Fresh Start Ch. 07: Winds of Change


Welcome to the last chapter of Emma and Nell (And Liz). I know there will be lots of thoughts on how I could continue them, but they’ve told me this is where we part ways for now.

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“You are going to your graduation.” Liz tried her best at a mom voice with me and failed.

“Liz it’s entirely too early on a Saturday morning for this again. No, I’m not.” I needed her to stop. To drop this.

“Emma… why?”

Liz and I had been having this same fight for the last three days. Classes were done, finals over, grades in and whether I went to the commencement ceremony or not, I had my degree. I was one giant leap closer to being able to properly provide for my kids. All that was left was the MTEL and I would be officially licensed and certified.

“I just don’t want to.” I didn’t need or want the attention that walking across that stage would bring me. The way I would stand out in the sea of 20-somethings.

“This isn’t just about you Emma. Or just for you.”

“Stop. Now.”

She growled at me then stormed out of my kitchen. I went back to cleaning. Nell was coming over soon. I knew I’d have a different version of the same argument with her. I needed next week to come and go, so I could be done with all of this.

It felt weird not having any homework, or papers to work on, or to avoid in favor of other things. Over the last nine months, every spare moment I had was about getting to this point. Now I was here. It felt so anti-climactic. Maybe if I hadn’t fallen in love in the process, this would feel like more.

It was never in the plan to walk into that classroom and find the person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life, but that’s exactly what happened. When you compare that to finishing this degree, they just didn’t measure equally to me.

“She’s in the kitchen being stubborn.” Liz’s voice boomed from the living-room. Nell was here. She was more subtle in trying to get me to go to graduation. She would be there either way, on stage in her robes. The image of that, was the only thing in the ‘pros’ column of my imaginary pro/con list.

I turned the teapot on and grabbed three cups. Shorts, tank-top, bare feet. Hair down. She had gotten it cut the other day. It was just above her shoulders now. I loved everything about it. About her. Everyone except her could leave right now and I would be the happiest woman on the planet. Instead, my kitchen filled up with all my favorite people. I was more than okay with that too.

She was standing next to me, a hello kiss, so boring in comparison to what I wanted to do, yet it still sent bolts of electricity through me. The twins were arguing over the car. I shot Liz an ‘I told you so’ look. Both had passed their road tests on Tuesday, and the fighting over the car began immediately. So much for their calm and mature attitudes back when Liz bought the damn thing.

I tuned them and Liz out, focusing only on Nell. She was close, so close I could smell her subtle perfume and feel her heat. “I wish you would change your mind.”

“I know.” I did, but I wasn’t going to. Was it next week yet?

I was glad when she didn’t push me further about it. “So, what’s the plan?”

“I’m making Liz go with the twins. I can’t deal with any of them in a vehicle for nearly three hours. I just haven’t told them yet.” I glanced over at them. I loved them. I did, but each one of them was getting on my nerves.

She chuckled. “That works for me. I get you to myself.” I temporarily forgot we weren’t alone in the kitchen.

Liz’s voice hit my very distracted self. “Is that ever going to wear off?”

Asher chimed in. “I hope so.” He followed up with a hearty laugh and nudged my shoulder.

Nell broke off the kiss. Was still looking in my eyes, “I hope not.” Her smile hit her eyes. I kissed her again. Asher cleared his throat, Jacklyn grumbled, and Liz just laughed, I wasn’t sure at what or whom and I didn’t care.

“Same.” I took Nell’s hand and we walked out of the kitchen. “Bye. See you three at the hotel.” The twins weren’t even finished packing, so I knew they’d be a bit behind us.

Liz huffed loudly at me as I walked away. “Seriously Emma?”

“Seriously Elizabeth. Have fun.” I couldn’t stifle my giggles.

I grabbed my bag and put it in Nell’s Audi and we both got in. “If we leave quickly enough we might get just enough time alone at the hotel.” My face was pure mischief. I hoped she drove fast.

We didn’t stop for lunch. I held her hand the whole drive. My favorite soundtrack was playing, this time from the reimagined album P!nk had put out. ‘Rewrite the Stars’. Nell and I were singing along. I stopped just to listen to her. She could carry a tune; with some work we would sound great together at karaoke. We already sounded great together.

My mind wandered to the looming summer break. She was teaching one class, online. The kids both had work, I did not. Hopefully I would by the time summer was over.

