The Pleasure Dome


My name is Alan. I turned eighteen last week and my friends all clubbed together to buy me a one-day pass to the Pleasure Dome. This has been a tradition for the last ten years since virtual sex went mainstream around 2025 when I was born. Beyond a few kisses and some clumsy groping with girls at school I had no experience of sex. That is, apart from jacking myself off on a regular basis sometimes more than once a day as I suppose most boys do at my age.

When the much-anticipated day came I was excited and I was very horny. I arrived at the Pleasure Dome thirty minutes early as I was keen not to miss my appointment. I was nervous about entering so I walked around the block a couple of times to settle my nerves until I finally plucked up the courage and walked through the doors. The foyer gave no indication of the purpose of the establishment, it could have been the reception area of any office block in the city. The receptionist was friendly and business like and asked me to place my hand under the ID scanner so my implanted chip could be read. I didn’t have to say a word or explain the purpose of my visit which was a great relief and saved me much embarrassment. This done, she told me to go through Door A and I found myself in a small waiting room with a couple of other nervous looking young guys.


At last my name was called by an attractive blonde woman and I was led through into a corridor with rows of doors. She opened a door into a small cubicle and instructed me:

“Take all of your clothes off and leave them in here. When you are ready, press the bell and you will be met on the other side to go into the Dome.”

I stripped quickly, shaking with excitement and nerves and took a deep breath before pressing the bell push. The door was opened immediately by a young guy a few years older than me who introduced himself as John. This was another small room with entry and exit doors. There were lots of wires and gadgets hanging on the wall. John was friendly and reassuring and tried to put me at ease although it was rather strange standing completely naked in front of a stranger.

“I’m going to prepare you for the Dome.” he said. “I’ll just have to attach various things to your body then you’ll be good to go. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt and you’ll have an amazing time in there.”

He started by attaching stick-on electrodes to various parts of my body. Then he clipped wires to them that all plugged into a little black box that he asked me to hold. He pulled a rubbery cap over my head that also had a bunch of wires attached that lead to the black box. Then he strapped a gas bottle to my back finally, he produced a black rubbery device with several wires and warned me:

“I’m going to put this on your penis. It will feel a bit funny at first but you’ll soon get used to it. I see you’re intact so please retract your foreskin and coat your shaft and head with this gel”

I found this very embarrassing, but I did as he instructed. I laughed nervously as he approached my flaccid dick with the device. First, he attached its wires to the black box then he carefully positioned the opening close to my cock head and it enveloped the whole of my member with a slurp. The device didn’t do anything; it just enveloped my cock in its warm embrace. John attached it with a strap around my waist. Having done this, he asked me to hold out my left arm and he inserted a thin catheter into a vein and covered it with a thin film of plastic to hold it in place. He then strapped a small box with four glass phials in it to my arm above the elbow and attached the catheter tube to it.

“What’s that for?” I asked curious.

“I thought you’d ask me that.” he answered. “It will inject four drugs into your body. The first one is to increase your libido. (Make you super horny). The second one will increase your erections to make and keep you hard. The third one will suppress your ejaculations, (give you dry orgasms) and the fourth one will reverse number three to let you ejaculate and it will dramatically decrease the time it takes for you to recover from an orgasm so you can have multiple ejaculations.

“Wow, that’s awesome” I enthused. I joked with him while he was doing this and asked him if I could take another one home with me, but he just laughed.

“OK you’re done.” he concluded. “Come this way please.”

I followed him through the other door and we stepped out into a huge dome shaped building with lots of huge glass pods. Some of them were empty, some appeared to be full of liquid and I could see bodies floating inside them. John led me over to an empty one and opened a glass door on the side. He bent down and asked me to spread my legs apart so he could attach a bar between my ankles. On each end of the bar were Velcro cuffs which he passed around my ankles to secure them. Next, he gave me some instructions about what I should do if I wanted to stop.

“This is the stop button.” He said. “If you want to stop for any reason or you can’t breathe properly just whack this big red button over your belly button and the machine will stop Kurtköy Escort immediately. Be warned though, if you stop the process you won’t be able to re-start.”

