Eva and Friends Ch. 05


Eva knew she had to talk to them. She had been hiding away from Linda and Rebecca since they walked in on her group sex session with her male friends. The experience had opened up a new part of her sexual desires and she had become overwhelmed with a new urge – to get down on her knees in front of them and let her tongue devour their most intimate parts. It was the crude truth. The idea of licking her friends’ pussies had come to completely preoccupied her mind and she knew now that it wouldn’t go away. She wanted to open up to her female friends and talk about the slutty side that she had been discovering. This wasn’t all easy though, especially since she now had developed this urge to be a slut for them too.

She wasn’t all comfortable about this, but she knew that ignoring it wasn’t an option. It had made her distance herself even more from her friends. Weighing up the situation, she rationalized that the best way forward was to talk to them about what they had seen and then hopefully find a way to let them know what she now wanted. Besides, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Many years ago, Linda had come on to her and it really hadn’t been a big drama when Eva turned her down. They were good friends of hers. If they were to turn down her offer, it would no doubt be awkward and even painful, but they would all soon get over it. Rebecca would surely tease her about it for a long time to come, but Eva could take that.

She decided to call Linda.

“Hello?” Linda answered and Eva could hear the sound of traffic in the background.

“Hi Linda, it’s me.”

“Oh, hi Eva. I was hoping you would call me soon.”

Eva was happy to hear her friend’s voice. Linda had always been such a good friend and whatever happened, she knew it would stay that way.

“Yeah, sorry,” Eva replied, thinking that she didn’t really have a good excuse and decided to bend the truth a bit. “I just got kind of busy. You know, with work and things.”

She was sure Linda knew she wasn’t being all honest and she was thankful that her friend didn’t call her on it.

“So,” Linda continued. “Is everything OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Eva said, making her best to sound reassuring. “I was just hoping I could see you and Rebecca and…”

Eva paused for a second and then giggled nervously.

“You know – talk about the other night,” she continued.

Much to Eva’s relief, her friend chuckled slightly too. Eva was nervous that Linda would be judgmental about the activities with the guys and while this was clearly more of a polite laugh, Eva felt somewhat hopeful that her friend could perhaps at least think of the whole thing as a funny episode. That’s a good start.

“Yeah, I would love to Eva,” Linda replied. “I’m just on my way to the airport though.”

Eva now remembered that Linda had mentioned going away on a business trip.

“But if you need to talk, I’ll cancel the trip,” Linda continued with a concerned tone.

Eva smiled to herself, thinking that this was typical for Linda. She was always there for her.

“No, don’t worry about it,” Eva said. “I’m fine really. When will you be back?”

Linda told her that she would be back in a few days and after Eva reassured her that she really was fine and that there was no emergency, they made plans to catch up during the weekend. Eva then texted Rebecca to make sure she too would be available. Eager to talk to her friends, she thought briefly about meeting up with Rebecca earlier, but she figured it was best to talk to the both of them at the same time. She had picked up on a vibe that they might be having an affair and she didn’t want to complicate things by opening up to just one of them. She had been complicating things too much lately.

Rebecca wrote back straight away.

Hey you dirty girl! 😉

Love to catch up, need to get the gossip!

At least Rebecca already seemed to think the whole thing was mostly funny. Eva chuckled to herself, thinking that Rebecca was right. She really was a dirt girl – and she was proud of it. Would her friends allow her to be a dirty girl for them too?

She was bummed though that she couldn’t talk to them straight away. She knew that it would now keep her mind occupied for the week and she couldn’t afford another work disaster like she just had. Also, as much as she had loved the episode on the train, she knew she shouldn’t risk getting overwhelmed like that again. So to keep herself sane, she pleasured herself several times a day for the rest of the week, mostly fantasizing about Linda and Rebecca. To keep her head straight at work, she even had to take breaks and sneak into the bathroom to masturbate whenever the erotic thoughts started to distract her. She wasn’t sure she was exactly her normal smart self at work, but at least Maria, her boss and mentor, didn’t mention any more problems.

