Decadent Sin Ch. 01


Chapter 01: The Journey Begins

Archer Mason leaned indolently, in true southern gentlemanly fashion, against a pillar nearest the patio doors of the ballroom, the requisite mint julep in his right hand, and an unlit Cuban dangling from the fingers of his left. Eyes the color of bourbon glittered in expectation as he watched the velvet beauty across the room; mingling, chatting, charming, laughing. His eyes roved lazily, appreciatively over the exposed skin of her delicious shoulders, and then lower to her back, the little dip where it met the curve of one of the finest asses it had ever been his pleasure to behold. The firm buttocks swayed gently underneath soft satin, the hem of the backless creation ending just a bare three inches above her knees. Shapely legs drew his attention as she continued her circuit around the ballroom; the image of those same legs, hooked over his shoulders as he fucked his cock into a tight little pussy had him hissing between his teeth.

At that moment she stopped, stiffened; her eyes scanned the ballroom looking for someone? Her jewel green eyes narrowed in concentration; she bit her lower lip. After a few minutes she shrugged off whatever thoughts plagued her and made a beeline for a small group a mere ten feet away from his position. Could she have felt his eyes on her, their intent? Or had she been looking for a friend, a lover? If it was a lover she was looking for then she would not be disappointed. He was more than willing to oblige.

“Your exquisite taste in fine food and wine is surpassed only by your taste in women, mi amigo.”

Archer didn’t bother responding. His friend was right; he was a connoisseur of all things exquisite. Wine, food, art, women; he knew them, appreciated them. After a few more minutes gazing at the divine creature he turned to face his friend, Gabriel Serrano. American born to Spanish immigrants, they’d been friends since grade school in a little known town in Colorado. At eighteen they’d enlisted in the Army and never looked back. Mickelson held no appeal for them; the citizens had treated them with harsh disdain and could be blamed for most of the suffering their parents had endured there. That was all over now, of course. Both were very rich and more powerful than the wealthiest man in Mickelson. They could buy Mickelson and gobble it up whole, but they’d decided long ago it wasn’t worth it.

Gabriel eyed his friend Archer from beneath lowered eyelids. Archer was on the prowl, not an uncommon occurrence for his friend. He did like his women. If only…. He gave himself a mental slap-down. In all the years he’d known Archer he’d never picked up on even a small hint that he was attracted to men. Gabriel loved women and men with equal fervor, and often pursued both with an unquenchable hunger. He was a slave to his own dark lusts. Lately, however, he’d been unusually driven and unusually dissatisfied. It was becoming more difficult to control his feelings for Archer, but thankfully his friend was unaware. If Archer gave even a hint that he was interested; but no, it would never happen. Perhaps he should leave town for a bit, get a handle on things. He didn’t want to ruin his friendship with Archer, and that’s exactly what would happen if he made a move. Shaking off such depressing thoughts he gave his report to Archer.

“Lacey Hughes, age 27, single, never been married and owns and runs her own security design firm. There’s money on her Mother’s side; social connections on her Father’s; estranged.”

Gabriel recited the brief history on Lacey with precision; the information guru of their duo, he had a plethora of useful and not so useful information stored in his brain.

“If she has a lover or if she’s had several lovers then I can only imagine she is discreet. The city of Montgomery, indeed even the cream of society itself, adores Lacey.” “Discreet is good” drawled Archer. His eyes met Gabriel’s with perfect understanding; a mirroring lust was reflected there. The hunt was on and the lovely Lacey was their prey.

Lacey was being watched. God, that sounded paranoid, but the itch between her shoulders wouldn’t stop. The ballroom was crowded with Montgomery’s elite; black tuxedo-clad gentleman and finely coiffed ladies. She was one of them, and she knew from past experience that more often than not eyes would be on her. Her family was well known and well respected here, and there was always someone watching her. But…but this was different. The itch was underlined with a sweet burn that inexplicably had nerves humming, flesh heating and nipples painfully puckered under the satin material of her dress. As casually as she could she scanned the crowd, trying to find the eyes that caressed her. No one stood out however, and after a few minutes gave up in frustration.

She strode over to the cluster of couples nearest the staircase leading into the ballroom, the patio at her back. Rather, she tried to make small talk. Her smile felt frozen on her face. After a few moments she gave up. She needed to get her head on straight. bursa escort The patio did not appeal; it had rained all day and the air was chill, typical for November here. What she’d been thinking to wear such a miniscule dress, she didn’t know.

