Fatback at the Suga Shack Ch. 01


Hey, baby boy. I’m gettin back to you just like I promised. By now you must a seen my clitty and ass pics just like you demanded, er, aksed me for. I thawt about you while I pozed for the camera. And you see that pic where I’m spreddin my thick legs while supporting my backside so you cudd check out my blackeye? Rite after I done snapped that shot, suga, I fucked my dammed trypodd. That’s rite. I straddled that muthafucka and rode it like a pogo stick. I think I’m pozessed with sum spirit that done jumped in my body down at Koko Beach.

There’s a sayin: You cudd take the chick off Koko Beach, but you can’t git the beach out the bitch. I can imajin you sittin there beatin off to my pic, if not this missiff. I betchu wundrin, too, if I ever went back to that Carribbean paradice. Nuh-unh, baby. That’s a place of last rezort. If I sound relaksed, it’s cuz I just got back (yeah, yeah, I noze I gots back — never mind. Tee-hee-hee.) Like I was sayin, I’m fresh back from a retreet in God’s contry. You herd me rite. In late Sepptember I went out west, with my friend Pam — yeah, that uptite ho from my hometown of Upthasse — cuz she done redd a artikle about the retreet, a mikstur of a dude ranch and a spirichul getaway. So we spent a week there, and it was the longest week in my fuckin life.

It was colder than I thawt it’d be. Indian summer, my ass! Me and Pam also had our appatites geered for some johnny cakes and got offended when the guy runnin the mess hall said we’d have to settel for ho cakes. I didn’t get past a “What the fu–” when Pam’s hand flew up to my runaway lips. I think when I turned mad like that was the only time I felt some heat. Up in them mountens, chile, it was frijid, turnin us into snowwomens. Ooooh wee! Talk about hard nippels. I had fuckin DVDs for titty balls. Now, don’t go misreedin like you usually do; I didn’t rite that I contrakted VD, you silly white boy.

Well, everythang was gwan okay till one nite about three kağıthane escort days into our R&R. It was so late, suga, that the crickets was gettin they ass whupped by the birds. I felt sumthin sharp in my back like thumtacks. Them pokers was just jabbin, but soon the sensashun seemed to fade and I must a returned to sleep. Before long, the sun done cum up, me tossin and turnin like I was havin a Tina Turner/“Proud Mary” nitemare. Then it dawned on me what was happenin to me since I’d hit the hay. Pam was havin a feeld day! Yeah, sowin her wild oats and makin lots of yogurt to go with them.

Baby boy, she must a been havin one a her Sleepin Beauty dreams but got kissed by a horny toad instead cuz she was grindin her cooch into my asscrack and burrowin her nails-for-nubbins into my back. Honestly, tho, it was feelin dammed good after a wile. That is, till I felt her cum snot run into my butt creviss and a chill crepped up my spyne. Suga, you knows I goes both ways, but not with a good ol’ friend like Pam. I tryed to argue with her, sayin it wasn’t rite what she done to me in my sleep, but she cut off my carbun diokside with her fleshy tong. That took me by surprize and sparked a flame between my thize.

Pam and me started getting relijun in that po’ ekscuse for a bed. It’s gwan take years of therrapee for me to face the fact that I fucked my friend and she fucked me back … in my ass. She even spanked my fatback like we was dirty dancin in one of them suga shacks in our hometown of Upthasse so deep down South that we like to joke we cudd Mexican guys head on a clear day. My objekshun to Pam’s kink — and I don’t mean her hair cuz I likes it coarse above and below — lasted but a hot-as-the-Louisiana-sun minute.

