Cumslut Diaries – Other Encounters


I meet the Salesmen again:

I get to Spankie’s about 8:20, a little late. I had just driven from the Georgia mountains. Saw them sitting at a table along the back wall and joined them. Apologize for being late. They didnt mind sitting around having a cocktail watching the people. I had a drink with them then they wanted to go some where else.

I figured we were going back to their room. It was dark and we headed back through the alley behind the bars. I figured that they had parked their car back there. It was dark back there and one of them stopped by a dumpster to take a piss. Wrong! He said get over here and get on your knees. I hesitated and said are you kidding. The other one had his cell phone out and was recording the “scene”. He said, I’m not going to ask you twice. By his tone, I knew he was serious. As I was getting on my knees, I kind of made a not too ernest, quasi protest, what if we get caught? His cavalier answer, I guess you’ll have to blow them too.

I knew I’d better do this as quickly as possible, or I would get caught. I steadied myself on the grimy green dumpster that I was kneeling next to and began giving the most enthusiastic blowjob in my dick sucking career. The one holding the camera says, you know what were going to call this video? Obviously, I couldn’t answer. So, he volunteered, The Adventures of a Dumpster Slut. I was a dumpster slut hungrily sucking a huge dick, kneeling in a dark alley, by an actual dumpster.

I could feel the warmth from the small light on the camera phone as my wanton sluttiness filled the frame, my nose and eyes running like a faucet, me gunting and moaning like I couldn’t get enough dick. He started cumming after about six minutes, I must have been preety good 🙂 When he came he held the back of my head in both hands and kept my head at what he considered the optimum distance and told me to look at him while I was swallowing his load. I was looking up at him and I could see the video camera looking over kağıthane escort the landscape of his stomach at a cum slut getting rewarded.

When he finally quit cumming and spasming, I pulled his dick out of my mouth with a loud plop and said, I always did like sucking big, fat, juicy dicks. How was that I asked? Pretty good, half way there. I knew what he meant and I didn’t bother to argue. They passed the camera and my mouth at the same time. It was like I never started. I knew it had to be quick, so just like the first. It went pretty much the same except he painted my face again an made me eat it off his dick.

They both did the same thing as they did last time except quicker. Having done both ways in a week, I have to say that I liked the long adventure in the Marriott more. I’m such a whore.

I did like the dumpster adventure also, but it was affected by the prospect of getting caught. At this point, I don’t know whether the experience was diminished by prospects of being found out or enhanced by it. At any rate, this was probably a pretty good video, in a raw kind of way.

They said that when they come for the Convention, they’ll edit it into movie, with the best stuff from each shooting. And we’ll have a screening at their condo on Tybee. Hmm, they’re going to get me in that condo watching a video of me being a slut and I’ll go on horny auto-pilot and beg for dick. What could go wrong?

They told me that the next two would be here next week about Wednesday and that I would be emailed. I’ve sucked off more men in 30 days than I have in the last 10 years. The boss once, the two salesmen once each, the techs twice. Five different men, seven blowjobs and I’ll be on my knees sucking off two more strangers next week. I’m having fantasies about hairy men using me like they own me. The truth, I can’t wait until Wednesday.

Got another email today. They want me to wear garters and stockings. I like the idea of wearing garters escort beşiktaş and stockings over my red panties. Makes it harder for them to fuck me. I meet them tomorrow. I’m so horny thinking about it.

That didn’t take long. I didn’t like them as much as the other guys. One of them came in about 2 minutes, and, he had a small dick. The other one was better, but I was out of there in less than an hour. I’m sure that this video sucked, and no pun intended 🙂 I won’t have to worry about getting fucked by these two. The one with the small dick is the one that wanted to fuck me. He won’t last long enough to matter.

The “Boss” emails me:

Looks like I’m going to be on my knees in Savannah tomorrow, just got an email from the first guy, I’m horny. All that dick sucking has made me want it more. I wonder if this will be just him or am I going to be doing the company roster again 🙂 I don’t really care, I just want to be used.

I met with the “boss” on Wednesday afternoon at the Hyatt. I know why I like these guys so much. They know what they want and they know how to feed my slutty nature. I like the way they pull me around by my hair and tell me what to do. They make me to look at the camera and act like a slut. They hold me down and finger fuck me and make me pretend I don’t like it. I say things like, please don’t, oh god, don’t, no don’t, god, fuck, yes, oh god, fuck me, fuck, fuck, oh god, fuck me, . . You get the picture 🙂 Once they get me into that frenzy state, they treat me like a whore in heat. I’ll tell you more about what he made me do, later.

He met me downstairs in the lobby and we went from there to his room. I don’t know why but I always get nervous walking to the room. I find it odd, it must be universal. When you walk a slut up to your room you don’t say anything. Sometimes it’s so quiet in the elevator, I can hear my heart pounding. I think a lot of the allure of being a gag slut is being made to feel like a prostitute. In escort maslak a way I am, my payment for services rendered is the feeling of being owned by a man that just wants to make me eat his cum.

When he got me to his room, the first thing he said was, “Take off every fucking thing and get on your knees”. He didn’t even let me take off anything before he had a fist full of hair and was feeling me up while he made watch myself in the mirror as I was undressing. His hand was all over me as he pulled at my clothes to hurry me up as I was undressing, causing my pants to bunch up around my knees and already he was pulling my red panties down, just adding to the traffic jam of clothes gathering at my knees. He pushed wad of clothes down around my ankles making a pretty good binding so I really couldn’t walk. He was still pulling me around by my hair and I fell onto the carpet onto my knees. He immediately stuffed his swelling dick into my mouth. He pushed the whole dick into my mouth and then tried to stuff his balls in there too. Even though he wasn’t completely hard, he still couldn’t get both of his balls in my mouth. The sensation of being used like that almost made me cum.

He had a fist full of hair while he was grinding his cock and balls into my mouth while he was telling me what a whore I was and how much he was going to enjoy watching me get used at the convention. He also told me that he had a few friends of his that like to play. I’m so dick hungry, I just nod. You know how I get when I get used like that. It’s when I get out of control that I get into trouble. All I want is to choke on dick. I was facefucked so hard that my eyes and nose were making a wet mess of my face as he stuffed his dick down my throat with each thrust. My arms were limp by my sides as he assaulted my face. When he came, he pulled the head of his cock back until it was resting on my lips and he made me watch in the mirror as he spurted thick strands of cum into my mouth. He ordered me to look at him as he made me swallow it, then he’d make me watch in the mirror as he filled my mouth up again.

I liked watching him cum in my mouth, I liked looking at him as I choked down the 4 or 5 mouth fulls of cum. I felt like his prostitute and was loving it.

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