Unexpected Results

Nicole Aniston

“Phillipa wake up, time for school.” Came the call from her mother.

Pip as she prefered to be called rolled over and groaned. At least there was only one day left and then she was off to camp for a fortnight. Pip’s mother had always called her by her given name. They were as close as mother and daughter could be. It just happened that her mother was a rather formal woman. Pip got up went to the bathroom showered and got dressed for school before heading downstairs. She was a normal happy schoolgirl. School was a prestigous girls school in the leafy suburbs of her hometown.

The day at school dragged. She and a few of her school friends were planning what they would get up to at camp. They were going with her Church youth club which meant boys would be there as well. That was a bonus. She only attended the club to meet boys. It was a happy accident that her tangental involvement with the church made her mother happy. No questions were ever asked about her motivations.

The big day arrived and the group, five boys and six girls plus two supervisors met at the station for the three trip into the mountains to camp. Pip was a pretty girl, slender and tall for her 18 years. She had short brown hair, blue eyes, a lovely smile and the early beginings of a womanly body. Her real interest in boys began about a couple of years previously but had gained momentum when she learned to masturbate about a year ago. She looked forward to replacing her fingers with her first lover in the not too distant future.

She had no real designs on any of the boys on the trip but the male supervisor was another matter. At twenty-nine Jim was tall, fair and well built, the object of many girls’ fantasies. The only problem was Nicola, the other supervisor, rumoured to be Jim’s lover. All this was speculation. Given the religious affiliations of the club things had to proceed discretely. Nicola was pretty with long fairish hair and a taught atheletic body. She was about five foot three and if she were fucking Jim they would have made an interesting couple in bed given he stood a foot taller than her.

Pip decided that she’d flirt a little and see what Jim would do. If he was really taken with Nicola she was reluctantly prepared to accept it and move on even if, as her fingers regularly stroked the warm spot between her legs, she imagined Jim’s tongue and cock exploring her sex.

The train stopped in the middle of nowhere and the group clambered down collected their gear and set off on the two hour tramp to the camp huts, one for boys, one for girls and one large common hut. They arrived a little weary lit fires to warm the huts and settled in.

That night as the girls and Nicola slept Pip tossed and turned she had missed her regular masturbation session that morning and the morning before as she slept in. Finally unable to sleep she lifted her slender hips and eased her delicate pink panties down her legs. She checked to see that the faint rustling of her sleeping bag hadn’t disturbed anyone. All seemed well, her hand went straight to her pussy and found the familiar little bump at the top of her moist cleft.

Three minutes of almost mechanical rubbing and at least some pent up frustration was relieved. She left her panties at her ankle and rolled over to sleep. Unbeknownst to Pip, Nicola was a light sleeper and had seen what she was up to from the opposite bunk. At twenty-six this was the first time that she had ever seen such a thing even if it was under covers. She was unexpectedly wet. She pulled down her own panties and thought about fingering herself, however she could not risk being caught, so, frustrated, she decided to wait for Jim’s big cock whenever next she could get it. Still the thought of Pip and what she had done had excited her.

The morning came and Pip pulled her panties up and climbed out of bed. Nicola was already up and sitting on a lower bunk opposite Pip as she climbed down. She watched as one long slender leg followed another from bed giving her a perfect view of Pip’s mound with the crotch of her panties not quite covering the gap between her legs the white fleshy swell of one lip was visible and as Pip slid to the floor the cleft of her pussy was clearly outlined in the girlish pink panties. She watched as Pip’s firm little breasts jiggled inside the T-shirt she slept in. She wondered what was coming over her. She even looked forward to the communal wash in the river
By 8 am the boys had been to the river and washed. It was the girls’ turn. They headed off to a secluded spot on the river. Jim had taken the boys for a quick hike in the other direction to gather firewood. The girls were confident that there were no spies about so peeled off their clothes and stepped into the cool river. Pip noticed Nicola watching her but didn’t think too much of it. Nicola on the other hand was thinking of Pip and didn’t know why. She watched her pull her clothes off. She admired her firm high girlish buttocks and as she bent over to fold her clothes saw the exposed Bostancı Escort feminine treasure between her legs and the small swell of her breasts.

