The Seduction of Aisha

Female Ejaculation

It was a warm summer afternoon and Aisha was out and about soliciting donations for the new mosque that was recently built in the area. She had immigrated to America from Bangladesh only a few months earlier to attend a local college and was eager to share her Muslim faith in the community.

Having led a very sheltered life, Aisha was a bit wary of Americans after all that she heard from her family, especially white males. She had heard that they were perverted and always looking to take advantage of young women. But during the time she had visited various neighborhoods, Aisha never encountered any racism or hatred…

As Aisha walked up to the last house on her list, she could see a small silver convertible sitting in the garage with its top down.

Aisha rang the door bell and got no answer. She hit the button again and was just about to walk away as the door slowly opened. A white man wearing shorts and a form fitting t-shirt emerged from inside and smiled softly.

“May I help you?” he asked.

Aisha couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was.

“Hi, my name is Aisha and I’m in your neighborhood letting people know about our new mosque that was just built down the road. We’re asking for donations as well as inviting people to come worship with us.”

The man looked up and down Aisha’s body and seemed to be paying more attention to her burqa then what she was saying about the new mosque.

“Why don’t you come inside where it’s nice and cool Miss Aisha? My name is Michael by the way.”

Aisha hesitated for a moment, since she was warned not to enter anyone’s house while soliciting donations. But this man seemed gentle and innocent enough, so she slowly walked into the house.

The decor inside was mild and understated as Aisha glanced around the cozy living room.

Michael went into the kitchen and began to pour 2 glasses of cold water. He returned and handed one to Aisha as he continued to stare at the burqa.

“So what exactly are you selling anyway?” Michael inquired.

“There is a new mosque in the area and our members are trying to raise money for a separate children’s center.”

“I see. So were you born and raised as a Muslim Aisha?”

“Yes, I come from a very strict religious family back in Bangladesh.”

“Well, good morals are important I always say.”

Michael then asked “Would you like a tour of the house? I need to go upstairs anyway to get my checkbook, so I thought I’d show you the rest of my place.”

Aisha felt uneasy about the idea of going upstairs in this strange man’s house, but he seemed nice enough and he was about to make a donation so she acquiesced.

“Sure, why not.”

As they walked up the stairs, Aisha noticed pictures along the wall of Michael and his son, and it made her feel a bit more comfortable since he appeared to be the doting father of a beautiful little boy. They continued their brief tour and then walked into the master bedroom.

Aisha looked around, admiring the large walk in closet, full of contemporary clothes that were meticulously organized. She thought it a bit odd that he was wearing clothes more suitable for teenager than a middle aged man. But then again, he was rather young and fit looking, so she didn’t pay it any mind.

Aisha took a quick glance in the bathroom and just as she walked back into the bedroom, Michael closed the door and locked it behind him.

“What are you doing?” Aisha exclaimed, sensing something sinister was going on.

Michael slowly walked towards her, looking at her body like a hungry animal.

“Did you really think I was going to give you a donation?”

Aisha began to move away from Michael and was soon backed into the corner.

“Let me go!”

Michael moved closer and soon was a mere inches away from Aisha as she began to push him back.

Michael grabbed both of her arms and pushed back against the wall.

“There’s no need to be scared, I’m not going to hurt you”, he whispered.

Michael’s hands slowly released their grip as Aisha squirmed underneath him.

“Why won’t you let me go? What do you want from me?”

Michael ignored the question and began to touch Aisha’s face, admiring its softness and warmth.

She pulled back and attempted to push his hands away.

Michael continued and soon his hands were cupping her firm young breasts.

Aisha resisted and broke free briefly and ran to the bedroom door.

She struggled to unlock it and just as she opened it, Michael was behind her and closed it abruptly. He grabbed her arm and threw her on the bed.

Aisha began to sit up and was about to stand, when Michael positioned himself in front of her, standing above her.

He began to take off his clothes and Aisha yelled “what the hell are you doing?!”

She tried to stand up, but Michael pushed her back down on the bed. As she struggled to move off the bed, Aisha noticed that Anadolu Yakası Escort Michael was now naked and his penis was standing erect. It was the first time she had seen one up close and in person, and now that she was face to face with a man’s private parts, it left her paralyzed…

Aisha looked up at Michael, pleading with him “Please let me leave.”

