Discovering Tracey Ch. 02


“So, tell me, how long has it been since you have had a woman? And are you a lesbian? Or just bi-sexual?” Tracey asker her. She really wanted to get to know more about her.

“That’s a lot of questions. But okay, here goes.”

Ana looked up and tried to concentrate on the road but all she could think about was the sexy blond woman sitting next to her and how bad she wanted her.

“Well, when I was 16, I realized that boys were of no interest to me other than just being friends with them. I tried to date them but nothing would ever happen, I was just not attracted to them. I thought that maybe something was wrong with me.” Ana let out a long sigh. Tracey could tell that it was something that was hard for her to talk about.

“Then I met Shannon, who was bi-sexual and several times she asked me to have a three some with her and her boyfriend. I fulfilled their little fantasy and it was the first time that I ever licked a pussy or gave head to a man. I told her that was as far as I would go with him. So, while I gave him head she worked on my pussy. I can’t even tell you how many times I nearly bit his cock off.” Both of the girls busted into laughter as they pulled into the Denny’s parking lot.

Walking inside they were greeted by a cute, sassy little Latin waitress. She walked them the to back corner of the restaurant and pointed towards the booth. “Is this okay?” They both shook their heads. Ana climbed in one side and Tracey in the other. “Do you ladies know what you want? Or should I get menus?”

Tracey and Ana both laughed. And Tracey said, “Oh we know what we want, but menus would be nice.” Both girls were laughing so hard that tears were pouring down their checks. The waitress just smiled and strolled off to get the girls some menus.

Once she was gone, Ana continued on with her story. “Anyhow, we did it a few more times. You know her, her boyfriend and me, but it grew tiresome and so old. I knew that I could not do it any longer because I was falling in love with her. I tried to explain my feelings to her, but she just ignored them. So, I quit doing it all together.”

The waitress returned with their menus and glasses of water for each of them. “What would you like to drink?”

“Coffee sounds nice for me. What about you Ana?”

“I don’t need anything hotter.” She laughed. “How about a nice, cold glass of Dr. Pepper?”

The waitress nodded and disappeared out of sight. Both of the girls were watching her ass as it swayed down the isle. Ana looked at Tracey and they both burst into hysterical laughter.

She quickly brought their drinks to them and asked if they were ready to order. Neither of them was very hungry so they decided that they would share an order of mozzarella sticks. The waitress left once again and the girls both watched her leaving. She had such a nice little ass.

“So, anyhow,” Ana continued. “It has just been one thing after another. I thought about trying again to be with men because I could not find a woman that I was interested in. So, my best friend Eric and I starting fooling around. At first, all that I would let him do was eat me out and in return I would give him head. But I hated doing it. Sometimes he would say that I did not have to but I did not want to leave him high and dry so I would do it and he would just pull out when he was about to come and splash it all over my tits.”

“WOW. I have never even been that intimate with a man. The most I have ever done is kiss one.” Tracey said still listening intently as Ana continued.

“I just did not know what else to do. I wanted to have sex, but I could not find any females except those that wanted me to show their boyfriends a good time. So, I just gave up on it all together. Eventually, even Eric and I stopped with what we were doing because he found a girlfriend. And she was not interested in women at all.” She sighed.

“So, I was back to square one and left out in the cold again. Most of the way through my junior year in high görükle escort bayan school, it was just like that. No matter where I went or how hard I tried, I could not find a woman. Then I met Grace.”

The cheese sticks arrived steaming hot. The waitress sat them on the table and asked if they needed anything else. Both of the girls said no and she walked away to busy herself again.

“So, you met Grace? And I take it that it was a good thing? ” Tracey said with a mouth full of food.

Ana put up her finger and motioned for Tracey to wait a moment while she chewed before she continued. “Grace was the most beautiful thing that I have ever laid eyes upon, to that point anyhow.” Smiling at Tracey to let her know, that she thought she was just as pretty. Tracey blushed a little. And could feel the room starting to get a little hot. “She was a foreign exchange student from Italy. She was tall and mysterious. She had dark olive skin and a body to die for. Of course I thought she was gorgeous.” Tracey smiled, mesmerized by Ana’s mouth as she took a bite from a cheese stick. It was so seductive how she bit into it and slowly chewed up a bite before she wrapped her pink lips around her straw and sucked from it. Tracey found it harder and harder to listen to what Ana was saying because she kept finding her eyes following Ana’s lips to the swell of her breasts. But at least she was trying.