Finally, he placed a breathing mask over my head attached to the gas bottle on my back then he placed a mask over my eyes so I couldn’t see anything.

“Are you OK Alan?” he asked. I nodded my agreement. “OK enjoy, you’re in for the time of your life.” he said. “I’ll see you when you come out.”

I felt totally weird hooked up like this and in the dark but, moments later I felt him guide me to the pod and sit me down on a seat. The seat lowered me into a lying position and I heard the door close. Suddenly, the pod was full of a warm liquid and I felt myself floating, weightless and disorientated. I was breathing easily through the mask but didn’t know whether I was facing up or down. I had no other input from my senses apart from the feeling of the liquid around me.

I felt a click and a warm feeling spread from the catheter in my left arm through the whole of my body.

I thought: “There goes drug number one.”

The screen in the mask in front my eyes sprang into life and I found myself in a luxurious room with expensive wall hangings and a thick carpet. I saw a girl walking toward me. She was dressed in a skimpy bikini. The top was simply two triangles which barely covered her huge breasts connected by thin strings tied at the back behind her neck. The bikini bottom was equally revealing. It had a tiny triangle at the front tied at her hips by thin strings. The thin fabric clearly revealed the outline of her slit beneath. She turned through 360 degrees to show me her back which was completely naked apart from the bootlaces holding together her bikini. Without thinking, I glanced down at my own body to check if I was still naked too. To my surprise all the attachments had gone. I was sitting in a big leather armchair as naked as the day I was born. As I looked at the girl, I was filled with desire and longed to see her completely naked. She teased me by smoothing her hands over her full rounded breasts which were threatening to escape from the confines of the tiny top that barely covered her areolae. I could see her nipples harden and protrude like small hard pebbles under the thin fabric.

The girl continued to tease me by performing a dance to music. She twirled and moved her hips in an erotic way and, several times her hands moved to the strings of her bikini as if she was going to pull them and remove these last vestiges of clothing. I longed for her to pull on the loose ends, willing her to pull on them so I could watch them fall away, but she continued to tease me. She moved in close till she was almost touching me then she grasped the twin triangles covering her chest and pulled them apart. Her huge tits sprang free and she waved them in my face. I looked longingly at the huge orbs with their deep brown areolae and hard erect nipples as she manipulated them right in front of my face. I wanted so much to suck on those superb nipples but it was not to be. She took a couple of paces back and pulled on the strings behind her neck and threw the tiny top onto the floor. She turned away and I admired her gorgeous rear punctuated only by the thin string waistband and the black string that attached to the waistband then disappeared between her beautiful rounded bum cheeks. I felt a surge of delight as she simultaneously pulled the strings at her hips and I saw the triangle of cloth fall between her legs to the ground as she peeled the string down out of her crack.

As she turned toward me, now completely naked, I drank in my first sight of a completely nude nubile female. Since Internet pornography had been completely banned ten years ago, live performances and virtual sex shows like this were the only commercially available ways that a man could lay eyes on a naked female in an erotic context. The girl gave me the full benefit of her nakedness by putting on quite a show. She continued her erotic dance but increased the intensity. She ran her hands over her superb body drawing my attention to her huge tits down her sides to her hips then to the prominent mound above her sex. She was completely shaved down there and, as she opened her legs slightly, I could see her slit with its puffy outer lips and slightly protruding inner lips. At the top I could see the V of her clitoris peeping out. She teased me by wetting her forefinger in her mouth between her pouting lips then she inserted it into her slit and ran it up and down her sex while looking straight at me with a lascivious look on her face. When she turned away from me she bent over and placed her hands flat on the ground with her legs apart so I could admire her beautiful peachy cunt topped by the little pink, puckered rosebud of her anus.