It seemed like every time she allowed herself to touch herself to the thoughts of being with her female friends, the idea escort bayan kağıthane was further manifested. At one point she stood naked in front of a mirror and masturbated to her own image, thinking about how she would be seen through her friends eyes if they saw her in that position. Looking at her own pussy in the mirror, she wondered what her friends’ might look like. She visualized them naked, fantasizing about being allowed to taste their sweet sexes. She imagined herself on her knees with her face between one of her friends legs.

At the end of the week she was very eager to see them, feeling increasingly both nervous and excited. When Saturday finally arrived, they made plans to catch up in a park. Eva thought that meeting them on neutral ground sounded like a good idea. She also realized it was actually a very nice day outside and before getting in the shower, she laid out a pair of jeans shorts and a tank top. She decided a bra wouldn’t be necessary, half subconsciously hoping she could show off a bit to her friends. For the same reason, she trimmed her pubes in a narrower strip than normally during her shower. She slipped on a pair of black panties, and the feeling of the laze against her naked lips sent shivers through her body. She felt very naughty as she proceeded to get dressed.

She found her friends on a park bench in the shade. Eva thought to herself that Rebecca’s red hair made her easy to find. Always perfectly flowing, her curls contrasted beautifully against the white blouse she was wearing, and the short, bright green skirt made her even easier to spot. Linda was wearing a summer dress with red and yellow flower patterns on it and the two of them looked like a bright and colorful mix.

Her friends seemed to be chatting along but when they spotted her, they turned their attention to her and silently watched her approach. Eva had butterflies in her stomach, feeling increasingly nervous about how her friends would act towards her. Rebecca was waving at her and seemed to be amused to see her, whereas Linda observed her with a concerned, almost pitying look.

“Oh hi Eva,” Rebecca said, grinning widely. “Did you have fun at your birthday party?”

Eva blushed slightly at the blunt insinuation, but she knew this type of jokes was typical for Rebecca.

“Yeah, I suppose I did,” Eva replied, laughing nervously as she sat down in the grass in front of them.

Linda smiled too at Rebecca’s insinuation, but it was a much more reserved smile.

“So…” Eva said, looking mainly at Linda. She wasn’t sure what to say, and while she tried to act casual, she could feel her heart beating rapidly.

“So…,” Linda repeated, clearly also having trouble to find the right words.

There was a bit of an awkward silence before Rebecca broke it.

“Oh for fuck’s sake. Look, Linda here,” she said, holding out her hand to point at her brunette friend beside her, “she is worried that you perhaps were tricked into doing something you might not really have wanted and now regret. I told her that obviously wasn’t the case, but can you please just tell her she doesn’t have to worry so we can move the fuck on? I for one want to hear all the dirty details.”

Rebecca could be very straight to point like this. Sometimes Eva thought she was borderline insensitive and rude, but now she was very thankful that her redhead friend took charge and moved things along. She was also glad that at least Rebecca didn’t seem to judge her for what she had seen. She was more worried about Linda though.

“Of course I wasn’t tricked into it,” Eva said with a confidence that surprised herself. She knew Linda was just looking out for her, but she couldn’t help feeling a bit mad about the idea that she had been taken advantage off. The guys would never do that and Eva felt she had to defend their honor.

“Do you really think John, Eric or Daniel would do that?” she started and then went on to answer her own question, feeling increasingly aggravated. “Of course they wouldn’t. If anything, I took advantage of them. I made them fuck me because I really wanted to and it felt great. I’ve done it before and I damn well hope I’m going to do it again! It makes me feel amazing and I am not going to feel ashamed about it, OK?!”

Eva realized that she wasn’t just defending the guys, but also herself. Rebecca started laughing frantically at her little rant and Linda held up her hands in a gesture to show that she gave up.

“OK, OK! I believe you.”

Linda and Eva first remained silent as Rebecca continue to laugh but soon they too burst out laughing. It relieved the tension and Eva was again getting hopeful she could make Linda see things her way.

“Yeah, I’ve been telling her you really seemed to be enjoying yourself,” Rebecca said, her eyes running from laughing so hard. “I’m pretty sure we even saw you coming right there in front of us, right?”

Eva blushed, unprepared for this direct question.

