Fitting Room


I’m no prude, well I did not think so. I had to do some clothes shopping and went to the mall department store. The store was pretty empty on this weekday. I picked out three of pairs of jeans. I walked to the women’s changing rooms, which was manned by a disinterested young woman, who was texting.

“Excuse me…” I said before being cut off.

“How many articles?” she said, as if was being rude by approaching her.

“Three pairs…” I could not finish this sentence when I was again interrupted.

“Here,” she said not even bothering to look in my direction, while handing me a card with “3” written on it.

I stepped inside and there were eight stalls with doors. All but one stall door was open. I went to the stall near the end, where the closed door was. I stepped in and put down my purse. I unbuttoned my pants and could hear a woman, “uh, uh, uh.” This noise was in a regular pattern and continued. I found this strange and figured someone lacked good judgment and trying skinny jeans when they weren’t. I took off my jeans.

I then heard an out of breath woman’s panting, “Do you like it?” I then a different woman’s voice, “Fuck, yeah.” Neither one was loud, but I could hear this conversation one stall over.

I wondered why these two women were putting on clothes this way. I could not help myself, I wanted to know what she was trying on. I stood up on the bench. I know it’s wrong, but I tried to peep over the wall. The noises kept coming. I got to the top, but was not tall enough to look over. I had worn heels that day and quickly put them back on. I got back on the bench.

I looked over and saw a blonde bent over with her hands on the bench. She was naked. Behind her was a brunette, who was wearing a pink bra and what I first thought was panties with a garter belt. The brunette thrusted back and forth into the blonde. I noticed a white dildo or at least part of one sticking out of either the pussy or the ass of the blonde.

I quickly hunched back down. This is ridiculous! People should not be having sex in public places. I thought I should tell and then I thought the lady at the front would just look at me like I was bothering her. I could make a lot of noise and that might stop them.

I banged on the wall, out of anger. I wondered why I was angry at them. They we not bothering me, but they güngören escort looked like they were having fun and I was just jean shopping. So, I guess I was jealous.

I’m heterosexual. I’ve never been with a woman. I’ve seen lesbians in porn and I enjoy it. Why am I having these thoughts? Just try on the clothes and go.

They did have nice bodies. I could not see the blonde’s face and was focused on the dildo more than the brunette’s face. “Fuck me, cunt,” I heard though the wall. These two bitches didn’t care about my knocking on the wall!

I stood back up on the bench. I guess I could watch and report back what I saw to my husband, he would love it. I looked over and the blonde was still taking the strap on hard from her partner. The brunette might have been 20 years old, very cute and still in her bra.

I noticed a CamCorder on the bench and it appeared on to me. They were filming their public place sex! No wonder they did not care about my knock, they get off on the chance at being caught.

The blonde was still making her, “uh, uh, uh” guttural noises as she got fucked. The brunette looking down at that fine ass, had her hands on the blonde’s hips as she fucked her. I enjoyed this aerial view of this fuck scene. Fuck it was hot.

I reached in my underwater and felt my pussy and it was already swollen. I put some spit on my fingers and sent them back on their mission. My fingers spread open my labia, it felt good to open up. I pulled down my underwear to my mid-thigh.

I used my middle finger to work my clit. I watched these young women fuck and twirled my bean.

The brunette pulled the white dildo out of the blonde’s pussy and said, “Suck my cock.” The blonde turned around and went down on her knees. I could see the shiny girl grool making the dildo seem so glossy. The blonde first flicked her tongue on the tip of the dildo as the brunette looked down, holding her plastic cock with one hand. The blonde then went to the side of the dildo and slid her tongue from front to back. She then went back to the front and started to take the dildo, I would say 8″ long, into her mouth. The brunette pulled the blonde in, causing the blonde to gag. The blonde pulled away a bit and then was pulled back in by the brunette and began to gag again.

The brunette then bağcılar escort threw down the arm full of dresses on the floor. The blonde adjusted the CamCorder and laid down on the dresses.

