To Get a Passing Grade


“I can’t fail this class.” Katrina grumbled lowering her head to cover up her grade. She been all around blessed for most of her life, she’d been born into a well to do family, not rich by most standards but well enough off that her parents had given her a car when she turned sixteen. A combination of genetics and an obsession with staring at sweaty boys in the gym had given her an impossible body. Unlike most big breasted blonde babes Katrina wasn’t a bubble headed bimbo. Those girls had barely gotten through geometry, Katrina was about to fail trigonometry and ruin her chances of getting into an Ivy League College.

Of course as soon as she’d started having trouble with the class she’d tried studying harder but she’d apparently reached her limit in mathematics. She’d tried cheating but other than the one time when she managed to get away with a custom double sided print of a Coke bottle that required her to tip the bottle far enough to reveal the answers she hadn’t come up with a method clever enough to get past Mr. Simmons, and that plan wasn’t one she could risk often. She’d tried dropping a few hints with the teacher and it probably would have worked the year before. He was already under investigation for supposedly sleeping with one of the cheerleaders from before. The only reason he was still on the job was because there was no proof and both of them had denied that anything had happened. It basically came down to one student who claimed he’d seen her leaving the classroom during his free period and that there was no way she’d managed to get a C in Trig. The point was that he wasn’t taking any chances and had gone so far to make the point that any time she flashed him even the slightest hint of pussy he sent her to the office for inappropriate clothing.

Sadly that left only one option. She needed a tutor and there was only one place to find a tutor, at least one that was going to get her through Trig. The Math Club. The lowest of the low in the High School hierarchy, worse even than the Chess Club. There was the mild advantage that their Math Club were nearly legendary, in the last ten years they’d made the nationals every single year and they’d won two years running.

When Katrina had walked in wearing her black mini tee with the purple heart stretched across her ample bosom each head had snapped up from anything else and focused on her. She knew how she effected men, it wasn’t an accident that she’d chosen her knee high stiletto boots. She’d been told that the echo of her boot falls were enough to get a man rock hard. The pleated skirt was actually a decent length ending mid way down her thighs, even if she leaned over to touch her toes it wouldn’t quite reveal her Kadıköy Escort but she was banking that the Math Club had a lot of cross over with the Anime Club and being dressed like something out of Sailor Moon would get her that extra bit of attention that she needed.

They had practically spilled over themselves to talk to her, even the girls. It wasn’t everyday that a popular girl bothered to speak to any of them. She’d had her pick of the litter and after explaining her situation had chosen Bobby Newman.

Bobby was captain of the Mathletes and had passed Trig with an A in his junior year. Over the summer he’d taken two college level math classes and had been invited, not accepted but invited to Harvard, Oxford, Yale and Cornell. He wasn’t that hard on the eyes either, he was almost six feet tall, so he had to look up at Katrina which was sort of cute. He was well built, apparently one of his math exercises required actual exercise, something about a strong mind and healthy body. Either way he would have looked at home on the wrestling team or track. Basically any sport that didn’t require you to be tall. He had brown hair that he let grow down to his shoulders and big brown eyes like a puppy. He was a bit of a fashion disaster heavily favoring shirts with half dressed anime characters who Katrina couldn’t name but over the three weeks that she spent with him she’d learned to tolerate him.

He was more than just brilliant, he was a genius. Half the time Katrina felt like he was something out of a comic book. A Lex Luthor kind of guy, somehow when he explained even the most complicated formulas to her she could understand exactly what he was talking about. If her teacher was half as smart as Bobby was there wouldn’t be anybody failing his class. Three weeks and a lot of extra credit was all it took to get her back to the C that she desperately needed.

He’d lived up to his end of the bargain so it when Grad Night came around Katrina was willing to live up to her end of the bargain. Like most nerds of his caliber Bobby was more than a little uncomfortable publicly. He wasn’t a bad guy by any means but his social skills could use a lot of work, not that it would matter in ten years when he was pulling a seven digit salary and could sift through the gold diggers for one that didn’t completely disgust him but in High School it had kept him from even getting to first base, much less anything beyond that.

The two of them had agreed that if he was able to solve her problem that she’d solve his when they were at Disney Land and Katrina was a woman of her word. It was just lucky for him that he’d turned eighteen the week before. She wasn’t going to work her shapely Ataşehir Escort ass off to get into college only to get rejected because of statutory charges. She’d been eighteen for most of the year thanks to a birthday that just barely missed the mark to get into the school the year before.