“Yes, escort bayan beyoğlu I did actually,” Eva said and felt a sudden rush of excitement run through her body as she remembered her friends seeing her in that compromised position. She watched them with increasingly sultry eyes, both hoping and fearing that they could see the excitement growing inside her.

“What did you mean you took advantage of them?” Linda asked, now looking a bit more curious than concerned.

Eva actually wasn’t sure exactly why she had said that herself – it had just felt right during her little rant. She figured she could use it as a means to be a bit flirtatious.

“Well, you know. Who could resist all this?” she said confidently and wiggled her upper body, drawing attention to her perky little tits. Looking down she could see that the outline of her erect nipples were quite visible through the fabric of her top. Rebecca looked at Eva’s tits, chuckling and nodding her head.

“You go, girl!” she said in what appeared to be a mixture of mocking and honest encouragement.

Eva could see that Linda was looking at her tits too, but the brunette quickly diverted her eyes when Eva looked at her. Eva was pretty sure she could see Linda blushing slightly and she interpreted this as a sign that her friend was still secretly lusting for her body. She couldn’t be sure it wasn’t just her mind playing tricks on her, but she knew Linda at one point wanted her sexually and the thought that the ship hadn’t necessarily sailed filled her with a warm, erotic feeling of anticipation. Perhaps she could get what she wanted.

“So, it wasn’t the first time you were gangbanged, huh?” Rebecca asked, obviously curios to get some details.

Eva felt a jolt of excitement run through her body at her friend’s question. She had indeed been gangbanged and hearing Rebecca talking about it in those terms made Eva feel like she could start opening up about her slutty side. She blushed slightly, but she also felt confidence building inside her. She looked Rebecca directly in the eyes.

“No, it wasn’t the first time at all. Lately, I’ve…” Eva paused briefly and thought about how to put it. She decided to be brazen. “I’ve made them fuck me about once a month.”

Eva even subtly gasped at her own sentence. It was such an exciting feeling of liberation to be able to start speaking openly about her experiences. Rebecca grinned at her, amused to hear her friend speak in the same direct manner as herself. Linda on the other hand shook her head in disbelief, but Eva was pleased that at least her friend didn’t react particularly negatively.

“So are you like dating anyone of them now?” Rebecca continued her questioning.

“Yeah,” Linda added on. “Is this like a fantasy for your boyfriend or something? I heard some guys are in to this sort of thing.”

Eva sighed at Linda’s remark. Obviously Linda still had a hard time grasping that it was all happening on Eva’s own terms.

“Well Linda, I’m sure they all are in to it” Eva said, trying her best not to sound condescending. “Otherwise they wouldn’t do it, right? But for your information, I’m always the one initiating it. I let them know that I want them to fuck me, and so far they have all been up for it every time. You have to get over the idea that I would do this for any other reason than my own, OK?”

Eva paused, making an effort to not get worked up again.

“But no, I’m not dating anyone of them. I’m actually really happy about being single at the moment. Who got time for a serious relationship, right?”

Eva thought she could see her friends exchanging glances. She wasn’t sure what to make of it though.

“Then again,” she continued with a smirk on her face. “I guess you could say I’m dating all of them. I just cram all the dating into one evening. One really hot evening.”

Even Linda giggled at this.

“So you just tell them you want them to come over and fuck you?” Rebecca asked.

“Sometimes, but it varies. Sometimes I make plans for them to come over. It’s like a date night, I guess. Other times I just make them follow me home after a night out. And then there are times when we just have to wait until the other guest leave, but that apparently can be risky, if you know what I mean.”

The girls all laughed.

“Maybe lock the door next time?” Linda said.

“Well, unless you want to get caught, that is,” Rebecca added.

It was clear that the kick Eva had got from them seeing her hadn’t been lost on Rebecca. Eva felt slightly humiliated by her friend calling her on it, but also excited. Perhaps Rebecca would eventually allow her to expose herself even further. The redhead seamed to get excited by Eva’s stories so she figured the best thing would be to continue sharing her experiences with the guys.

“I guess the only rule is that it has to be all three of them. Like I said, I guess I’m kind of dating all of them. A girl can get used to the attention of three men at once.”

