The Weekend Sleepover Ch. 02


While Mark and I spent the early afternoon in the house, I tried to ignore the beautiful bodies lying out by the pool. Eventually, Mark and I wandered out to the back yard and found four beautiful bodies lounging on the deck. My eyes were drawn to Jenny, as always, wearing a cute but skimpy pink bikini whose triangles of fabric barely contained her large, creamy breasts. Her tits were so huge they were spilling out the side of her top. Jenny was sitting on the steps of the pool talking quietly with Brenda. Carly was lounging in one of the pool chairs, laying on her stomach with her bikini top untied. Sam was actually swimming around the pool in a black one piece.

When Sam saw Mark and I walk out onto the pool deck, she swam over to the edge of the pool. “Mark,” she called, “I was thinking about going to the grocery store to pick up some food for dinner. Jenny wants to stay and get a little more sun, but I rather go now. Will you drive us?”

Carly raised her head and looked over at us. When she shifted up onto her elbows, I got a tantalizing look at a few more inches of her young, firm tit flesh, though she kept her nipples hidden under her. “I kind of want to go get some groceries too,” Carly added. “Would you mind taking us?”

“Not at all,” Mark replied. “We can leave whenever you two are ready.”

“Really?!” Jenny and I simultaneously responded. We looked at each other and smiled, sharing our surprise at Mark’s sudden helpfulness.

“Sure, I don’t mind,” Mark replied, looking a little annoyed. “You want to come, Kev?”

I thought about it for a second, looking at Jenny and Brenda watching me from the steps of the pool. “Um, no need for all of us to go,” I finally responded. “I’ll just stay here.”

“Suit yourself,” Mark responded.

Five minutes later Mark was pulling out of the driveway in his mom’s car, Carly sitting in the front seat next to him and Sam in the back. Brenda, Jenny and I were left lounging around the pool. Jenny and Brenda were sitting on the steps at the shallow end while I sat on the ledge near the deep end, dangling my legs in the water. I knew something was coming, and I was nervous. Looking over at Brenda and Jenny, looking magnificent in their bikinis, water glistening over all their smooth curves and exposed flesh, only made me more nervous.

“Alright horn dog,” Brenda finally said, “Take off those shorts and show Jenny what you’re working with.”

“You’re not even going to buy me a drink first?” I tried to joke. My voice rose to a high pitch at the end of my question, completely betraying my discomfort.

Brenda just smiled at my obvious nervousness. She swam slowly over to my end of the pool, her soft tit flesh floating in the water in front of her as she slowly moved towards me. She flashed a sweet, reassuring smile, but I could see there was serious mischief in her sparkling blue eyes.

“I told you the deal I made, lover,” she said softly. “Just trust me and I promise you will completely enjoy this.”

“Are you serious?” I asked, glancing over at Jenny. The smile was gone from her face as she watched our exchange intently.

“Yes, now strip,” Brenda ordered.

I was very torn between laughing it off as a joke and walking away or taking off my shorts. After a moment’s hesitation, I took a deep breath, stood on the pool deck, and dropped my shorts. In my near terrified state, my cock was a shriveled mess, but that was apparently not the point.

“SEE!” Brenda exclaimed loudly, “I TOLD you he was game.” Jenny didn’t say a word, her eyes were fixed to my cock. Brenda just kept talking. “He may have been a virgin, which is a shame with that pretty dick of his, but he’s willing to play. Go and sit on the steps next to Jenny, Kevin, we have to make this quick.”

After getting naked in front of my biggest high school crush, there was suddenly nothing I wouldn’t do. In a haze, I walked around to the steps of the pool. I remember being acutely aware of the warm sunlight hitting my bare ass, but the whole rest of me was in a fog. Jenny shifted off the steps and into the water as I approached. I sat bare-assed on the warm pool ledge with my feet on the first step.

Brenda had already swum back to the steps, and she swam up right between my legs. Beads of water drifted down the top of her exposed cleavage, droplets falling from the tips of her firm breasts. “Jenny here has been complaining that she’s not sure how to give a good blow job and she wants to learn,” Brenda explained. “I told her we had a willing test subject right here who would love to help me teach her.”

“Seriously?!” I blurted out.

“You’ll be a good, impartial judge of her talents and help teach her how to improve her technique, right?” Brenda asked.

Jenny finally spoke up. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” she said quietly.

“Are you kidding?” I replied.

“Yeah dummy,” Brenda said derisively, shooting her friend a look of contempt. “What 18 year old wouldn’t want a blowjob from two hot, young women?”

