The Team Completed


Michelle was slowly getting extremely pissed off. She’d arrived at the court for their practice expecting the other girls to be there and no-one was. OK, she’d been a bit early but she’d assumed that at least one of the others would be there or would arrive shortly. But no. They didn’t turn up to the very last moment, the four of them chatting and giggling, apparently about last nights date. Michelle had asked what the story was but they’d just waved it aside with a casual “You’d have to have been there.”

So they got off to a slightly late start, but that didn’t really matter. Their practice had started slowly but smoothly, the team honing their skills and working together the way a team should. No problems.

Then it was all downhill. The rest of the team started clowning around and grandstanding, and Michelle didn’t have the faintest idea why. She pushed a bit harder to see if they’d straighten up and get with the plan, but things just seemed to get worse. Those idiots were giggling and having fun, but they weren’t getting a proper practice in. Michelle had had enough and she called the girls together for a huddle.

“OK. Would someone care to tell me what’s going on. I’m a big girl now. I’m nineteen. Nothing you say will shock me, but if someone doesn’t explain fast I’m going to kill one of you and bury you under the goal post as a warning to future players.”

“You can’t. It’s floorboards, not dirt,” someone giggled, and Michelle turned a fulminating eye on the offender.

“Ok, OK,” Nicki said in a hurry. “It’s him. He’s turned up to watch the practice.”

Michelle looked around. There was one spectator, sitting on the seats at the top of the stand. “Who was he?” she wondered. “Oh, yes. That’s Rick. I’ve seen him around. Why’s he upsetting them. He doesn’t seem to be anything special.”

Michelle turned back to the team. “What’s so special about him? Why are you all playing up to him?”

The team seemed to be quite interested in looking anywhere but at her, and no reply was volunteered. Michelle felt her frustration and her temper rising.

“Look, he’s a nothing,” she protested. “I mean, can you name even one girl he’s dated or managed to talk into bed?”

Nancy muttered something, but Michelle was sure he misheard.

“Sorry, I don’t think I caught that. Could you repeat it, please.”

“I said,” said Nancy, loudly and clearly, “that I could name four.”

Michelle looked at the rest of the team, who were looking back, a couple of them blushing slightly. It didn’t take a genius to decide which four were being referred to.

“All of you? You’ve all slept with him? When did this happen?”

“Last night,” said Nancy, “and there wasn’t much sleeping involved.”

“And the rest of you?” queried Michelle.

“Nancy just told you,” pointed out Sandra. “Last night.”

“But…” Michelle paused, not quite believing what they seemed to be saying. “Are you saying he fucked all four of you last night?”

“He banged me at the party, and promised he’d see me Ataşehir Escort home safely,” said Sandra. “I drank too much and fell asleep, but he was as good as his word. He got Nicki and Nancy to help him take me home to the dorm.”

“He stopped on the way home, stripped us and screwed both of us. For some reason we just couldn’t say no.” Nancy supplied.

“When he got to the dorm he carried Sandra up to our room,” sighed Jan. “Nicki and Nancy were trying to explain to that dragon of a warden what was going on, and he did something to slow down the elevator. He walked into our room and dumped Sandra on the bed and then looked at me. I’d always liked him and have talked with him quite often, and he just smiled at me and I was only wearing those shortie pj’s of mine and then I wasn’t and you can guess the rest. It turns out he can perform very quickly when he needs to.”

“We were discussing what happened this morning, and that’s when we found out just what he’d done. Or who he’d done, I suppose I should say,” giggled Nicki.

“He actually had sex with all of you in one night? He must have the balls of a bull.”

“And a cock to match,” came a quiet comment, with smirks appearing on the faces of the team.

“I’m starting to get hot just listening to his exploits,” said Michelle with a grin, “but I’m not having him disrupt our practice. Let’s all go and have a chat with him and chase him away.”

Leading the way Michelle and the team headed up the stands to confront Rick.

“Rick,” Michelle greeted him with a nod of her head.

“Michelle,” Rick gravely acknowledged, with his own polite nod.

“You presence is disrupting out team practice. You appear to be distracting the girls.”

“I just happened to run into some of the team last night, and I thought it might be interesting to watch them in action,” returned Rick, blandly. “I don’t mean to disrupt things.”

He smiled at Michelle and she blinked. “God, he’s lethal when he wants to be,” she thought. “That grin went straight to my pussy. Arrogant prick.”

“Yes,’ Michelle said derisively. “‘Ran into’ are the right words. I heard how you ‘ran into’ them. With that sort of performance we could be excused for thinking that you’re here to complete the team for trophies.”

“Well yes, thank you. It’s kind of you to volunteer, Michelle,” said Rick, with another of those smiles that seemed to bypass her head and pluck straight on her emotions and nerves.

Rick reached over and while Michelle and the team watched in stunned surprise, he lifted Michelle’s skirt and slowly pulled down her panties. Michelle stood, rigid with shock as she watched her panties sliding down then off, not even thinking of protesting until it was too late and Rick was placing her panties on the seat next to him.

Michelle was stunned. “Do you really expect me to have sex here, in the stands, in public, in the middle of the day, when I barely know you?” she asked scathingly.”

