David, Daryl and I (Clayton)


We were on duty almost to the end of our shirt, David was running radar in one place and me in another spot on the interstate. We were texting and just waiting for the shift to end. It had been a slow night because the weather had been nasty. David said he was fixing to move so I took the opportunity to move also. When I next heard from David he told me he had stopped a car, and told me to head there and we’d go from there and get breakfast. I pulled up behind David and turned the car off and sat waiting.

David walked back up the car and was talking to the driver and I saw the driver drop his hand out the window and start feeling David’s crotch. David was still talking to the driver as he groped him. I saw the driver hand his cell to David which he handed back after a minute and a slip of paper. David let the driver drive off and he came back to me. We stood outside the cars and talked. I asked what the driver was doing. David said he had wobbled so he stopped him, come to find out he was on his way home after a long day at work. He was a thin built 40-year-old white male.

David and I got in our cars and went to the local all-night place. We were eating, and David’s phone went off. It was Daryl, the guy from earlier, he said he was home and thanked David. Daryl also told him he would do anything he could to thank him. He also asked David when he got off and if he could come over. David told him he was off and eating breakfast with a coworker. Daryl texted back that if David wanted to come over he was welcome to and bring his friend.

By this time, we were done and leaving the restaurant. I told David I was going home to change and I’d come back by his house. David texted Daryl and told him we were going to change, and we’d be there. Daryl said that was fine. I went home, got a shower and dressed in my best fitting jeans, a red t shirt and my new boots. I got to David’s and he came out dressed in jeans, boots and a yellow t-shirt. David had Daryl’s address and entered it in the GPS.

We pulled up to a home in a very nice neighborhood. Daryl had left the garage open and door to the house for us, so we pulled in and parked. We entered the house and Daryl was sitting in the front room. When we walked in Daryl looked at us and said, “Oh my god, you two look like gods.”

He stood, and David walked up to him. Daryl reached to David and pulled his shirt up and off. He bent over and started sucking David’s nipples and went further and further down till he was on his knees sucking out David’s navel. David reached down and pulled Daryl back up till he was standing. I stepped up behind Daryl and cleared my throat.

He turned and lowered his hands to my waist and pulled my shirt up and off. He then bent and started sucking on my nipples. David reached around Daryl and was working his nipples, twisting and pinching them. I reached around Daryl and dropped my hands to his ass cheeks under his underwear feeling his awesome ass. Daryl went to his knees sucking, licking and nibbling on his way down. When he got to my navel he started washing and sucking and cleaning it with his tongue.

We pulled Daryl back to his feet and David bent over and started sucking one side of his neck and I started sucking the other side. I moved up to Daryl’s mouth as he kissed me deep, sucking on my tongue. David turned Daryl around and started kissing Daryl while I kissed and nibbled on Daryl’s neck. I slipped my hand back in his shorts and pushed them down till they hit the floor. When Daryl was naked I reached down to his ass and started running my finger up and down just brushing it over his puckered hole.

I told Daryl get the lube and he jumped to the end table and came right back. I tool it and lubed my sarıyer escort fingers. I went back to his ass and started playing again. I stopped at Daryl’s hole and started pushing, his ass just opened for me. I worked in one finger, then two. I worked those in and out, and added a third and fourth. David looked down at Daryl and told him it was time to retire to a more comfortable place. I removed my fingers from Daryl’s ass as Daryl took David and I by the hand and led us to the bedroom.

David looked at Daryl and said, “Get over here and get us naked, me first then Clayton.”

Daryl went to his knees in front of David and started removing his boots as David lifted his feet. Next Daryl started at loosening David’s belt and unzipping his jeans. As Daryl pushed his jeans down his cock snapped up and hit Daryl under his chin. David placed his hands-on Daryl’s head and steadied himself while his jeans were being removed.

Daryl turned and repeated the same with me, opening my belt, unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down. David had stepped forward and was rubbing his cock on Daryl’s neck and head. As Daryl pushed my jeans down he took my big black cockhead in his mouth and washed it with his tongue, sucking and licking the slit in my cockhead.

David grabbed Daryl’s hair and pulled his mouth off my cock and pulled his mouth to his cock and let him lick and suck his big fat black cockhead. Daryl was nursing on David’s cockhead. I lay back on the bed and propped up my head with a pillow and watched. David pulled his cock and motioned Daryl up on the bed with me. David grabbed the lube and said as he looked at me, “This ass is mine first!”

