Forbidden Fruit


Note: This story involves girl on girl sex with a bit of domination. All characters are over 18.


“It’s just going to be a friendly wrestling match for quick money.”

That’s what Ellie told me, and who was I to doubt her words? One evening of messing around with another woman on camera would get her a reasonable cut of the money made through digital purchases, and I knew enough about the market for niche videos that we’d be looking at a nice bonus for next year’s holidays, at the least. Ellie wasn’t a very active person, sexually, so it wasn’t hard to believe that she thought of it as nothing more than easy money. Besides, if things got too intimate for my liking I could always step in.

The gate and garage doors opened just as we arrived, revealing a bright red Ferrari and a sporty looking Mercedes SUV, some indicator that the niche video business went well enough for this woman and I couldn’t help but be a bit envious. While the apartment we shared was hardly small, this woman’s villa had an amazing view over the city and the garden alone was twice the size of our entire place. Ellie grabbed her bag from the trunk and smiled at me as we walked towards the entrance, her hand resting reassuringly on my arm. I returned her smile and brushed her wavy blonde hair aside to give her a quick kiss on the cheek.

As the door swung open we were presented with, quite frankly, perfection. I knew Ellie had already seen her before, but I was speechless. While I certainly had no problem with what was about to happen, I had subconsciously assumed she would be just an average woman; our host was anything but. Ellie’s opponent was at least five inches taller, stiletto heels aside, and her body was the obvious result of rigorous exercise, toned but still very feminine with wide hips and a narrow waist.

Her firm, but not overly large breasts were on proud display beneath the thin silk of a long black dress, the kind with which you wear no bra. The deep cleavage, revealing skin all the way down to just above the navel, and wide slits in the side of the dress that showed off her luscious legs, accentuated her magnificent body. found myself looking up and down her exposed leg to confirm she wore no panties either. She had a flawless skin and there were no tanlines whatsoever; she knew how to look good and put in the time and effort for it. It took me a moment to snap back to attention, only to realize she had extended her hand in greeting.

“How nice to meet you. You must be Leah, yes?” Her French accent was barely noticeable. “I’m Natalie.”

I blushed and shook her hand, smiling shyly as she winked at me. Her eyes were steel grey which, along with her sharp nose, gave her a stern look. A small amount of eyeshadow strengthened her dominant visage without diminishing her natural beauty. Long, jet black hair flowed freely over her shoulders, long strands coming to rest between her breasts, where a heart-shaped necklace beckoned your gaze. If it wasn’t for the bright smile on her face I would’ve been intimidated by her self assured, elegant-yet-naughty appearance, but she seemed surprisingly friendly and welcoming.

Natalie noticed my gaze wandering yet again and coughed softly to snap me out of it, stepping aside to let us inside. As I passed her she puckered her lips to blow me a kiss and I blushed fiercely, eyes cast to the ground. The sensible part of me told me she was just being a tease, what with the imminent wrestling match between her and my girlfriend and all, but I couldn’t help feel a bit uneasy.

The long legged beauty guided us to the living room where some of the furniture had already been moved aside, making place for a large mat surrounded by several cameras. She motioned for us to sit down and strutted over towards the kitchen, the contrasting white heels of her otherwise black stilettos clicking loudly on the floor. She swung around like a model on the catwalk when she reached the hallway, facing us.


I wanted to decline, feeling that we should just get down to business but Ellie beat me to it and asked her if she had any red wine. With a sigh, my gaze wandered around the room. I noticed that beside the several video cameras being set up around the mat, there was a handheld one on top of the dresser. I turned to Ellie and silently formed the word “cameraman”, wondering just how Natalie was planning to film the match. Ellie shrugged and grabbed hold of my hands, squeezing them lovingly as she smiled comfortingly. It’ll be all right.

Natalie returned with three glasses of dark red wine, generously filled to say the least, and raised hers in a toast.

“To the expensive desires of strange men, and women,” she giggled, emphasising the word women as she winked at me.

I smiled uncertainly and raised my glass before taking a sip. It was a fine wine, as expected. Ellie commented on this, always being the one to speak her mind, while I kept my thoughts to myself. Natalie sat down on the couch opposite of ours, crossing türkçe altyazılı porno her legs and leaning comfortably to the side.

