Don’t Look Back Ch. 19


Lee’s lips were soft, his breath warm, and his fingers were doing the most amazing things to Marshall’s flesh. Marshall ate up the attention. Not that he didn’t have Lee’s attention on a regular basis, but today was special, and he felt like a kid on Christmas morning, waiting to see what Santa had brought. Except in this case Santa had brought Lee, and Lee brought joy to Marshall’s world.

When Lee backed off and rose, Marshall moaned at the loss.

“Just for a second,” Lee assured him. “Be right back.”

Marshall’s eyes fastened on Lee’s hot ass as he knelt beside the cooler and rummaged through their bag. He licked his lips appreciatively at the sight. When Lee returned, he held the honey bear in one hand, the lube in the other. Now Marshall was even more confused as to Lee’s intentions.

“You hungry?” he ventured a guess.

Lee gave him a knowing smile. “Always hungry for you, aren’t I?”

Marshall had to grin at that. Familiar warmth stole through his body at Lee’s words. “Yeah, but that doesn’t explain… Oooh…”

Lee tossed the lube onto the blanket. He opened the bear and removed the seal that proved it was virgin and untouched by anyone else. Upending it, he began to slowly drizzle honey over Marshall’s nipples, first one and then the other. Marshall watched the process with fascination. What in the world was Lee up to?

When Lee touched the tip of his tongue to one nipple, mecidiyeköy escort Marshall began to understand. Even more so, as Lee licked around the pink nub before taking it fully into his mouth and sucking. Marshall moaned in appreciation. Lee repeated the procedure on the second nipple. By the time he was done, they were rosy and stiff peaks, and ached pleasurably.

Lee leaned back and squatted on his haunches. His eyes hungrily grazed over Marshall, who writhed impatiently. Marshall knew better than to whimper. He bit his tongue as he waited for Lee to make his next move. He didn’t have long to wait.

Lee moved farther south, and turned the bear upside down again, holding it over Marshall’s hard, weeping cock. The viscous substance oozed out, hitting the cockhead, sliding slowly down the side. Lee used his fingers to help coat Marshall’s erection with the sweet stuff, before he bent over it and took it into his mouth in its entirety.

Lee’s mouth was warm and wet around Marshall’s cock, and his tongue was doing things that in certain societies might be considered criminal. Marshall arched his back, digging his fingers into the blanket beneath him. A gentle breeze stirred the air, and purple blossoms descended upon them in a colorful shower.

Lee took Marshall’s hairless balls in one hand, rolling them between his fingers. He’d given them a quick going over in the bathroom last night, istanbul escort just in case. Not that they were all that hairy to begin with. Lee had a lot more hair down there than Marshall did.

“Finger,” Marshall moaned needily. “Please,” he added as an afterthought, although today he knew it wasn’t mandatory. Still, couldn’t hurt.

Lee knew what Marshall wanted—Lee always understood Marshall’s needs. Marshall watched as Lee moved his hand from Marshall’s balls, picked up the lube and one-handedly pushed open the cap. He spilled a small amount of the lube onto Marshall’s stomach; it was cool to the touch, not unpleasantly so. Setting the tube aside, Lee dipped his fingers into the substance, slicking them. “Spread’em, sweet cheeks,” he directed, and Marshall happily obeyed.

Marshall pulled his legs back and held them against his chest, knowing this would give Lee greater access.

“How many?” Lee wanted to know, licking the top of Marshall’s cock.


“Let’s work up to that, why don’t we? Start with two?”

Marshall nodded his assent. Lee slid two fingers slowly inside Marshall’s channel, even as he devoured his cock once more. Oh God, that felt good. He clenched his muscles about Lee’s fingers, hoping to keep them there forever. He knew what was coming, and he braced for it.

Sure enough, Lee reached Marshall’s prostate and pushed against the bundle of nerves. şişli escort Marshall yelped; Lee did it again.

“More!” he gasped, and felt Lee add the third finger he’d promised.

Marshall felt full, but in a good way. There was only one thing better than having Lee fingerfuck him, and that was being filled by Lee himself. He closed his eyes and gave in to the sensations that bombarded him, to the glory of the moment.

Cool air hit his cock as Lee pulled off again, and removed his fingers gently from Marshall’s ass. “I think you’re ready. Roll on your side.”

Marshall wasted no time in doing as directed. Lee lifted one leg and raised it to his shoulder before he pushed inside Marshall with one thrust.

“Go ahead and touch,” Lee gave his permission. Marshall quickly wrapped his hand around his cock and pumped, even as Lee began to thrust in and out in a quick rhythm.

Marshall’s control began to slip. He was about to come, and he knew it. That familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach that began to grow, radiating outward, rapidly. The feeling sparked and caught fire as his cock began to spasm and Lee thrust harder. Marshall kept pumping his cock, ejaculating in quick spurts that coated his hand and chest.

A few hard thrusts later, he felt Lee’s release fill him warmly, heard Lee moan his name aloud as he came, before he collapsed onto the blanket, pulling Marshall close.

Damn, that was good. If the fishing was even half as good, it would be a perfect day. Drained, he was tempted to close his eyes for a moment. It was a struggle not to give in. But in the end, he gave up and fell asleep against Lee, inhaling his familiar scent.

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