“Yes, that’s the idea. There’s only us here. If anyone Kadıköy Escort else comes they won’t see anything because the rest of the team will block their view.”

“You’re mad. And the rest of the team will see. They’re public. No. It’s not going to happen.”

“No, they’re your team. They’ll be cheering for you. And yes, it is going to happen.”

With one hand he reached out and took her hand, drawing her towards him, while with the other hand he flicked open his zip.

“Do you seriously think I’m going to let you do this,” asked Michelle, feeling helpless, watching his erection pushing against his open fly, and realising that she was feeling incredibly aroused by the whole scenario.

“Yes,” came a rather bland answer, as he drew her down next to him and placed her hand against his open fly. Despite herself, Michelle found her hand slipping through the opening and taking hold of Rick and extracting his erection so it stood free. “Like the team had said,” she thought, “he’s built like bull.”

Rick reached over and drew her across his lap, facing him, pressing her to him so his cock was pressing against her pussy. She found herself rising to allow Rick to position his erection under her pussy, pressing firmly against her lips.

She found herself slowly sinking onto his cock. Without knowing how it had come about she was completely yielding to him and in front of the team. She turned her head to look at the team, only to find them staring back fascinated at what was taking place before them.

She turned back to Rick and stared at him and that infernally sexy smile of his, as she sank down, accepting the full length of his cock into her tight pussy.

“What now?” she wondered. “Is he just going to bang me?”

“How long have you booked the court for,” Rick suddenly asked. “The court? Who cares? I thought you were going to have sex with me?” thought Michelle. “Why worry about the court now?”

“Thirty more minutes,” called out Nancy, “but no-one’s booked it after us, so we usually have use of it for an extra hour.”

“How long can you sit still, Michelle?” asked Rick,


“Don’t move. Just sit there the way you are.”

“Just sit here?” she thought. “I’ve got a cock jammed all the way up my pussy, so far up I can nearly taste it, and he wants me to just sit?”

Michelle sat, determined not to move until Rick did. “All I can feel is this cock in me, and I’m just sitting.” “I can feel that thing trembling with every breath he takes. How long do I have to just sit on it.”

Michelle could feel her own breathing moving her gently against the invader, little ripples of sensation slowly snaking their way deeper into her.

Sitting, ever more conscious of the erection inside her.

Her slightest movement causes her delicate insides to rub against his cock. Same with any movement he might make. Little movements, gently stirring. She tried to slow them by holding her breath, had to gasp and sagged slightly. Bad move. That thing inside her Ümraniye Escort seemed to surge a little with joy at the movement.

“How long do you expect me to just sit here?” she whined. “As long as it takes. You can always chicken out,” came the placid reply.

No way was she going to back down. If he wanted to just sit, they’d just sit. Michelle started fantasising about telling Rick to just sit, after she jammed one of the sports departments Indian clubs up his arse. That’s what it felt like from where she happened to be sitting.

Sitting, slowly riding his monster. “Are we in a contest for the worlds slowest fuck?” she wondered. “If so, I should have been warned. Damn it all, she could feel her heart beat, throbbing against his cock. Or was that his heart pulsating through his cock and into her?”

Michelle was losing track of where she ended and Rick began. There mutual pulses were causing little throbs that were coming faster as her heart rate increased. She was starting to breathe heavily, which once again increased the agitation between her and that damned erection.

“Oh, god! I’m going to climax just sitting here. It’s not possible.”

Possible or not, it was slowly but inexorably happening.

Michelle was breathing even more heavily, feeling all those tiny movements combining, uniting, becoming one constant friction deep inside her, dragging her where she didn’t want to go but couldn’t resist. The explosion occurred deep within. Michelle, was shuddering, gasping, trembling from the force of it.

Relieved that it was over, and feeling just that little bit disappointed, as though she had missed out on something. She opened eyes she hadn’t even realised she’d closed and looked at Rick.

He was looking back at her, fire in his eyes and determination on his face. “Now you can start moving”.

Startled but relieved Michelle stared at him, starting to rock, letting his cock more actively rasp against her sensitive nerves. Highly sensitive, she found, eager to take what they’d been denied and were now craving.

Michelle could feel the answering surge as he pressed up to meet her. Pressed? Nothing so gentle. He was starting to hammer home his advantage, wielding his cock like a weapon, driving her back towards the climax she’d just left.

They were moving faster, now falling into the harmony of a pattern dictated by nature, welded together by his cock and their mutual desire.

Rick was thrusting home while Michelle was lunging to meet him. Rising towards a climax again, feeling his seed spilling within her and knowing what she had missed the first time, even as he flooded her and sent her over the edge to her second orgasm.

Slowly coming down, from the heights, still sitting, feeling his cock and his seed warm within her. Sighing with regret, though just what she was regretting she didn’t know.

Felt Rick withdrawing and handing her back her panties. Heard Jan suggest she take a shower before she put them on.

Michelle turned and looked at Rick. “OK. It seems you’ve completed the team. I trust you’re satisfied now?”

“Not yet,” came the reply. “What are you doing tonight?”

“Me or the team?” Michelle demanded, sarcastically.

“The team,” came the arrogant reply. “I’ll get pizza in for you.”

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