Emma Pt. 01: Summer Vacation

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Emma was excited to be leaving the small town of Abingdon, Virginia behind as she boarded the plane. Her cousin, Seth, had invited her up to visit him for a couple weeks. Him and a few of his closest friends had rented a beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey for a few days and he thought it would be nice for Emma to join them knowing she never gets to have fun in the small town of Abingdon. Emma and Seth hadn’t seen each other in a few years. Seth and his parents used to live in Virginia up until middle school when they moved to New Jersey because of Seth’s dad’s job.

Three hours after boarding the plane Emma landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was to meet Seth at baggage claim. When she got there, she saw him right away. Emma greeted her cousin with a hug.

“Hi cuz! It’s nice to see you.” said Seth.

“I know it’s been too long.” Emma replied.

After getting her luggage they walked to Seth’s car making small talk about school and things. Seth asked Emma if she was hungry and she instantly told him yes. She hadn’t eaten since 8:00 that morning and it was almost 5 now. Emma knew exactly where she wanted to go. One of her favorite places, the famous Gino’s in Philadelphia had the absolute best pizza ever. Nothing compared. After they ate, they headed to Seth’s apartment which was about an hour away. They weren’t headed to Ocean City till the next day and Emma was glad. She was exhausted.

The next morning Emma woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon. She crawled out of bed and found Seth in the kitchen cooking.

“You didn’t have to cook Seth. I would have been happy with cereal.”

“It’s no trouble at all. I usually cook in the mornings anyway.”

“Well thanks. So, what time are we headed out today?”

“It’s an hour drive so we should leave here around noon. We are meeting my friends for lunch at one. We can’t check in to the beach house till three.”

After breakfast, while Seth was packing, Emma jumped in the shower and then lounged around reading one of the books she brought with her. She brought a few books with her to read while she laid out on the beach. A little before noon Seth came out of his room ready to go. They packed the car with their bags and all the beach necessities then headed out.

“So, tell me about your friends. I’m actually a little nervous to meet them.”

“Well, you already know Joel. He will be there. Then Sam is going and Jordan too.”

“How long have you known Sam and Jordan?”

“Sam lives in the dorm next to me. He was Joel’s roommate last semester. I just met Jordan a little while ago. She doesn’t go to Rutgers with us.”

“She? I didn’t know another girl was going. That is awesome! Is she Sam’s girlfriend?”

Seth laughed and said no. Emma didn’t know why that was funny but she didn’t care. She was excited another girl was going to be there so she wasn’t surrounded by guys all weekend.

When they arrived at the restaurant Joel was waiting outside for them. They all said their hellos and Emma gave Joel a hug. Joel had been Seth’s best friend since he moved to New Jersey so Emma knew him from past trips when she visited Seth.

“Where is Sam and Avery?” Seth asked Joel.

“They said they were running a little late but should be here soon.”

A few minutes later Sam and Avery arrived. As they approached them Emma realized why Seth laughed earlier. Avery was not the type of girl she pictured in her mind. Avery was definitely a girl but fit in with the guys better.

“Hey guys, this is Emma. Emma this is Sam and Avery.”

They all exchanged hellos when Joel suggested they go get a table. At the table Emma was sitting across from Avery and she couldn’t help but fatih escort realize Avery had the prettiest blue eyes she ever seen. She kept stealing glances until Avery caught her. Emma blushed and quickly looked away. During lunch they all made small talk getting to know one another. Avery couldn’t help but notice Emma too. After all she was beautiful with her long brown hair and green eyes.

Later that night while Emma was lying in bed her mind kept wandering to Avery. She had found girls attractive before but never like this. Never to the point of wanting to kiss one so badly. What was it about Avery that was making Emma feel this way? She never met a girl like her but then again there wasn’t girls like her back home. Emma suddenly became obviously aware of the growing fire between her legs. The more she thought about kissing Avery the worse it got. Next thing she knew she found herself caressing her nipples each one hardening under her fingers. She pictured Avery touching them. She couldn’t take the building heat any longer and slipped her hand down her lace panties. She was soaking wet already. She slid two fingers inside her pussy slowly moving them in and out increasing the speed as she went. With her thumb she found her swollen clit and started to rub it. She heard herself moan but quickly hushed so no one would hear her. Emma was so close to climax now she felt she was about to burst. In that second Emma had the most intense orgasm in her entire life. She was out of breath and couldn’t believe she just masturbated while thinking about a girl.

