True Guidance

Creamy Pussy

Paul was nervous. He had just been informed across that he was failing all of his classes. It was because of this grim reality that he had been summoned to the office of his guidance counsellor, Ms. Lawrence. Fortunately for the male population of the high school, Lawrence was fresh out of teacher’s college and a ripe twenty two years of age. She was a man’s wet dream. Average height, but blessed with a stupendous, hearty rack, Lawrence had it all.

Truly gorgeous with soft blue eyes, hidden behind black framed glasses and reddish brown hair, Ms. Lawrence, or Vanessa too her friends, had an amazingly sweet and innocent personality. She was by no means sexually naive, but she never intended to be sexual towards her students. Rather, she only wanted each and every one of them to lead rich, full, and successful lives beyond high school. And this is exactly what she intended for poor Paul- one of her favourite students.

Paul didn’t have long to wait before Vanessa called him in. Nervous, he ushered himself in, trying to keep his on the floor, not at Lawrence’s dangerously low-buttoned blouse. This was unusual. Ms Lawrence was usually so professional.

As if reading his thoughts, Lawrence responded, “Sorry about the heat, Paulie, the A.C.’s been broken all day.” Paul hadn’t noticed until then. it was then he saw the clear drips of perspiration sloping their way down the tempting mounds of her fantastic breasts. Paul could only dream of following them.

Vanessa smiled and began their chat.

“Now, Paul, it has been brought to my attention that you have been doing rather poorly among your classes.” She began fanning herself with a sheet of paper. Paul followed her cue and unzipped his coat. Vanessa smiled in her cheerful way. “Good idea,” she chirped, “I wish I could layer off like that.

“Oh, I don’t mind!” Paul thoughtlessly quipped in a playful, jesting manner. He froze immediately thereafter, unable to believe what had come out of his mouth. He prepared himself for immediate expulsion.

He saw his counsellor’s eyelashes flutter as if considering what had been an innocent joke.

“Well if you don’t mind, I am wearing a tank top underneath. It would be amazing to get a little cooler…”

Paul tried to sound cavalier. And failed. “Ah… sure. It is your office!” Ms. Lawrence smiled at him, sending a wave of pleasure through him. She stood up and began to unbutton her lavender blouse, slowly exposing more and more of her forbidden curvatures. In slow motion, Paul watched more of her boobs come into view. She gave him a nervous smile. “I hope this isn’t making you uncomfortable.”

Paul could only shake his head no. “Phew,” Vanessa said, laughing. In what seemed like ten minutes later, she had finished unbuttoning her shirt. Removing the garment, she now wore a smooth, purple tank top that put her breasts on full, proud display- which, thankfully, she seemed totally unaware of. She draped her blouse over her chair and sat bag down, causing her less-protected boobs to jiggle slightly. No words could describe the majesty of this moment. She gave him another honey-filled smile. “Thank you, Paulie, I feel so much better.”

Paul thanked God that school had ended already. This could’ve easily been misconstrued if his principal decided to walk in.

As if this was nothing out of the ordinary, Vanessa began looking through his file. Deep into her reading, she put her pen in her mouth, gently chewing on its plastic tip.

Her brow creased suddenly and she looked up and peered to him behind her glasses. “I don’t understand what I’m looking at. How can you be failing all of your classes. You were doing so well. Math is down, English is subpar- even your Health mark is low.”

Paul reddened in shame and embarrassment. Ms. Lawrence looked concerned. “What’s wrong?” she asked leaning forward, unintentionally putting her cleavage on display.

“Well, it’s because of Health I’m doing so bad.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, genuinely concerned.

“Well we’ve been exploring sexual education, but I’m kind of at a disadvantage because I never…” He trailed off…

“You never what?” Vanessa inquired innocently. Paul couldn’t believe how oblivious she was. He might as well be honest- she clearly cared.

“You know… done it… No girls want to do the homework our teacher assigns because I’m inexperienced.” He looked up at her.

Vanessa sprang back, completely caught unaware. “Oh, sweetie- I’m sorry to hear that. But that’s nothing to embarrassed by. Lots of eighteen year olds are virgins. There must be a way to get better grades. I’m here to help you.”

“Yeah but I don’t think you can’t help me with that…” Paul countered defensively.

Ms. Lawrence frowned at him. “Now I became a counsellor to help kids do their best. There must be something I can do to help you out.”

“I really don’t think you can, Ms. Lawrence.”