“Not before you give me what I want” Michael said sternly.

His words left Aisha stunned and a sense of dread quickly came over her.

“What are you going to do to me?”

Michael slowly moved in closer and stood over her with his throbbing cock just inches from her face.

Aisha looked at the strange fleshy rod that protruded from his legs. It was pink and had a mushroom shaped head, with a small hole that was leaking fluid. She noticed below his penis were 2 swollen balls in their sack, dangling underneath.

Aisha’s mind went back to science class as a child and remembered that the sperm was stored in a man’s balls, making her even more nervous as the thought of being impregnated by this strange man filled her imagination.

Aisha looked at Michael and said meekly “No man has ever touched me before, I’m still a virgin.”

He knelt down in front of her and said in a firm voice “you have no choice.”

Soon Michael was moving his hard shaft towards her mouth and Aisha turned her head to avoid touching it. Michael put his hand on her head to hold her still and pushed his cock against her lips.

Aisha closed her lips, holding her breath as she tried her best not to let his cock enter her mouth. But she soon ran out of breath and as she opened her mouth, Michael quickly pushed his cock inside. The warm flesh filled Aisha’s small mouth, making her gag as she tried to pull away.

Michael knelt down on the floor and gently held Aisha’s face in his hands, looking tenderly into her eyes.

“My sweet Aisha, today you will become a woman, and I will be your teacher.”

She was left paralyzed by his tenderness and the burning sensation deep in her loins that he created.

Michael stood back up and this time Aisha gently touched his penis, stroking it like a new pet. She admired the warmth and firmness emanating from the shaft as it began to throb in her hand.

Aisha slowly took it in her mouth, inch by inch, then softly kissed the spongy cock head. She moved her other hand to Michael’s nut sack and fondled them as she looked up at him while she sat on the edge of the bed. Aisha soon felt a sense of pride as she realized how much this strange man was enjoying her mouth.

Michael then put both his hands on the back of her head and began to slide his cock in and out of Aisha’s mouth as her hands instinctively fell to her side.

As Michael’s swollen cock continued to explore Aisha’s virgin mouth, her silk hijab kept slipping down from her head. Michael pulled it up gently, more out of his desire to maintain this taboo fantasy than to allow Aisha a measure of dignity. After a few minutes of discomfort, she began to relax and soon was able to take most of it deep into her throat.

Michael moaned with pleasure as she sucked eagerly like a hungry baby in need of milk. She felt a strange sensation between her legs as she continued to devour Michael’s cock. Her pussy was becoming wet and her mind was spinning as the situation grew more out of control. Michael’s cock began to twitch as he was nearing his climax, with Aisha beginning to deep throat him furiously.

With his cock firmly planted all the way in Aisha’s mouth, Michael groaned loudly as he felt a powerful orgasm overtake him.

“You’re gonna make me cum!”

Aisha could feel the cock swell in her mouth and before she knew what was happening, thick streams of hot cum flooded her throat.

She tried to pull away, but Michael held her in place and emptied his balls completely in her mouth. Aisha had no choice but to swallow his thick load, and after gagging at first was able to take all of his juices down into her belly.

She looked up at Michael, his face flushed with pleasure then proceeded to wipe the remaining sperm off her lips and chin.

Michael regained his senses then looked down at Aisha “Thank you for a perfect blowjob.”

Aisha assumed that he was done with her and tried to get off the bed, but Michael grabbed her arm and pulled at her burqa.

“I’m not done with you little girl.”

Aisha protested, saying “No man is allowed to see me naked, except my future husband.”

Michael paid her no mind as he smiled and began to slowly remove her burqa.

“You don’t have any choice Aisha, I’m going to do with you whatever I want.”

Aisha tried to resist, but was not strong enough to prevent him from removing the garment. She stood before Michael with only her bra and panties on, nervous and strangely excited about what he planned to do next.

Michael started to remove the clasp from the bra, and Aisha tried to move away in an attempt to retain what was left of her dignity. Michael pushed her onto the bed and held her down then removed the bra and panties.

Aisha yelled and kicked as her clothing was taken from her.