He took the lube and lubed his cock and Daryl’s ass. He was talking to Daryl the whole time as he entered his hole, spreading the ring wide open. I pulled Daryl’s mouth to mine and kissed him deep holding his lips tight to mine as David went deeper into that ass. As David went deeper I could feel Daryl’s breath change.

David was starting to pound in and pull out as Daryl moaned in pleasure. Daryl’s breath was coming short now as I held him to my mouth and washed his mouth. David slammed home and yelled he was coming. Daryl was gasping for air, whispering about what David’s cock did to his ass. David stay in place letting his cock soften and pop out of Daryl’s ass.

I took Daryl’s head in my hands and said, “Your hole has been lubed twice along with David’s cock and his cum. I am not going to lube mine. I am going to place you on your back and fuck that hole hard.”

David stepped back, Daryl climbed off and I rolled off the bed. I walked up to Daryl, grabbed him with my hands on each side of his head and pushed him back till he hit the bed and fell back. I pulled his legs up and pulled his ass to the edge of the bed. I looked at Daryl and told him I wanted him to suck David’s big black balls as David climbed in place. David sat over Daryl’s mouth and let him work his balls.

I placed my big black cockhead at Daryl’s hole and pushed. His hole was still tight even after David’s hard fucking. I pushed at Daryl’s hole and he groaned. I stopped with just the head inside his ass. I pushed a bit more, I was about half way in and I asked Daryl if he was ready. He just nodded his head yes as he sucked both of David’s balls in his mouth. David was holding Daryl’s legs back at just the right angle.

I told Daryl, I am going to count to three. I started one, two and pulled back then three and pounded my fat black cock into his ass, pushing out cum and lube from David hitting new places as I rotated my hips around. David had lowered his ass to Daryl’s nose and was sitting on Daryl’s face as I ground my big cock maslak escort into Daryl’s ass filling it with my cum.

As my cock softened I grabbed Daryl’s nipples and started playing with them. I asked Daryl if he could hear me and he nodded yes, his mouth still full of David’s balls. I told Daryl I wanted him to jack himself off and then he was going to eat it, he nodded yes again. He reached down and took his pitiful little cock in his hand and started jacking till he came.

I told him to dip his fingers in the cum at his ass and then his and lick it off his fingers. David pulled his nuts from Daryl’s mouth and let him eat our combined cum. Daryl said he needed to piss, David told him to get a glass. When he returned I took the glass from him and held it for him to fill. He drank it completely when he was done. I told him we were next, first me, then David.

Daryl held it for me to fill then he drank it all and smiled and licked his lips. Next came David and he did the same thing. After we had relieved ourselves we lay in the bed with Daryl in the middle with his arms under our heads. David and I played with Daryl’s nipples, balls and ass. We nodded off for a few hours. I woke up with my thumb in Daryl’s ass. I removed it he woke up and he said smiling, “Clayton, you are going to replace that with something else a little bigger I hope.”

Daryl reached down to my cock and started stroking it up and down and playing with my nuts, getting it hard. Daryl then crawled on me and said he didn’t want any lube, he wanted to feel it. I looked at him and I asked if he was sure. He reached back and guided my cock in his hole and lowered his ass down. When my cock head had entered his ass, I pushed my hips up hard, burying my cock in his ass as he screamed in pleasure. By this time David was awake and leaning on his elbow watching, smiling and feeling and pinching Daryl’s ass cheeks.

Daryl looked at me and said, “Clayton, your big black cock is awesome. Its feels so good filling my tight white ass.”

I told Daryl, “Thanks what I want to hear, we’ll ruin you for any other cock. You’ll constantly be looking for some big black cock to use that tight white ass.”

I grabbed Daryl by his hips and held him, guiding his tight little ass on my big black cock in and out, fast and slow. David was tracing up and down Daryl’s crack, scratching his crack from back to ass where my cock was buried to the hilt occasionally slapping Daryl’s tight ass. Every time David slapped that ass his ass felt like a hand gripping my cock.