“You can call me Vanessa. School’s over, Paul. I think I have a way to fix your situation.” Paul was about to scoff, Anadolu Yakası Escort when suddenly Vanessa stood up. He watched in absolute shock as Ms. Lawrence turned to close the blinds behind her desk. Once shut, she turned back, crossed her arms, and slowly lifted the bottom of her shirt up, revealing a smooth, white, toned stomach. Slowly she lifted her shirt up exposing a black bra that housed the most breathtaking rack Paul had ever seen. Pulling the shirt completely off, she tossed it to the chair and smiled.

“I promise I can help you in any way you want. This is my job and I take it very seriously. Do you think me giving you some extra counseling will help, Paul?”

Paul was taken aback. “Ummmm…I guess so.”

She laughed. “Good! So what can I do for you?”

Paul couldn’t say a word. Sensing his hesitation, Vanessa took the initiative. “Have you ever seen breasts before, Paulie?” Her tone was purely instructional and kind.

Paul shook his head no.

“Would you like to see my breasts, Paul? My boyfriend says they’re pretty incredible. But I could use a second opinion!”

Not waiting for a reply, Vanessa turned her back to him. He watched in anticipation as she unclipped her bra and threw it to the side. “So much cooler…” he heard her say as she ran her hands through her hair, treating Paul to a fabulous view of her amazing swaying side-boob. Vanessa placed an arm over her tremendous twins and spun around slowly.

“What do you think, hun? she said, “Do you like my breasts?” She let her arm fall to the side.

Pure perfection resulted. Bigger than a generous, healthy C-Cup, Vanessa’s breasts stood out proudly, swaying slightly as she swung slowly back in forth in place. Her nipples were amazing- light pink ,3perfectly sized and centered. Taking his silence as approval, she advanced, her boobs wobbling with every step.

“Touch them babe. Lick them. Women like that.” Paul nervously obliged, taking her aroused nipples into her mouth, and her substantial handfuls into his palms. He heard her moan in approval. “They’re so sensitive,” she murmured. Closing his eyes, Paul felt Vanessa up for what seemed a blissful eternity. After a while, she removed her breasts from his hands. He felt her hands slide down his chest and tug the bottom up. In one fluid motion, she whipped his top up over his head. Vanessa smiled at him and began rubbing his chest, taking her turn to gently tease his nipples faintly with her fingers and licking.

“Ooh Paulie, your body is very nice. Very strong… I had no idea…” Vanessa proclaimed her approval by running a trail of kisses down his body down to where a sizable tent had presented itself. At its arrival, Ms. Lawrence took note of it and looked at him with a look of surprise on her mouth.

“Oh my… what is going on down here, Paulie? Do you have an erection?”

“Couldn’t help it… you’re too perfect.”

His counsellor liked this answer. She leaned back on her knees, her uncovered, swaying tits jutted out at him, fully erect and standing at attention. “Really?” she purred, now rubbing her breasts together. Paul nodded and smiled sheepishly.

Vanessa was flattered. Having been with her boyfriend for over four months now, she hadn’t been told that in a long while. “Thank you, sweet heart. I love your body too. Your female classmates are missing out. I’d be more than happy to send them with your way.” She leaned forward and gave a playful pinch to the tip of his cock, pressed on full display against the confines of his jeans. She bit her lip. Ecstasy ran through her veins. “Let’s keep going,” she said.

With that, she stood, reaching back to unclasp her grey skirt. Without a hint of shame or hesitation, she let it drop to the ground in a sultry pile. She took a high-heeled step out of her sexy discard and let Paul drink her body in. Her student could not believe what he was witnessing- his high school’s wet-dream was standing before him with only a pair of lacy black underwear. She did a slow spin for him, treating him to the sight of her perfect round butt. Vanessa reveled in the silence, twirling her copper hair as she watched Paul’s approval swell in his pants before her. Moments passed as he watched in unbridled appreciation. For once, Ms. Lawrence seemed to be at a loss for words. All she could muster was an, “Oh my…” as Paul became more and more aroused.

Suddenly bolstered by her unabashed approval, the topless Paul stood up and undid his pants. As he began to lower his fly, his vixen of a counsellor came to aid him. She lowered herself to the floor, running her creamy, soft globes against his body on her descent. Paul felt a welcome rush of air as Vanessa pulled his restricting pants off, revealing his huge erection housed by his boxers. He received an extra pang of lust as he caught Ms. Lawrence’s eyes widen to the size of saucers as she stared eye-level at his cock.