“Take your hands off me!”

Michael positioned himself on top of her and started to kiss around her neck and face, taking his time as he explored this new flesh.

Aisha continued to protest, but soon realized that Michael wasn’t going to be denied. She lay there and watched as this strange man gently kissed her breasts and touched her belly softly like a child. It produced feelings of lust inside her for the first time and there was nothing to compare it to. Her body felt like it was on fire, as Michael’s lips and tongue caressed every inch of her delicate frame.

He nibbled on her erect nipples and flicked his tongue back and forth, causing her to moan with pleasure.

It seemed like an eternity as this stranger’s hands and mouth explored Aisha’s tender flesh, when suddenly she felt her legs being spread open.

“Please stop, I have to save myself for marriage.”

She resisted at first out of instinct, but soon gave in to her desires and granted Michael access to her burning loins. He was gentle and paid attention to every inch of her pussy as his tongue tasted the juices that flowed from her sweet love hole.

Aisha squirmed on the sheets as waves of pleasure washed over her like a summer rainstorm. Michael began rhythmically licking and sucking at her swollen clitoris and after a few minutes of this erotic tempo, Aisha’s body began to shudder and suddenly she experienced her first orgasm.

“Oh Allah, I’m going to…”

She moaned and writhed on the bed as every fiber in her being quivered and convulsed with pleasure.

After a few moments Aisha composed herself and noticed Michael kneeling on the bed before her with his cock now fully erect again.

Aisha had heard her friends talk about sex when she lived in Bangladesh and had seen a few erotic photos online, but now that it was happening she was overwhelmed with fear and a guilty sense of excitement.

Michael lowered himself down upon Aisha and began to kiss her gently on the lips and face. His stiff cock rubbed back and forth against her wet slit as her body instinctively moved in rhythm with his.

Aisha whispered “You shouldn’t do this, I’m still a virgin” as the spongy cock head poked against the opening of her vagina.

Michael continued to massage her clitoris as her juices lubricated his manhood.

“Would you like me to stop Aisha?” Michael asked half heartedly.

“I’m supposed to remain a virgin until I get married. What will my husband say if he finds out a white man took my cherry?”

Michael resumed stroking his swollen member against her moist pussy lips, massaging her clitoris slowly as he would stop for just a second to gaze into Aisha’s warm brown eyes.

“I certainly wouldn’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Aisha did not say anything but moaned softly as her body betrayed her better judgment. Instead of pushing Michael away, she gently grabbed his pulsing cock and guided it to the opening of her wet slit and slowly rubbed it against her lips.

Michael looked down at Aisha then kissed her softly and whispered “I need to be inside you.”

Aisha stared into Michael’s eyes and slowly pulled his throbbing cock into her dripping hole.

He kissed her gently as his member broke through the thin hymen, causing Aisha to whimper as a sharp pain coarsed through her body. Michael stopped moving and began to kiss her neck and face, in an attempt to soothe her frayed nerves and body.

Aisha soon relaxed and Michael continued sliding more of his hard cock inside her tight hole. She wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him passionately as her body adjusted to the invading flesh inside her.

Just as Aisha was becoming used to this new sensation, Michael pulled out of her and flipped on her onto her stomach. He smacked her plump ass cheeks and then propped up her legs so that Aisha was on all fours.

Aisha turned around to look at Michael, unsure and scared of what he was about to do next.

He slowly pushed his hard cock into her wet hole and began to stroke it gently. Within minutes Michael increased his pace and soon was pounding Aisha’s tiny pussy with reckless abandon. He smacked her ass cheeks over and over as she squealed with delight, taking every inch of his manhood deep in her womb.

Sensing that she was losing her breath, Michael slowed down and lay back on the bed. He pulled Aisha on top of him and kissed her passionately, rubbing his member against her dripping snatch. She sat down on the stiff cock and began to slowly ride him up and down to a steady rhythm. Michael reached up to kiss her ripe young breasts, sucking them furiously as he gripped her firm ass cheeks while she bounced up and down.

Soon Aisha began to feel another orgasm building and increased her pace on the cock impaling her below. Michael bucked his hips against hers in an attempt to intensify the sensation and suddenly Aisha cried out in ecstasy and the orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. She gripped Michael’s shoulders and held him tight as the feeling slowly subsided.

