Crème de Marisol Ch. 2


NOTE: This is adult fiction containing mature material and is intended for an adult readership. If you are offended by such content then please exit the page. Feedback is always welcome. Please let me know if you’d like the narrative continued.

* * * * *

Dr. Janice Clifton had spent the entire semester fielding the squabbles and complaints. The new faculty member had left a trail of rancor and envy through the halls of the science building at the university. Jan had pushed through the offer of a post to Dr. Marisol Olvares, and hard feelings had not been ameliorated by Marisol’s autocratic and haughty style. Only careful diplomacy averted mutiny.

Jan’s fervently loyal administrative assistant, Frances, had kept her up to date on the rumors and scuttlebutt. The most accepted hypothesis was a kickback from Olvares to the chairperson in exchange for the position. The faculty knew full well that Marisol had left Modulagen Corporation with cash, stock and options. The free rein given in research space and assistantships was thought to have been bought.

The truth was simpler. No financial conspiracy held sway over their administrator; basic biology did. Jan had been inexpressibly thrilled when she required new brassieres. Her pale breasts were blossoming as new tissue swelled beneath her light pink areolae. The broad, flat area between her breasts was developing into a distinct cleavage between her expanding tits. Her loose blouses and dresses concealed the changes, but she knew that the difference would be noticeable before long.

She and Marisol had worked out an elaborate system of meetings so that no pattern of rendezvous would be noticed. Once Marisol rented a cabin at a state park well outside of town. Jan drove up early Saturday morning and rushed in to find Marisol waiting in bed for her.

The warm fluid filling her mouth nearly aroused her to the point of wetting herself. Jan sucked hard as Marisol fondled Dr. Clifton’s burgeoning breasts and tweaked her hard red nipples. Marisol refused to kiss Jan, much less suck her tits or eat her pussy. The Latina received the attention, unsatisfied until the lanky redhead had gone down between her smooth, almond-brown thighs to drive her clit to orgasm.

The encounters were short and increasingly frustrating to Jan. She yearned for a mouth to service her. Masturbation released the tension but was a shadowy substitute for satisfaction. Marisol was pleased to see the hormonal and libidinal changes working in her superior – an ironic term, she’d think with a smirk. Watching Dr. Clifton wetting her fingers and rubbing herself as she tongued Marisol’s dark-lipped cunt gave Marisol a feeling of real power.


Jan pulled into the driveway Friday afternoon. Marisol was gone for the weekend so she would have to distract herself as best she could from considering the urge to suck those firm brown breasts. As the sun began setting Dr. Clifton changed into her running shoes and shorts as well as her larger sized sports bra. A university t-shirt and a scrunchy to pull her hair into a ponytail completed the outfit. Her fair complexion gave her reason to avoid the sun, but she had kept running since her track days in high school. Her stature made her a candidate for basketball as well as track, but she was a more accomplished runner.

Jan stretched and warmed up before her run through the affluent neighborhood she and her husband, Stuart, lived in. He was still on sabbatical, but come the end of this semester he’d be flying back from Europe. What a surprise he’d be getting!

Jan started her run. She didn’t like running on concrete and asphalt, but it was too convenient. She had a long waist, so her thin muscular legs weren’t as long as one would expect on a woman of her height. The weather was warming so beads of sweat speckled her forehead before very long. After turning a few street corners Jan felt the traces of görükle escort bayan perspiration over her tiny paunch and running down the small of her back. Jan smiled; she could feel the bounce in her larger breasts.

Two blocks over Jan circled back in the direction of her house. Here at the edge of the subdivision was a small woodland with a creek. The area had been left wooded for natural flood control. Up ahead to her left she saw Dina Kraft retrieving her mail. Dina was sweet, but she talked forever and inevitably retold the story of her divorce and how her kids stayed with their grandparents most of the time and how handsome her newest lover was.

Damn, she was waiting for Jan to run by the house. She had never learned that you don’t stop suddenly on a run. Dr. Clifton wondered how she could avoid her pesky neighbor.

“Jan, are you blind?” Jan had been so focused on the obstacle ahead that she hadn’t noticed the figure waving at her from the woods. Phyllis lived three houses down from Dina and had crossed the street to walk by the creek. Jan cut down the path into the woods and left a perplexed Dina standing in the street. She slowed her pace and began her cooling down routine. Phyllis was sitting on a boulder by the running water and knew enough to wait while Jan eased down to a walk.

“Nice evening for a run, but it’ll be so hot soon that you’d better switch to mornings,” Phyllis said. Phyllis and her husband were both well on in their careers, and their children were either married or in college. She had many smile lines on her jovial face, and her love of good food (including her own cooking) padded her with just a few extra pounds.