God, she needed a fuck, but how to organise it. Still she furtively glimpsed at Pip who was now standing thigh deep in the water carefully soaping her front from her neck to the few brown curls between her legs. Her slit was clearly visible, utterly hairless. The cries and splashes of the other girls brought her back to her senses. She had all but forgotten about them in her deepening fascination with Pip. Half an hour later everybody was reunited in the big hut having breakfast. As the girls and boys laughed and talked over breakfast Nicola pulled Jim aside and told him about he need in her wet little sex.

Jim had a plan. That evening they would get everyone settled and slip out to fuck in the main hut. Not perfect but it would have to do – anything to feel his cock pierce her and relieve the strange feelings she was having.

The day passed and night fell, as the boys slumbered, Jim slipped away. In the girls’ hut Pip lay awake in frustration waiting quietly to make sure everyone was asleep so she could finger herself. Nicola, thinking the coast was clear, rose quietly and slipped out. Pip’s curiosity was piqued and after a discrete wait she followed passing her slumbering bunkmates. As she stepped outside she noticed a lamp burning in the main hut. Going up to the window she got the shock of her life. Nicola was sprawled across the big table, naked, legs wide apart, Jim’s face burried between her thighs.

What really took her breath away though was the lovely looking cock sticking out of the boxer shorts which were all he wore. It was cold out and Pip was in bare feet, thin little panties and T-shirt. She though she might slip into the vestibule of the hut and watch from there in the shadows behind a partition. As she entered the hut Nicola’s moans drowned out the click of the door. Jim stood dropped his shorts and facing Pip’s direction pushed his cock into Nicola as she squirmed and grunted.

As he slowly fucked Nicola he thought he saw a movement in the shadow near the door. He was too far gone to care and would never have guesed it was a teenage girl, panties around her ankles one finger in her tight little hole and another madly fingering her clit. Unfortunately for Pip as she moved to readjust her stance the ankle strap her panties had formed tripped her and with a thud she fell from behind the partiton into the flickering light.

The adults were dumbfounded. Pip was scared, embarrassed, shocked and very frightened. Nobody moved for a minute. Then the adults dis-engaged and moved over to Pip. Caught spying, with a finger in herself she new trouble when she saw it. Nobody had thought to cover up. Although the shock of discovery had deflated Jim’s cock somewhat it was still a sight for a schoolgirl to behold. Nicola and Jim picked up Pip and asked her what she thought she was doing. She was sobbing and shaking. Jim couldn’t help but be affected by her sobs and more particularly her nudity. His cock began to expand. As Nicola, stark naked, put her arm around her she realised that perhaps she wasn’t in such big trouble.

She’d failed to bargain upon the adults’ fear of discovery. Nevertheless between her sobs she offered to do anything to make up for her misbehaviour. Realising that Jim was obviously aroused she blurted out her attraction for him. His cock twitched at the news. Nicola her arm around Pip, her breasts up against her firm girlish torso, she felt a sexual trob deep within her now empty core.

She started to kiss away Pip’s tears. Jim, incredably turned on watching his lover kiss a schoolgirl her little almost hairless pussy open and swollen leant over and planted a kiss on Pip’s cheek. Pip was confused. What should she do? Taking a deep breath she threw caution to the wind and turned to kiss Jim on the lips. He responded plunging his tongue into her mouth. Still nervous and confused but turned on she felt Nicola’s hand guide her to Jim’s throbbing cock.

Her first cock, she bent slowly forward and opened her mouth to suck his tip. Nobody said a word, with a gentle slurp she sucked the precum off the tip and savoured the taste mixed with Nicola’s juices. As she bent to suck the rest of his cock into her mouth she felt what had to be a tongue part her nether petals and gently ease into her tightness.This was not quite how she had wanted it to happen but beggars could not be choosers.

The tentative probing continued between Pip’s girl lips. She continued her first encounter with a cock. It was something she was sure she would become very attached to. Nicola didn’t quite know why she was putting her face in Pip’s most intimate parts. Perhaps because she had had no relief yet, Jim’s fuck having been interupted. As Jim reclined on the hut floor and Pip’s slender frame worshipped at his cock Nicola continued her assault. She placed both hands on Pip’s buttocks and spread Anadolu Yakası Escort her wide to gain better access. In the flickering lamplight she carefully observed her first girl close up.

