Virgin’s Lessons


When I was younger my best mate was Stuart, and he had a sister called Stephanie, she was 18 years old and a quiet sort, she was thin and pretty, with brown hair and hazel eyes that would look down at the ground or to the walls when talking to you, a shyness that would never allow her to make eye contact. I had often thought of her in ways other than a friend’s sister, but I knew that nothing could really happen…

I was round Stuarts house helping him to decorate his bedroom; his bedroom was joined to his sisters by a doorframe that had been partitioned by a loose piece of board to give each other some privacy. I was aware of Stephanie being in her room with a friend, but acted bored by their giggles and laughter coming through the partition.

We were working on the room when Stuart said he was going out to the local DIY shop to get more paint and could I stay here to keep an eye on the girls as they were always causing trouble left on their on.

I knew he was going to be gone at least an hour and thought nothing more than wanting to get on and finish the job so I could go home.

I didn’t notice that the giggling next door had stopped and been replaced by low voices until a head came round the partition, it was Christine, she was Stephanie’s best friend, same age but a lot more forward. She was of similar build but had blonde hair. She asked if I was busy and if I would come into Stephanie’s bedroom for a few minutes.

I wandered into Stephanie’s bedroom and they were both stood there looking like they had done something wrong, shuffling from foot to foot, looking at each other and waiting for the other one to speak first.

‘Well?’ I asked, ‘what can I do for you ladies?’

Christine spoke first; she had a smile on her face and looked at Stephanie who was going redder by the minute. ‘Well we have been talking and, well, Stephanie here has never seen a man naked and she does not believe me when I tell her that men’s willy’s can get long and hard and what you do with them when they are like that’

I was speechless; these two young girls were looking at me like I was supposed to answer that statement with some kind of sensible reply. I felt my heart racing, but also my cock was beginning to stir.

‘I can’t talk to you about this’ I stumbled over my words ‘it is not really appropriate’

‘We need someone older that we can trust’ said Christine ‘please’

Now I was beginning to get my grip back on the situation, after the initial surprise.

‘Ok, but lets be quick Stuart will be back any minute’ I knew this wasn’t true but at that moment I needed a good excuse to get away from a very awkward situation. ‘What can I say that will help you understand?’ I asked Stephanie

She just looked at the ground and went scarlet in the face.

‘It’s not so much what you could say as what you could do’ said Christine ‘We both think that you are ok looking and were thinking that if you could show us what a man’s bits do then we would have a better understanding than the useless books and talks that school give us.’

Strike two; I was thrown again, normally in control and unshakable, here were two teenage girls knocking me over with their forward attitude.

‘Show you? What drop my trousers here and explain how it all works?’ I said it in a repulsed manner, but my cock was definitely on the move and the devil in me was beginning to see some distinct possibilities for the outcome of the next hour.

The girls went quiet, even Christine with her normal brashness went on the shy side, I realised that I had made myself sound too insulted and that I needed to save something from this if anything was going to happen.

‘Ok girls, I am sorry, I understand how brave you were asking this, and that it must mean a lot to you, so how did you want me to start?’

They both looked at each other with horror, they obviously had not expected this to work, or had any idea of what it might entail.

‘Well, well, I said that men put their bits inside girls and that, the, urm’ Christine’s voice trailed away, I definitely had control of the situation back on my side.

‘That is right, but first the man has to get an erection’ I sounded like a sex education video, more direct action was needed, and the erection part was not going to be a problem.

I took a couple of paces forwards and stood within reach of the two girls, their eyes were fixed on mine, both mouths hanging slightly, unsure of what should be said in a situation like this.

I pulled my T-shirt off over my head and kicked my trainers off, then I unbuckled my jeans and let them drop to the floor, my cock was pushing straight out, making a tent with my boxer shorts.

The girls looked down and neither moved nor breathed, I had a captive audience and I was loving it.

I pulled my shorts forwards and down, revealing my manhood to these innocent eyes, they both had expressions of panic but Stephanie seemed more able to think, as she was the first to say something.

‘You were right’ she said to Christine, I presumed referring to their previous conversations. ‘How did you know?’