As stealthily as she could she walked down the hallway parallel to the staircase, sighing in relief once she reached the study. She was grateful to find it empty. Curious, she explored the space as she attempted to calm her jittery nerves. So this was the study of Archer Mason, the industrialist king south of the Mason-Dixon Line. The fine rich leather furniture she’d expected. As well the sturdy oak desk and dark paneled walls and shelving. But it was the delicate glass figurines, encased in an even more delicate curio, which had her pausing. It was such a feminine thing to display in such a heavily masculine space.

“Do you like them, love?”

A masculine whisky-rich voice startled her out of her contemplation. Whirling around with a small gasp Lacey took a hesitant step back as she met the liquid heat in the man’s eyes. And suddenly she knew; it was he she had felt out in the ballroom. It had been his eyes that had followed her all night long.

A discreet cough drew her attention to a second man she hadn’t noticed before. They stood before her, their collective heated gazes causing the blood to pump heavily through her veins. The itch increased until it felt as if her insides were being invaded with hot pokers of sensation. If ever she’d met two more sexy men in her life she couldn’t remember; sexy and dangerous. The second man was erotically dark and sinful, his Latin heritage evident in the olive complexion and chocolate brown eyes. The other was a rich confection of ambers and browns, like pure Tennessee whiskey. They made no attempt to hide their lust. Oh, boy, she was in trouble.

“Would you care for a drink? I have fine bourbon to share.” Whiskey man strolled to the bar in the corner of the study; he poured three fingers into each of three heavy crystal glasses. Her eyes, mesmerized by those long efficient fingers, widened; her pupils dilated.

“I can attest to the quality, querida” murmured the other. He was beside her now; speaking softly into her ear. She hadn’t even seen him move. “Archer keeps the finest here in the study, away from the heathens.” Rich amusement colored his softly accented voice.

“I’m sure he does, but I really should be going now” she stammered out. “Th-thank you for the invite, though.”

Blindly she turned towards the door. Escape was all she could think of. She was feeling too much, was too overwhelmed. The promise, or threat, of sex was heavy in the air and well, she was out of her depth. That’s all there was to it. They were just so, so…male. Before she could take even one step a gentle hand was guiding her to a leather sofa, gently pushing her to sit in its welcoming embrace.

“Just one drink, love; it’s an experience not to be missed.”

A glass was shoved into her trembling hand. Two male bodies sat down, one on either side; close. She could feel the heat from their bodies caressing her, lulling her to a relaxed state further into the depths of the sofa. Nervously she took a drink and barely kept herself from choking.

Archer chuckled. “Go easy, Lacey love; that’s potent stuff.” “You know who I am?” she asked nervously. “Of course; I do not offer my bourbon to just anyone. Perhaps, though, you would feel more at ease with formal introductions made. I am Archer Mason and the Latin rascal next to you is Gabriel Serrano.”

Gabriel lifted her free hand and in a courtly gesture kissed the knuckles; a whisper soft glide of slightly damp lips across them that had her shivering in her non-existent thong. Her nipples puckered painfully. “A pleasure, querida” husked Gabriel.

She was speechless. She knew what was happening, what they wanted from her. She wasn’t a complete innocent. But she had never had; that is to say… Her thoughts whirled away on a sigh when she felt those same lips at her neck, zeroing in on the sensitive flesh of her jaw line. She shuddered and tried to take a deep breath. She pulled back from the erotic caress and eyed them warily.

“You really can’t m-mean, I mean, expect me to…” She stuttered to a stop at the feel of their hands, oh so gently, tracing a delicate path of heat on her shoulders; along her thighs.

“But of course, love; we do mean exactly that; to give you pleasure”. Archer’s tongue traced the shell of her ear. “To drown you in so much pleasure, in so much wicked heat;” his hand pushed the hem of her dress up, baring the tops of her thighs to her swollen mound; “and to receive your pleasure as our own.”

“Wait, wait” she squeaked. Both men froze, affording her the opportunity to stand and nervously edge towards the door, adjusting her clothes all the while. “I can’t do this. I mean, I don’t even know you and…” She trailed off helplessly, unsure how to voice her objections.

Archer stood up and approached görükle escort her carefully, much as he might a skittish doe. He stroked down her cheek with his open palm to her chin, lifting her gaze to his.