She stopped the tongue fuck she had been administering and withdrew to to lick carefully all over Pip’s nether region. She licked from her pink pucker all the way to the bottom of her slit and along her lips to her distended little clit.

If anyone had told Pip that the first contact with her pussy other than her own finger would be a woman supervisor at a church camp she would have called them mad. Nevertheless as that probing tongue hit her clit she exploded moaning and sucking down on Jim’s cock. Jim meantime was in heaven. His lover was doing things he’d only dreamt of to a young pretty schoolgirl while that girl sucked his cock, however inexpertly. Pip’s inexperience was overcome by the sheer erotic image of her attached to his cock like a limpet and her choking cum on his lover’s tongue. It was too much he blew his load into Pip’s mouth. She choked on his juice and rolled away gasping.

Nicola flew to her lips and sucked and licked the sperm away. Nicola was still in need of relief. Jim while limp from his recent spend pried her legs open and inserted a finger. Nicola abandonned Pip’s lips and rolled onto her back her legs spread wide exposing her swollen womanhood. Her pubic hair was very dark unlike, Pip’s soft, brown, little pussy tuft.
Nicola’s hair formed a full triangle and while very neatly trimmed framed her and extended to within an inch of the bottom of her lips. She was wet open and humping Jim’s finger like a mad woman.

Pip was getting her confidence back. Tonight had been such a revelation. She had already savoured experiences she never imagined possible and yet she was still a virgin. She was very, very aroused. Throwing caution to one side she leant over, and as Jim’s finger went in and out of Nicola, she kissed her supervisors clit. With slow determined licks she stimulated the little hardness in Nicola’s crevice until she convulsed as orgasms ripped through her.

For all the excitement of the night Pip was not happy to lose her cherry on the floor of some hut in the middle of nowhere. She had a lot to process, a threesome, a licking and the embarrassment of her discovery. After Nicola’s cum the three relaxed for a while. Pip made her views plain to Jim and Nicola they were more than sympathetic.

Certainly there would be other encounters they agreed and if when they got back to town Pip wanted her cherry popped she wanted Jim to do it if it didn’t upset Nicola. It was obvious that Jim and Nicola were very attached to eachother. Pip who for all her youth was a level headed girl didn’t want to destroy peoples’ happiness just to slake her lust. They talked a little longer and then Nicola and Jim redressed, Pip slipped on her clothes and all three headed back to bed. Nicola held Pip’s hand as they headed off together. At the door of the sleeping hut she kissed Pip on the lips and the pair slipped inside to their bunks.

The next morning Pip saw Jim and Nicola talking at the edge of the forrest about 100 metres from the huts. Pip felt quite alone that day. The fact that ten other people her age were all around her and getting up to God knew what made little difference. Wisely in hindsight, Jim and Nicola paid her no more attention than anyone else. Late in the afternoon Nicola managed to catch a private moment with Pip. She told her that although she loved Jim she did not feel threatened by Pip and given her experience the night before had feelings for her herself. If Pip wanted upon their return to town she was happy to share Jim with her for as long or as much as she wanted. Pip told Nicola that she would think it over but that she was open to limited sexual contact as proposed the previous night. With nobody watching Nicola kissed Pip and suggested a midnight visit to the big hut.

Things went well that evening. Pip sucked Jim’s cock and became more familiar with male anatomy in more relaxed conditions. She guided his hardness into Nicola as she spread her lips to accept him. Nicola continued her lesbian discovery and Pip reciprocated. Nobody penetrated Pip with anything more than a tongue and God how she loved that being done!

And so things went on every few days for the fortnight of camp. Two other kids got caught fucking in the forrest and two boys were found spying on the girls washing, their pants around their ankles and cocks in hand. All were sent home in disgrace which help deflect any suspicion from the three lovers. Pip in that time had come to the conclusion that in comfortable surrroundings she wanted Jim’s cock in her and Nicola there to help.

Soon school was back and Pip was in her uniform each day. Blazer, blouse, pleated skirt, black stockings, regulation white cotton panites and sensible unecessary bra. She had said her goodbyes quite formally to Jim and Nicola at the station on her return Ataşehir Escort to town. Two days back at school she rang Nicola to discuss their plans. Nicola knew that she was to play a role in Pip’s deflowering and was very excited at the thought.