She came across as so relaxed, like we were just friends visiting. I reasoned that she must’ve gotten used to this; inviting people over to film a mildly erotic video like it’s nothing. Yet something about it all made me feel strange. I told myself the idea of Ellie wrestling with another woman didn’t matter, but sitting her in the presence of such a confident, beautiful woman made me have second thoughts. What if Ellie ended up falling for her? I never doubted our relationship but there was no denying that Natalie was the superior woman in this room. Many men and women alike would eagerly flock her on a whim. I wasn’t left to wander on these thoughts when Natalie called out to me and I immediately felt confronted, as if she had read my mind. Instead, she apologized.

“I’m sorry to have to ask you this, Leah.” Her voice was soft, as if ridden by regret. “My girl, Felicity, called in sick just an hour ago. Would you mind?”

I looked up at her, uncertain of her question, then noticed she was gesturing towards the handheld camera.

“Oh!” I exclaimed, realizing what she meant. I looked at Ellie, who gave me a shrug. Why not? “Well, I, uh,” I stammered. “S-sure, I can do that. I just, I don’t know…I haven’t really filmed professionally before.” Natalie let out a giggle as she sat down her glass.

“Don’t worry, pet, our customers just want to see the action, they don’t expect Oscar-winning quality.”

I blushed at the way she called me pet, finding it an unusually erotic way to speak to me, a stranger, but didn’t linger on it. Natalie beckoned me to come over to her couch and picked up the camera from the table.

“It’s real simple.” Natalie tapped the screen and pointed the camera at Ellie, who adorably waved at the lens. “Just hit this record button and point it at us while we’re rolling about, and that’s that! I’ve put up three cameras, so try to capture us from different angles. Up close, shots of our faces, yes?”

I nodded and took the camera from her, my fingers brushing against hers for the slightest of moments. It sent a shiver down my spine and I immediately pulled away, but she gave it no thought. After playing around with the camera for a while, zooming in on Ellie’s cute face and such, I turned it off and Natalie handed me my glass of wine.

“So, how long have you two been together?” She shifted to better face me.

With her adjusted position it was almost as if she wanted to exclude my girlfriend from the conversation entirely but Ellie didn’t seem bothered by it. Ellie must’ve sensed my slight unease, knowing my body language all too well, and had likely decided to let me get more comfortable with Natalie.

“Uhm, two years,” I answered, having to focus on my thoughts rather than the close proximity of this alluring woman. What was it about her that made me act like a child witnessing their first sexual feelings? I yelled at myself to keep it together; she was just being polite, don’t ruin it. “We met at a bar. So cliché, right? I was with a group of girl friends, I mean, you know, friends who are girls, and I was singing karaoke when suddenly Ellie comes out of nowhere and tells me I have the voice of an angel.”

Ellie may not be the kind of girl to experiment in bed, she was most definitely an assertive young woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it; by being bold. My thoughts trailed back to that day as I told Natalie about our first meeting, still fond of the memory. Natalie tilted her head and returned the smile, urging me to continue.

“So she offered me a drink, and we got talking. Things went pretty quick from there,” I continued dreamily, vividly remembering our first night together.

“She ate me out before I even told her my name,” Ellie laughed.

“Ellie!” I yelled in shame, my cheeks turning a deep shade of red. Natalie just chuckled seductively and winked at Ellie before returning her gaze upon me.

“Really? You seem like such a,” she paused, looking for the right words. “Proper girl.”

“It wasn’t like that! I mean, it’s not what you think,” I mumbled, trying to save face. Natalie interrupted me by touching my arm gently and leaning closer.

“Don’t worry, pet, I’m not calling you a slut,” she cooed. Hearing her say the word slut made my pussy tingle, even if she explicitly told me I wasn’t one. She was doing the exact opposite of soothing me. Before I had the chance to reassert myself, especially with my girlfriend sitting across the table from us, Natalie moved back. “Really, it’s okay. I know how it is, meeting someone and instantly knowing you’re meant for each other.” With that, she set her now empty glass down and got up. “Shall we get ready?”

Ellie nodded and got up as well, grabbing her bag and walking towards the hallway with Natalie, who daringly ran her hand down my girlfriend’s back as I watched. xnxx I should’ve said something about it but didn’t, wondering instead if she did it for Ellie, or for me. I saw her point at one of the doors on the right, saying something to Ellie before going up the stairs, her exotic hips swaying as she disappeared out of view.

