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I am a blond 36 year old successful, single woman. I am tall, attractive with a slim athletic figure and 36c breasts. I always regarded myself as heterosexual, despite having a number of sexual fantasies that involved other women. I always thought of these fantasies as something private and never imagined I would ever do anything about them. I am attracted to young, pretty and very feminine women, especially pictures of women in sexy lingerie.

I work as a manager in an international publishing company based in London. I have had a number of relationships with men but nothing has led to marriage. I guess my career was very important to me as well.

About seven months ago my life changed completely when I fell in love with another woman and discovered the joy of lesbian love. I would never have believed that one’s life could change like that at 36 but mine certainly did. I now think of myself completely differently.

I have long been turned on by the lesbian stories on this site so decided it was time to share my experiences. I would love to hear from other women about this and about their own experiences.


My regular PA Jane had been away for a few weeks after having a baby and we had got in a succession of temporary PAs all of whom had proved useless. One Friday I got notice that we would have an 18 year old girl, Lindsey, starting the following Monday. She was taking a year out before starting university and working for a few months before going off travelling. I didn’t hold out much hope given my recent experiences with temporary staff.

I got to work early on the Monday morning and heard a knock on my office door a few minutes later.

A few seconds later the door opened and in walked the most gorgeous girl I think I had ever seen. Lindsey was medium height with a beautiful curvy build and short blond hair. She had deep green eyes and lovely long legs and the cutest bum I had ever seen. The thing that really knocked me out though was her stunning breasts.

They must have been 36D and the effect of what was obviously an underwired bra and a lovely tight tailored shirt was stunning. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She introduced herself and I tried to gather my thoughts and not appear too flustered, without very much success. She was wearing a pair of tight black trousers which hugged her cute, tight bum and rounded hips perfectly. I couldn’t help notice as she sat down at her desk that she was wearing a pair of lacy white panties. I felt myself getting wetter, hotter and more flustered as she started her work.

I had been attracted to a lot of young women before but never to the extent of my attraction to Lindsey. As well as her stunning appearance she was very pleasant and polite and obviously had a lovely personality.

I had set aside a load of tasks that I thought would take her all day to complete, but she managed to complete them perfectly within a couple of hours. By the end of her first day it was obvious she could do the job without any problem. Her typing was perfect and very quick and she was incredibly efficient, organised and perfect with other people. At the end of the day I told her I was happy with her work and that we could offer her a month’s trial and the possibility of six months work after that until Jane returned. She was really pleased and said she would see me next day.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her when I got home and after a couple of hours alone I was so turned on I knew I had to do something about it. I spent a couple of hours cruising my favourite lesbian and erotic story sites on the internet. This and thinking of Lindsey got me really hot. I went to my bedroom and stripped off my shirt and skirt and stood in front of the mirror in just a pair of white cotton panties and a matching smoothline bra. My nipples were erect so I stroked my breasts with my hands and ran then over my tight stomach and to the top of my panties. I ran my fingers over my pubic mound and between my legs. My panties were soaked and my pussy burning hot. I had been so hot since first seeing Lindsey that morning and was burning up by now. I lay on the bed and caressed my beyoğlu escort breasts through the material of my bra. I arched my back and pushed my left breast up towards my mouth, running my tongue over it through the material. My other hand started to play with my hot little clit and I slid a finger under my panties and into my hot, wet, slit. All the time I thought of Lindsey. Did she know what effect she had on me I wondered. I didn’t care as before I knew it waves of a thundering orgasm washed over me.

For the next three weeks Lindsey’s work just got better and better and we began to get on really well. We had very similar personalities and had a great working relationship.

I tried to hide the extent to which I was attracted to her. I don’t know how successfully because she caught me looking at her and appearing flustered on a few occasions. She didn’t seem to mind and if anything was a little flirtatious with me on occasions. Needless to say I didn’t mind this. During this time I had numerous fantasises about Lindsey and my attraction to her and interest in lesbianism only grew stronger. I never thought I would have the courage to do anything about my attraction to other women but my feelings towards Lindsey were so strong I began to wonder.

On the Saturday at the end of Lindsey’s third week I went shopping in town and spent a while in the lingerie department of a large store. I loved shopping for sexy lingerie and found it a really erotic experience, especially if I saw another woman who I was attracted to. I liked to imagine the lingerie they were looking at against their naked bodies.

