Dutch Treat


I’ve been working as a guide for mainly European tourists for a few months now. My story concerns a Dutch lady I met while she was taking a week long tour of the North East of the US, with me as her guide.

Our tours cater for small groups of 4-5 people that wish to have an in depth tour of a place, and leave all the planning etc. to us.

This particular group were work colleagues who were on holidays together.

Anna was in her mid 40’s I’d say, tall with long blonde hair, and a pleasant smile, but I can’t say I had any attraction for her, or other women for that matter. On the first night of our tour I received a phone call from reception to tell me that a member of my tour party wanted to talk to me and would i like to take the call,I replied yes, and was instantly put onto Anna. She sounded like she had been drinking, her speech was all slurred, but she was cogent enough to ask me to her room. When I asked her why she said she was too embarrassed to talk about it over the phone. I had just gotten in to my room after a bit of food downstairs and was still dressed in my guide’s uniform.

I was waiting for an age outside Anna’s door before she answered. She looked disheveled,she had just a tank top and panties on, her makeup was running. She had clearly been crying. She was sobbing, I immediately went to console her by wrapping her in my arms and telling her everything is going to be alright.After a while she calmed down enough for me to get her to sit down on the bed with me and tell me what had happened.

Her partner at home in Holland had left a message to tell her that they should split up, giving an excuse of şişli escort an age difference; her partner was about 15 years younger than her, and just out of college, and clearly not mature enough to even talk face to face. I was still in my early 20’s myself and was very uncomfortable trying to console a far older women from another country in her hotel bedroom. The bit that really shocked me was when she passed me a picture of her partner, her partner was a ‘she’.A similar age to myself, similar build and the same auburn colour hair. She said she couldn’t call the others as they didn’t know about her female partner and wanted to keep it quiet.

I told her I understood and was happy she called me, I tryed to tell her everything would be ok. After a while she started to come round and settle down, she went to pour herself a large brandy and poured one out for me also.While I never really noticed her until then, I must admit that she was very hot looking in her little pink panties and matching tanktop, I hadn’t been this close to another woman since my school days. It’s amazing what not having a boyfriend for a few months, and no sex can do to your sense of horniness, a dildo doesn’t have quite the same effect on me as the contact of another body.

Anna went on to tell me all about her relationship with Claire. She had left her husband for Claire about 6 months ago,coming to the realisation that her marriage was a sham and that she was really only interested in the love of a woman, how she had fought the urge for years for the sake of her marriage but meeting Claire had changed all that. Sure, she had used female prostitutes in the çapa escort Red Light District in Amsterdam while she was married, but that was only to salve her lust when she was married, she thought that Claire was ‘the one’.

All this talk about female lovers was making me feel very embarrassed and horny at the same time. Embarrassed because I had never been in such an uncomfortable position before,I could feel my face go bright red and my pulse quicken. Horny because all this talk of female partners and prostitutes with Anna looking stunning next to me had my nipples stiff and sticking out through my bra and white blouse, this also had me embarrassed. I knew i couldn’t leave her with the state she was in, this was going to be a long night.

After a few drinks Anna was getting very ‘touchy’, her right hand was on my lap touching my black skirt and matching stockings as they met just above the knee. Her hand began lightly massaging my thigh, with her hand slipping under my skirt and up my stockings. I knew full wel what she was doing but didn’t want to stop it, it was nice to feel the contact of another person again. She just started to hold me, cuddle me, and then kiss me lightly at first and later with real passion. The feel of her kiss was so different to a man, her tongue sought out mine.

For someone that had taken a few drinks earlier she really seemed to know what she was doing, she was taking full control. Her hands began unbuttoning my blouse revealing my erect nipples in my light brasserie. She pulled my bra down from my breasts and began kissing and then sucking them making them more rigid. The sense of feeling mecidiyeköy escort from my nipples was very strong, her sucking was sending shivers through my body. Her right hand again went down to my legs but this time I could feel it move up under my skirt beyond my stocking tops and slowly crept towards my very aroused clit, more shivers went through my body when I felt her fingers on my clit, as she continued sucking on my nipples.

She had me lie back in the bed as she unzipped my skirt and began pulling it down, revealing my plain white panties. She kneeled by the side of the bed directly between my legs, pushed my legs apart and began to pull me towards her face.

I let out a loud cry that could be heard several rooms away, as I felt someone orally pleasure me for the first time in my life. She pulled my panties to the side and immediately began prodding my engorged clit with her tongue. I could feel the muscles around my pelvis tighten and a sense of the most exquisite pleasure shoot through my body, this was light years better than any dildo. Her tongue kept up it’s work on my clit, as her right hand left my breast and she inserted two fingers into my pussy and began using them like a dick on me. All this was sending me towards the most explosive orgasm I had ever had, I could feel the muscles around my pussy convulsing as my orgasm took hold. I left out a long scream of “Oh my God”, as my juices began to flow from my already wet cunt Anna began to lap them up with her tongue.

I knew if I accpeted Anna’s advances then that night would be about sex for me, not love or anyting like that, it was just something that I badly needed for myself, a one night fling with a stranger. What I got was the most amazing sex in my young life. I had mixed emotions about whether it was right to allow Anna do this in the state she was in, but she was the one that made the advances.

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