“Do not apologize, love. Perhaps, some time to get to know us would ease your concerns. I can see that part of you that you keep hidden from the world, a very passionate core that perhaps frightens you. There’s nothing we’d love more,” and here he paused to bush a soft kiss across trembling lips, “than to release that passion, to give you the ultimate pleasure a woman can know.”

His lips captured hers softly, unthreateningly. He pulled back in time to see the hot curiosity in her gaze mixed with sensual fear. When Lacey finally gave in to her own desires, Archer and Gabriel would be there. They escorted her from the study, through the throng of guests still mingling, out into the night where her car waited for her. Gabriel turned her into his arms for a gentle hug, his lips whispering over her hair.

“I will call you, querida. We can schedule a time to have dinner, learn of each other; tell you what you can expect from us. That way, you can make an informed decision.”

The last was said with a tinge of amusement, though it was self-directed. A reluctant grin chased across her bowed lips. Before she drove away, they had her agreement that she would keep an open mind.


Several hours later and the guests had finally left. Exhaling wearily Gabriel followed Archer back into the study and headed straight for the bar. He was still feeling edgy with need. Lacey would be a challenge; all that untapped sexuality; such a shame. However, he knew in time she could be seduced. It was just a matter of persistence. Even so, there was still that other need, the one that had no chance to be sated.

Archer was straight as an arrow. He’d had many male lovers over the years; he’d never tried to hide it from Archer. His friend accepted that part of him but had never expressed an interest in experimenting with him. It was a line they’d never crossed and one he’d be damned if he push for. But for fifteen years the focus of his male lust had been Archer; business partner, best friend. Angry at himself for wanting something he could never have he poured another drink and inhaled it.

“Are you alright, my friend?” Archer asked. The voice approached from behind. “Not a thing,” he wheezed, and grimaced at the burn in his throat. “You are unnaturally quiet; perhaps I can take your mind off whatever troubles you.”

He hissed between clenched teeth when he felt Archer press into him along the length of his back. His head lowered as he tried to control himself; shock held him immobile. Could Archer really….no pushing, he reminded himself. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw strong forearms brace themselves on the bar top, caging him in. It was a dominant gesture; one that had what little blood that remained in his brain pooling heavily in his dick.

He held perfectly still; surely his own desires were manifesting themselves in one helluva hallucination. But then he felt a hesitant movement at his backside; a slow grind pushing Archer’s erection hard against him. He could hear Archer’s soft gasps, feel the erotic expulsion of breath on his neck, and couldn’t stop the shuddering moan escaping his lips. He pushed back into the shape of Archer’s cock, slowly grinding his ass and wishing…

A hand touched his ribcage below his pounding heart; and then that hand was gripping even as Archer’s pelvis shoved further against his ass. For a few delicious moments they moved together, Archer rubbing against him with carnal intent. He clenched against the pleasure it was so pure, so volatile. He damn near came in his shorts. The hand was moving now and briefly grabbed his hip before it moved forward. It cupped and molded and rubbed his cock through his slacks. His hips jerked, and jerked again. He was panting now, the breath hot and painful in his lungs. It felt so fucking good. His friend’s hand was a hot stroke away from making him lose it. He grabbed the hand to stop it.

“Do you know what you are doing, Archer? Make sure, amigo; I value your friendship above all else. Be sure this is what you want, because there is no going back after it’s done.”

The words were gritted out between clenched teeth; the warning a necessity, more for himself than Archer. He’d lusted after Archer, sure; but it was his heart that was now in jeopardy.

“I’m sure, Gabriel.” A hot mouth opened briefly on his neck, a slight nip of teeth. “Truth to tell, I have been sure for the last eight months but was not certain how to go about the thing.”

Archer’s wry chuckle eased his tension somewhat, if not his raging hard-on. Archer turned him around then and they looked at each other for the first time as lovers. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Gabriel’s; bourbon and cigar smoke flavored the kiss and he groaned deep in his throat. He pushed bursa escort bayan his tongue through lips, met Gabriel’s skilled thrust and parry. Archer felt his friend’s hands quickly undoing his slacks, pushing them to rest on his hips. And then a hot hand reached into his boxers and possessed the length of his cock. Skillfully, tortuously slow, that hand stroked him, from base to tip, then rolling a palm over the head, before repeating the caress. He pushed his cock deeper into Gabriel’s hand and growled in frustration.

