The Zip Files Bk. 01: Zip Unzips Ch. 05



Episode One of the Zip Files: The Saga of a Lesser Supervillain

Recap: Zack ‘Zip’ Zilch has discovered he has the power to control women’s clothing with his mind and to enlarge his penis. Having caught him taking pictures of his classmates in their underwear Zip’s sixth-period Biology teacher, the buxom Mrs. Denise Sablier, confiscated his phone and demanded he stay after class. Once the door was locked, things got a little out of hand. Denise ended up stripped to her thong and sucking on Zip’s penis – assuring her student that if anyone learned how she had calmed his ‘unruly’ behavior they would never believe him. However, as she slurped on him, Mrs. Sablier was blissfully unaware that Zip had used his power over her own skirt to retrieve his previously-confiscated phone from her desk. She finally spotted him filming her fellating him, moments before his cock began erupting cum first into her mouth and then all over her face.

No characters depicted in this work are under the age of eighteen.


Standing before him, Denise’s entire buxom body quivered with rage, while streamers of Zip’s jism dripped down her lovely face.

“How did you get that phone?!” she demanded. She stomped her foot, in fury. This caused several tendrils of his cum to go flying off, down into her breasts – which scarcely made a difference in either place, given how much she was already wearing there.

“I wouldn’t worry about that, Mrs. Sablier,” Zip said. “I would spend more time thinking of the answer to the question: what are you going to give me for this?” he asked.

Flipping the phone around he showed her the video he had taken of her sucking his cock.

Her eyes going wide, Denise gazed into the screen in dismay. The clip was short, but it contained all the necessary details: her own lips slurping eagerly up and down his thick shaft. A brief detour up to his face, to prove who it was her lips were worshiping. And more than enough background details to make it clear that not only was she sucking her own student’s penis, she was doing so in her own classroom – and while very nearly naked. Licking her lips, Denise stared at the short looping scene in shock. But she was not one to back down lightly; and a moment later, she shook her head, furiously.

“G-give you?!” she demanded. “What do you mean, ‘give’ you? H-how do I owe YOU anything for sucking your dick, Zip?!”

“Because of this,” Zip said. Holding out his hand, he pointed at the board.

Turning, Denise followed his gaze – and her jaw dropped. “Oh… oh my God…” she moaned.

Before her glowed the long list of terms she had been laying out for him. The terms, she realized in horror, that she had been about to demand from him… before she had fallen to her knees, and ended up choking on his cock.

“You were going to do all that to me, for just one photo of Erica Blake with her shirt open,” he reminded her – enjoying the view of her side-on in her panties, with his cum dangling and dripping off her enormous bare breasts. He lifted up his phone, on which she was still sucking away on repeat, and grinned. “How much more then, do you owe me for this?” he asked her.

Staring at her own list of degrading and humiliating terms, the color seemed to drain off of Denise’s face – though it was difficult to tell, with all the semen still drooling down it. Then she turned back to Zip. Her head shook back and forth a little bit – looking, somehow, even more stunned than when she’d first laid eyes on his gigantic penis.

“Zip,” she gasped. “J-just give me…”

She started, instinctually, to reach for his phone. Zip quickly darted a step back, and held it up higher.

“It’s already backed up to an encrypted cloud account,” he lied. “Even if you take it from me, you can’t destroy the evidence of what you did.”

Mrs. Sablier gasped, in shock. For just a moment a look appeared upon her face like she was considering trying to beat the non-existent password out of him. But, even if the doors were locked, they were not impenetrable. And if Zip started yelling his head off and people came running, and burst the door down – to find her crouched over him in her underwear, beating the shit out of her own student while smothered in his cum… well, it’s not like that was going to go any better than ‘just’ a video of her sucking his cock. Zip saw a shiver pass through her semen-splattered features – and suddenly the will to violence, or to even attempt to control the situation any further, seemed to go out of her. She collapsed back up against her board and, in a token gesture – like she was giving in entirely to a mugger – she lifted both hands up and held them beside her head.

“Oh…oh God… y-you win!” Mrs Sablier suddenly moaned. She stomped her foot, and turned her head away petulantly. But she made no more move to argue, or escape. “I… I am at your mercy, Zip,” she said. She took Maltepe Escort a deep breath, and then turned and looked him in the eye. “What do you want… in exchange for not telling anyone about… about what we just did?” she asked him, breathlessly.