As I looked around I couldn’t believe it as I saw Lindsey looking at the most divine set of matching designer bra and panties. She saw me and called me across. We got talking and I asked her about the bra and panties she was holding. She really wanted to buy them but said she couldn’t afford them.

“That’s a shame” I said. “They would look gorgeous on you”.

I blushed as I realised I had said this without thinking. She just smiled and seemed not to notice it. I looked at the size, 36D, hah, I was right.

We spent a couple more minutes talking and then went our separate ways.

I went straight home and masterbated myself to an incredible orgasm, imagining Lindsey in the bra and panties.

On the following Friday morning I informed my personnel department that I was really happy with Lindsey’s work and that they could draw up a six month contract for her. I decided to tell her the good news just before she left work. However, at lunchtime I went out to the lingerie department where I had met Lindsey. I looked over the bra and panty set that Lindsey had been admiring. All week I had wondered about buying it for her on the pretence that it was a reward for all of her wonderful work, by now she was virtually running my department for me, making my job so much easier. I knew it was unprofessional to favour staff like that but the thought of her wearing that lingerie after I had bought it for her turned me on beyond belief. My hands were trembling with excitement and fear as I paid for it. What would she think of me buying this for her, would it give away how I felt about her? I prayed it wouldn’t scare her off working with me.

The assistant looked at the size as she checked them through the till. She looked at me and said “I’m not sure this size will fit you properly”.

Without thinking I said “Oh they’re not for me they are for a friend”.

She gave me a wicked smile. “I’m sure she’ll look stunning in them” she said.

Embarrassed I left the shop.

All afternoon I debated about giving her the present. I decided I would play it by ear when I told her about her job being extended.

Lindsey was overjoyed when I told her about the job. She told me how much she was enjoying working for me. As she said this I took out the package from my draw with her present in.

“I know how much you liked this” I said “I really want to give you something as a reward for working so hard for me. I hope you don’t mind me buying this for you” I said as I handed cihangir escort her the package.

She gasped with excitement as she opened the package. She was so happy see couldn’t stop saying thank you to me. She walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek. As she did this her breast brushed against mine sending a shiver down my spine.

She said “This is so generous of you Jocelyn. Please let me buy you a drink to say thank you”.

I wasn’t going to say no to an offer like that so we made our way to a winebar near the office.

We sat at a small table in a corner facing each other and enjoying a bottle of wine between us. It was lovely to spend time socially with Lindsey, not least because it gave me chance to drink in her beauty and imagine her with the special lingerie on.

We talked about our plans for weekend. Neither of us had anything special arranged.

I said “Oh I would have thought there would be a string on boys wanting to take such a pretty girl out”. She blushed a little, the wine and her proximity to me was going to my head a little making me say things I really shouldn’t.

We talked for another half an hour or so then Lindsey suddenly asked me, “Why did you really buy me the lingerie?”

It really threw me. Flustered I said “Like I said, it was a reward”.

Smiling a wicked smile she looked me straight in the eye and said “Would you like to see me wearing it?”

I gulped and said “Yes, would you like to come back to my flat and try it on?”

She just nodded her hear and within ten minutes we were in a taxi to my flat. I was shaking with a combination of fear and anticipation was the car raced home. I couldn’t believe the effect this girl was having on me, making me do and say things I never dreamed I would do.

We got home and I opened some more wine, mainly to calm my nerves, and passed some to Lindsey.

“Do you want to watch me get changed?” she said provocatively.

“Yes please” I replied.

She held out her hand for me to take. “Well you’d better take me to the bedroom” she said.

I took her hand and led her to the bedroom feeling as though I was totally under her spell now.

We got to the bedroom and Lindsey started to slowly undo the buttons of her tight white shirt. I was transfixed as her shirt gently opened revealing a white, smoothline underwired bra underneath. her nipples were erect by now and her face flushed. I looked over her soft, pale rounded breasts and wanted so much to bury my face into her soft flesh.

I sat on the bed and watched her, my panties soaked as I wished I was able to reach under my short skirt and touch myself. Lindsey dropped her shirt off her shoulders and smiled at me as it fell to the floor. I looked her up and down, admiring her firm, flat stomach, slim waist and cury hips. She began to underdo her trousers and ease them down her legs. I gasped slightly as I caught site of the white of her panties and wished I could touch the smooth, cool cotton. I couldn’t help myself, I slipped a hand between my legs and rubbed myself through my panties letting out a moan as I did so.