“Wait, two…” I said. I was confused. Maltepe Escort I thought Jenny was giving me a blowjob.

Brenda’s soft hand began stroking up and down my thigh. “Yes, lover. Two,” she cooed in a sultry voice. “I’m going to show Jenny some tips, then she’s going to give it a try. YOU are going to be a good, honest judge of her talents and NEVER tell anyone about this, right?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, still in a haze and expecting I would wake up from this wonderful dream at any moment.

“You promise you won’t ever say anything to anyone about this?” Jenny asked very earnestly. I looked in her beautiful green eyes and realized she was serious. Not only was she not joking about blowing me, she really wanted to do this.

“I promise,” I responded.

“Good,” Brenda cooed, “We can’t waste time, the others will be back soon enough.” Her hand slipped up my thigh, gently cupped my balls briefly with her palm, and gripped the base of my cock. Just looking at the two of them, half floating in the water, acres of skin exposed, beautiful faces staring intently at me, I started getting hard. Brenda noticed and the corner of her full lips bent upward in a slight, crooked smile. Brenda bent down and kissed the head of my cock with her soft lips, and then sucked my cock head between her lips. In an instant, my entire, half-hard member was inside her mouth and she was swirling her tongue around and around my shaft. She was obviously serious about not wasting time, and clearly talented at what she was doing. I could feel my teen age dick rapidly swelling inside of her mouth as she squeezed me by sucking in her cheeks. She released my meat with a loud pop, and in two heart beats she was left holding the shaft of my fully engorged member.

“Mmm, he liked that,” she said to Jenny. Jenny moved a little closer, her eyes fixated on my pulsing dick. “I’ve found guys like a variety of things,” Brenda continued. “You can tongue his shaft,” which she proceeded to do, rubbing suggestively with her tongue along the ridge running under my cock. “You can suck on the shaft,” which she did, sucking with her lips at the base of my shaft and flicking the ridge with the tip of her tongue. It was like she was French kissing the underside of my dick, and it felt great. In fact, each tingle felt so good, like a little pulse of electricity shooting up my sensitive member, that I could feel myself getting very aroused. “You can also just suck on the sensitive head of his cock,” she continued before slipping the fat crown of my dick between her lips. Her cheeks sunk inward as she sucked and her tongue traced a fast circle around and around just the head of my dick. She released me with another pop before saying, “Or you can just suck up and down his cock.” She suck my now raging erection back into her mouth and boobed her head up and down my pole. She took a good four inches at a time, slithering her wet tongue back and forth over the underside of my shaft as her head moved up and down. She paused to say, “You should also used your hand with your mouth, so you can cover more of his dick.” She proceeded to demonstrate, Jenny observing just inches away with rapt attention. Brenda’s soft fingers closed around my shaft tightly while her mouth sucked the head of my meat back between her lips. Her fingers slid down over my wet pole and squeezed slightly and she brought them back up. Her tongue danced wetly against the underside of my shaft, and I delighted in the feeling of her soft cheeks squeezing against the top of my pole as her mouth went up and down. I realized with alarm that I was getting way too close to cumming.

“But the best thing to do,” Brenda continued after releasing my member, “Is to switch it up. Put in a lot of variety so it never gets boring.” Jenny nodded like she understood. Brenda went back down on my cock, her lips kissing the underside of my sensitive shaft while her hand pumped the fat knob at its tip. Then she sucked just the head of my cock into her hot mouth and began swirling the tip with the full flat length of her tongue. I gritted my teeth, desperately trying to hold back the intense pleasure I felt churning through my balls. Then she plunged her mouth down my rod, squeezing me with her soft hand while her tongue slid back and forth against the underside of my pole.

“Oh shit,” I blurted out softly. “Oh no, oh no.”

I couldn’t hold it back anymore, this was the best my cock had ever felt and the pleasure was bursting out of the root of my member. I thought Brenda would be mad, but she looked up into my eyes and immediately realized what was happening. Instead of stopping, she bore down on me, sucking intensely with her mouth and pumping furiously with her hand. On top of it all, the sight before me was amazing. Beautiful Jenny, her large breasts glistening in the pool, barely contained in her bikini top. And working my rod was pretty Brenda, red hair tied back in a pony tail, breasts jiggling beneath her as her head and hand bobbed furiously up and down my cock.

I lost all control and came with a vengeance. Anadolu Yakası Escort The cum burst from my cock, pulsating in a hot stream of ecstasy into Brenda’s eager, sucking mouth. Brenda swallowed it all as I pumped my sticky load between her lips, her tongue continuing to milk my member as each spurt blew from my tip and was gobbled down her throat.