The next morning Emma passed Avery in the hall and instantly blushed and looked away. Why was she embarrassed? It’s not like Avery knew what she did last night. She made her way to the kitchen where she found the guys making breakfast.

“Good morning, guys!”

“Good morning, Emma!” they all said.

Seth asked her if she slept okay and once again she blushed and just said yes. Emma knew she had to pull herself together. This wasn’t like her. She never acted this way over anyone before. Avery joined them in the kitchen a few minutes later. This time Emma kept catching Avery looking at her and noticed every time Avery was smiling at her. Emma couldn’t help but wonder what was Avery thinking. Was she flirting with her? Could she actually be interested in her too? Emma wished Avery would be more obvious and just make a move already because she was starting to feel that fire between her legs again.

The group spent the day at the beach sun bathing and swimming in the ocean. As the day went on Emma wanted to go walk the boardwalk. She invited everyone to go with her but the guys declined saying they wanted to go back in the ocean before the sun went down. Avery stood up too and Emma thought she was going to go with the guys until she announced she would go with Emma. Instantly Emma became nervous. The walked up the beach to the boardwalk in an awkward silence till Avery spoke.

“So your from Virginia huh?”

Yea was all Emma could say. She was suddenly too shy to say anything else. A few minutes later she got the courage to say more and asked Avery where she was from.

“I’m from Philadelphia but live in Camden now.”

“I love Philly. Every time I visit Seth we have to go to Gino’s”

Emma and Avery spent the afternoon walking in all the stores and getting to know one another. The last stop they made was at an arcade.

“Wanna play a few games before we head back?” Avery asked.

“Definitely” Emma replied.

They spent the next hour playing games, laughing, and if Emma wasn’t mistaken even flirting. As they walked back to the beach house Emma had the biggest smile on her face.

That istanbul escort evening they all sat around the fire pit back at the beach house drinking a few beers. Avery was sitting next to Emma on a bench rather closely Emma realized. The drinks were starting to go to her head pretty quickly and she was starting to feel daring. Was she just imaging things or was Avery interested in her too. She kept hoping to herself the guys would go to bed so she could be alone with Avery but she quickly told herself she was being ridiculous. Soon everyone decided to head to bed.

The next day was pretty much the same. Day at the beach sun bathing and swimming in the ocean. The only difference was Avery asked Emma if she wanted to go to the arcade. They had so much fun yesterday she instantly said yes thinking to herself she probably came off way to eager. This time there was no awkward silence. Once again they were having so much fun laughing and playing games. This time though Emma was sure Avery was flirting with her and she was flirting right back. After hours they made their way back to the beach house where they found the guys sitting around the fire pit drinking beers so they joined them. Once again Emma was hoping the guys would go to bed leaving Avery and her alone but there was no such luck.

Emma made her way to her bedroom completely frustrated. Tomorrow was their last day at the beach house. She got undressed and into her night clothes then crawled into bed. She wanted Avery so badly. Just thinking about her made her wet. She could feel her panties getting damp. She laid there for awhile hoping sleep would overcome her but that wasn’t happening. She thought maybe she would just have to masturbate again to ease the tension but then she heard a faint knock at the door. She laid there a minute thinking maybe she was hearing things but sure enough she heard it again. Emma thought it was probably just her cousin. She got out of bed and walked to the door. Upon opening she was surprised to see Avery standing there. Before Emma could say anything Avery took a step towards Emma and said, “I should have done this sooner!” Avery leaned in kissing Emma gently on the lips. It was a soft sweet kiss. She stepped back giving Emma a chance to collect her thoughts. Emma was shocked but over the moon because finally Avery made a move. All Emma could do was smile and say, “It’s about time you kissed me!” while she pulled Avery in the room and shut the door.

Emma didn’t waste any time and instantly started kissing Avery this time with passion.

“What took you so long?” Emma asked.

“I wasn’t sure if you were into me.”

“All the staring and flirting didn’t give it away?”