“Do I get to stop for breakfast?” Jan had caught her breath enough to speak.

“Sure, whatever scraps Rick hasn’t eaten.” Phyllis laughed heartily. Her blue eyes sparkled merrily.

“That’ll do. You know; you just saved me from Dina.”

“You don’t want to hear about Doug?” Phyllis grinned. She had the wide, thick lips Jan associated with jollity. Phyllis slid off of the stone and brushed the leaves and straw from her backside. She was wearing black shorts with her sleeveless blouse. Her shoulders were deeply tanned with dark freckles.

“Not really, Phyl. Here, turn around.” Jan brushed the dirt that Phyllis had missed from her shorts.

“Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to, sagging front and rear. I don’t know about you though. You might just stay skinny,” Phyllis remarked. Phyllis could smell the sweat from her runner neighbor. Odd, Phyllis thought, Jan’s hands felt good as they rubbed her ass.

Jan had begun by brushing the black shorts, but she lingered on Phyllis’ soft, pliant cheeks. The aching in her breasts had returned, and her clit responded as well. Jan put her right hand on her tummy and wetted it with sweat.

Phyllis was unnerved by this unusual feeling. “Jan, it’s getting dark. We’d better be heading up to the street.” She waited for Jan to answer.

Instead Jan pulled the elastic of the shorts with her left hand and slipped her wet right hand into Phyllis’ cotton panties. She ran her hand into the deep crevice of Phyl’s copious ass, rubbing the soft white skin with her sweat. At first Phyllis tightened her buttocks, but at the touch of Jan’s moist hand she relaxed as Jan probed.

Phyllis inhaled the musky smell of her neighbor as Jan pressed close to her. She felt the taller woman’s chin touching her short platinum gray hair flipped under at the neckline. She hadn’t felt the warm desire in her crotch in a long time, and she believed her years of these feelings had passed. She welcomed their return regardless of the sex of the reawakener.

She gasped as the tips of Jan’s long fingers caressed the rim of her asshole. Jan traced a circular path around the taut sphincter. Phyllis slipped her hand into the front of her shorts and found the source of so many orgasms. bursa otele gelen escort Her chest was heaving now and she began to sweat.

Jan removed her hand from the black shorts and peeled off her t-shirt. Her breasts required servicing and she had found a willing mouth. Jan covered Phyllis’ mouth and nose with her sweat-soaked top and turned the older woman to face her. Phyllis felt years melt away as she got off on the overpowering aroma of Jan. Jan lifted her bra to expose her left breast and pulled the mouth of her seduced to her tit by moving the hand holding the t-shirt behind Phyllis’ head. Compliantly Phyl took nearly all the teat into her mouth and sucked as she masturbated.

Jan felt the relief as her chemical-laden milk sprayed into Phyl’s mouth. Phyllis tasted the luscious warm liquid as it ran across her broad tongue and down her throat. Darkness enveloped them as the sun gave way to nightfall. The streetlights flickered on and cast dim puddles of light in the brushy woods. Phyllis tugged down at her shorts as she was lead to Jan’s other breast. Gray pubic hair was just visible in the low light as Phyllis fingered herself.

Throwing her head back in ecstasy, Jan flung her t-shirt back up the deeply shadowed path and backed up against the boulder Phyllis had been sitting on earlier. Phyllis felt a distinct surge of sensation through her flaccid breasts; the warm arousal converged through her breast tissue at her large areolaed nipples. She half believed her breasts had become a little firmer, but she hadn’t been erotically charged in a long time.

Jan was unlike Marisol. Her urges tended much more to mutual enjoyment than domination. Phyl looked up into her lover’s green eyes as she stroked at her own stiffened clit.

“Lie back on the rock,” Jan whispered. The older woman stood with her shorts and panties halfway down her stocky thighs and obeisantly let Jan Clifton remove her flower-patterned blouse and unfasten her wide-backed white bra. Phyllis scooted up onto the flat shelf of the low, smooth boulder and lay back to feel the cool touch of stone against her bare back. Her breasts drooped to each side, but her long, dark nipples pointed at the emerging stars.

“Please kiss me down there,” Phyl entreated her friend. Jan pulled her sports bra off and slid Phyllis’ sandals from her feet. She was nude after Jan eased off the shorts and panties. Phyl felt no self-consciousness and opened her folded legs wide. Jan kissed the inside of Phyllis’ thigh and ran her tongue across the smooth skin. Tantalizingly she brushed her lips across the silvery pubic hair and kissed the opposite thigh. Phyl panted in anticipation. As Jan reached to part pink pussy lips with her long fingers she turned to kiss the top of Phyllis’ foot.