“Bobby where are you?” Katrina mumbled. She was getting bored of watching the stupid light shows and parades. He’d been on a different bus though and probably hadn’t even gotten to the park yet, it was just dumb luck. Then her cell phone rang. “Meet me at Indiana Jones.” Katrina mumbled aloud then trotted off to the designated part of the theme park.

It turned out that mixed in with his prodigious math knowledge, encyclopedic anime knowledge and more than moderate proficiency in video games Bobby also had a hidden talent that Katrina hadn’t expected. He cleaned up extraordinarily well. He’d slicked his hair back and worn a black button up shirt that accentuated his chest. He also had picked up a rose. “Hi.” Bobby mumbled already trembling.

Katrina nearly blushed, it was so sweet and she couldn’t remember the last time she’d made a boy as nervous as she was making Bobby right then. It might have been that she slightly overdid slutting it up for him. She’d came here for a single reason, to fulfill her end of the bargain and she was dressed for the part. Open toed black heels with straps that reached half way up her calves and a red dress that didn’t quite cover her rump and a slit that went far enough to prove she was bare beneath it. It was also backless so if the plunging neckline didn’t give away the fact that she didn’t need a bra then the fact that you could see her back would. “Is that for me?” Bobby nodded and thrust it out towards her. “Calm down Bobby.” She took the rose and pressed it to her nose inhaling deeply. She’d always loved roses.

“So where are we going to do this?” Bobby blurted quickly looking around.

“One place that’ll be a first for me too. Come on.” She took him by the hand since it seemed he couldn’t move on his own and dragged him to the completely empty Monorail Blue and pulled him into the final car. “You just relax and try not to uh finish too quickly okay?”

Bobby nodded and Katrina kissed him. His entire body surged like she’d shocked him when he kissed her. It went right through his body and he was instantly in heaven. Katrina was almost certain when she slipped her tongue into his mouth that had she stopped then he wouldn’t have complained. It was more than he’d ever had before.

Katrina was so sexy that it was difficult to remember to do simple things like breathe while she was kissing him. It wasn’t until she put Maltepe Escort his hands, one on her breast the other on her ass that Bobby managed to get his hands moving. She was just overwhelming and it was obvious that she wasn’t doing this completely out of obligation. She was grinding against his cock threatening to get him off before she even got him undressed. She was just a woman who enjoyed sex and would have fucked for a living if she thought she could.

It was completely overwhelming and at the same time completely amazing. Bobby could barely believe the situation, that he actually had The Katrina straddling his lap. Her dress was already rising of his own accord to bunch around her waist, the top merely pulled open so Bobby could clumsily paw at her breasts and toy with her nipples. “Use your mouth. Just be gentle.” Katrina moaned rising up slightly so she could fish his cock out of his slacks and ease herself down onto it.

Katrina grinned silently as she sat down on Bobby’s cock. He was average sized by her experience, nothing to complain about but she’d really been hoping it would be like in the movies. In all of the porn she’d watched it was always some geek who ended up whipping out the monstrous cock and for that Bobby was a mild disappointment. The entire goal was to do whatever she could to make him last long enough for her to get off.

She started by easing onto him as slowly as she could manage then just sitting there until she felt him stop pulsing. “You like that?” Bobby grunted his approval around a mouthful of tit. “Good.” Katrina gripped the seat behind him and started grinding her hips against him focusing on keeping her clit against his pubic bone while moving as little as possible over his cock. Even doing that she had to slow down several times when he started getting close.

Bobby was doing his best to keep from coming instantly. Anything he could do to push the thoughts of her aside even for a moment would have been enough but it was impossible. There wasn’t a single thought he could into his mind for more than a second with Katrina’s breasts bouncing in front of him. Even when he closed his eyes he could feel them brush against him and hear them slapping her chest. “Oh God. I’m gonna.” Bobby’s breath caught in his chest as Katrina brought him over the edge with an orgasm that nearly left him unconscious. “Sorry.”

Katrina shook her head. “Don’t be sorry, I’m almost there. Just hold on.” Katrina picked up the pace churning against him quickly. She was already near ready to cum, he’d lasted much longer than she’d expected him to last. The look on his face was as he’d came was almost enough, but the growing look between ecstacy and pain as she rode his oversensitive cock to her own orgasm was even better. “You know for a first timer you’re not half bad.” She leaned down and kissed him gently on the cheek. “You should let me tutor you. You could be great a getting girls to divide their legs.”

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