As the orgasm faded, I suddenly became aware that my legs were stiffly straight, my toes curled on the top of the water while my fingers gripped the edge of the pool. I let myself relax and felt slightly ashamed as I looked at Jenny. She just smiled her sweet smile back at me.

“I was afraid that might happen,” Brenda said with a smile, clearly not upset with me.

“I’m sorry!” I stammered. “It was just my first time…”

“Oh honey!” Brenda responded. Jenny covered her mouth to stifle a laugh. “If I had known it was your first time I would have given you a good and proper blow. You should have said something.”

I had no idea what I would have said, or would have been willing to say that didn’t make me sound like an inexperienced loser. Brenda excused herself to go get something to drink from the kitchen. I assumed she wanted to get the taste of cum out of her mouth. That left me and Jenny sitting awkwardly together at the pool. It was even more awkward considering I was naked. At one point Jenny looked like she was about to say something, but then she stopped. We ended up sitting in silence while we waited for Brenda to return.

When Brenda came back outside, she led Jenny out of the water. I was treated to the sight of their firm young bodies, water dripping from their smooth curves, as they stood on the pool deck. Jenny’s firm, round ass, barely concealed by her bikini bottom, looked particularly attractive in the late afternoon sunlight.

Without any warning, Brenda pulled at the string behind Jenny’s neck, the one securing her top. Jenny caught her top with her arm before it could fall away and she gave Brenda a shocked and unhappy look.

“What?” Brenda said, casually untying the bow in the back of her bikini. “Kevin here’s been naked for a while now. It would be rude if we just kept our clothes on. It’s time to strip.” Brenda finished untying her top as she finished her sentence. She casually tossed her top away, exposing her round, young breasts. They weren’t as big as Jenny’s but they were full and firm and capped by light pink nipples. While I was mesmerized by the beads of water dripping down the valley between her exposed cleavage, Brenda had already untied her bikini bottom.

Jenny shot me an uncertain look, still holding her top to her chest. “You promise not to laugh?” she asked.

“LAUGH?!” I responded incredulously. “I happily promise I won’t laugh. I can’t promise I won’t cum again immediately, or pass out when all the blood rushes from me head to my penis.”

That earned an uneasy laugh from Jenny. She had a nice, sweet laugh, and the tops of her firm breasts jiggled seductively as she chuckled. After one more uneasy glance, Jenny removed her arm and her top fell away. For the first time, the objects of much of my teenage obsessions and the subjects of many a masturbation session came into view. They were magnificent, and I couldn’t help but stare. Jenny’s breasts were big globes, almost perfectly round, topped by dark pink nipples. Her tit flesh was completely smooth, with a porcelain sheen in the afternoon sunlight. I barely noticed as she untied the rest of her top, noting that her breasts had almost no sag and a deep valley between them. I’ve seen good fake tits in pornos, and I swear the surgeons who made those were aiming to copy the natural pair Jenny had that day at nineteen years old.

“You see how his jaw just dropped,” Brenda teased, “He loves them!”

Jenny still looked uncertain as she removed her bikini bottom, but as Brenda was already completely naked, that too soon fell away. Brenda had a little strip of trimmed red hair running upwards from her pussy, but I was a little surprised to see Jenny was completely clean shaven. Watching me ogle her body, Jenny couldn’t help but keep one arm half covering her breast while her other hand half covered her pussy.

“Now what?” Jenny asked.

“Now we give Kevin here some tips on how to eat a pussy,” Brenda responded, turning her gaze from Jenny to me. “It’s only fair, right? Jenny learns some tips on how to give a great blowjob and you have fun. So now you can practice those pussy eating skills and Jenny can have fun.”

“Sure,” I replied somewhat uncertainly, “sounds right to me.”

“Brenda, I don’t know…” Jenny began.

“Oh shut up, Jenny,” Brenda cut her off. “You’ve seen us having sex and you just watched me blow him. It’s way too late for modesty, AND this is what you told me you wanted. Now sit down on the edge of the pool there.” Jenny hesitated for just a moment but eventually complied. I was intrigued by the comment that Jenny said she wanted this, but I quickly forgot about that when Jenny’s hands dropped away from her body Ümraniye Escort and I was treated to a close up view of her completely naked womanhood. Her smooth, perky breasts, pink nipples, and even her clean shaven, puffy pink pussy lips looked magnificent to my young eyes. Almost unconsciously, I slowly leaned forward, moving my head between Jenny’s legs for a better look.

