Getting It Up Again – Chapter 10


Susan searched through her wardrobe for the perfect bikini to wear while sailing with her husband Michael and Chinese boyfriend Martin. It would be their first time sailing together and she wanted the experience to be special for them. After some contemplation, she settled on a very sexy black slingshot monokini; a tiny g-string attached to two tiny triangles that just covered her nipples, and were held together by two thin strips connecting the g-string to the barely there bra. She walked to her mirror and twirled around, admiring her lean, fit athletic body and legs. She then narcissistically shook her head and her beautiful long blonde hair waved briefly to fully expose her gorgeous face. After sifting through some sexy barely covered-up dresses, she settled on putting a simple satin robe on top.Quickly putting on her sandals, Susan strode across her backyard to the end overlooking the beach, where her husband and boyfriend awaited her wearing only their swimming trunks. She smiled as she saw the men’s jaws drop at the sight of her incredibly sexy legs moving out from her tiny satin robe.Martin opened the gate so Susan and Michael could be the first to walk down the steps to the beach and dock; he then closed the gate and followed behind. Susan casually glanced over her shoulder and smiled when she noticed Martin gawking at her legs as they moved her toward her boat.”Martin, get on the boat first while we untie her,” said Susan, deliberately bending over in front of him to begin undoing the lines holding the boat to the dock.Soon they were finished, and Susan and Michael expertly hopped onto their sailboat without assistance, pulled the anchor up, and started the motor.Once Michael had them further into the water where there was wind, they raised their escort bursa sails. Michael began sailing them further from shore and towards the emptiness of the lake.As they traveled further from the beach, Martin sat at the bow admiring the view.Susan saw him sitting quietly and approached him from behind, politely tapping him on the shoulder to inform him he was there. She looked around to ensure that they were far from shore and prying eyes, then sat right on top of Martin’s pelvis; she could feel his slowly growing hardness against her buttocks.Eventually, they reached a very private spot far from shore where no other boat was around, so Michael dropped the anchor. Susan wanted privacy for their playtime on the boat. Martin and Michael helped lower their sails so they wouldn’t get caught in any wind gust.Susan took out her beach blanket and laid it on the bow near where Martin once sat. She then took out a bottle of sunscreen lotion and laid face down on the blanket.”Time for you two deckhands to get to work. I want you both to get this sunscreen all over me. Not a single piece of me is to be without sunscreen!” shouted Susan.Her husband Michael squirted some lotion into his hands, passed the bottle to her boyfriend Martin, and began rubbing lotion on her back and shoulders.Martin put a generous amount of sunscreen in his hands, then began to slowly rub it into her feet. His hands then slid to her lower legs and rubbed the bottom and sides of each, enjoying her beautiful legs in the process.Susan looked back and noticed that her somewhat tanned summer complexion wasn’t far off from Martin’s yellowish Chinese skin tone. She closed her eyes and lay down, enjoying the two pairs of hands rubbing sunscreen into her back and bursa merkez escort legs.She felt Martin’s hands reach the back of her thighs, then slide back down her legs again. He repeated this several times, ensuring her back, outer and inner legs were properly coated with sunscreen. When he reached the top of her thighs, his fingers slid up over the firm globes of her buttocks, while his thumbs rubbed sunscreen into the flesh between her thighs and g-string. At times she moaned when Martin’s thumbs rubbed the edge of her labia lips.As Martin’s hands rubbed her buttocks, Susan felt the strap holding up her slingshot monokini being untied by her husband. Then Michael’s hands roamed all over her back, ensuring it was properly covered with sunscreen.Susan then turned over to lie on her back, now completely naked for both men to see.”Michael, go get the cockpit ready for our little experiment,” commanded Susan.Her husband Michael just giggled and passed the sunscreen lotion to Martin and left. As he walked away, Susan was sure she saw an erection tenting his swimming trunks up; she was elated as this meant he could get hard all on his own once again.Susan watched as Martin dumped more sunscreen lotion into his hands and began rubbing the top of her feet. She curled her toes lustfully as his hands spread lotion up her lower legs and thighs, fondling them just the way she enjoyed.Soon his fingers reached her pelvis, where he gracefully rubbed her shaved vulva, careful to not touch her clitoris or labia lips. The teasing made Susan buck her loins up into Martin’s hands from time to time.Then Martin crawled to Susan’s left side, and carefully applied sunscreen to her abdominal muscles and womb, making sure not to put bursa escort any pressure on the tiny fetus growing within her. His hands made their way over her eight-pack, ensuring her firm athletic lower torso was properly protected with sunscreen.Martin began rubbing her left arm and the side of her body, properly covering them with sunscreen. Susan also felt he was enjoying the feeling of her skin.Soon he made his way across her body to her left breast. He cupped it with both hands and felt all around, ensuring it was fully covered with sunscreen. He ended by rubbing her nipple with sunscreen and giving her a cute kiss on the lips.Martin then walked to Susan’s right side and repeated the same with her right arm and breast.As he began to cover her face with sunscreen, Susan noticed the erection popping out of his swimming trunks to her right, and pulled them down to release his penis. His dark yellowish shaft popped out, and the bulbous glans were directly over Susan’s lips.Susan stuck her tongue out and licked his glans; Martin bucked his hips forward in response.”Ready now!” shouted Michael from the cockpit of the sailboat.Fully slathered with sunscreen, Susan got up, grabbed her monokini, and kissed Martin tenderly on the lips.”Take your shorts off,” she commanded.Martin did as he was told, and when he stood up, Susan grabbed his rock-hard shaft and gave him her monokini. She led them into the cockpit of her sailboat, where Michael was already waiting with a bottle of lubricant and a giant erection. The floor of the cockpit had been covered with an inflatable air mattress.”Put our clothes in that box so the wind won’t blow them away,” Susan told Martin.Martin obediently did as he was told, and closed the lid on the box.While he was attending to her monokini, Susan had laid her husband Michael down on the mattress and was spreading lubricant all over his giant monstrous penis. She then straddled him and guided his hard shaft straight into her vagina. She then began bouncing up and down on his shaft, satisfying the urges that built up inside her.

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