Discovery Ch. 03


The last two weeks had been hell for Steve. Ever since spending the night (and morning) with Phil, his thoughts has been a mess. It was if he suddenly didn’t know himself, what he was and wasn’t capable of, what he did and didn’t want.

It was because of this that he had never called the number Phil had given him as he’d left the apartment that Saturday morning.

“No pressure either way,” Phil had said as he’d given the number, “but if you do get in touch, that’d be great.”

He’d come close a number of times, but each time he’d chickened out, unsure of what to say, unsure even what he wanted to say to the man who’d changed his world so easily. He found himself daydreaming about their evening, he’d lie in bed stroking himself thinking about Phil’s cock buried deep inside him, and however much he tried to stop, he couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Which is why this Thursday found him wandering back to the station from work with a friend, vaguely paying attention to his talk about the upcoming football this week, whereas in reality his mind was elsewhere.

They turned a corner, and Steve looked up. At first, he couldn’t believe his eyes, but as the figure walking towards them got closer, he saw it was who he thought it was. Immediately, he felt his body unconsciously get excited, nervous tension running through his veins. In moments they were close enough for the other man to see him to, and start with a glint of recognition.

“Hi Phil,” Steve said shyly, as the two parties slowed and met.

“Steve, long time no see,” Phil replied, a bemused look on his face.

“Yeh, sorry about that,” steve stammered, before remembering he had company. In that moment he made a decision, and turning to his friend he said “Brad, you go on ahead, I’ll catch you tomorrow. Haven’t seen Phil for a while and would be good to catch up.” He looked questioningly at Phil, who just nodded.

“Sure, see you tomorrow,” Brad replied, “Nice to meet you Phil,” he added pleasantly as he walked off towards the station.

Steve watched him go, until he was out of earshot, and then turned to the Phil who was leaning up against the wall with a smile on his face.

“Catch up?” Phil asked, “you never called, so I assumed that was it?”

“Yeh, look, sorry about that, it’s just, what happened, was so amazing, but so scary, I didn’t want to face how I felt about it, and so I just ignored it,” he stammered.

“And now?” Phil asked, “you could have easily just walked on by, ignored me and carried on.”

“I know. But I don’t want to. It’s like you said that night, if something feels right, why fight it. I’ve realised what I want.”

“And what’s that?” Phil replied.

“You.” Steve said simply. “I know you’ve every right to say no, but well… I was hoping maybe…” he trailed off, looking into Phil’s piercing blue eyes.

Phil laughed. “You’ve got timing,” he said. I’m just off to work, opening up at the bar I work at.”

“But…” he added, seeing the look of disappointment on Steve’s face, “the bar doesn’t open for a while, I’m always on my own when opening up, no one else will be in for another hour if you want to come along.”

Steve didn’t trust himself to speak, and so meekly nodded. Phil smiled in reply and headed in the direction of the bar. The two of them walked in silence, Steve trying to think of what to say, and Phil respecting the thoughts that were whirling around Steve’s mind. They came to the back door of the bar, and steve stood back as Phil searched for the keys and opened the door.

They headed down a small corridor, Phil switching the lights on as they went, before turning into a small bursa escort back room, which was obviously used for staff breaks, a couple of chairs and one battered looking sofa took most of the space up.

Phil turned as they entered the room, and stood facing Steve.

“So, what now?” he asked, arms outspread. The movement drew Steve’s eyes to them, causing flashbacks to when those strong arms held him tight as he was fucked. It was if a switch had been flicked, and with a low moan of desire, crossed the two paces between them, and with hands either side of Phil’s face, pulled him into an urgent kiss.

The move took Phil by surprise, but only for a moment, and he responded in kind, mouth opening and tongue flicking forward into Steve’s mouth. All control from Steve had gone, he hungrily devoured Phil’s mouth, tongue lashing around like a live eel, all the frustrations of the last weeks gone in that kiss.

Phil broke for after a moment, taken aback by the intensity of the kiss.

“Wow,” he murmured, “looks like you made your mind up,” he smiled, and Steve sheepishly replied.

“Yes. I haven’t been able to get what we did out of my head. I want you to fuck me again, to pleasure me, and me pleasure you.” With that he closed the gap again, and openly kissed Phil’s mouth. This time was slower, more controlled, but just as sensual, deep need ingrained with every touch.

