed her by the shoulders, pulled her off the couch. He kissed her roughly as his hands moved down and found her ass. He lifted her body up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He began to move them rapidly towards a wall next to the door exiting their loft, all while continuing to kiss passionately. Julia gave out a slight grunt of pain as her body impacted with the wall hard. All pretense of resistance was forgotten as she brought her legs down and he let go of her.

She reached down to undo his pants as he felt her up through the nightie. Finally his cock was out and was already hard for her. She leaned back against the wall and smiled at him invitingly. She was only an inch shorter than her so he only had to hunch down slightly to enter her. He lined his cock up with her opening and pushed it into her roughly. Julia closed her eyes as he began to slam into her hard in an animalistic manner. As he fucked her he tore off her nightie, letting the tattered remains fall to the floor around them. His hand reached down to her thigh and pulled her leg up and around him, letting him fuck her even harder. Julia loved it when he took her passionately like now. So it wasn’t long before she was riding the waves of her first orgasm.

Tom could feel her coming and enjoyed the look of pain on her face that every man wanted to give his wife. Now it was his turn. He pulled out and turned her around roughly. Julia knew what he wanted to do and so she bent over and spread her legs all while smiling back at him. He’d done one of his duties as a husband by pleasuring her and now it was his turn. One hand was on the back of her neck to make sure she stayed bent over. He ran the head of his cock down through her ass crack to her pussy opening. With one rough thrust he was inside of her.

He immediately began to do her as fast and hard as he could. Julia’s hands pressed into the wall for support. She could feel her tits bouncing around as the impacts of his thrusts shook her whole body. The biggest turn-on, though, was the sound of his flesh hitting her ass each time he thrust into her. Julia could feel a second, more intense orgasm building up. She tried to hold back so that she could come with her husband. It was hard. He was screwing her for all he’s worth and she loved it when he did that. Her face was screwed up in pain as she tried desperately to hold back when he gripped her hips. Then she let herself go. He only did that when he was about to come. And sure enough she could feel him filling her pussy with his seed.

As they stood there riding each other’s orgasm she thought about how much she loved him. How he excited her and how much she enjoyed this part of her duties as a wife. He wanted to have a kid and while she wasn’t wild about the idea of being pregnant she was willing to do anything for him. So last week she stopped using the pill. As he pulled out and she turned around for a kiss she wondered if this was the one that would get her pregnant. It was about the right time of the month for it to happen. She once read that women tend to have sex more during the part of the month they can get pregnant. She’s certainly been horny the past couple of days.

“Bill, that was wonderful,” she cooed to him as he zipped up his pants. He kissed her one last time before grabbing his briefcase and heading out. He stopped in the door to say he loved her before he was gone.

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