Eleanor Pt. 03

Big Tits

As I walked back to my car I attempted to block the thoughts and images out of my head. What did I just do? I cheated on my husband with a woman! One that lives above a leather sex shop! What the hell has come over me?

As I drove home I looked at the clock. It read two-thirty. I had left this morning at nine. How long had I been in Eleanor’s’ loft? How long did I worship every inch of her gorgeous inked skin? Hours.

I pulled into my drive way with climactic memories in my head. My pussy began to dampen with the thoughts that came. How delicious her pussy had tasted. How soft the lips of her sweet little pussy were. How warm the metal of her labia piercings had felt against my tongue.

I felt a hand rubbing my pussy through the slacks I was wearing. How mortified I was when I realized it was my own! That was exactly what I needed right now. Someone mentioning to my husband that I was fucking myself parked in our drive way.

Lingering thoughts of her drifted through my mind like the smell of her earthy, sagey loft wafting off my clothes.

As I entered the bedroom I began to strip on my way to the shower. A trail of clothes followed me; a path of sage smelling cloth. As I stepped into the steamy shower I caught a whiff of her skin. Our sweat had mingled as we rubbed our bodies against each other. I wonder if she would pause as I had when she smelled me on her skin.

Would she even remember my smell?

I didn’t have the emotional energy to analyze why I was so worried that Eleanor would remember my damn smell. As mecidiyeköy escort the hot water hit my body I was glad for its powerful stream. My muscles had been stretched and contorted into positions I hadn’t even tried when I was a young, limber teen.

Then again, no one had ever stretched me and warmed me up like Eleanor had. Not only did she build my orgasms until I thought I would be ripped apart when I finally came; she stretched my legs, my arms, my body. Slowly contorting me into positions that displayed my pussy wide open for whatever she wanted to do.

My mind went back to those climactic moments. This time I was more conscious of moving my hand down my wet soapy body. I gasped and sputtered water as my fingers reached my clit. I was so sensitive! I wished I was sore.

I wanted Eleanor to pound me so hard that I couldn’t take anymore. She had remained methodical and gentle with her fucking. At the time I was so relieved and glad. Being out of my comfort zone had shaken me up and left me confused and fragile. Now I wanted to ache. I wanted her to beat me, fuck me until I cried for her to stop.

My fingers were positioned on either side of my engorged clit. I squeezed it between my fingers and felt it pulse beneath my touch. I moaned as I took my other hand and began to pluck my finger across the tip of my nipple. The hot water ran down my face, dripped down my neck, and slide across my breasts. It felt so heavenly. Close to the sensation of Eleanor’s warm mouth when it encircled my hard little nipple.

I aksaray escort began sliding my fingers along the length of my pulsing clit. Release, I wanted release! I pause to add a mixture of body wash and baby oil to my palm. I slid my hands all over my body. Loving how the oil made me feel slippery and warm. I turned the water a little hotter.

My hands resumed their attention, this time with one leg perched against the side of the shower. I arched my back to rest against the opposite wall my leg was using.

I rolled my nipple, slick as it was from the soapy oil. My fingers stroked my hot clit up and down. Up. And. Down. My orgasms began to build in the fire that my fingers had lit. With my head thrown back I shoved my fingers inside myself.

I remembered how Eleanor felt when she entered me for the first time. After making her collapse on top of me, she had picked the cuffs up off the floor and cuffed my hands to her wrought iron head board. I remembered how I shivered at her touch down my body, eventually wriggling me out of the strap-on harness.

I shuddered in the shower as my orgasm continued to build with the pressure in my lower abdomen. My breath hitched as I added another finger into my pussy. The baby oil and soap mixed with the hot juices that leaked out of me. I inserted another finger until I was full.

Though my hands are smaller, I’ve never put four fingers inside of myself before. I began fucking myself harder and faster to get a consistent rhythm built up as I dived back into my memory. nişantaşı escort

Now Eleanor was wearing the strap-on and had positioned herself over me. The warming oil she had put on the strap-on had smelled like cherries. The sweet smelling oil mixed so nicely with the natural smell of sage.

I sighed and opened my legs wider for her as she gently slide her cock inside of me. I gasped at how good she felt. Her sweat sticky body gliding on top of mine.

I clamped onto the image in my head. Eleanor on top of me. So close, not crushing, but filling all the empty gaps my body did not. Our bodies fitting and moving like well-placed puzzle pieces.

My fingers were frantically gliding in and out of my pussy. It hurt a little because my pussy had begun to tighten around my fingers. I was so close. My other hand spread my pussy lips wide while my other hand mercilessly fucked my continuously tightening pussy. I was so close to the edge. Soon I would be flying with the orgasm built by memories of Eleanor.

While I held my pussy lips wide I carefully stroked the very tip of my clit with one free finger. Combined with the harsh stream of water, and the four fingers inside of me I came crashing down. My whole body shuddered as I stroked my clit through the entire orgasm, making the next one build on the previous.

Finally, I opened my eyes and realized I was still in the shower. I had completely lost all sense of where I was while dreaming of her. Of her soft ebony hair, and her pale tattooed skin. Suddenly I heard my phone buzz on the bathroom counter. After toweling off I went to see who it was.

Eleanors name was above the text notification. How could that be? We never exchanged numbers! The text read, “Put my number in your phone while you were in the bathroom. Hope you don’t mind – E.”

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