Throwing myself back on the couch I took a long, deep breath. Up until ten minutes ago I was entirely comfortable with Ellie’s plan, but I never expected to end up getting aroused just by being near another woman. It was as if she had cast a spell on me. I told myself to get my mind together; I was here to support my girlfriend, not act like an enchanted teenager who just met her idol.

I grabbed the camera, tapping the touchscreen to bring up the menu. I was immediately confronted with a grid of thumbnails showing the previously recorded movies. Swiping up, I estimated there were two dozen videos on this thing, with dates going back four months. Not a bad business, I thought to myself.

My eye caught on the thumbnails of one of the earlier videos, showing a young woman on hands and knees in front of Natalie, face inches away from her feet while Natalie stood arrogantly with her arms cocked. I gulped. This didn’t seem like a friendly match between friends, it was downright humiliating! Yet part of me couldn’t help but become intrigued by the image. Natalie seemed so naturally in control that it was hard to argue against it. I pictured Ellie in the defeated girl’s position and bit my lower lip.

The loud bang of a closing door startled me and I looked up towards the hallway. Ellie, my adorable girlfriend, did a little dance showing off her bikini-clad body and blew me a kiss.

“What do you think?”

I smiled broadly at her, answering her question without a need for words. She hopped over to me and hugged me, kissing me on the cheek and nibbling my ear real quick. My hands roamed her body, trailing my fingernails over her soft skin and gently tugging at the straps of her blue bikini. It was small enough to no doubt be appealing to the viewers of the upcoming video without looking too slutty.

The bottom was nothing more than a thong, Ellie hardly wore anything else, but three glimmering studs on the waistband gave it a more luxurious appeal. The long straps were tied into playful looking bows at the side, with several more studs at the end of each strap. The top matched the design of the thong, with similar studs at the end of the straps resting on her back as well as another row on the strap between her B cups.

Ellie broke the hug and gave me a quick kiss firmly on the lips before thanking me, again, for being here with her. Just as I wanted to tell her about the videos, I heard another door slam shut from the first floor. We both turned to face the stairs, where the clicking of heels announced Natalie’s approach.

Once again she managed to impress, not only with her outfit but by her confidence as well; there was no doubt in her mind that she looked exquisite. Her bottoms were striped black and white, like a zebra, the sides tied together like Ellie’s. It appeared to be a full back bikini bottom, making Ellie’s thong look all the more enticing.

Natalie’s top, however, was more alluring than my girlfriend’s. Natalie’s bountiful breasts, significantly larger than Ellie’s, were propped up by the black bra and the straps crossing over in front of her collarbone, rather than going over her shoulders, gave the impression that they were about to spill out of their confines. The cross straps gave the bikini top an exotic appearance, completed by the small row of fabric at the top of the bra, striped like her bottoms but partially see-through and tied in a decorative bow, pointing down towards her bellybutton.

For added flair, she strutted down the stairs holding a small black sarong or wrap with a white pattern over the sides. It was, certainly, a bikini made for show rather than swimming.

Natalie had changed her hair into a half ponytail updo, her hair voluminous enough to still let enough of it flow freely down her back, and had added large hoop earrings to her attire. It seemed unusual for a wrestling match but she obviously intended to look pretty over practical. I wondered just how little opposition she expected from my girlfriend. Once more Natalie smiled broadly at me as she displayed her outfit, wrapping the sarong into a skirt while strutting towards me.

“Your girlfriend looks pretty.” Her tone was overly exotic.

I didn’t reply; I wasn’t sure how to. I stepped back to put some space between us and picked up the camera. Ellie stepped on the mat, trying to look ready but we all knew she was outmatched. Unlike Natalie, my girlfriend did the bare minimum to stay in shape. She was naturally skinny but didn’t work out all that much, feeling happy with the way she looked.

Natalie joined her on the mat, kicking her heels off and started circling Ellie, eyeing her up and down like a hunter porno izle judging their prey. I tapped the screen of the camera and started filming both girls from their feet up to their faces, introducing them to the viewer. They both playfully blew a kiss towards the camera, though I wasn’t sure Natalie’s was intended exclusively for the audience.