“Maybe I’m just bad at taking hints.” Avery said with a sly half smile. “I think I get the hint now though.”

Avery took Emma into her arms moving her closer to the bed slowly laying her down. Avery started kissing Emma moving from her mouth to her ear down to her neck. In one swift movement Emma rolled Avery over so she was straddling her hips. It took Avery by surprise but she definitely wasn’t complaining. She liked a woman who would occasionally take control and knew what she wanted. Emma stripped off her t-shirt leaving her breasts exposed and Avery instantly took each one in her hands. The feeling of Avery massaging her breasts and playing with her nipples was sending a fire down to her clit so much Emma found herself grinding her soaked panties against Avery’s shorts.

Avery rolled Emma back over kissing her as they went. Avery teased Emma by kissing ever so gently from her mouth to her breasts, teasing her nipples, then moving down to the band of her panties. Emma thought Avery was taksim escort going to keep going but Avery climbed off the bed. Emma couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Avery stepped back and said, “I just want to admire you for a second.” Emma couldn’t help but feel a little vulnerable but she smiled and blushed. Avery then removed her clothes and walked back over to Emma slowly slipped her panties off. Avery climbed back into bed this time lying next to Emma. They instantly started kissing with such passion you would have thought they had been lovers for years. Avery’s hand started to roam Emma’s body caressing her breasts, stomach, and then hips until she found her way to her sweet mound. Avery slipped a finger between Emma’s slit and she gasped and bucked at Avery’s hand. To be touched by Avery was amazing, way better than she imagined the other night.

Avery found Emma’s clit and slowly started moving her finger in circles making Emma moan. She instantly remembered she had to be quiet and hated she did because what Avery was doing felt so good. Emma then looked Avery in the eyes and with a sweet voice said, “Fuck my pussy!” The fact that Emma said that so innocently drove Avery crazy. Avery then knelt by Emma. With one hand she continued to rub her clit and with the other she slid two fingers inside her pussy. Avery started to move her fingers in and out increasing speed while Emma was grinding against her hand. Emma couldn’t take it any longer and threw her head back in ecstasy while an intense orgasm took over her body.

Emma went to sit up with intentions of returning the favor to Avery but Avery had something else in mind. She gently pushed her down while saying, “Lay back down. I’m not done with you yet. I have to taste those sweet juices I just created.” That drove Emma nuts and she moaned. Emma welcomed Avery between her legs. Avery slowly ran her hands up Emma’s legs to her thighs till she got to the folds of Emma’s pussy and spread them wide to reveal her clit. Avery went right in wasting no time at all. Her tongue lavished up Emma’s juices like she hadn’t had anything to drink in days. Avery then found Emma’s clit and started flicking her tongue up and down then gently sucking it. The feeling was amazing Emma thought as she grinded her clit against Avery’s tongue. Emma was loving what Avery was doing but couldn’t take it any longer. She had to have Avery. She had to taste her too.

“Roll over!” Emma said.


“Roll over on your side. I need to taste you right now. We can taste each other at the same time!”

Avery happily complied with Emma’s request and rolled over on her side. Avery went back to work like she never stopped at all. Emma parted Avery’s legs admiring the nice shaved pussy in front of her. As she parted Avery’s pussy lips, she could see Avery was dripping wet. Just like Avery, Emma jumped right in. No hesitation at all, licking and sucking up all of Avery’s juices. She tasted so good it was intoxicating. Emma then moved up to Avery’s clit giving it the attention it demanded. It only took a minute before both girls were grinding into each other’s faces. They both were moaning but neither cared who heard at this point. They were both too wrapped up in the pleasure. Both girls were on the brink of climax when neither could take it any longer and gave in to their orgasms. Both laid there for a second in complete bliss. Avery then turned herself around so she was face to face with Emma. They began kissing and tasting each other on their lips. The taste of them together was sweet. After about a minute both girls laid back on their backs panting out of breath. Emma looked at Avery and said,

“That was amazing. This is definitely the best summer vacation ever!”

Avery laughed a little and said,

“Hold tight hunny! We are just getting started. The nights not over yet!”

Emma eyes got big and had a feeling she wasn’t getting much sleep that night. She definitely was not complaining though.

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