She looked up at him with a grin on her face. “Oh my… judging from what I see down there,” she said, “I think you might Kadıköy Escort just have my boyfriend beat in the penis department.” On her knees, Vanessa was at eye level with it. She could only stare at what piece of meat was waiting for her. Finally she said, “Can I see it?”

Paul grinned, emboldened for the first time in his life. “Yeah? You want to?”

“No… I need to. Honestly, I haven’t seen a penis that big. Aside from my boyfriend and high-school sweetheart, I’ve never been with anyone. What would that do to me?” she inquired aloud, in a completely innocent and honest manner, as if she were talking to herself.

“I guess we’ll find out,” Paul thought to himself. “Ah, well I just can’t say no to a pretty face.” Vanessa smiled and bit her lip again, giving him a smoldering stare from behind her black-rimmed glasses. She leaned back and started swaying her immaculate tits back and forth in blatant anticipation.

Taking his turn to tease, Paul slowly began to coax his boxers down his torso. He had never received such stellar praise over his dick before, but now he found himself giving it a more positive re-evaluation. From what he had seen in online porn, Paul kept his pubes trimmed to a short length, which cradled his penis, (which he had once measured and discovered that he was, what he thought, an average nine inches).

Inch by inch his underwear came down revealing more of his giant, pendulous cock. As more of his body was exposed, the more he noticed that his counsellor’s jaw began to drop. Once again, she had begun to tweak her nipples, profoundly aroused by the super-hung teen standing before her.

Finally, Paul worked his boxers down the long, thick shaft of his penis. As his cock was released from its home, it gave a slight spring upward, causing Ms. Lawrence to uncontrollably say, “Oh my God.” He felt his cock grow at least another two inches.

“What do you think?” Paul asked.

She crawled towards him, her boobs bumping against air. “Paul, that is honestly the nicest penis I have ever seen. It’s so long and perfectly straight. I love how you are circumcised too, I’ve never seen that before… it makes your head look so shiny… and tasty.” She reached up to touch the mouthwatering spectacle before her, but pulled back, hesitant.

“Is it okay if I touch your amazing penis, Paulie?” She looked up him, doe-eyed.

Paul nodded in consent and took a seat back down. Vanessa moved forward and took the weighty mass in her hands. Initially, she basked in the novelty of the 9+ inch wonder before her. She gave it a few playful tugs, which sent waves of pleasure through her body. She then began to bat it back and forth, like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn. His seductress smiled at him.

“This is seriously impressive, Paul. I could play with you all day. As you can see, I need two hands to play with you. It’s just so huge. I also know for a fact that your Health teacher, Mrs. Davis, would appreciate what you could bring to the table in order to get your marks back up.”

Paul took a moment to think about how his blonde, busty teacher would react to that statement. “You really think so?” he asked, his breathing becoming more labored.

Vanessa looked at him seriously, gently jerking him off, her glasses slipped down her nose slightly due to the heat of the room. “I am completely serious. We chat about the “academic improvement” sessions she runs every Thursday night.” She winked at him. “But for right now, you are all mine, not Mrs. Davis’.”

With that, Vanessa’s loving strokes became more confident and masterful. With every trip up and down, Paul felt as if he was going to explode.

“Do you like that, my giant Paulie?” she teased, her tongue fluttering up and down his shaft.

Paul could only pant. Vanessa continued on, “I’ve always been told I’ve been good with my hands, but truth be told, I’m even better with my mouth.” Paul could only stare at her and do his best not to cum all over her full, generous lips.

She smiled at him and ran his enormous length along her cheek. She peppered it with few more kisses. “Maybe I should put my money where my mouth is.”

Not waiting for a reply, (even if Paul could have given one), she opened her mouth and slowly took his length into it. Working it slightly more and more, Vanessa was enjoying herself immensely. His young cock felt amazing and she was astonished by how outgoing she herself had become.

Paul was rife with passion, completely atop the world with every slurp of passion and moan Ms. Lawrence bestowed upon him. Her abilities were incredible. She somehow managed to take almost all of him in her mouth, while using her hands to work his cock and tantalize his balls. Before long, Paul felt a familiar stirring in his loins. He began to writhe in pleasure. Vanessa looked at him, understanding the universal sign of impending ejaculation. She rubbed his upper legs, relaxingly. She paused her blow job. “Don’t worry baby, just let it come.”

And Paul did just that. Ataşehir Escort Seconds later, uncontrollable hot spurts eject from his body into Ms. Lawrence’s velvet mouth. She didn’t miss a beat as she swallowed every ounce that he produced. Finally depleted, Paul lay back in his chair and Vanessa leaned forward, her quivering breasts resting in his lap against his cock.