I was so wet. This was so hot, they were so hot. The blonde was also about 20 with nice B cups and pink nipples, so light you could hardly tell that she had nipples.

The blonde laid down on the dresses, face up and the brunette got on her knees to continue her fucking of this submissive woman.

I was getting very close to cumming as I prepared to watch this missionary strap on fuck and that is when our eyes met. The blonde looked right at me. In a panic I ducked down and pulled my underwear up. My heart was racing. I was caught. What do I do?

I then heard, “Go fast.” I assumed it was the blonde.

I stood back up and looked over the stall. The brunette was moving her hips quickly while the blonde had her knees up receiving the white dildo in her shaved pussy. I looked at this captivating scene and wished I was being fucked with the skill of this woman.

I looked at the blonde and she looked at me and said, “Fuck me. I want your plastic cock in me. Faster. You know what I like.”

The blonde then made the gesture with her index finger for me to come in the stall. I got off the bench and exited my stall. There was no one else in the dressing room. I pushed on the door and it opened. I was standing in my blouse, now wet underwear and heels.

The brunette just kept sliding that dildo in and out of that blonde pussy. The blonde reached over and handed me the camera, so that it did not face me and said, “Can you work that with one hand?”

I nodded yes.

I held the CamCorder in my left hand and focused on the dildo going in that drenched pussy. I was so focused on the fucking. The smell of pussy juice and perfume was strong. While filming this Sapphic act, I really did not think about how I could actually get in trouble. How would I ever explain to anyone if I got arrested?

The blonde said to me, “One more thing, uh, work your pussy for me, uh. I gets me hot, uh.” I don’t masturbate in front of others. She said, “uh, come here, uh.” She reached up with her right hand and pulled on my underwear. I helped her pull them down. I took them off and continued to record. esenler escort

The blonde began to stick her middle finger, I guess, into my wet cunt. I got on my knees, only to get a better view of the glistening dildo and wet pussy, of course. I positioned my ass near the blonde. She then began to work my pussy by pumping her fingers into me. She worked it fast. I never had a woman’s hand in my pussy, outside of the gyno, and it was awesome. I used my right middle finger on my clit and moved it back and forth while she fingerfucked me.

I said, “I’m cumming.” Everything inside me made me want to scream, but I was in public. I came all over her hand and convulsed forward. The CamCorder was now lens down on the blonde’s stomach. The brunette picked up my hand with the camera and let it focus once again on her plowing of her friend.

The blonde bit her hand as she began to shake. The brunette fell on top of the blonde, in what I assumed was total exhaustion. The blonde said, “That was amazing.” I put the CamCorder back on the bench and put my underwear back on. I did not say a word. I opened the door and saw a woman walk in the dressing room. She pushed the door on the room I had been in. I said, “Sorry, I’m in that room.” She gave me a look of confusion and went one door over. I then walked, in my soaked underwear, heels and blouse to my stall. I put my jeans on very quickly and left the room. I walked out of the dressing room. As I passed the woman at the entrance, she said, “Hey.” I stopped in complete horror that I was in trouble for what just happened. I thought about just running out. I thought this would make it worse.

I was about to explain that I did not do anything, when she said, “You went in with three jeans and you have nothing I have to look in your purse.” I told her I left the jeans in there by accident. She looked at me like I was lying. I opened my purse and showed her. She looked me up and down as if I was concealing clothes. I was not ready to be pulled in a security office to be searched, and have my soaked panties shown to this woman.

I went back to the room and got the jeans and “3” card. The brunette opened the door and said, “You did great. You’ll find the video under ‘fitting room’.”

I said, “Bye. Thank you. Great,” just as nervous as I was when the blonde first made eye contact with me. I walked away and dumped the card and jeans on the fitting room clerk’s table. I left the mall without the jeans I was supposed to get.

I got in my car, wet and hoping no one was home when I got back, so I could relive this while it’s still fresh. I don’t think I will share this with my husband after all.

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