Doctor’s Orders Ch. 3


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Chapter Three

I was pleasantly surprised as I drove into the driveway of Red’s new home. Of course, it had been his son’s and daughter-in-law’s home earlier, but Red had paid off the mortgage when he moved here from Florida after their death. He was determined that his grandsons would live in the home where they had grown up. It looked like a very comfortable, happy place.

I heard activity in the house as I rang the doorbell. Red opened the door quickly and stood in the doorway, a huge cigar in his face, smiling like a Cheshire cat. It looked like he had stopped trying to hide his smoking from the boys. I couldn’t blame him, after all he said the boys already smoked, so it wasn’t like he was setting a bad precedent. He appeared to be nude except for the “I’m The Cook!” apron that covered his chest and groin area. I had almost forgotten that he said he and the boys were very informal around the house. Suddenly I felt very overdressed, at least in comparison to Red. He waved me in, and I followed him as he trailed a fragrant cloud of cigar smoke through the house.

As we entered the backyard through a covered patio, I got my first view of his hellion grandsons. They were splashing and carrying on in the pool as I watched Red, his face smiling with pride as he watched the boys rough housing together.

“Well Jim, meet the little bastards that damn near killed me last night!” he laughed, smoke rolling from his mouth.

He stepped closer to the pool and waved his arms, trying to get their attention. Finally the youngest looking boy poked his brothers and they all swam to the edge of the pool nearest Red. They looked very much like Red, only younger. He would have a difficult time disavowing his bloodline among these boys. They were all well tanned, muscular, and really good looking young men. I could pick the boys out just by their size.

Grant, the oldest, looked like he had played some football in the recent past. His green eyes and red hair shone in the bright sunlight that set off his white, toothy smile. He was obviously the leader of the gang. Justin had many of the same features of Red, but he must have had some features from his mom’s side of the family too. His skin was smoother, not as chiseled as his older brother. His hair was more reddish-blonde, obviously sun bleached from too many hours outdoors. He looked like an athlete too, with well defined muscle structure in his chest. Jake, the youngest, was probably the best looking of the boys. He grinned from ear to ear and just had that devilish look about him, and he looked most like what Red must have looked like at that age.

“Guys, this is my friend Doc Morris, he’s the one I was telling y’all about. He’s a guest in our home today and I want you little jack offs to show him some fuckin’ respect, at least more than you dumb nuts show me!”

“Yes, grandpa,” the boys sang out in unison, their voices squeaky high like some ten year olds. It was obviously good natured kidding.

“Kinda makes your dick hard, don’t it?!” Red said, smiling, nodding toward bursa escort his grandsons.

The answer was so obvious I didn’t bother answering. Red was proud of his grandsons, and he had every right as far as I could tell. How he kept his cock in his pants around them was a mystery to me! Now I understood the frustration he was feeling!

“Gramps I’m thirsty! How about some beers out here on the patio?” Jake asked hopefully.

“Good idea, squirt! Get your ass out of the pool and round some up!”

“Enough for everybody?” he asked hopefully.

“How many people over 21 do you see here Jake?!” Red asked innocently.

“Shit grandpa! That ain’t fair! I guess you still think we’re little kids!”

“Not after what I saw last night here at the house! No sir, I don’t believe I saw even one little boy!!” he laughed wickedly, letting the proverbial ‘cat out of the bag’.

Red was enjoying springing this little trap on them. I think he liked the idea that he had them on the defensive now. A broad smile crept across his face as he drew in another lung full of smoke. He exhaled slowly, letting the aromatic smoke trickle from his nose. I noticed that the cigar he was smoking was bigger than my cock! Damn, that looked hot! Red turned toward me and winked as if he were sending me some kind of signal, but I wasn’t sure what his intentions were at this moment.

Jake was almost completely out of the pool when his grand dad revealed the secret that the boys, until now, had thought to be safe. Grant and Justin looked to each other, panic in their faces! All the boys seemed to be frozen with fear, and, as I expected he would, Grant tried to take control as Jake walked slowly toward the patio, never taking his eyes from his grand dad.

“I’m not too sure what you’re talking about gramps. Did you see us do something last night?!” Grant asked, too innocently to be believed.

“Damn Grant! Maybe I got you three mixed up with someone else! Hell yeh, that’s probably it! But I gotta tell you Grant that three guys were fucking and sucking your girlfriend Brenda in your bedroom last night!”

Red and I had moved over to a large patio table covered by an even larger unbrella while he spoke. This baby was huge, easily seating eight. Red motioned for me to sit next to him, on his right. I admired the way that he was controlling the boys, realizing that this might be the first time he had themunder his total control. He relaxed, easing and slumping a little as his body molded itself to the contours of the chair. Drawing again from his cigar, he passed it to me as if this was the most natural thing in the world to do. I didn’t have to ask what I was supposed to do with it, and enhaled deeply from the wet, cut end. Taking a quick double pump, the smoke disappeared down my throat never to be seen again.

Justin and Jake both groaned at nearly the same instant. Grant tried mightily to play this out to the end and actually acted for a few moments like he didn’t understand. He wasn’t good at playing dumb!

The back yard was deathly quiet for a moment and then Justin slammed the water hard with his fist, obviously görükle escort very upset. Jake stood with his head bowed, wringing his shaking hands. A faint “oh, fuck!” escaped his lips.

After Red allowed them to wallow in their own torment for a while, he finally decided to cut them a little slack. Slowly sliding his hand over to my cock, he squeezed gently and held on.