‘I didn’t really, it was just what I had heard Şerifali Escort around school’ Christine spoke, but sounded a lot less sure of herself now.

I reached down and gave my cock a couple of tugs just to break the awkward silence that was building up.

‘Ok, who is first to touch it?’ I knew this was make or break time, they were either going to run a mile or I was going to have some serious fun.

I reached out and took hold of Christine’s arm by the wrist, I pulled her open hand forward until the palm was resting on the top of my cock, her hand closed around the shaft by instinct and I let go of her wrist. She looked down at her hand and then at Stephanie, I felt her squeeze slightly, feeling the hardness, and then she went to let go, but I stopped her by closing my hand around hers and started to wank myself using her hand.

‘That is how you get men hard if they are not already’ I said looking at them both but making eye contact with Stephanie. ‘You’re go next Steph’

I released Christine’s hand and she withdrew it, encouragingly Stephanie extended her hand without prompting, but waited for me to place it on my cock, her grip was lighter, so I cupped my hand round again and started to move up and down the shaft. This I did a few times but then I let go and Stephanie continued, while looking into my eyes all the time.

‘I hope you have both learnt a lot from this’ I took Stephanie’s hand and pulled it away, it was becoming difficult to control myself, and if plans were going as I hoped I did not want to come now and scare them away.

‘I can show you loads more, but it will involve both of you taking your clothes off and putting you’re trust in me’ I was sure that reality would hit them both and they would see what I was hinting at, but at this stage anything was going to be a bonus, so why not try.

They looked at each other and Christine nodded to Stephanie, who smiled and nodded back.

Time was not on my side, so I asked them who was going to be first. Christine got a bit of her courage back and said she would be.

I took her hand and led her over to Stephanie’s bed, I told Stephanie to grab a seat and to ask if anything worried her, then I sat on the bed and pulled Christine down so she sat next to me. I brushed her hair back and told her that what happened next was up to her and that I would keep going until she said stop, of course whether I stopped was another matter.

I unbuttoned the front of her top and pulled it over her head, a pair of small round breasts sat in a training bra, this I unhooked and released the breast’s, all this time Christine was breathing heavily and shaking a little with nerves, I cupped a breast and ran my index finger around the nipple, this gave the expected reaction and the nipple hardened, and Christine’s eyes opened wide. I said nothing, but as I pushed her she understood and lay back across the width of the bed, with her legs still hanging over the side. I bent down and took her trainers and socks off, removing my own socks as well, I realised that no one can act sensual while still wearing Simpson’s socks. I sat up again and placed my hands on her belt buckle, undoing this, and then the button on the top of her jeans, I pulled the fly zip down and parted the two sides of the flaps. This exposed the top of a small pair of black knickers, more practical than erotic, but enough for me to want to come there and then.

I slid my hand under her bottom and pulled the jeans down to her knees, bunching them up to give me a full view of her crutch and thighs. I put my hands on either thigh and squeezed them gently while pulling them apart slightly. Then I pulled the bottom of the legs of her jeans taking them off completely. All she had on now were her knickers and I wanted to make this last as long as I could, so I started at her forehead, and kissed my way down, inch by inch, to her navel. Now I hooked a finger into each side of her knickers and pulled the front down, exposing a triangle of hair. ‘Lift your bum up’ I said, and as she did the knickers came down first to her knees at the edge of the bed, then down to her ankles and finally onto the ground. I straightened up and put a hand on each kneecap, I started to pull her legs apart, but they resisted any gentle force. ‘I know you are scared, but you have done so well so far, it would be a shame for it to end now without going any further, if you can relax, please try too’ I spoke with as much sincerity as I knew, but was unsure how to progress without sounding pushy.

Slowly her legs parted under their own control, my hands only taking over to spread her as wide as I felt she could go. This exposed a vagina that had never been seen or touched like this before, my hand moved towards her opening, middle finger extending out. As I touched the outer lips of her vagina with my finger, she tensed up and let out a gasp, I stroked her belly as reassurance and slowly worked my finger into the inner part of her body, the mussels tensed and relaxed continuously allowing my fingers slow but steady progress into her. She was very dry, so I withdrew my finger and put it into my mouth to moisten it, I could already Göztepe Escort taste the musk of a truly innocent pussy, when I reinserted my finger it went in much easier and her own juices were beginning to run. I started to move my finger in and out of her, watching her face as it moved between pleasure and pain. After a minute her body was reacting well and her vagina was well lubricated and beginning to swell, I used my other hand to pull back the hood of her clitoris and started to work it with a finger. She went into overdrive with this; pushing down on my fingers, allow me deep into her, arching her back slightly. I wanted to say something, but it really wasn’t necessary.