“I bet you can,” Rebecca responded and Eva was sure she could see some excitement in her green eyes. “Then what do you do?”

“Sometimes I strip in front of them, other times they undress me. I must say I really love the feeling of being naked in front of all of them. I guess I’ve become a bit of an exhibitionist and it’s such a kick to have them desire me.”

Eva felt proud of admitting to all of this, and she was pleased that both of her friends seemed to be looking her up and down now. She interpreted this like they were imagining what she might look like when she was all exposed in front of the guys. Feeling bit brave, Eva pushed her chest out as a subtle invite for them to keep looking. Rebecca gave her a knowing smirk and Eva once more got the feeling she was on to her. Linda again blushed when Eva looked back at her and diverted her eyes. It was obvious for Eva that Linda was desiring her and she thought it was cute that her friend was trying to be discreet about it. She felt that this lust for her petite body gave her some power, much like it did with the guys.

As if trying to divert attention from herself, Linda cleared her throat and continued to interrogate Eva.

“So, you say that you do all this on your own terms, right?”

“Yes, I most certainly do,” Eva replied patiently.

“But when we accidentally walked in on you, I heard you calling yourself a slut,” Linda continued. “Do you think of yourself as a slut?”

“Well, yes I do actually,” Eva said and looked confidently straight into Linda’s questioning eyes. “It certainly isn’t all I am, but sometimes I really am a slut Linda – and I love it. It feels great to be able to live out this side of me. I know it might be hard for you to understand, but I really wish you would just accept it, OK?”

It felt great to talk about this with the girls and Eva was making herself more and more excited as she carried on.

“When I’m with them, they sure make feel like I am their little slut, but only when I want to be. They are really respectful about it and make me feel amazing. It’s like I’m their slut queen!”

Linda and Rebecca both stared at her with open mouths, clearly somewhat shocked from hearing their little friend talk this way about herself. Still, Eva was sure she could see lust in their eyes too. She was tempted to go on and tell them about the best part of it all, which to Eva was when they covered her face with cum. She however decided to hold off with that part. She felt that she was perhaps getting Linda to see things her way and she didn’t want to scare her off by telling her everything. Also, it was just such a rush to finally be able to talk about her slutty activities with the girls and she kind of wanted to savor this feeling. By giving them a little at the time, she figured she could get more kicks out of it. She knew she would have to tell them eventually, but not just yet.

“I know you worry Linda, but the guys treat me really well, both during our sessions and afterward. That’s the great thing about doing it with friends you can trust. I can allow close friends to treat me like a little slut when I want to, and still know they will treat me with respect after.”

Eva hoped that the girls would perceive it as an invite. If they wanted to, she would definitely allow them to treat her as a slut too. She could see that Rebecca raised an eyebrow, again indicating that the redhead was picking up on Eva’s hints, but Linda seemed oblivious to it all.

“I suppose you know what you’re doing,” Linda said. “But don’t you think it’s at least a bit more complicated than that? You know, you as a woman wanting to be a slut for a group of men?”

“But I’m not a slut for men, Linda. I am a slut for those that I chose to be a slut for. The fact that they are men has got nothing to do with it.”

This wasn’t completely true. She did love the attention of men and she particularly loved the special feeling that she got when they showed their desire by shooting their cum on her slutty little face. But now she really desired to let out that slut before her female friends too and she was hoping Linda would pick up on this invite. The brunette did look at her curiously but she didn’t push it further.

Eva started thinking that perhaps Linda didn’t make any advances because she and Rebecca were involved. It was also possible she had read the signs all wrong, and Rebecca might not even be into the idea of sex with women. She figured that if there was any chance of her getting what she wanted, she had to find out about that first.

“Can I ask you guys a question,” Eva started and continued before she got a reply. “Last weekend, when you guys left, you said something along the lines of the two of you having a party of your own. What was that about?”

“Well Eva,” Rebecca started, “since you’ve been so open with us, I think we should be honest with you too. Right Linda?”

“Right,” Linda responded, not exactly sounding thrilled about the change of subject.

“You’re not the only one who’s been having wild sex,” Rebecca said and looked rather flirtatiously at Eva. “Linda and I occasionally get together…”

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