“Watch this!” he whispered, smiling as he felt my manhood starting to grow.

“Alright, you three fucked up and grandpa caught you, so get out of the pool so we can talk about this!”

“Dammit, grandpa, you know were nude!” Justin whinned.

“Well, hell, Justin, so you are! Funny ain’t it?You guys never seemed to be so modest before! You show me your cocks and balls all the time now don’t you! The doc here has seen plenty of dicks before, and you three sure seemed to enjoy each others nakedness last night. Quit stalling and get your scrawny butts over here now!”

Red turned to me and asked loud enough for everyone to hear, “three nude boys ain’t gonna bother you, will it doc?!”

I was about to answer that it wouldn’t bother me in the least. At least that’s what I intended to say. The three moved quickly toward the table, their balls and cocks swaying as they walked. Everyone of them were at least 4 inches soft, with low hanging furry balls just like their gradpa’s nuts! I couldn’t keep my eyes off their crotches as they approached, my eyes darting to each boy in turn. Red chuckled and squeezed my erect cock hard, instantly getting my undivided attention. I felt like a little kid seeing his first cock! I could barely breathe, and my mouth felt like someone had just packed it with cotton.

“Well, uh, I guess….uh… no, I mean after all I am a………….!”

“A doctor?” Red offered, laughing his ass off.

“Yeh, a doctor!” I finally remembered, pissed at myself at how easily the sight of three gorgeous cocks had distracted me.

“Jake, go in the house and bring us some beers, and bring enough for everyone. Looks like you boys could use a drink right about now!” Red barked, sending Jake scurrying, the boy’s 5 inch prick flopping from side to side against his legs.

Jake appeared to be happy to escape his grandpa’s wrath, if even for just a moment. I somehow felt that of all the grand kids, Jake loved Red the most. The kid worshipped his grandpa. Grant and Justin slinked down into chairs across from the two of us and quickly lit cigarettes. Just watching them proved they had been smoking probably for years. I wanted a smoke too, butthought better of it as Jake returned with a tray of cold beers. Red put his cigar down in the oversized ashtray and began opening and passing around the ice cold beverages. Out of the corner of his eye he caught Jake again. The kid had his grandpa’s stogie and was inhaling quickly.

“What the hell are you doing Jake?!” Red barked, sounding like he was really pissed.

Their eyes met for a moment with neither speaking. Finally, Jake exhaled a thick cloud toward his grand dad.

“Well grandpa, I figure if you’re gonna cut my nuts off anyway, I might as bursa escort bayan well go down in flames all the way! You look so hot smoking these things I just had to find out if they taste as good as they smell! This might be my last chance!”

“And what’s your considered opinion young man?” Red asked, curiousity evident in his tone of voice.

“Shit! These things are phat! Way awesome!”

“That means he likes them!” Red offered, turning to me, shaking his head, acting as official translator.

“Boys, we got a problem here, and I want you three to see what you’re doing to your old fart grandfather! My gnarly, wrinkled old cock is dripping like a garden hose just thinking about what you boys were doing last night! I got a mind to jack a big load off right here, right now!” Red said suddenly, his left hand pulling back the cooking apron to reveal his thick cock meat.

Like the boys, I swallowed hard at the sight of Red’s big prick. It stood proud and tall, pulsing with each beat of his heart. The thick veins on his shaft directed the blood as it coursed through his cock, making him grow another inch. All eyes were now on Red’s meaty prick as he very slowly began to slide his hand up and down the throbbing shaft. I knew that he needed some help now, so I jumped in with both feet.

“Guys, your grand dad is frustrated and confused. He can’t help the way he feels about you three, he loves you very much, but you’ve got to stop teasing him! How would you like to see the things he does and know that it’s wrong to feel the way he does? Just look, what would you do if you were your grandpa right now Justin?!”

Justin snubbed his cigarette out and grabbed for the pack on the table. He fumbled with the pack for a moment, his hands shaking visibly.

“I’d jack that big fucker off right now!”

“Would you really?” I asked seriously, “Right in front of everybody?! And what about you Jake, what would you think if grandpa did that?!”

“I’d think it was time for me to get between his legs and slurp up his cum as he got himself off!” Jake whispered, still staring at his grand dad.

I smiled. Red and I both knew now how the boys wanted things to be around this house from now on. I could almost read the ‘thank you’ in Red’s eyes. He leaned deeper into the lounge chair as the pace on his prick picked up momentum.

“Go for it gramps, show us pups how a real man does it!” Grant ordered lewdly, his own fist slapping his meat below the table.

That was all the encouragement Red needed. He was a man on a mission now. He slid forward a little, giving himself more freedom to really slap his hard cock. His eyes rolled back in his head slightly as he began to moan loudly.

“Holy shit, grandpa! Stop for a second damnit! Let me jack that ugly old cock for you! I’ll suck it for you too!” Justin volunteered, lust in his voice.

“Damn, gramps, that’s not fair! Tell Justin that if he gets to suck your cock that I get to eat your cum!!!” Jake griped loudly, massaging the thick balls below his own rigid prick.

For just a moment I thought that I saw tears in Red’s eyes. He blinked several times before he spok again.

“That would make an old man very happy boys, but are sure this is really what you want?!”

“Hell yes! We’ve been trying to get in your pants since you got here!!” Justin laughed as he replaced his grand dad’s hand with his own.

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