Now I lent forward and, holding her vagina’s lips apart with two fingers, pushed my tongue into her, tasting fully the juices and sweat that were building up, she gasped loudly breaking the silence that had been going on for so long, I licked at her clitoris and down her thighs, spreading juice everywhere, then a combo of tongue and fingers, and she bucked in a way that I knew was the start of an orgasm, carrying on, building up the speed, I felt her come in several waves, and then she lay still, red hues over her chest, legs still trembling, face an expression that showed she was a long way away, but somewhere very happy.

I sat up and subtly looked at my watch, all this had only taken 15 minutes, and for the first time since starting this I remembered Stephanie was sitting just feet away, watching everything, looking like she had seen a ghost.

‘I can carry on with Christine, or do the same for you’ I looked into Stephanie’s eyes; they were wide but not scared, more interested.

‘Ok, but please be as gentle, I don’t want you to rush through this’ she knew what she wanted and as I pulled Christine up into a seated position, Stephanie was already sitting next to her kicking her shoes and socks off.

Christine just looked at me and smiled, ‘That was amazing, can we do it again, please’ Now the situation was getting difficult for reasons I could not have guessed, they both wanted this and neither were worried about the others feelings.

‘You sit back and relax for a few minutes, Stephanie was kind enough to stay back for you, now you wait for her to catch up.’ I hoped that she wasn’t going to get upset at this stage, but she took it and moved over to the chair, allowing Stephanie to shuffle up the bed towards me.

This time I kissed Stephanie, I hoped she would not be repulsed by where my mouth had just been, and she responded by wrapping her hand around my cock again, moving up and down, with no skill but lots of enthusiasm, this girl was a fast learner.

We carried on like this as I removed her top and bra, again touching her nipples, although she was already turned on to some degree as they were getting hard on their own, I used my mouth to moisten them and bring them out fully, her breasts were a little bigger than Christine’s, but still small for her age.

My cock was getting uncomfortable with this continuous pulling so I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down onto the bed, this time long ways so she was laid out flat, she was wearing a short skirt and this I lifted up, and placed a hand under, onto her thigh. I worked my way up the thigh to her knickers; I felt the material and pushed my fingers slightly up her vagina with the knickers still there. The knickers became wet and I knew that she had got turned on watching Christine and me, which was half the work done already.

I unbuttoned Stephanie’s skirt down the side and opened it across her. Her knickers were white, with a teddy bear on the front, all a bit embarrassing for a girl wanting to act all grown up, but she did not seem to worry, or even notice this fact and had propped herself up on her elbows, watching me with anticipation. I wanted to savour the moment of unveiling again and as this had taken so little time I went for the next big step.

‘What I did with my tongue on Christine was called oral sex, I want to show you how to do it for a man, sit up’ I gave Stephanie what I hoped was a comforting smile and I knelt either side of her hips as she sat up against the pillows, her head in line with my cock, only inches away.

‘Ok, now I am going to ask you to open your mouth and let me put this in’ I gave my cock a tug, as I could not think of any good words to describe what it was without sounding either filthy or medical.

Again to my absolute astonishment, and also relief, Stephanie simply opened her mouth and moved her head an inch away from my cock; I did start to wonder just how innocent she was. She looked up at me and I gave another smile, then slowly I put myself into her mouth, only a couple of inches, so as not to worry her, then I asked her to close her mouth and suck on it like a lolly. Again the inexperience showed but the wanting to please made up and in very little time I knew I was going to have to let go and come.

She was concentrating on the head of my cock, making all the right noises, coming was going to be easy, but I thought I had better warn her, or this could all end very nastily.

I put my hand on Ümraniye Escort the top of Stephanie’s bobbing head, and slowed her down to a stop; she moved her mouth away from my cock and looked up.

