Deep Massage


When it came to sports, Seraphine gave it everything. That’s why she needed to wind down. And where better, she thought, than in the hands of a handsome young masseur at the Rackets Club?

Only this time, it was different. As Seraphine stretched out on her back, still soaked in her short black skirt and white T-shirt and wiggling her toes to get comfortable, she saw the masseur enter the room and caught her breath. Not only was it a woman but it was one of the most gorgeous women she had ever seen! So tall – perhaps 6 foot 1, with a dark brown complexion, bee-sting lips and twinkling greenish eyes that smiled and promised… well, Seraphine was not sure. “Hi I’m Sandy,” the girl said. “I’m afraid Terry couldn’t make it, but will I do?”

Seraphine was speechless for a moment. She was pretty heterosexual on the whole, with maybe one or two crushes and ‘incidents’ along the way. The last had been last summer – she’d been on holiday when the hotel nurse (a pretty Spanish girl with shy eyes and breasts that seemed, in Seraphine’s eyes, somehow desperate to escape from her satin blouse) had treated Seraphine for a jelly-fish sting. Whether by accident or design, the gentle hand that spread ointment on her belly had strayed a little… Seraphine had even let the young nurse put her hand inside Seraphine’s jeans and tight black panties – before being overcome with embarrassment and pulling away. She’d often thought about the incident later. What they might have done together, where she might have kissed the nurse…

Anyway, back in reality, the masseur had asked a question – will I do? – and Seraphine felt it was only polite to answer with a smile: “You will do nicely!”

“I am rather new to massage, I’m afraid,” Sandy continued. “But if you tell me what you like, we should get along fine.”

She walked over to the massage table and Seraphine noticed the sheen of her long dark thighs under the short white dress.

“Where shall we start? Perhaps at the feet?”

Seraphine nodded. It was actually hard to speak without betraying a kind of dryness of throat and huskiness of voice – signs that Sandy might have interpreted as arousal. That would never do!

“You have beautiful feet! But of course you do!” Sandy said. “The rest of you is absolutely gorgeous, so why should feet be the exception!” Seraphine was blushing now. She liked the way Sandy talked. Seraphine had not been feeling very confident lately, but yes it was true that she was attractive – she was happy with her thick short dark hair, her high cheekbones. A friend had told her she had an expression that could look cross but quickly turned into sultry. Seraphine knew too that she had an athlete’s body – her thighs in particular were very strong and very long. She certainly worked at her figure.

“I might have taken you for a sprinter,” Sandy said. “Only maybe you’re bust is a bit big!”

Wow, that was quite personal – but kind of sexy! bursa sınırsız escort Seraphine’s mind began to wander. What would it be like, she thought, if Sandy were permitted to explore under her T-shirt. Seraphine was starting to feel a kind of warmth under her short skirt and a stirring. The sensation was heightened when Seraphine felt the black girl’s hands moving across her knees and up to her thighs.

“So tell me,” Seraphine said, feeling bolder as her heart sped faster. “Do you ever get turned on when you’re giving a massage?”

Sandy gave an inquisitive look that Seraphine could not quite interpret.

“I mean, you must come across some pretty attractive guys and… well, some pretty attractive people.”

“You could say that,” Sandy smiled, still not giving much away. “I normally try to keep it pretty professional.”

Well that sounded a bit uninteresting, but there was a glimmer of something alluring. “Normally?” Seraphine asked, glancing at the masseur’s cleavage as the black girl leaned forward to touch the upper reaches of Seraphine’s thighs. Her delicate fingers were just at the hem of Seraphine’s pleated skirt.

“Well, yes, I don’t want to cause a stir or put anyone’s back out,” Sandy said. “And I am feeling my way in the job!”

Seraphine gave a little laugh, but she wasn’t sure if the double-meaning had been intended.

“There was one lady,” Sandy continued, “who somehow got me going.”

“What was she like?” Seraphine asked excitedly.

“Oh she was very posh. Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, if you know what I mean! Looked like a countess or something, bit of an Italian accent I’d say. I don’t know exactly why, but there was some kind of chemistry there!”

“Really!” Seraphine was gripped by this story. Was it her imagination or were Sandy’s hands beginning to creep under the hem of her skirt?

“So what happened?,” Seraphine asked, breathlessly.

“Well, I don’t think I should say too much. Customer confidentiality and all that. But let’s just say that she wasn’t the only one who got some therapeutic massage that day!”

Seraphine laughed out loud, and Sandy chimed in with a joyful giggle.

“I understand,” said Seraphine. “But did she say anything or do anything that really got you going, I mean just tell me that!”

“Well she definitely paid me some compliments. That’s always nice. But no not really, I guess she was just sort of my type – proud face, dreamy eyes. You know you remind me of her a bit!”

Seraphine was happy to hear that. She smiled: “I might almost imagine you were flirting with me!” Sandy smiled back – a radiant unreserved smile. Seraphine was almost sure that those hands were moving higher now. The tension was getting to her, and the warmth down there had changed – she had to admit it – to a kind of hunger, a kind of longing.

“Can I ask your name,” Seraphine said. bursa escort bayan

“It’s Sandy.”

“Hi, I’m Seraphine… Do you mind if I tell you something, Sandy.”