As I gazed on this enchanting sight I felt the device on my left arm click and again I was aware of drug number two coursing through my body. The girl turned back toward me and knelt down between my legs. She gazed on my flaccid cock then she opened her mouth and sucked it in. Amazingly, Maltepe Escort I felt her warm mouth enveloping my cock just as if it was really happening. I felt my cock twitching and looked down to see her suck in her cheeks and slowly start to move her head up and down. I was confused. I knew that, in reality my cock was encased in a black rubber device, but all my senses were telling me that it was in this sexy girl’s mouth being suckled and caressed by her very realistic tongue. The virtual technology was amazing real. Breakthroughs in virtual reality in recent years had enabled supercomputers with artificial intelligence to read the thoughts in the human brain process and manipulate them then implant thoughts, images and sensations back into the brain. As a result it was now impossible to distinguish reality from the virtually created world. The sensations from the electro sensors and simulators on my body were being merged seamlessly with the world created by the artificial intelligence created world in my mind. It all seemed amazingly real and the drugs injected into my body combined with all this to make me incredibly aroused and ‘in the moment’.

As her talented mouth teased and caressed my straining cock, I felt it tingling and becoming erect. Soon it felt as though it was ready to burst out of its skin. The girl’s lips withdrew from my engorged cock head and I looked down to see that my cock was bigger and more erect than I had ever seen it. It felt amazing. As I worked my PC muscle I watched my member twitch and point vertically up toward the ceiling and I felt my staff was as solid as an iron bar. Drug number two was obviously doing its work. The girl purred and said:

“Oh, you’re a very big boy, aren’t you? Would you like to fuck me?”

She moved away from me and laid down on the carpet her with feet facing me. She slowly spread her legs and used both hands to spread the lips of her cunt apart to invite me in. Not quite sure what to do, I tentatively tried to get up out of the chair and felt that I could easily move as if weightless. I knelt down between her legs and said to her:

“I’m sorry, I’ve never done this before, can you help me?”

“Of course.” she said reassuringly. “Come on big boy. Just place the end of your big cock at my entrance and don’t worry about a thing.”

I moved forward hesitantly and positioned myself so that my cock was just touching the entrance to her vagina. Amazingly, I felt it slide between her nether lips and I felt it enter her as she thrust her hips forward to meet me. As my cock plunged into her depths I experienced the warmth of her sex enveloping me and I loved it. Instinctively, I began to move my hips backwards and forwards as my member plundered her well-lubricated cunt.

“Take it easy big boy.” she intoned. “We’re not in a hurry, go nice and slow at first; then vary the pace to give me pleasure. When you feel ready to cum you can speed up. I want you to cum inside me. Do you hear me? Fuck me hard and fuck me deep. I want to feel that big cock filling me up and stretching me.”

Her dirty talk spurred me on and I was soon thrusting in and out of her welcoming cunt like a madman. She moaned and screamed and I was amazed that she seemed to having one climax after another. As I slowed down before my final onslaught I felt drug number three spread through my body.

I went absolutely crazy, thrusting hard and fast in an absolute frenzy. Suddenly, the most incredible whole-body orgasm hit me and every muscle in my whole body twitched and thrashed. The orgasm was intense but incredibly, I didn’t feel the ejaculation.

Temporarily exhausted, I collapsed onto her chest. As I began to recover, I stroked her big rounded breasts and found that, as I did so my erection began to return. Soon, to my surprise I found that I was ready for another round of fucking. I suppose drug number three was responsible and I was grateful. The girl seemed willing and turned over and knelt down on the carpet with her legs parted to expose her beautiful vulva for my perusal. She reached down between her legs to part her lips so, responding to the obvious invitation I pushed my cock back inside.

She said: “Spank me big boy.” I tentatively slapped her bum cheek but she responded with: “Harder!”

Needing no further encouragement, I brought my hand down hard on her smooth, creamy white flesh and saw immediately a large, red hand print appear. I gripped her hips and thrust my cock into her willing cunt like a madman. She obviously enjoyed this and, as I saw her massive tits swinging below her chest I watched her reach between her legs to frig her clit. This soon brought her to the edge of another climax and, when I gave her my final few hard thrusts, she screamed and quivered as her intense orgasm ripped through her. Simultaneously, I tipped over the edge and came hard. My cock was gripped tight in her spasming hole and I felt it squeezed and massaged by her internal muscles to increase my pleasure. Again though, it was a ‘dry orgasm’ and I felt no ejaculation although my cock did shrink temporarily.