‘What you are doing is making me so excited, I am going to come like Christine did, although it is a little more involved with men, do you understand?’

‘I have seen the video where the sperm comes out the end, is that what’s going to happen?’

‘O, yes, but it is going to happen in your mouth, it won’t taste great, but I need you to swallow it, to save it going everywhere’ If ever there was an award for lamest excuse I would get it.

‘Ok’ she said it so matter of fact and totally assured so I thought no more of building the part and just got on with it.

I started her head moving again with a slow push of the hips to move the shaft back in her mouth. She started again to work up and down keeping a steady if slow rhythm, everything was building up now, my heart beat, the involuntary mussel spasms that thrust my hips forward, it was going to happen any moment now.

As I came there was a definite muffled yelp from down below as what felt like a gallon of seamen was fired into that unsuspecting mouth, my hand went to the back of her head to hold it there as a reaction and I could feel her desperately swallowing before I had even finished. I released her head and pulled my cock from her mouth, Stephanie had that bitter lemon look going on, but was trying to enjoy what had happened.

‘That was amazing’ I was breathing deeply and laid back on the bed. I watched Stephanie look at Christine, maybe a little embarrassed to have an audience to something like that, but she had swallowed everything and was looking back at me, obviously ready for her turn.

I sat up, kissed Stephanie on the forehead, I would explain the lack of interest in her mouth another time, and pushed her flat on her back, her legs were pulled together now, as she sensed that I was going to take another part of her innocence.

I pulled the front of her knickers down to expose her pubic region, and put my mouth over the hair, breathing onto it. She didn’t relax but she did respond, moving a little from side to side, I started to lick down each side of her groin, licking the hair, I could smell that she was still wet, but something was getting her all shy now, so near and yet so far.

I did not have time for a conversation about relaxing and feeling at ease, so I went for the direct approach and lifted her legs straight up by the ankle and pulled her knickers to one side, exposing her pussy. My finger pushed into her hole, tight but wet, allowing movement in and out, she got the message and as I let her legs down I took my finger out of her and pulled her knickers straight off, opened her wide across the bed and went to work.

My cock had decided to join in again, so I adjusted myself on the bed, between her legs and licked, sucked and fingered her vagina till it was swollen, moist and ready for anything.

‘Do you want to make love?’ I decided to cut out any pretence; we had all been through enough now to allow honest conversation.

This really was it, Stephanie shook her head, but I was not giving up that easily, I decided to play one off the other, knowing that Christine would be feeling left out and that any chance to join in would be taken.

I looked over to Christine. ‘What about you then?’ She had longer to consider the options, and was already nodding, getting up and coming towards the bed.

This made the situation difficult as Stephanie was going to get forgotten about and she had not come yet, I decided to go for broke.

‘Steph, you are ready for sex, laying here, if we do it now and get it over with, then I can make love to Christine straight after and no one will be left out.

I motioned Christine to sit on the bed, looked at Stephanie and started my way up her body, so that I was laying on top of her.

‘Hold her hand’ I said this to Christine, partly to keep her involved, but more so to let Stephanie know that this was going to happen, whether she felt ready or not.

I reached down between Stephanie’s open legs and ran a finger along the outside of her vagina, it was wet and hot, I then took the end of my cock and guided it to the outer lips, just touching them with the tip, Stephanie seemed to have resigned herself to this and lay still, looking at me, breathing slowly.

I pushed my cock into her an inch, and then another inch, allowing the resistance to fade a little before continuing each time, she was very wet but a combination of nerves and virginity was making it a very tight fit and not easy to move in and out. I felt a block that had to be her hymen and I stopped for a moment and pulled back slightly, she had tears in her eyes and I could see this was hurting her, I pushed in again with more force this time and went through her hymen with little trouble, although she did cry out for an instance, that scared both Christine and myself, but then all of the build up was over and I started to push deep into her vagina, deeper thrusts every time, then pulling her one of her legs up too her chest, giving me ever more room to push myself into her. I carried on like this for a couple of minutes, I could not say that she was enjoying it to much, her face was still flinching every so often and she said nothing, but I needed to get Christine here as well and time was running out.

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