And a moment later, her eyes darted briefly downwards, and then back to his face.

“Hmm…” Zip said.

Gazing upon her huge breasts and sumptuous curves, squirming before him, there was one obvious thing to ask for. But having just nutted, with his long dick still swaying limp between his legs, he lacked the balls to even try to ask for that – both literally and figuratively. So, his eyes sweeping up and down her, he suddenly saw something else that caught his eye.

“Your panties,” he told her. Reaching out one hand, he pointed at the tiny purple thong that, besides a pair of black spike heels, was the only scrap she still had anywhere on her body. “Take them off and give them to me.”

Her eyes blinked.

“Wh-what?!” she gasped.

From the look upon her cream-covered features, there had been several things the busty nearly-naked teacher had been thinking he might ask of her – but this was apparently not one of them. She shook her head, her eyes wide.

“Y-you can’t be serious!” she yelped, shivering in her little just-demanded panties in shock.

“Take off that little thong,” he reiterated, pointing at the skimpy purple garment wrapped around her buxom hips, its scoop front just below her belly button, “and hand it over. I’m keeping it – oh, and that big matching bra too.”

She shook her head, and squirmed, her buxom scantily-clad hips thrashing back and forth.

“But… but I’m a married woman. And your teacher!” she objected. “I… I could n-never…”

“Didn’t stop you from sucking my dick,” Zip pointed out.

Mrs. Sablier licked her lips, and then moaned.

“Oh… oh alright,” she groaned.

Bending forward, she dropped her hands down, and put them to either side of her buxom hips. Her thumbs caressed briefly, along the skimpy straps of her little purple thong. Then, they slipped down through them. Hooking her thumbs outwards, Denise drew the hips of her panties a few inches away from her curvy rounded flesh. Then, she looked up – and her jaw dropped wide open.

“Oh… oh my God,” she gasped, her eyes blinking up at him in shock.

For his response to his teacher giving in and getting ready to strip for him had, naturally enough, been to take a step back – and get his phone camera ready. Staring up into his lens, her fingers trembled inside her panties. Her lip quivered too – dislodging a bit of his cum off to fall to the ground. .

“Come on, Mrs. Sablier,” he chided her, smirking down into her aghast, uplifted face, through his glowing screen. “What are you waiting for? Hurry up, and do what you agreed to!”

The buxom teacher gaped back up at him for a few more seconds, her hands trembling inside her thong and her jaw hanging open in disbelief. She was bent over enough that her huge breasts hung down, jostling and jiggling against one another, as she squirmed. Then, her face twisted with fury, and she shook her head.

“Oh, Zip, you… you filthy little pervert!” she hissed at him.

And then, bowing her head, with a moan, she went through with it. Zip watched in awe as, using her own hands, his teacher tugged her tiny thong down the wide curves of her rounded hips. He licked his lips, as they slid down onto her thighs. He got a brief glimpse of her pussy, but then it was blocked by her descending hair and breasts. Her hands, trembling, guided her little panties all the way down to her ankles. They settled down to rest atop her high heeled shoes. Then, with a gasp, she stood back up.

Zip could not help himself. At the sight of the busty teacher standing before him, naked, he let out a loud whistle. Denise blushed, and squirmed.

“You’re not done,” he reminded her. “Don’t stop there.”

Denise groaned, but then reluctantly nodded. Awkwardly, she slipped first one foot and then the other out of her panties, until they lay in a tiny heap on the floor of her classroom. Then, bending low, she picked them up. Reaching out she let them dangle before her – and stared, as they swayed back and forth from her extended fingertip.

“What are you doing?” Zip asked her, still filming.

Mrs. Sablier looked up, into his camera, and shivered. She licked her lips, and blushed. But she had gone way too far to back out now.

“I’m… I’m giving Zachary Zilch my… my underwear,” she specified.

“You mean your panties,” Zip chided.

She blushed slightly, but then slowly nodded. The tiny garment in question twisted back and forth, dangling from her finger. “Yes,” she said.

“Why are you giving them to me?” Zip asked.

She gasped, and quivered. Her pretty face quivered with indecision. But in the end, she could only come up with one explanation.