I told Daryl I was fixing to fill his ass, Daryl nodded as I pounded deep and started to shoot. When I was done I pushed Daryl down and told him to clean my cock which gave David the opening he needed. He stepped up and told Daryl he was fixing to get his morning nut. Daryl groaned loudly as I pushed my cock deep into his throat and David slammed his fat 10 inches deep into Daryl’s ass repeatedly until David yelled he was coming and pounded into that ass of Daryl’s harder and harder filling his ass with his cum.

David pulled his cock out and said, “Now I need to piss.”

Daryl grabbed David’s hand and pulled him to the shower and hollered at me to come too. Daryl knelt in the shower, looked up at David and said, “Let me have it now. All of it.”

David let loose with his piss covering Daryl’s head and filling his mouth as he spread it all over. When David finished he looked at me and said, “Your next Clayton!”

I took my place in front of him and stepped up, placing my cock head in his mouth. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled him down on my fat black 9.5-inch cock. I looked down at Daryl and said, “You want me to piss down beyoğlu escort your throat or in your ass?”

Daryl turned and placed his face in David’s piss and wiggled his ass at me. I grabbed a bar of soap to lube my hand and run four fingers in his ass to make it was loose enough for me to piss in. I replaced my hand with my big black cock and went balls deep. I started pissing, filling Daryl’s ass and it was overflowing to the shower floor washing out mine and David’s cum for Daryl to lick up. We all showered and brushed our teeth and went back to bed.

David and I lay down on our backs and Daryl laid down on top of us kissing and licking us alternately. Daryl took my hand and placed it on his ass cheek and placed David’s on the other cheek. David and I started playing with Daryl’s ass with our fingers each placing a finger in his ass and pushing our fingers into his hold. We pulled our fingers out and started with two fingers from each of us spreading his hole more open, finally we got three fingers each in his hole.

Daryl was really groaning now saying, “I love you, this was the best luck ever getting stopped by a big black stud and then getting two for one.”

David looked at Daryl and told him, “We got time to dump one more load.”

Get over here and you gonna fuck your hole with my cock till I cum, then you gonna do the same for Clayton. We are not going to move a muscle, you are going to do everything. Daryl crawled up on David and he placed David’s cock to his puckered little ass and pushed down taking his cock to the root. He rotated his ass up and down. I reached over and started popping Daryl’s cheeks every time he went down to the root of David’s cock.

This went on a while and Daryl’s ass was getting rosy red and you could feel the head. David looked at Daryl and told him he was getting near cumming. Daryl picked up speed and really moving his sweet ass. David looked at Daryl told him, “I am fixing to fill that sweet ass again. Here it comes.”

David reached back and started slapping Daryl’s ass as his ass flew up and down on his big black cock. When he was done cumming David pushed Daryl off and got up and sat on the bed. David looked at me and said, “Go for it Clayton, that ass is all yours. Breed that sucker good.”

Daryl straddled me and guided his ass to my big black hard fat cock. I reached up to Daryl’s nipples and started pulling and pinching and twisting them as he was picking up speed taking my cock in his ass. David was slapping and stroking Daryl’s ass as he fucked himself on my hard, black cock. I looked at Daryl and asked if he could hear me, he shook his head yes. I told him, “I can feel the cum rising in my cock and I am going to shoot it in your ass along with David’s until it runs like a river from your hole.”

Daryl was really going to town now, sweating like a pig which made the slaps on his cheeks even loader as he fucked himself till I cum completely in his sweet ass. Daryl collapsed on me breathing hard and still sweating. When he finally calmed down he lay on my chest. He said, “Clayton and David, you two are the best fucks I have ever had, and I will never forget you.”

David took Daryl’s hand and said, “We have to get going but we need a shower.”

We headed for the shower and entered. Daryl knelt, faced us and opened his mouth, waiting on our golden elixir. We both let go covering Daryl and filling his mouth to overflow. Daryl rose from his knees and bathed us and gargled. After we were dried off Daryl got us dressed, he didn’t bother to dress. I looked at Daryl and said, “Our boots need to be cleaned, NOW!”

Daryl jumped to his knees and licked mine and David’s boots until clean. David and I both gave him a hand to stand, pulled him to use letting him kiss each of us as we fondled and slapped and pinched that sweet white ass.

Daryl said, “You have my cell if you ever need another session, either, both or additional.”

Daryl walked us to the door and squeezed our asses when we turned walk out.

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