Steve’s hands were wrapped around Phil’s waist, pulling him close, whilst Phil had undone some of Steve’s shirt buttons, and hands were running up and down his chest, fingers light as they caressed the smooth skin, lingering on his nipples before running up and down once more.

“I want to taste you,” Steve moaned into Phil’s mouth as they broke again, lips millimetres from each other’s, “I want to know what it’s like.”

With a little trepidation, heart pounding in his chest, he knelt to the soft carpeted floor in front of phil. Already he could see the bulge growing beneath the denim, and he reached out and rubbed it through the coarse material, feeling it jerk and grow beneath his touch. Reaching up he slowly undid Phil’s belt, before unbuttoning the trousers and pulling them to the ground.

Now he could see the outline of Phil’s cock through the white material of his boxers, straining to be free. Again, he massaged the shaft through the boxers, before once more pulling them down Phil’s legs. Phil was naked from the waist down now, and Steve sighed as Phil’s cock was free now, standing stiffly up against his stomach, ready for his attention.

Slowly, carefully, he reached out, taking the dick into his hands, caressing the warm skin beneath his fingers. Looking up, he saw Phil smile and nod encouragement, and so turning his face back to the cock in front of him, he moved forward and took it into his mouth. His lips parted as the cock went in, just the head to begin with, and he paused. Carefully, he darted his tongue out, running it over the slit, tasting the unfamiliar saltiness of cum as he did. Gingerly, he took it out of his mouth, and ran his tongue down the length of the shaft, feeling it pulse beneath his tongue. Reaching the end, he then made his way back up the shaft, saliva glistening beneath his lips, before popping it back into his mouth.

This time he took more of it in, the bulk in his mouth causing him to gag, the unfamiliarity of a cock in his mouth new territory. Slowly, he started to bob his head, trying to caress the dick with his tongue as he did. Losing balance, he grabbed Phil with both hands, palms clasping Phil’s ass. Unconsciously, as he sucked, his hands massaged Phil’s ass, fingers caressing and görükle escort probing the tight muscles beneath. Slowly he increased, bobbing his head back and forth with more vigour, but he discovered as he did, he took more of Phil’s cock into his mouth, and began to gag more.

It was then he felt Phil’s hands on the back of his head, guiding him. With a rush of concern, he felt Phil’s strong arms push his head forward, whilst at the same time felt the muscles in his legs and ass push gently forward. Unable to resist, he felt more and more of Phil’s cock enter his mouth. But Phil wasn’t forceful, he gradually increased until his full length was in Steve’s mouth. Fighting to gag, Steve gamely sucked, one hand now reaching underneath Phil’s cock, massaging the balls below. After a moment, he grew accustomed to it, no longer uncomfortable, and when Phil pulled out, before slowly thrusting forward again, it wasn’t so bad. Saliva dribbled from his mouth as Phil pulled out, coating his chin, but he no longer cared.

He moved his head in time now, matching Phil’s slow thrusts with his own head movement, one hand on the base of the shaft, caressing its slick length, covered in his saliva. As if of one mind, they slowly increased the speed, Steve’s tongue and lips working overtime on Phil’s dick.

Casting his eyes upwards, Steve saw Phil’s head was thrown back in a silent cry of ecstasy, and before he realised what that meant, he felt Phil tense up. Suddenly, Phil came, and Steve almost choked on the cum as it spurted into his mouth. More came, and he was faced with this decision of swallowing, or letting it dribble out of his mouth. The strange taste almost made him gag, but he swallowed, letting the seed slide down his throat as more replaced it.

Momentarily, Phil finished coming, and Steve felt him soften. Licking the dick free, he let it drop out of his mouth, a trail of cum followed it, staining Steve’s face.

“Not bad for a first time.” Phil said, as Steve stood, stretching his stiff joints. The two came together again, kissing with renewed passion, the manly taste of Phil now mingling with the cum on Steve’s lips.

They broke away again, Steve with his shirt half undone and Phil with only a t-shirt on, and as of one mind, they quickly discarded their clothes. First Steve undid his shirt, throwing it onto the chair, before undoing his trousers which followed them. Pausing momentarily in just his boxers, he looked over at Phil who had discarded his t-shirt. Steve took in the strong physique, from the powerful legs to the toned smooth torso, the strong tanned arms and the open friendly smile, and any reservation he had vanished. He turned, a last vestige of self-consciousness, and slowly stepped out of his boxers, first one leg then the other, not realising as he bent over the view he was giving.