“I am giving him my panties,” she said, “t-to repay Cevizli Escort him for letting me suck his… his penis.” Then she looked up. “Is… is that good enough for you, Zack?” she asked him.

“Perfect,” Zip admitted. Closing the clip, he slid the phone back into his pocket. Then he came forward, to accept. Reaching out, he put his hand underneath her dainty little thong, open palm up – waiting.

Denise gasped at this. But her fingers, holding her dangling panties, did not release them just yet. She stared at them for a few seconds, as they twirled back and forth above her student’s waiting palm.

“What are you planning on doing with them?” she asked him. “You don’t seem the type to want to wear them,” she admitted. Then her face twisted, with sudden outrage. “Are… are you going to hang them up on your bedroom wall, like some sort of filthy little trophy?!” she asked him.

In actuality, Zip had demanded them because it had belatedly occurred to him that if his powers did only work on women’s clothing – as was starting to seem to be the case – obtaining a few examples to practice with was of rather prime importance. And what better way to get some than to also make his buxom teacher get naked at the same time? But, now that she had said it, the idea came out of her still semen-coated lips, slipped straight into the back of his brain – and promptly settled in to stay.

“Something like that,” he said – already mentally imagining what they would look like hanging over his bed. But her suggestion did give him a new and perverse idea, that he could act on immediately – and did. Reaching down, still holding her panties, he began to unbuckle his belt. But as he did so, he finally caught something in her previous tone, and looked up.

“I’m not the first?” he asked, curiously.

Her eyebrows went up.

“To steal my underwear?” she said. She shook her head, and laughed. “Oh, heavens, no! Back in the day, after a shoot, whatever bikini or lingerie I had been modeling had a tendency to mysteriously vanish right after. And my own underwear I’d changed out of too, if I wasn’t careful.”

She looked up into the middle distance, as if reliving old memories – and smirked slightly.

“Unless I lost count, I think there are still about five of my bras floating around out there, each one probably held by some lighting grip or whatever,” she said. “Probably kept very carefully guarded, in the back of a closet somewhere – and also very carefully hidden from his wife.”

From the expression upon her face, despite the perversion and perfidy involved, it appeared that she could not help but be quite smugly satisfied by this theory.

But her smirk didn’t last very long. About then, Zip finished up. He re-buckled his belt; having secured her surrendered thong just behind his first belt-loop. Looking down, Denise gasped – and then blushed, her hips squirming back and forth at the sight.

“But… but I will admit,” she said, staring, “no matter how many times guys stole my underwear… none of them had the balls to do that with them in front of me, afterwards.”

A deep blush spreading across her cheeks, as she gazed upon the sight of her own panties dangling from Zip’s belt like a trophy of conquest; as if she were a vanquished warrior whose colors he was claiming, now that she had proved completely outmatched… by a mere high school boy.

Zip, meanwhile, had something else on his mind. Getting his first good view of it, directly, he looked straight down at her pussy. It was completely shaved, her nether lips moist and glistening. But his penis, though starting to swell up again from the sight of her stripping off her panties and then from her naked body, was not all the way hard again. Which meant he had some time to play with her… and he instantly knew how he wanted to do it.

“You were playing with your pussy while you sucked my penis, weren’t you Mrs. Sablier?” he asked her.

The lovely teacher’s jaw dropped, and her eyes widened in shock. Clearly, she had not realized she had been caught. She still had no idea, of course, of the hidden camera he’d had pointed right up at her naughty stroking fingers… steered and piloted by her own tiny traitorous skirt. Her lips quivered, and for a moment she didn’t seem to be able to come up with an answer.

“It’s okay,” he told her. “Just admit it. I don’t mind.”

She gasped softly, her eyes blinking wide. And then, slowly, she seemed to give in.

“Y-yes…” she admitted softly. Her buxom naked hips squirmed, back against her board, while one hand rose up to caress nervously at her lips. “Yes… I… I was fingering myself as I sucked on your cock,” she finally confessed to him.

“Did you satisfy yourself?” he asked her.

Her blush deepened, and then she shook her head.

“No,” she said. “No… no I didn’t…”

“Well then, why don’t you keep going?” he asked her.

Her eyes widened. “Wh-what?!” she gasped. Her free hand dropped Atalar Escort down, and caressed across her wide flat belly… but then stopped, before her fingers could sink any further. Staring at him in shock, she bit her lip and whimpered.