“Go ahead.”

“Well, don’t take this wrong, but you really are gorgeous!”

Sandy smiled, and Seraphine added quickly.

“I mean objectively speaking… if you like that sort of thing.”

Sandy raised an eyebrow and looked at the older woman as if to say: “You phoney! Just tell it like it is!”

“Well you know,” Seraphine continued. “I’m not into women, but somehow…”

“Somehow what?” The hands were DEFINITELY higher now, grazing the edge of Seraphine’s panties, and the older woman knew she was getting really wet down there.

“Somehow your face and the way you carry yourself, your touch, your scent… I don’t know, somehow I… do I have to say it?”

“I think I get your drift, honey.” Sandy smiled, stood up, and calmly moved her hand to the zip at the front of her short white dress. Slowly, she started to push it lower, lower, slipping her shoulders free and revealing a bright white brazier pushed tight by firm breasts that were neither small nor large.

Seraphine thought she was going to come right there. She fixed her eyes on the zip as it continued its downward path, down across the black girl’s belly. And soon Sandy was stepping free from the dress, revealing tight white panties cut like shorts. As Sandy bent over to pick up her dress, Seraphine gave a little gasp. The black girl’s bum was so adorable – fit, muscular and surprisingly large, packed tight into those white panties. Seraphine felt a little orgasm rush across her stomach – wow, that was a first with a woman, and Sandy was not even touching her!

Sandy was looking intensely at her client now. Had she noticed the mini-orgasm? “I noticed you watching me undress,” Sandy said. “Do you like what you see?”

“Well, yes,” Seraphine stumbled “You’re pretty… you’re pretty gorgeous.”

“Well, thank you, kind lady! I told you I liked compliments. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I reward compliments”


“Well, listen. You know that tight black skirt you’re wearing? What do you say we lose it. I think the massage could be way more relaxing without it, way more rewarding. Don’t you honey?”

“I’m game”

“Well, that’s the best news I’ve had all day.”

Sandy strode confidently to the massage table, slipped free the fastener at the side of Seraphine’s skirt, and unzipped it quickly, pulling it over the older woman’s thighs before her client could even think to protest. Far from protesting, though, there was plenty of cooperation from Seraphine. Sandy noticed with relish that her client had quickly raised her hips to help ease the skirt to the floor.

“Do you know how sexy you look in those black panties?”

Seraphine was not sure how to answer that question. nilüfer escort She said, a little weakly: “Er, how sexy?”

“Well, put it this way honey. I am getting wetter than a rainy Sunday looking at you!”

Seraphine laughed, enjoying this (new) release of tension: “I’m not too confident in my body right now.”

“Are you kidding me?” Sandy was smiling broadly. “I bet you have queues of guys wanting to get to know you. And I’ll bet you make some of the girls waver a little too!”

“Are you wavering?”

“Honey, I’m not wavering. I’m drowning! I’m in so deep I’m gonna get the bends when I come to the surface!”

Seraphine definitely enjoyed the way her masseur talked. The smart lines and confidence-boosting was a heady combination. And then there was that body, glistening with sweat now, moving to kneel astride her, lithe like a dancer, quicksilver in its movements.

Seraphine could hardly wait any more. She was staring at Sandy’s lips now, open and a little moist, and wondering what it would be like to kiss them, to feel them on her stomach, or even a little lower. She could feel herself getting very wet now.

“Turn over!” Sandy was commanding her now, and Seraphine quickly swivelled onto her stomach. In a flash, she felt two eager hands pulling on either side of her black panties, tugging them eagerly free, even a little roughly. And then again before Seraphine could react, she felt her hips being pulled high into the air, and that sweet hungry sexy face pushing into her pussy, licking, sucking, probing, tonguing. Oh fuck, that felt good! Seraphine, now groaning loudly, was ready to explode and lifted her hips still higher. Sandy turned to face the ceiling and passed her head between Seraphine’s legs so that she could gorge herself more comfortably on that sweet juice. Every now and then she glanced up at Seraphine, who was still in her white T-shirt – with those bright green eyes expressing her passion and devotion to her client’s pleasure. The sight of those beautiful eyes made Seraphine come instantly and she gripped the black girl’s head tight between her thighs, savouring the soft tongue lapping at the rainforest down there.

Desperate now to return the favour, Seraphine swivelled round so she was facing Sandy’s feet and began kissing the black girl’s knees and thighs.

“I want to taste you too, to make you come!” Seraphine moved her lips against the white satin shine of Sandy’s panties, pushing hard with her neck muscles, rubbing rhythmically up and down. Soon those panties too were lying on the floor and Seraphine was giving as good has she had gotten, lost in her own desire, unrestrained, unselfish and completely self-centred, totally alive and disappearing too, taking each groan and scream of delight as her own, drinking but still thirsty, eating but still hungry. And when she heard the ecstatic moan of her lover’s orgasm, she was instantly orgasmic herself – a deep raw rush of warmth that flooded her whole body and left her spent, motionless and utterly relaxed.


The two women had just got dressed in silence, no tension and no desire. “Next time you come,” the masseur said, “Just ask for Sandy.”

“I could write it down,” she continued, “but I think you’ll remember it.”

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