After taking a good shot of both of them, I stepped back and started the countdown.

“Three, two, one; Fight!”

In an instant, both Natalie and Ellie lunged at each other but it was immediately obvious my girlfriend was at a major disadvantage. Not only was Natalie taller, she had also done this before and worked out plenty for a beautiful, fit body. Despite this, Ellie made the first move and managed to grab both of Natalie’s wrists but she was unable to throw her opponent down onto the mat, simply lacking the strength to break Natalie’s balance.

Natalie let her struggle for a moment before turning the tables in a blink of an eye, twisting her wrists to break Ellie’s grip and simultaneously stepping forward until their bodies pressed together. Before Ellie had the chance to react Natalie moved her arms around her smaller foe in a tight hug and shifted to the side, effortlessly throwing my girlfriend down to the mat, her sarong falling free as they slammed to the ground.

Ellie gasped loudly as she landed on the mat with a heavy thump and was unable to prevent Natalie from surging forward. In a split second, Natalie had moved forward to straddle my girlfriend’s chest, strong legs pinning her shoulders down with ease.

And that, to my surprise, was all the resistance my girlfriend managed to give to Natalie. Ellie barely even managed to budge her, hands aimlessly flailing around until they were grabbed by Natalie and held tight against her sides. I shouted at her to fight but Ellie just lied there under Natalie’s perfect body, legs swinging from side to side. Natalie remained perfectly in balance on top of her, requiring little effort to pin the smaller girl beneath her.

“Come on, at least try and put up a fight,” Natalie moaned, letting go of Ellie’s wrists so she could rest her hands on her thighs. Ellie groaned, putting all her effort into one final attempt to throw the stronger Natalie off; she placed her feet square on the mat, cupped Natalie’s butt with both hands and pushed with all her might. To no avail.

“This is pathetic,” Natalie sighed, looking up at me with a bored look on her face. She kept looking at me indifferently while sitting on Ellie’s chest, her arms crossed beneath her alluring bikini top. “Perhaps you can do better?”

I smiled vaguely at that question, taking it as a taunt towards Ellie but then she suddenly got up and walked over towards me, ignoring my already exhausted girlfriend. Was Natalie seriously expecting me to fight her? Speechless, I looked down at Ellie, still lying flat on her back on the mat, obviously no match for Natalie.

It did make sense, somewhat. In terms of physique I was more of a match for Natalie than my girlfriend was. But starring in a mildly erotic video? I always thought I was too shy for such things, but standing here it didn’t seem like such a bad idea. People could recognize me, sure, but then they’d expose their niche porn preferences. Natalie noticed my reluctance and gently ran her hand down my arm.

“Well, pet?” Her voice sounding dangerously alluring but at the same time she made me feel at ease. I took a deep breath and narrowed my eyes.

“Okay, you’re on,” I said, trying to sound sure of myself. “But I’m not your pet!”

Natalie giggled as she spun around, walking back onto the mat, throwing her head over her shoulder to wink at me.

“You will be, once I win,” she cooed. “And you’ll like it.”

I gulped. Ever since I walked inside this house Natalie had played with me, teasing me with winks and her seductive comments. I could no longer deny that this was all having an effect on me, but I kept telling myself this was just business. She clearly knew how to entice and that was, after all, the entire point of the video. I just didn’t want my girlfriend to get the wrong impression. Ellie, meanwhile, had gotten up and now stood next to me, hugging me as I handed her the camera.

“Sorry, babe,” she apologized. “You know she’s way too tough for me, but are you sure you want to do this? I’d understand if you rather want to leave…”

I shook my head; I wasn’t going to disappoint her. We had talked about what we were going to do with the money and I wasn’t planning on backing out now. It’s not like Natalie was going to hurt me or anything.

“Just strip to your underwear,” Natalie commanded, sounding different than before. More in charge. I was getting a bad feeling about it but then she gave me that friendly smile again. Just playing her role, I reassured myself.

Ellie helped me get out of my jeans, giving me a quick naughty kiss on my bum as she kneeled down. Natalie’s actions had done a number on me and I was suddenly very aware of being stripped down to my panties. Panties which, I was ashamed to realize, were becoming somewhat damp. Luckily neither of them noticed and before I knew it Ellie had ditched my top as well, revealing the generous C34 breasts I was so proud of.

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