“What’s the matter? I came, why shouldn’t you? You’re a grown woman. You aren’t ashamed of your own libido, are you?” he asked her.

Instinctively, she shook her semen-splattered head back and forth. “No, I’m not,” she said. The lie could not have been more obvious – but she still seemed compelled to say it.

Zip smiled at her.

“Well then go ahead, and keep going,” he said.

Denise squirmed again. She seemed to be caught between a rock and a hard place psychologically speaking. But in the end, the temptation of the suggestion itself seemed to win out. Her fingers trembled, caressing across the sleek flesh of her belly – halfway between her pussy and her belly button. She took a deep breath, and then slowly nodded.

“Okay, she whispered.

And then, at last, her fingers sunk down. They stroked, briefly, over her thick and gooey outer lips. Her breath quickened, her eyes staring into his. Then, slowly, her fingers peeled herself apart, and one slipped back up inside. She let out a tiny moan. But still she could not resist. Soon a tiny ‘slup! slup! slup!’ sound rose up, rhythmically, from below her buxom naked hips – as Denise once more began caressing a swiftly goo-covered finger in and out of her naked, naughty nether lips.

Zip just stood there, and watched her. He didn’t say anything – and, her lips trembling, neither did she. The busty teacher squirmed, and moaned a couple times – but continued to play with herself right there, in front of her own student. Then, at last, a big grin on his lips, Zip reached back down into his pocket – and pulled out his phone.

“W-what?” Denise gasped. Her eyes widened in shock, to see what he was doing. And yet, though they briefly froze, she did not seem to be able to bear to slip her fingers back out of her pussy.

“I already have footage of you sucking my cock, and taking off your panties,” Zip blithely reminded her. “What’s a little more?”

Denise let out a tiny whimper, her lip quivering, in response. But even if it didn’t seem to fully satisfy her, the reminder of how much he already had over her did seem to stay her hand, as he swung his phone around and got it to bear. Soon he had her framed once more, quivering before him – one arm having risen up instinctively to cover her breasts, and the other down between her legs, at her pussy.

“Go ahead,” he encouraged her, once he had started filming again. “Keep going.”

She let out a tiny sigh, and her blush deepened. But a second later, even though her lips gave no reply, her hand obeyed… and began once more stroking and sliding in and out of her naked dripping pussy.

“That’s good,” Zip assured her – and carried on filming. Zip let her go about another minute, letting her get used to fingering herself in front of his camera. Then, he got to what he was really after.

“Why did you strip off your clothes for me, Mrs. Sablier?” he asked her.

Her eyes widened, and she let out a stunned yelp. For several seconds she blinked at him, squirming, not answering… while her fingers continued to fly inside her cunt.

Mrs. Sablier, of course, could not remember why she had done that – because she hadn’t. But memory, Zip knew from bad personal experience, could be a fuzzy thing. Especially if the mind wasn’t clear – and there were few minds less clear than Denise Sablier’s that night, as she trembled before him naked with her hand inside her pussy and her face smothered with his cum.

Finally, the intensely horny teacher licked her lips, and went with the only answer, in her current self-penetrated state, that seemed to make any sense.

“I… I stripped off my clothes for you, Zack,” she said, “b-because punishing you made me so… so very very wet… and so very very horny.”

It was the answer he had wanted. He guessed that when she looked back into her blurry recollection of this extremely bewildering evening, her own head would build up details around the fake answer she had just given him – just like, to pick a very not random example, he had seen his own mother’s lies become absolute truths once she’d told them often enough. Even if she didn’t fool herself though, her statement meant nobody else would believe anything other than that she was a giant slut. Or at least, bluntly, so he hoped…

But, in giving him that gift, the wet-fingered and pussy-stroking beauty had accidentally dropped a far juicer morsel. However, before he tried to push further, he decided to give her a reward – for being such a good teacher.

“That’s good, Mrs. Sablier,” he told her. She whimpered, and blushed, to hear him use that tone upon her. Still smirking, he nodded downwards. “Why don’t you go ahead and use both hands?” he asked.

She gasped, and her eyes flashed up and stared in disbelief into his lens. The very idea that her own pleasure could be his to reward her with seemed to shock her. And yet, the suggestion proved too tempting to resist. A moment later, she licked her lips and moaned – as her entire body squirmed.

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