“See,” Brenda said, “He wants to try this. Go ahead and give that pussy a good lick.” Brenda turned first to Jenny and said, “Trust me, he’s good. You’ll love this.” Then she turned to me and said, “Jenny here has never had a guy go down on her. Can you believe that? What assholes.”

I had dreamed of this moment. Like I said, I had read a lot about how to properly eat a pussy, and I had often pictured it with Jenny. Now I was actually going to get to try it. I looked up at her from between her legs and our eyes met. She was chewing on her plump bottom lip with uncertainty, but I also saw the eager anticipation in her sparkling green eyes.

Tentatively, I stuck my tongue out and ran the flat tip up one of Jenny’s bare pussy lips. All the stories I had read had led me to expect that Jenny’s womanhood would taste strange, perhaps like a fish. The only thing I could taste was a slight essence of chlorine from the pool. Emboldened by the lack of a repugnant taste, I more eagerly licked up Jenny’s other thigh and tasted her pussy lips on that side. Jenny let out a big sigh as my tongue brushed against the opening of her sex.

“Poor Jenny, I can’t believe this is her first time,” Brenda teased.

Using my tongue, I drew her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked up and down her folds gently. She sighed contentedly again. With a flicking motion, I traced my way up over her hole and found the hard nub I was looking for beneath a fold of flesh. Jenny gasped audibly. I flicked at her clit with the tip of my tongue and Jenny’s legs tensed around my head. It felt weird, half floating in the water, to feel her thighs close around me, but I was living out one of my greatest fantasies. Jenny began to slide her hips back and forth just a little as my tongue softly lashed against her clit.

“Unlike most men, Kevin here knows how to find the clitoris,” Brenda said to no one in particular. “I’m impressed. He’s not going at it too strong, is he?”

Jenny ran her fingers through my hair while I began to swirl my tongue around and around her sensitive spot. “Ohhh. You’re doing a great job Cookie,” she moaned.

Cookie. She hadn’t called me that in almost a decade, half my life ago. I kept swirling the tip of my wet tongue around her hard clit, sometimes alternating with a lazy flicking motion directly against her little bud, while I thought about that nickname. She and her sisters had called me Kevin Cookie, for my love of her mom’s cookies, when I was nine. I could eat two dozen of those delicious treats in one sitting, and the nickname eventually became just Cookie, although Jenny was the only one who stuck with it. I had an even better delicious treat in front of my face at the moment, and I carefully sucked her clit between my soft lips.

As I sucked softly on her sensitive bud while flicking at the trapped nub with my tongue, Jenny’s reaction was immediate. “Oh shit!” she moaned while I suckled on her clit. “Holy shit that feels good.” Her hand that had been running through my hair began pulling my face into her pussy. I kept up the steady gentle sucking pressure, using my lips to suck her clit into my mouth while rubbing strongly and steadily against the nub with my strong tongue. “Ohhh God,” she moaned, “Just like that. Don’t stop… don’t stop.”

Brenda was suddenly next to me in the pool, speaking softly to me. “Don’t go any harder or any faster,” she instructed. “Just keep up that steady, gentle pressure.”

I was dubious about her advice, but I dutifully obeyed. My mouth suckled gently on Jenny’s clit while my insistent tongue kept a steady beat of rubbing against her clit. I didn’t think it would be enough pressure to get her off, but to my surprise Jenny was quickly mashing my head against her now dripping wet pussy with both of her hands. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum… just like that… PLEASE! YES!” It was getting hard to breath as she smashed my face against her crotch, but I made sure to steadily suck and rub her clit. I felt her smooth thighs tense around me, squeezing my head as she yelled, “FUCK! CUMMMMMINGGG!” She gritted her teeth as she squealed, my tongue never missing a beat against her sensitive spot despite her thrashing and pulling. Jenny’s body shook for a few seconds, but I could barely tell, buried as I was between her legs. Finally, her soft hands pushed my head roughly away.

As I fell back into the water, my eyes drank in the sight of her beautiful body. The pale skin of her chest was clearly flushed, and her firm, round breasts rose and fell with her chest as she rapidly sucked in air. Her blond hair fell loosely behind her, framing her glistening naked body and young, smooth flesh. Her head had been back and her eyes closed, but as she calmed down, her eyes opened and she looked down at me. At first those eyes were full of lust and happiness and arousal. But as a smile spread across her pretty face, the sweet mischievous green eyes I had known almost all my life returned.

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