“That was amazing. Thanks for letting me swallow- I’ve never tried that before, but this seemed to be the perfect moment. You taste so nice. I had a good time… it’s too bad I couldn’t help you more…” she teased, running her finger through her tresses and down her chests between her two mountainous slopes.

Whether it was the fact that his cock was nestled between the best pairs of tits in the world, or the sexy words that just left his guidance counsellor’s lips, Paul’s hardness began to return. As an additional act of divine intervention, his erection rose up between Ms. Lawrence’s voluptuous twins. Vanessa, caught by complete surprise, looked at the newly resurrected meaty cock in delight.

“OH MY GOD! You are truly incredible. I hope you’re ready for Part Two!'” Not waiting for a reply she squeezed her creamy breasts together, sandwiching his dick in a breathtaking display of titty-fucking.

“Ooooooooh, that feels so good.” She began to pound furiously up and down on his impressive newfound growth. “My breasts are so big, but I can still see the top of your beautiful penis.” With that she put her head down and began slurping away at him again like on a popsicle.

Paul could’ve done this all day, but he felt it was time to return the favour. He gently pushed her head away and motioned for her to stand up. Without a word, he reached up the hem of her panty line and wrapped his fingers around them. He looked at Ms. Lawrence. Her eyes were alive with passion and he didn’t waste a fucking second. The panties came down and Paul was treated to the view of her exposed, willing vagina. Her pubic region was shaved perfectly into a small ginger landing strip, which justified her natural hair colour. She stepped out her undergarment and closed her eyes as Paul ran his hands up and down her hips and inner thighs.

Despite the fact he hadn’t even yet touched her sweet, inviting pussy, a small, liquid trail had already to leak its way out down her leg. Paul wiped a small amount of it and placed his finger in his mouth. As he swallowed, Vanessa smiled and said, “You did that for me honey. Would you like to do more?” Again, not waiting for a response, she took his hand and placed it at the base of her landing strip, which might as well have served the purpose of a directional arrow. Following her, for lack of a better word, guidance, Paul felt the small nub of her clitoris. He began rubbing it back and forth between his digits. Upon immediate stimulation, Vanessa began to shudder.

“Oh… Paulie your big penis got me so excited… I’m so wet. I’m going to cummmmmm.” To prove this, Paul was treated to the sight of Vanessa’s hot pussy gently trickle a stream of liquid down her thigh. Completely turned on, he kept going. Absorbed in his task, he was caught by surprise when he looked down to see Ms. Lawrence had once again resumed her favourite task of stroking his manhood, now swelled to mammoth proportions.

Taking it up another notch, Paul took his middle finger and slowly began to tease Lawrence’s hot vaginal slit, which elicited another pleasureful cry of pleasure. “Do it… please,” she urged him. Paul complied. He slowly inserted his finger into the infinite warm depth of Vanessa’s pussy. Incredibly tight, Paul felt it close clamp-like around his finger. In response, Lawrence moved up and down, swallowing his finger with her velvet cunt. Paul inserted another finger, which drove her the edge. Another shot of fluid shoot out of her pussy. “Oh my Gooooodd,” she purred, “I’ve never squirted before. What are you doing to me?” she teased. With that she pulled herself off his magic hands and pushed him back on the chair.

“Now, you’ve made me feel like such a woman, I think you’re ready to become a man.”

Paul could only watch in disbelief as Ms. Lawrence straddled his lap and positioned her dripping snatch over his ready, engorged member. Vanessa reached down to hold her soon-to-be-fucked lover’s cock in place. “Are you ready?” she asked. She giggled as she watched Paul nod frantically. “Okay, but be gentle. I’m not used to such a big boy!”

Ever so slowly, she inserted Paul’s red cock head into her soaked pussy. The sheer size of it alone sent Vanessa into ecstasy. “Oh my goddddd” was all she could muster. This was going to feel so good. Paul had to do everything in his power not to cum as her tight cock sunk down in place. After much patience, and cumming on Vanessa’s part, she had taken all of his manhood and now began to slowly raise herself up and down on her lover’s amazing pole. It was almost too much pleasure to handle. From atop her position, she looked down at Paul and began administering tender kisses to his neck, lips, and ears. She leaned forward, her long hair draping him in a curtain of fragrance and sweet perfume. Paul was in heaven. He watched Vanessa’s boobs sway up and down in hypnotic waves as she rode him. Ms. Lawrence was loving every moment of it just as much as she was.

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