“Ok,” Tracey smiled. “So, Grace was beautiful. Did the two of you start something?” Tracey eyebrows raised in amusement as she silently begged Ana for details.

“Come on girl, give me the juicy stuff!” Both of them giggled.

“Well one night we were out at a football game and I was in the bathroom trying to refresh myself during half-time. It was my senior year in high school and I had just turned 18 not long before homecoming. I was a cheerleader back then, though most of the girls on the squad hated me because they knew all of my little secrets. Hardly any of them would talk to me anymore, once they found out that I was a lesbian. But I was the best on the team, so they had to live with it.” Ana looked really upset for a moment and rolled her eyes before she smiled and said, “But you know what? That is their loss. Hell, I am better than a guy any day of the week!”

Both of the girls laughed and Tracey said, “Well, I will just have to find that one out for myself, won’t I?”

“Yes…yes, you will.” Ana winked at her.

They finished their cheese sticks while Ana continued telling her about the night in the bathroom at the football game.

“I was standing in front of the mirror washing my hands when she walked in. I looked up at her through the mirror and she smiled at me. She closed the door behind her and she even had the key to lock it! The entire time she just stands there smiling at me, reading my expression. Honestly, I was in shock and did not how to take it.”

“Umm…she locked you in the bathroom at a football game? How romantic!” Tracey said very sarcastically as she fluttered her eyelashes and giggled.

“Well, it might not have been too romantic but it was hot as hell! She had this amazing smile on her face and she walks up to me slowly undressing her self until she was standing before me naked except for her shoes. She wasn’t even wearing panties at all that night! I was in utter shock, and so horny. It had been a while since I’d had another girl.”

Ana put her feet up on the bench across from her and made sure that she was applying just the right amount of pressure between Tracey’s legs before she continued. “As she walked up she slowly ran her tongue across her lips as though she was dying to taste me. She grabbed me and lifted me up until my ass was just barely hanging off the counter. She got down on her knees and pulled my panties off to the side and dove straight for my slit. She never even said a word, she just begin making me come. I could not control the passion, so I just let it flow. Her tongue worked bursa otele gelen escort it’s magic on my clit and I lost it. I grabbed her by the hair and shoved her into my cunt and rotated my hips, grinding myself into her hot mouth.”

Ana’s toes were working their own magic on Tracey’s pussy as well. Tracey was even beginning to move her hips a little in response. This only served to make Ana hotter, but she still continued knowing that Tracey would explode at any minute.

On the other hand Tracey could not believe that she was practically have sex right there in the middle of the restaurant? She was so horny though, she could not help but grind her pussy into Ana’s feet. It was so stimulating and the story was making her sweat. It was getting awfully hot.

“She sucked and even nibbled on my clit until I was exploding with orgasm after orgasm. I was screaming so loud that I am sure everyone outside could hear all of the excitement that was going on. Suddenly, there was pounding on the door and the principal was shouting for us to unlock it immediately!”

“I whispered, “Oh shit! What do we do now?” “

“Grace composed herself and said, “Don’t worry about it. I got it under control.” “

“She kissed me on the lips before she unlocked the door and placed the key in her pocket, she turned to the principal and said, “Sorry about that, I guess the door just locked on us. I really do not know what happened.” “Both of us walked away laughing our heads off. We stole one more kiss behind the concession stand and made plans to meet later, after the game.”

Tracey literally had sweat pouring down her temples waiting for more of the story. The waitress appeared and Ana was still moving her foot, playing with Tracey’s pussy. The waitress looked right at Tracey and asked her if she was all right and if there was anything else the two girls needed. The waitress could see exactly what Ana was doing to her as well. Ana did not even stop moving her foot. She thought it was so cute how Tracey blushed knowing that the waitress could see what they were doing.

Tracey managed a barely audible, “No.”

“Okay then, “ the waitress said. “Here’s your bill, hope you ladies enjoy your morning.” She winked and walked away.

They were already enjoying the morning and having more fun than she had had in a long time. Her pussy was throbbing from the constant stimulation of Ana’s foot grinding into her and she was not sure how much more she could take before she would explode!

Ana glanced up at the clock on the wall and realized they had been here for more than an hour. It was going on 4 in the morning! But Ana wanted to finish the story before they left and possibly even make Tracey come right here in the booth.