Phyllis moaned and rubbed her clit while Jan took a toe into her mouth and sucked it. Jan worked on Phyllis’ toes and used her hand to spread the pussy lips for Phyl’s stubbier finger to massage her engorged clit. Jan moved toward the wet pussy and sucked Phyl’s digit before tonguing her sensitized, throbbing bulb.

“Come, come, come,” Phyllis kept repeating as Jan went down. Jan felt her partner tense her abdomen under the waistline roll of fat. The shuddering onset of orgasm was imminent. Dr. Clifton wanted to get off herself, but for now her attention was occupied.


Dina Kraft stood at the curb and wavered. She had seen Jan Clifton dart into the woods while she was getting the mail, and she had kept watching from the dining room window after she brought the mail in. Jan hadn’t come back out, and it had gotten dark. It was inconsiderate how blatantly her neighbor had avoided her. Earlier she saw Phyllis Ware go for her walk by the creek. Dina hadn’t seen her again either. Were they in there talking about her? Why were they in there so long? It was a little creepy now that bursa escort bayan it was dark. She thought she could hear them, but it didn’t sound like conversation. She wished Doug were dropping by tonight. That way they could pretend to be finding a place in the woods to make out and Dina could see what those two were up to.

Nervously Dina fingered the cross she had worn around her neck since Catholic school in Philly. Her Italian family had warned her that Jeff Kraft was no good for her, but she ignored them. If she could muster some courage she could tread softly down the path and eavesdrop. She had changed into a black t-shirt and black sweatpants with that thought in mind. Her curly black hair didn’t require covering.

What was that? Instinctively Dina crouched at the edge of the woods after she heard the groaning sound. Maybe they were in trouble! Quietly she moved down the path into the woods.


Phyl cried out as she came, but there shouldn’t be anyone able to hear her and she didn’t have the composure to care. She was wetter than she thought she ever would be again. She thought she would crush Jan with her legs as she clamped down on the redhead’s upper body, but Jan was lean and muscular against her pliant flesh.

“Damn, Jan,” Phyllis said in appreciation. Jan kissed her belly with juicy lips. Jan wanted to come too. Phyllis sat up.

“Would you do something for me?” Jan asked in a throaty voice.

“Anything, honey. I’d do anything for you. Please just don’t say that’s the last time you’ll fuck me.” Phyllis couldn’t remember the last time she had used the word ‘fuck’. She rarely cursed.


Dina couldn’t believe her eyes. Phyllis was stark naked on the rock by the creek, and Jan Clifton was whispering to her, topless! Dina had read about witchcraft in suburbia, but her neighbors couldn’t possibly be involved in that! She knew they weren’t lesbians, but who knew what perversity demon possession could produce. Then Dina saw them kiss. It was repulsive, but she couldn’t stop watching. She knelt down to remain concealed. As she put her hand out to support herself she felt cloth.

Dina picked up Jan’s sweat laden t-shirt. “Gross!” she thought. Realizing that Jan would be looking for the shirt before she left her deviant rendezvous in the woods, Dina knew she had to retreat to the street and hopefully make it home before they saw her. Dina began to put the shirt back on the ground, but reflexively she sniffed it. Memories flooded back. Gym class. The locker room. The shower. How all the girls wanted a body like Megan’s with her big boobs and thin waist.

Dina closed her eyes and held the shirt to her face. She remembered showering after the other girls had left. She would wash herself and the warm water and soap and the rubbing felt so good. One day she caught a girl on her knees in front of another, and they made her swear to keep the secret or they’d say she did it too. She didn’t say anything. Did she secretly want them to kiss her?

Dina opened her eyes and saw that Jan had taken Phyllis Ware’s place on the boulder and now was shed of shorts and panties too. Phyllis leaned down between Jan’s limber legs and began doing what the girls had been doing in the shower when Dina was at school. Unconsciously Dina had sucked a bit of Jan’s t-shirt into her mouth and tasted its exotic saltiness. She felt arousal coming, but she couldn’t stop it.

An irregular patch of blue fluorescence from the streetlights shone through a gap in the limbs of the trees. The dim glow cast a violet tint on Phyllis’ bulbous white ass as she explored Jan’s cunt with her tongue, lips and fingers. Dina felt warm and fuzzy all over. Her tits were rigid and peaked and she felt excitement in her clitoris. She knew this was dirty and wrong, but she was transfixed by the Sapphic scene before her.

Dina heard the sound of a car passing on the street above. She put the shirt down hurriedly and forced herself to look away from her two neighbors. Slowly she crept back up the path. She wanted the dirty feelings to go away. She moved quietly to where the path opened from the woods to the swath of grass by the street. As she was about to step into the open Jan and Phyllis seized her.

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