Lindsey looked at me and just smiled as her tousers slid down her gorgeous legs to the floor and she stepped out of them.

Standing in just her bra and panties she said “Will you help me with the clip on my bra?”

Obeying I left the bed as she turned away from me. I unhooked the clip at the back of her bra and let it fall away from her shoulders. She bent over and slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. I was transfixed. She walked naked to the package containing the lingerie I had brought for her. I drank in the sight of her body, the soft, smooth creamy flesh and her beautiful young face. She was perfect I thought.

I just wanted to give myself up to her, to show her how much I wanted her.

She took the black, lacy, hi leg panties out and turning to face me stepped slowly into them and pulled them up. My mouth went dry as I watched her pull her panties over her firm thighs and up over her public mound. The room was filled with the smell of sex okmeydanı escort and the electricity of two aching clits.

She picked up the bra and walked towards me.

“Help me put this on” She said.

She hooked the straps over her shoulders and turned away from me. I held it and tried to close the clip. My hands were shaking so much it was difficult to do. I could feel the excitement and electricity between us. I wanted to touch her sexually so much.

My whole body ached with desire for her.

Lindsey turned to face me standing only a few inches away. I watched as her breasts, now covered in the most delicate lace and satin bra gently moved up and down with her breathing. I wanted to reach out and touch them but Lindsey leant towards me and put her lips to my trembling lips. She kissed me slowly and gently, barely touching me with her lips but gently sliding her tongue into my mouth. I closed my eyes as a wave of desire and relief flooded my aching body and washed through my confused mind.

“Thank you” she said. “Now I want to see you in your bra and panties. It’s your term to get undressed for me”.

I was wearing a white lycra cotton top which I slipped over my head. I quickly undid my skirt which fell to the floor. Lindsey walked toward me and put her hands around my waist, her hands on my panty clad bum,. She pulled me towards her and started to kiss me again, this time more passionately. Our bodies came together, our tits crushed against each other as our breathing quickened as our desire increased even further. My hands explored her firm beautiful body, feeling her ass, her back and shoulders and the sides of her swollen aching breasts. Even through the material of her panties I could feel the heat of her sex as she pushed herself against me. Waves of ecstacy waved all over me and it was all to much.

“Oh my god Lindsey. I want you so much. I wanted you the moment I saw you.”

She kissed me harder and more passionately. “I’m going to make you scream” she said as her hands continued to explore my willing body.

She pushed me backwards onto the bed and climbed on top of me kissing me and running her hands all over my willing body. She kissed and licked my neck making me moan with pleasure and slowly worked her way down my body. She ran her lips and tongue across the material and straps of my bra and missed my breasts and hardened nipples through the material. I squirmed and her hands and mouth devoured me. I moaned with pleasure under her divine assault. I put my hands on her pretty head and pushed her down towards my crotch.

“Please lick me, make me come I can’t bear it” I said.

She reached down to my soaking panties and cupped my hot, wet sex, making me squeal with pleasure. She slipped a finger under my panties and gently parted my quivering lips. I was so hot, so soft and wet I dissolved around her. I moaned her name louder and louder as her finger went to work on me.

“On god, make me come, fuck me please” I cried as she teased me, always leaving me on the edge of heaven, making me beg and gasp for me.

She hooked her fingers under the edge of my knickers and pulled them down my stocking covered legs. Her head moved over my slit and I felt her tongue plunge between my legs. I melted as it probed my sex and she began to lick my aching little clit.

It was too much I screamed as an orgasm like I’d never experienced before broke over me. She still kept on licking me bringing me again and again to climax after climax, each more incredible than the last. I was crying and screaming as she made me come I don’t know how many times.

Eventually the esctacy subsided slowly as she stopped her assault. She pulled her tongue out of my pussy and crawled up the bed kissing me deeply as I tasted sex.

We spent the whole weekend together, virtually the whole time in bed as she showed me the joys of lesbian sex. Lindsey had a girlfriend when she was 14 for two years and then at 16 had another relationship with an older woman. She was an expert and I was her willing pupil, eager to learn all I could that weekend. We remained lovers for six months until Lindsey went away travelling. At work we maintained the facade that our relationship was purely professional but almost every night she stayed with me in my flat. Our sex games became wilder and wilder as we explored the boundaries of lesbian sex together.

Please let me know if you enjoyed my story.

Jocelyn XXX

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