What a Man


It was 1999 and I had left my home county of Kent in the south east of England, to go to Glasgow University a year before. I’d gone back home for a few weeks over the summer but Kent was even more boring now I was used to the bright lights and big city, not to mention the Scottish accents, so I’d headed back up north in order to look for a place to live and spend some time with my Glaswegian friends before all the other English students came back. Niall, Polly and I were roped into being freshers’ week helpers. Niall at 19 was my friend who loved comic books, hip-hop, dressed like a baller and looked like a young Jon Favreau. Polly was his tall, shy best friend from school and they’d come through to the same uni together. We’d bonded over a love for the absurd and alternative music, not to mention drinking when we should have been at lectures and partying far too long into the night. I loved them for their easygoing ways and fun sense of humour.

I’m Isla, although I have a Scottish name I’m not at all British except by birth; my mum is Greek and my dad from the Seychelles. I’m brown skinned and 5’6″ tall, with big boobs and a naughty grin. I’d fallen in love with Scotland as a teenager on holiday and it had the added attraction of being 900 miles from my hometown. Life in Scotland was great and hanging out with my friends with no parental supervision was probably the best place to be. I wasn’t getting much university work done though..

We were second year students at uni, so we knew absolutely everything. We were helping out at freshers’ week so we could get cheap booze and so we’d have something to do before all our other friends came back from their holidays. The week was mostly spent with herding new students from place to place and clearing up in the Queen Margaret Union after all the drunken shenanigans. We bonded more over that week together than in our frantic first Ataşehir Escort year, and sloped off to smoke joints with some of the cooler freshers, until the week rounded off with a great final party that all three of us chaperoned. We managed to sneak in a few vodka and cokes along way. A fair few. At the end of the night we helped tidy up and Niall’s place was the closest, so the three of us headed back there to keep the party going…

At Niall’s flat we rolled a couple of joints and downed a couple more drinks. We had gotten covered in sticky alcopop residue from the cleanup so Niall lent us some lounging clothes. I got his Gambit X-Men t-shirt; big enough to be a mini dress, it fell to my thighs. Polly ended up falling asleep on the sofa and we were all too tired and drunk to think about going anywhere, so Niall’s bed of course looked very attractive… he tells me now that I refused to get out of his bed, but I think it’s much more likely that I just decided to join him for a nice evening chat of course. The chat soon turned sexy as it does for 19 year olds, and we kissed. You can tell a lot from a kiss; are you matched well in terms of pace and pressure? Do your toes curl and areas higher up tighten and moisten involuntarily? These kisses were all that and more. Even without the booze and weed I could tell they’d be amazing and with the added bonus of not being able to second guess myself I just kissed him back with passion, and I suddenly started to see my friend in a new light. He kissed me on my neck which he wasn’t to know was my kryptonite, that part of my neck that joins onto my shoulder and that is supersensitive in most girls. My nipples pebbled, my pussy moistened and suddenly a whole new way to spend the night opened up to us…

My mild-mannered friend became really sure of himself, manly and super sexy; pulling me towards him and kissing Kadıköy Escort me passionately. I responded eagerly even while I was thinking in my head “this is so weird… this is my friend”; I never thought anything like this would happen. In the way of drunken teenagers though, the kissing progressed to groping each other through our clothes which then of course were in the way and had to come off. Niall had broad shoulders and the strength to pull me around which was so hot.. and very decent chest hair for a 19 year-old; it was fun running my fingers through it and playing with his sensitive nipples while we kissed… I could feel his cock getting so hard for me, and that never fails to make me so wet. There was no question in my mind that I wanted him so badly. My pussy soaked my panties and I was rubbing against him with no shame, urging him on to take me. We were in a sea of sensations and pleasure.

He got up to make sure the door was locked (we didn’t want to scar Polly for life), and then he jumped right back in the bed and pulled my knickers down and started to kiss my pussy. He says he remembers my taste and how my hips moved under him.. he held me with down his strong hands and licked and sucked me for what felt like hours. I came against his lips three times, rubbing my pussy against his beardy face and moaning out loud before he got up to get a condom and got me ready for his cock. Pulling one leg over his hip to open me up, he thrust into me in one push and I was suddenly so full, he was the longest I’d ever taken. It felt amazing and I couldn’t help writhe against him as he pushed into me, lust-filled wonder on his face. After a few minutes of thrusting and me grabbing anything I could grab hold of; first his ass to pull him close, but he was so big inside me it almost hurt; I moved to his shoulders so I could better thrust back at him, and then Bostancı Escort grabbed his head so I could watch him while he watched me fucking back. Suddenly he jumped off me and found a rubber band.. I was so confused but he wrapped it around the base of his cock and balls a couple of times like a cock ring, saying “I saw this on a porno” before pulling me on top of him. I didn’t care and began to bounce up and down on his long cock, controlling the angle and degree so that he hit all the right places inside me and I came hard, spasming all over his young cock.

He moved and got behind me, started sucking me from behind and licking from clit to asshole, his mouth and cheeks all glistening with my juices when I turned back to look at him. I’d never been fucked so thoroughly and passionately before. His fingers quested inside me and he started sucking me again, pushing back and forth, back and forth loving every little inch inside me, making me squirm and writhe until I came hard around his fingers yet again. Then he angled his cock to my entrance and fucked into me hard, pulling at my hips so he bounced off my cervix which always makes me cum so hard. He hammered into me in the best possible way, and I was lost to coherent thought, clutching at the sheets. He finally pulled out, and tearing off the rubber band and condom Niall pushed his cock into my mouth and then came down my throat. I stared at him, panting hard, his cock in my mouth still twitching the last of his hot cum into me, with stars in my eyes. I’d never experienced that change from a nice friendly boy to a man who exuded sex before then, and it was addictive.

That next morning when he went to make us a cup of tea, he put the radio on and as he came back in Salt-N-Pepa started singing “What A Man” with En Vogue.. we burst out laughing. He strutted to the kitchen and back knowing he’d earned that accolade. We didn’t leave his bed for the next three days!

It was later that he confessed that had been his first time. HIs determination to have a good time despite all the booze and smoke we’d consumed was brilliantly inventive! I think I loved him more for that than anything.

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