She was now having full blown sexual fantasies about her schoolgirl friend. She and Jim lived seperately but in the same neighbourhood and the past two nights he’d had his brains fucked out by the sexual madwoman who used to be his sporty but reserved little girlfriend. He wasn’t complaining. Nor was he upset when he was told to report to Nicola’s flat on Saturday night to deflower Pip.

By arrangement none of the friends played with themselves for three days before the big night. Pip asked her mother if she could stay at Nicola’s place for a couple of nights. Her mother knowing Nicola only as a youth group organiser was quite happy and even dropped some clothes around to Nicola’s on Thursday evening as Pip was heading there straight from school on Friday afternoon.

Pip arrived at Nicola’s about 3-30 and let herself in with a key her friend had left for her. She changed and settled down to watch a video, snack a bit and wait for her friend. Nicola cycled up about 5-30 and kissed Pip hello. Pip had come over a day early as while she wanted Jim’s cock she wanted to talk girl to girl about what was going to happen. She was still young and the biggest thing ever to enter her pussy was her finger or the slenderest of tampons. She knew she was very tight. One finger was always enough to fill her up and make her cum. Just quietly she was nervous and wanted Nicola’s reassurance and to hear about the experience first hand.

Jim had deflowered Nicola about six years previously. They had drifted apart and then rekindled their relationship quietly and discretely a couple of years ago.

The girls shared some small talk watched another movie and had dinner. Nicola opened a bottle of wine to share. Sometimes she forgot Pip’s youth. She could add intoxicating a minor to her list of crimes. They got a bit giggly and headed for the bath. As they stripped Nicola was taken at Pip’s slender pubescent beauty no longer girl but not quite woman. She wanted every part of her. The bath was a squeeze and although taller Pip snuggled up against Nicola who cuddled and kissed her and fed her wine.

The bath was relaxing as if they weren’t already relaxed from the wine and after drying eachother they headed off to bed. This would be their first time sleeping together and by arrangement all they would do was sleep – no sex.

As Pip snuggled up to Nicola she asked her to tell her about her first time with Jim.

Nicola had been sixteen, a student at Pip’s school and Jim was the older boy of her dreams. Nineteen gorgeous and so grown up. He was into the outdoors and this appealed to Nicola’s sporty nature. They met at a local tramping club and just hit it off immediately. To cut a long story short one day, a couple of years later, Nicola turned up at Jim’s flat after school.

They had established a kissing relationship by that stage. Nicola was completely infatuated with Jim. He was nervous but wanted her badly. Nicola kicked off her shoes, knocked on Jim’s door and he ushered her in with a kiss. She asked to use his toilet and once inside quietly removed her stockings and moist white cotton panties stuffing them in her blazer pocket and taking off the heavy jacket. As she emerged Jim noticed the missing stockings and began to wonder what was going on.

Still he kept his cool praying his swelling cock didn’t scare her off. They kissed and began to get quite heated. Little did he know that Nicola had made a decision about his cock. It was to be hers tonight. Nicola disengaged and went and sat on his sofa. Slowly she spread her legs and raised her skirt. She felt so exposed and dirty. Nobody had seen her in such a lewd position. Her pussy was spread wide open and her buttocks resting on the edge of the sofa exposed her pinkish rosebud for the first time in her life.

Jim’s jaw dropped. Quietly with her eyes cast down in embarrassment she asked Jim if he wanted to take her. In an instant Jim was on his knees her skirt was thrown up and her legs lifted over his shoulders. Fingering herself was never this good. Her insides turned to goo with each stroke of his tongue on her lips. As he reached her clit she came unhinged wriggling to get as much contact with his face as possible. He thought she would break his jaw. She had shed her inhibitions with spectacular results. She had exposed her sex to her favourite man in the whole world and he had shown her such acceptance and love. He could now do with her as he wished and she didn’t care.

He picked her up and carried her to his bed across the small flat. Off came his clothes and his cock sprang free. She opened her blouse but didn’t get a chance to do anything else. On her back her legs wide open Jim knelt between her legs and positioned his cock at her wet little opening. The knob at the end of his cock was rubbing her sex petals. She sighed and pulled him down on her. She was very wet thank God. His cockhead eased in and her lips sucked around it. She felt so full and not a little nervous. They looked into eachothers’ eyes and waited without words.

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