Double Birthday Surprise


Disappointingly, Derrick was at work when I got in after a week away at a conference. He had warned me he might be on duty, as new rosters were being drawn up while I was away. Derrick’s firehouse was one of the busiest in the city and, like many engine companies, chronically understaffed due to budget woes in our large city. I hoped that he would be able to be off on his birthday, two weeks hence. Not that I had any idea what to buy for him, but I kept hoping that inspiration would hit soon.

I unpacked and slid my suitcase under the bed. It caught on something and I reached under the bed to pull out the obstacle, then laughed out loud. One of his “screw books”, as he referred to the magazines that both of us enjoyed looking at. I guess he HAD missed me! This was one I hadn’t seen and, due to the crinkled paper and old date on it, was apparently one that had made its rounds at the firehouse for some time. It was folded open to a photo spread of two gorgeous and well-endowed women, one brunette and one redhead, pleasuring one another. Something I’d read once came back to me. A survey of heterosexual men indicated that their number one fantasy was to see two women together. The perfect birthday gift suddenly came to mind!

After considering, then discarding several names, I decided to ask Rochelle if she’d be interested in surprising Derrick in a couple of weeks. Rochelle had a pretty wild reputation in college and the sporadic conversations I’d had with her in the twelve years since we graduated indicated that nothing had changed in that department. Her physical appearance was a bit more mainstream, though. She’d traded in her spiked blue-tipped hairstyle in favor of letting her dark hair grow to her shoulderblades and had left off the chemicals to allow it to gently flow in soft ripples. With my waist-length red hair, we were a close match to the two women in Derrick’s screw book.

A small miracle, Rochelle was home when I called and said she absolutely LOVED the idea. She was concerned that I had no experience with women but I was feeling bold at the time and said that I’d let her take the lead bursa eve gelen escort when the time came. She jokingly said that she’d take it easy with me but for me not to be afraid to let loose and let her know what I wanted to try.

I spent the intervening two weeks hinting to Derrick that I had a big surprise planned for his birthday, but would give him no details. I told him that I wanted to take him to his favorite restaurant. This would give Rochelle time to get to our house and let herself in. I took care with my appearance that evening, dressing in such a way that made Derrick think that we were going to rush home right after dinner and make each other dessert. I put on his favorite bra, a half-bra with serious underwires that lifted my breasts together and up to form a delicious cleavage. My silk blouse was wispy enough that he could see the lace on the bra. For the first time in more than a year, I pulled on thigh-high stockings. My full skirt concealed the fact that I wore no panties, a fact that I announced to Derrick when we arrived at the restaurant.

Dinner was rushed, as Derrick clearly wanted to get home. He asked me what the big surprise was and I told him I would give it to him at home. “Bigger than a breadbox?” he teased. I pretended to think about the answer, but I could tell that he thought I had purchased a stereo component he’d had his eye on. Oh, he’d have something in stereo, all right!

I phoned Rochelle from the lobby when Derrick went to get the car so she’d know to open the door just as we arrived on the threshold. We had agreed to dress alike, for all that we were going to STAY dressed for any length of time, and her bra and stockings matched mine.

On the way home, Derrick huskily told me to pull up my skirt and he drove with one hand buried in my red muff. At a stop light on a lightly travelled road, he reached over and stroked my nipples. I knew that being hot would help ease any discomfort I might have with Rochelle, so I encouraged his attentions.

When Rochelle swung the door open just as we reached it, bursa escort he seemed disappointed. I pushed him inside and pulled out his magazine from my purse, handing it to him as I went to put my arm around Rochelle. “I thought you might like to see the movie, now that you’ve read the book,” I said.

His mouth opened into an “O” of surprise and Rochelle and I together said “Happy Birthday!” Stunned, Derrick slid onto the couch. I turned to Rochelle and kissed her, my first woman-to-woman kiss. Gently at first, then her lips opened and our tongues were sliding together as her hands stroked my back. Rochelle sucked very gently on my tongue, something no man had ever done, and I felt a ripple of excitement run through me. This was going to be a surprise for me, too.

She ran her hands under my blouse and began to stroke my back, then lazily unclasped my bra. As she undid my blouse and let it slip to the floor, I shrugged out of my bra. Her blouse was more low-cut than mine, so I slid my hands into the cups of her lacy bra and caressed her breasts before unbuttoning her blouse and tugging it from her arms. I slid my hands over her bra, then around to the back, where I unhooked it as she had done mine. I brought my hands to her front and slid my hands under the bra, sliding my thumbs over her nipples before pushing her bra over her arms. She stroked the back of my neck with one hand, while slowly sliding the fingers of her other hand over my breasts. Taking her lead, I did the same to her breasts and felt her nipples harden and heard her gasp softly. In one fluid movement, I slid my hand around her neck and pulled her mouth to mine, again tasting her faintly apricot taste as our tongues danced together again. Her mouth then slid to my breasts and she sucked each nipple, going from one to the other, then very slowly slid down the length of my body, tugging my skirt to the floor as she did so. Somehow, her own skirt ended up on the floor as well, and, as she slowly rose to a stooping position, her hand found my clit and she ran her thumb over its hardness and slid her fingers into görükle escort my sopping pussy. Slowly, slowly, it was agonizingly sweet. I sucked in my breath hard as her tongue replaced her fingers. I slipped my own fingers into her hair and braced myself. She brought me nearly to orgasm, then stood again, pulling my hands to her breasts, while she lowered her mouth onto mine. My own juices tasted odd on my tongue but I found that I liked the first-time sensation.

Realizing that Rochelle would like to be pleasured as I did, I gently pinched her nipples and alternately ran my hands over their firmness, just as Derrick often did to me. Rochelle’s low moans indicated that my actions were having the effect I had anticipated. I was surprised when Rochelle broke away from me, but it was only to slide her hand into her purse. When she turned back to me, she had a double dildo in her hand. A low cry came from Derrick but she did not look at him. She put one of the dildos into her mouth and slowly licked and sucked it. Then she lowered it and slid it into her pussy. I moved forward and took the other dildo into my hot pussy. We rocked slowly together as our hands and mouths continued to explore one another’s bodies. As I felt myself beginning to climax, I leaned forward and began to suck and pinch her nipples hard. Small animal cries came from Rochelle as she shuddered with her own orgasm. Nearly spent, we supported each other, then looked over at Derrick. He had taken his cock from his pants and, with a glassy look on his face, was rapidly stroking himself.

“Go take care of the birthday boy,” Rochelle murmured, and pushed me backward gently. The dildo slipped from my pussy and I went and knelt in front of Derrick, taking his cock into my mouth. I felt something move behind me and Rochelle went onto her knees and slipped the dildo back into me. As she rocked back and forth, her hands cupping my breasts, I continued to suck Derrick’s large dick. Right before he blew his load, he pulled his cock from my mouth and shot his full cream onto my breasts, pulling my hands up to join Rochelle’s. She managed to pinch my slippery nipples as our four hands massaged my breasts. I came again just before Rochelle cried out and leaned into my hair.

We all stayed still for a moment, then the spell seemed to have been broken. “Happy Birthday?” I said.

It came out as a question and Derrick replied, “Happy Birthday, indeed.”

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