The Tuzla Escort girl told me to lie down on my back to recover and she gave a full body massage. She expertly soothed and manipulated all my major muscle groups. At first, I wondered how the virtual sex machine managed to create this illusion, until I remembered the host of electrodes placed all over my body and my brain and realised that this was being done by subtle electro-stimulation and the . The electrodes on my nipples were particularly effective. As she rubbed and pinched my nipples I was really turned on. The sensation seemed to echo in the end of my dick. Of course, this spurred me on to another erection. I couldn’t believe that after two intense orgasms my dick was rising again until I remembered the influence of the drugs and the fact that I hadn’t yet ejaculated. A soon as the girl saw my rising cock she went down on me and gave me an expert blow job. She soon had me rock hard again and lowered herself onto my erect prick, spearing her cunt balls-deep and ground her clit against my pubic bone repeatedly to get herself off. The virtual effect was so amazing that I forgot for a moment that this wasn’t real and my member wasn’t really buried in her steaming box. I laid back savouring the delicious feeling of my cock in her love tunnel and watched her luscious tits bouncing right in front of my face. She continued with this until both of us came again. My climax again was a ‘dry’ one but no less intense than the previous ones.

This time, when we had both taken a minute or two to recover, the girl stood up and walked away. Feeling intensely disappointed I looked around to see where she had gone. I needn’t have worried as she soon reappeared this time holding the hands of another two completely naked girls. One of them had jet-black shiny hair tied back into a pony-tail. She had much smaller boobs than the first one but her areolae were large, puffy and round and topped by prominent pink nipples. Her body was slight and boyish but her skin was completely hairless and smooth. Even her pussy had no sign of a single hair and the puffy inner lips were clearly visible between her legs protruding between the outer ones. The other girl had blonde hair and milky white skin. She was slim but taller than the other two. Her breasts were disproportionately large for the size of her body. They were naturally teardrop shaped, sloping straight down the front but very full and well-rounded underneath. They stood proudly high on her chest. She was quite muscular for a girl and had chiselled arm and leg muscles and a washboard stomach. Her pussy was just a discreet narrow slit topped by a narrow ‘landing strip’ of trimmed pubic hair.

As I took in the sight of three naked nubile girls for the first time in my life, I felt the device on my arm click and drug number four flooded through me. “Oh my God,” I thought. “I’ll be able cum now and ejaculate, maybe more than once. Just the thought of it thrilled me and I wondered if I would get to fuck one, two or all three of these girls.

All three girls had a determined lustful look on their faces. They pushed me back into the armchair and immediately took possession of my body. One of them ran her fingers all over my chest and teased my nipples, rubbing, tweaking and pulling them.

Another one stood right in front of me and performed the most erotic dance imaginable. She ran her hands lasciviously all over her body lifting her breasts and pretending to lick the nipples. As the dance continued she bent over facing away from me and ran her hands over her beautiful butt cheeks. As she opened her legs wide I could see her cunt between her legs like a delicious juicy peach. I was transfixed as she proceeded to lick her fingers to lubricate them then she opened her cunt lips wide and inserted first one finger then two into her vagina. When she licked and sucked the fingers on her other hand to insert a forefinger into her tight, little bum hole I could feel my cock rising.

The third girl knelt down in front of me and slurped my cock into her mouth in a single movement. She proceeded to suck and lick, first along my shaft then at the head concentrating on the frenulum and around the corona. It felt absolutely amazing and I completely forgot that she wasn’t real and this was all an illusion. As I felt the spunk rising she eased off a little and I realised that my body was being closely and scientifically monitored for signs of impending orgasm. I knew then that I was completely dominated by the machine and it could play my body like an instrument. It was all designed to give me maximum pleasure.

The girls took hold of my arms and dragged me out of the chair. I felt strangely weightless as they positioned me on my back on the carpet and placed a pillow under my head. They stimulated every part of my body that they could reach, running their hands over my skin and bringing me to an incredibly heightened state of sensitivity. The neurons in my brain were going crazy and I longed for a sexual release. One of the girls lowered herself onto my now rampant cock, her back toward me. and rode me. Her velvety well-lubricated vagina vigorously massaging up and down my shaft. Occasionally she dropped hard onto my pubic bone and I could feel the end of my tool slam into her cervix as she ground her swollen clit against me.

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