Watching Lacey, sweet sexy Lacey, walk away from them hard been difficult to do. He knew he could have had Lacey; a little push, some sensual persuasion. He could be cock-deep in slick, tight pussy right now. But after she left it was Gabriel that drew his lustful gaze, Gabriel whom he imagined sucking his cock, fucking him. Growling deep in his throat he kissed him deeper, knowing that before the night was over he would immerse himself in his first male lover, and taste all it had to offer.

He pulled back and placed his hands on Gabriel’s shoulders, walking backwards with him until they reached the sofa. He quickly shed his clothes and Gabriel followed suit. A moment of uncertainty had him pausing. Did he really want this? He’d never before been interested in experimenting sexually with a man partner; had never even thought of Gabriel in that way, even knowing and accepting that his friend was bi.

But eight months ago he’d accidentally walked into his buddy’s apartment when Gabriel had a male lover visiting. He’d heard them up in the loft fucking; desperate breathing, moans of pleasure, flesh on flesh. Curiosity had his feet quietly making his way up the stairs until they were just visible. A rush of unexpected lust rooted him to the spot. They hadn’t noticed him standing there watching. Gabriel’s lover had been on his back, his legs spread lewdly, knees drawn up tight and he’d seen Gabriel’s dick pounding into the man’s ass over and over.

Harsh groans of pleasure and excitement had echoed around the loft, arrowing straight to his dick. Hot cum jetted out of the other man’s dick, splattering across their bellies and he’d felt his balls tighten unbearably. Had to bite back a moan; had palmed his suddenly aching cock through his jeans, rubbing blindly while trying desperately to remain quiet. And then Gabriel had pulled out, ripping off the condom; his lover taking that cock in his mouth while his buddy came. His face had twisted into a grimace of hot pleasure, his hips bucking.

And at that moment he’d wanted to be that other man, to have Gabriel’s cock fucking his mouth and having his seed hitting the back of his throat. Confused by his visceral reaction to what he’d seen and the cravings that had risen up so unexpectedly, he’d silently made his escape back to the mansion. He’d collapsed to rubbery knees just inside his bedroom door, desperately opening his jeans, jerking his cock from too confining briefs and fisting his cock furiously, the image of Gabriel in his mind; Gabriel’s mouth, Gabriel’s cock, Gabriel’s ass, until he’d come. It had splashed on his hand and belly; a normal enough occurrence in the past when he’d jacked off. But he’d never tasted it, never even been tempted, until that day. Muskier and saltier than a woman’s syrup; yet more like fine caviar, only liquid and thick.

And here they were. Eight months of curiosities and fantasies were about to be answered. He stood there, uncertain what to do next, but his friend came to his aid. He kneeled before him, running his hands along his thighs, squeezing his ass and looking directly, honestly, lustfully into his eyes. Gabriel’s tongue peeked out and made a gentle pass along the head of his dick, then swirled it gently around the crest. His legs shook and he moaned softly. Gabriel’s mouth carefully engulfed the first inch, sucked, then glided down another inch, sucked again. He couldn’t help reaching out to grab his head, clenching his fingers tightly, holding on, desperate for more. Oh, yeah, this was going to be good.

“More” he growled, hips bucking wildly at the hot mouth, and almost didn’t recognize his own voice. Gabriel obliged, repeating the gliding sucking action until the full length of Archer’s cock was swallowed up.

Gabriel moaned around his friend’s dick, so hot, so turned on, it was all he could do to hold onto his sanity. His flavor was hot and heavy, unabashedly male. Archer was fucking his mouth now and Gabriel forced his throat to relax. The thick cock was almost more than he could handle, but only almost. He wasn’t gentle or considerate; he just fucked Gabriel’s mouth like he was pounding pussy; or a steamy hot ass. And he let him. He loved it when his male lovers lost it like this. His balls tightened more, pulled up sharply. His dick throbbed, ached for the feel of Archer’s mouth.

He pulled away abruptly to stand and push Archer onto the sofa, anticipating the first touch of Archer’s tongue stroking his cock. He took a steadying breath then before approaching. This was not the time to scare him off. He stood before Archer, grabbed his dick and presented it at his lips. With a heavy groan Archer opened his mouth and sucked the tip. His tongue stabbed into the piss slit and he nearly came it was so good. Frantically he pinched off.

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