They lay still on the bed drenched in sweat and breathing heavily, the only sound being the low hum of the ceiling fan above them.

Moments later Michael walked into the bathroom and came back out with a small container in his hand.

Aisha slowly rose up on her elbows to get a better look at the tube in Michael’s hand.

“And just what is that?”

“I’ll be using this to fuck your ass.”

Her heart dropped as the words sank into her consciousness.

Michael poured a small amount of flavored lubricant in his hand then began to rub Aisha’s ass cheeks gently as she slowly turned over to offer him easier access to her bottom.

“You can’t do such a thing, it’s forbidden in our religion.”

Michael smiled and whispered sarcastically “it’s ok, I’m not a Muslim.”

Aisha met his eyes and could not bring herself to say no to this man’s advances.

Michael continued to massage her round globes of flesh and then slipped a finger into Aisha’s asshole.

She moaned and flinched as Michael slowly stroked her virgin hole. Aisha soon relaxed and began to give in to the overwhelming feeling of lust permeating through her flesh.

Just as Aisha became accustomed to having a finger probe her tender ass, Michael pulled her to the edge of the bed and turned her over. He positioned himself on top of Aisha with his cock resting between her plump ass cheeks. It slid back and forth in the crack, as Aisha moaned beneath Michael.

“Please be gentle” Aisha whimpered.

Soon the bulbous cock head began to poke at the entrance of Aisha’s asshole and she squirmed beneath Michael, trying to get away. He held her hips steady and slowly pushed his hard cock into her virgin ass.

She let out a muffled cry as the head penetrated the opening to her ass and slowly swallowed up an inch of his shaft.

Michael pulled Aisha up and soon she was on all fours with her plump ass spread wide, almost inviting his cock to invade her. He continued to push more of his stiff meat into her ass and within moments had buried himself deep in her bowels.

Michael slowed down his pace, admiring such an erotic sight, this innocent young girl naked on the bed being fucked in the ass by a strange white man. Michael stroked his cock back and forth, going as deep as he could inside Aisha’s tight hole, savoring every inch of her virgin ass.

Aisha began to claw at the bedsheets as she took his throbbing meat balls deep. Michael sensed her discomfort and turned her on her side. He placed his cock head at the entrance to her asshole and their eyes met as it slowly entered. Michael softly kissed her and began to rub her clitoris, maintaining a steady rhythm of long strokes in her tight ass.

Michael began to aggressively spank Aisha’s plump ass cheeks as his cock thoroughly reamed out her tender hole.

“Just look at you Aisha, you dirty little Muslim slut. Taking a white man’s big cock deep in your virgin ass.”

Hearing those words confirmed what Aisha had been feeling since Michael first touched her earlier. And now she was determined to make him cum whether he was ready to or not.

“You must feel pretty good about yourself, taking an innocent Muslim girl’s virginity huh? All you are is a dirty old man who wants to defile young girls tight holes and fill them with cum.”

Aisha shocked herself as the vulgar words spewed out of her wanton mouth.

“So then empty your balls inside me. I want you to cum inside my ass. Give me your cum Michael” Aisha teased.

Her words sent Michael over the edge and it wasn’t long before he felt a familiar tingling in his aching balls. With one final thrust of his stiff cock going balls deep, he exploded inside her virgin asshole. Michael let out a groan and gripped Aisha’s ass cheeks firmly as his cock spasmed repeatedly, squirting hot cum deep within her bowels.

Aisha remained still, milking every drop of his sticky seed in her dirty little hole. She moaned softly as the cock suddenly popped out of her sore asshole, leaving it agape and leaking warm juices down her ass cheek.

Michael then fell back off her and lay on the bed, gasping for breath.

Aisha turned over to stare at the ceiling, ashamed for letting this strange white man violate all of her sacred holes and yet proud of herself for pleasing him in the most intimate way.

Michael regained his composure and turned to face Aisha as she pulled the covers over her naked flesh. “Thank you Aisha” he said, then smiled as he planted kisses all over her face.

They held each other close, lost in the moment and enjoyed the afterglow of an unexpectedly erotic afternoon…

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