“Now that’s a view I could get used to,” Phil smiled, gazing at Steve’s tight ass, which stretched and moved as Steve stepped out of his underwear.

Looking over his shoulder, Steve smiled at Phil, before throwing his boxers onto the pile, and turning to face Phil again.

“Looks like someone else is pleased as well,” Phil said, looking down at Steve’s erect cock. “let’s sort him out.”

Stepping together again, skin to skin they kissed, Phil this time kneading Steve’s ass with his hands, caressing the smooth white skin as Steve moaned with pleasure. Breaking the kiss, Phil spun Steve around, before pulling him back towards him, so Steve ass was pressed up against Phil’s cock, which was growing once more.

Sensually, Phil kissed Steve’s neck, tongue caressing the soft skin there, as he reached around, bursa escort bayan taking Steve’s cock in his hands. Gently he stroked up and down, fingers causing shivers down Steve’s spine, making him arch his back in delight. Faster and fasten his hand moved, like a weaver on a loom, pumping Steve’s cock whilst the other reached down and gently caressed Steve’s body.

Unthinking, Steve was pressing back, his ass writhing and pressing into Phil’s groin, whose cock had recovered now, and was hardening between Steve’s ass and his own stomach. Feeling his own need growing, wanting to be inside that tight ass again, he increased his efforts, and felt Steve stiffen in his hands. He kept pumping, hearing Steve’s breathing get more ragged, and with a final tug Steve came. Phil didn’t stop, letting the cum spurt over his hands and fingers, coating them as he finished Steve off.

Breathless, Steve turned, but Phil instead guided him towards the sofa, and Steve flopped onto it on his arms and knees, ass in the air, as eager as Phil to be fucked.

Taking Steve’s cum, still fresh on his fingers, Phil reached forward, and inserted his fingers into Steve’s ass, using his own cum as lube. His probing fingers swirled and caressed, causing Steve to moan in pleasure. Steve’s ass was willing, opening easily to the caress off Phil, and soon, Phil pulled his fingers out.

Stepping close, he leant one leg onto the sofa, the other on the floor as he pressed tight against Steve’s ass, his dick giving its own caress as he positioned himself.

Slowly, he thrust forward, guiding his dick with one hand into Steve’s waiting ass. Steve pushed back as Phil met resistance, his ass devouring more disk and they pressed against each other. Phil pulled back, and then slowly thrust forward again. He increased his rhythm, forcing his whole length into Steve’s ass, which was wiggling and writhing in time to the thrusts.

Steve was face down in a pillow, moaning unintelligible words as he took Phil into him, the pleasure as good as he remembered.

“Thwack thwack,” reverberated around the room as Phil’s stomach slapped into his ass with each stroke.

“Mmmm,” Steve moaned, as Phil thrust harder, his breathing now coming in ragged bursts from exertion. The feeling of Phil inside his was so incredible to take, he felt like he was being split, but in such an all-encompassing and wonderful way. He felt Phil’s hands around his waist, steadying himself as he thrust, and Steve reached back with his own, entwining his fingers with the other man’s, as was wonderfully stretched.

He could have stayed there for ever, but soon he felt Phil speed up, and knew the end was coming. A burst of warmth gushed through his ass as Phil came, and Steve could feel him pumping deep within his ass.

Phil finished, and flopped down on the sofa, the two of them rolling so that they stayed locked together, Phil still in Steve’s ass as they spooned on the sofa. Phil’s face was flushed as Steve looked over his shoulder, panting in air, his look met with a smile.

Too soon Phil rolled him over, and stood, finally pulling his cock out from Steve’s ass. A feeling of emptiness hit Steve as he lay there, naked, ass deliciously aching and red, as Phil stood and gathered his clothes.

“I really need to get sorted,” Phil smiled, eyes roving over Steve’s naked body, “the bar opens soon, and you’ve stopped me getting prep done!” he added.

“Sorry,” Steve murmured, paying lip service as he was not sorry at all.

“I’m not,” Phil said “when you’re ready, just head out the back. When the bar opens, if you want to come for a drink, maybe hang around and we can head back to mine when I’m done?”

“Sounds like a plan!” Steve smiled back dozily, post sex lethargy starting to hit.

“No sleeping though,” Phil laughed, throwing a pillow in Steve’s direction, before pulling on his clothes and heading out the room.

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