Still, I didn’t think Crishchen womens carryed bullits in their purses, especshally when travelin. Pam is the always-got-a dollar-for-the-church-buildin-fund type of heethen in lamb’s clothin — or whatever levent escort that expresshun is. While my girl zapped my clitty with her remote-controll bullit, my body jerked like it was gettin hit with the litenin bolt that Pam’s gonna get for lyin to her God. Good Crishchen, my black ass! Miss Front Row Pew jammed a 9-inch, tar-black dilldo up my wet pussy while I was spazzmin from her bullit. I cudd still heer her tawntin me with, “You like that jelly dong, don’t you bitch?” I told her the only jelly I was enjoyin was the kind spreadin all over my thize, butt and my fat, hairy mound.

When Pam sent that dilldo home, I swared I could hear the bell like in a boxin ring. I think I fainted. TKO. And my homegirl sho got a title belt cuz when I openned my eyes, which was all hevvy lidded from my orgazim headache, I noticed that she was wearin a belt for reel. She mimicked me, sayin, “What you cryin ‘Oh, shit’ fo’?” Maybe she thawt I was stupid, but I’d seen a strapon befo’; I just cuddn’t beleeve Pam got up the nerve to even shop for one. (I later found out she orders the stuff online so she can be diskreet.)

That dick hookted onto her strap horn lookted pitch-black and menacin. I skrunched up my face and warned her that if she cummed neer me, I’d make her go down for the count. And I didn’t mean eatin out my pussy, eether. I twisted to my right to grab the silver vybrator I guess she was gwan use on me after she eggzawsted herseff with the strap-on, and she jumped on my ass and started struggelling to fuck my twat again. I was yellin, but the more I protested, the greedyer she got for my pussy. I was saved by the bell, the doorbell. I throo on the remmnents of the gown Pam must a tore off me befo’ nailin my back with her titty screws, and bolted for the door.

Standin there in the porchlite was a dead ringer for a certain veepee wannabe. But this visiter — let’s just call her Tara — had a prettyer face şişli escort and a sexy vibe that makes Sarah pale in comparison. The misteereuss white chick had on a pair of glasses that was more dulce, as the Spannish say, than Dolce & Gabbana. Her hair shudd a been mussed up for that time of nite-day. After all, it was the brink of dawn, but nuh-unh, honey. She lookted like she just glyded out a hair salon on Rodeo Drive. I, in contrash, lookted like I been rode like a wild bronco in a rodeo. I don’t know if the lite was playin tricks on my eyes, but our guest had a sparkle in hers. She aksed me if anything was wrong, and then I reelized she must a herd me protestin from Pam’s sex play.

Just then, Pam emerged, still warin the menacing ebony strap-on, and cut her eyes at the white chick. The allabasterd beauty had the awdasitty to check her out from head to toe rite there in our rented livin room. Tara said if we needed a refferree, she would volunteer her services. I was thinkin that we needed somebody else to ring the dammed doorbell cuz Pam was about to break into some LL Cool J moves like in his video for “Mama Said Knock You Out.”

Tara wasn’t skared, tho’. She was red in the face and ears is all. She kepped on bostin that she had neegosheeyatin expeereeance, which I misherd and thawt she was sayin she wanted to shit on us. Pam was wide awake, tho’, and cuddn’t resist, telling the Alaskan guvanor’s lookalike, “Oh and I suppoze cuz you herd us speekin to eech other in ubonnics, you is a farren policy expert now too, hunh? Well, is you?” Tara reeched deep into her soul and shot back at Pam with, “Grill me, baby, grill.”

And with that, Tara wiggelled her boney nose and flunged off her coat. Her pink and white tits sprung out and almoss blacked out my eyes. I can’t even tell you, baby boy, how her twat looked cuz I was fiksated on them knockers. She had puffy nipps like me, and I fancyed her tits as my Cawkazhun twins. Insted of shakin her hand, I just rubbed a big brown tit that was pokin out what was left of my blue nitegown thanks to Pam’s nite moves, against Tara’s blushin white tit. Laffin like Pebbels Flintstone, Tara tryed playin dumm, but me and Pam knowed what this white chick cummed over to get.

~ to be continued ~

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