“So anyhow, back to the story, “ Ana licked her lips slowly and gazed directly into Tracey’s eyes while she applied even more pressure against her crotch. “For the rest of the night, Grace sat on the edge of the stands with her legs dangling off. She was just wearing a tiny black skirt, so of course I could see straight up it to her cunt. She had a very light coating of hair on top but the rest was shaved completely clean. Grace kept crossing and uncrossing her legs giving me a full glimpse of it as well. When she realized how much she was distracting me, she just smiled and kept her legs crossed. But never took the little mischievous smile from her lips. And it did not help that they were painted in a deep dark red, which she kept reapplying often. Must have been to remind me of the lipstick that now stained my pussy lips.”

Tracey was really grinding herself into Ana now. She could not keep the lid on it any longer. She bit her tongue trying not to utter a single noise as her orgasm built up to the brink.

“After the game, I grabbed my stuff and she offered to help me carry a few things. I told the rest of the girls’ goodbye and promised that I would be at practice on time the next day. bursa escort bayan I don’t even think they heard me. But Grace did. And she told me that she would love to come and experience me in practice. We both knew that what she was talking about had nothing to do with cheerleading.” Ana smiled that little devilish grin and vibrated her foot a little Tracey’s clit.

She even heard a little gasp escape Tracey’s lips before she went on. She knew that Tracey was getting so close and it would be horrible of her if she quit now although it was tempting.

“Well, we made it out to my car and got everything loaded into the trunk. Even while I was bent over arranging things in there, she already had her hand up my skirt playing with my wet pussy. I turned my head around behind me and told her she better quit before she got us into trouble. Once we climbed in the car our lips found their way to each other’s and my hands wandered under her skirt to touch her satiny smooth pussy lips. I was amazed to find that she was so wet, I could have drowned in it.”

Tracey lost all of her inhibitions and started moving even faster around and around in circles making Ana’s foot hit just the right spot. She wanted to come so bad, and if it was in a booth at a restaurant, then so be it!

Ana could smell the sex in the air and knew that it could not be long now before Tracey came. She wanted to make her come so bad sitting right here. No one could really see what the girls were doing to each other so it did not make any difference to Ana.

“Well, I fingered her pussy for a while but what I really wanted to do was bury my head right there.” Ana said as she pressed a little harder into Tracey’s growing clit. Ana could feel the hard round knob underneath her toes and she concentrated on rolling it around in circles.

“Well, we did not even get out of the parking lot. Most of the people were gone anyhow, so I figured it couldn’t hurt and I was parked in a pretty secluded spot. So, she leaned up against the passenger side door and raised her hips up to meet my drooling tongue. I grabbed her hips and thrust them to meet my face burying my tongue in her honey. I fucked her with it and I could feel her G-spot up inside. So, I concentrated all of my efforts right there. She was bucking so hard that I knew the car was probably rocking by now. But I could have cared less. There was a beautiful woman commanding my attention and I was not about to let it slip away. She balanced on one leg and placed the other one over my shoulders giving me great access to play with her tight little asshole too. So, I rammed a couple of fingers into her cunt making her come all over my face and then slid my fingers slowly down to her ass bringing all of her wetness with me. I slowly begin sliding my fingers into her and I could feel her tightening up in response. So, I tried just sliding one finger into her ass, very slowly and she opened up to me. My tongue was now working on her clit and boy was she squirming.” Ana giggled. “Pretty much like you are doing right now. Are you gonna come for me baby?”

That was all Tracey needed to push her over the edge. Right there in front God and everybody she had the best orgasm that she’d had in years. It was all that she could do to keep from screaming aloud. She ground her cunt into Ana’s foot so hard. Ana could feel her pussy throbbing and the heat was turning her on as well. Once Tracey came down from her high, Ana leaned across the table and whispered in a low, sultry voice, “And you have not even experienced my tongue yet.” Tracey smiled as Ana’s lips came down upon hers. The two girls got up to leave. The waitress came over to bid them good night and Tracey placed a 50-dollar bill in the palm of her hand.

“Keep the change it’s your tip sweetie. We’ll be seeing you some other time.” And winked at her.

They had not even noticed that it had begun to rain outside. It had gotten pretty steamy in there.

“Bet I can beat ya!” Ana said.

“Bet!” Tracey said as both of the girls ran through the parking lot hand in hand laughing. Tracey shoved Ana up against the driver’s side door and attacked her mouth with a vengeance. Rain was pouring down on top of them, soaking their clothes. Neither of them seemed to care as the moonlight bathed them both in their newfound lust for one another.

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