We had three porno indir separate camping trips planned. One just us. The other two with the kids. That first one, with the 4 of us… made me nervous. Was this the line, that once crossed, we wouldn’t cross back over? A ‘family’ vacation. It was a big step. I knew I loved her, knew my kids liked her. She liked them. She was around all the time. Would a week in such close confines, with all our personalities on display, make or break this little union we were creating?

It wasn’t going to be rustic camping. Jacklyn would not go if it was. Instead, I booked a campground on this side of the Canadian border. Lots of hiking. But also, very nice bathhouses. A few pools. Hot tubs. It was the first trip of the summer. We would be leaving three days after the twins finished school. Liz planned to come up for two days. Not camping, she had a hotel booked. I was certain if she came alone, Jack would spend those nights in the hotel with her.

She might not be alone. She and Matt had gone out a few times for coffee, drinks, without us. It made me smile. She didn’t say much about it. Which was unlike Liz. It’s what gave me hope this guy was different.

“What?” She noticed I had stopped singing and was just looking at her.

“Just enjoying the view.”

She sighed, squeezed my hand. She was quiet, it was her personality. Less quiet when it was just us, more when it was everyone. I liked her calmness. I liked the way she smoldered… a lot. She was so different from Liz in that way. I loved them both fiercely.

Nell though, I loved her in a very different way. She made my heart sing. She did it so effortlessly too. Her mere existence set me afire.

I only let go of her hand when we parked at the hotel. According to find my iPhone, we had a forty-minute window before the tornado triplets would arrive. It wasn’t nearly long enough but it was better than nothing. Liz had arranged early check-in for both rooms, it went quickly. We got up to ours and I shut the door. Turned the lock.

My lips locked on hers, wrapped her hair around my fingers. “I love your hair like this.” Mumbled between kisses. I did. It made her even sexier. I didn’t think that was possible until she came back from her stylist. I could barely control myself at dinner that night. My hand stayed on her leg the whole time we ate, fingers tracing little circles on her inner thigh. We finished eating and I dragged her upstairs, left the kids to clean up and had my way with her. Every way. All of them. Fuck she was sexy.

“I’ve noticed.” Her hands were on my face. “In fact, I believe I owe you some attention still.” I was on my tippy toes, she had the advantage, backed me up. I felt the bed hit the back of my knees. My body kept moving, then fell onto the bed. I was on my elbows watching her.

I tried to tell her, “no keeping score.” But she was already hard at work. She knew me so well now. My body. Where I loved being touched and licked… and sucked. Right there. Yes. Please. Shit.

She looked up at me for a moment, the eye contact heightening everything going on between us right now. I needed to kiss her. She knew. I latched on to her lower lip then let go, my tongue jousting with hers. She disappeared again. Fuck. I was so close. “Yes there. Don’t stop.” But she did. Fuck. More kisses. She was such a tease sometimes. I loved it. She knew that too.

Gone again. “There. Yes. Yes.” Then she stopped. “Fuck.” I could hear her laugh. My frustration was entertaining. “Nell please.” I was desperate now.

She brought her face to mine. Kissed me deeply, put her nose in my hair, lips to my ear. “All you had to do was ask.” Then she left me again. Sent me over a cliff. I rode the current, saw the stars, felt feather light. She caught me before I fell. Picked me up and sent me back over the cliff again. God she was so good at this. At me.

She laid on her side next to me. I was still trying to catch my breath. The sight of her gave me a second wind. I moved the strap of her tank top down. Kissed her breast through her lacy bra. “Emma, they will be here soon.”

“How soon?” I had moved to the other breast.

She moaned under my touch. “A few minutes.”

“I locked the door when we got here.” We wouldn’t be disturbed.

A few. I had a few. I could work with that. Slipping down the bed, I removed her shorts. Kissed the wet spot on her panties then removed them. I inhaled deep… it wouldn’t take much to send her over her own cliff. She tasted even better than she smelled. I was right… it didn’t take much. She was panting and writhing and exploding beneath me.

Later… we would take it slow.

I climbed up next to her, kissed her again.

“Best student ever.”

Laughter spilled out of us both.

“Best professor ever.”

We found the various articles of clothing we had both been stripped of, cleaned up and I checked my phone. Nell unlocked the door then stood next to me. Reading with me. The heat from rokettube her breath was distracting. I took her hand and kissed it as we read.

Liz- I am assuming you and Nell are in your room.

Liz- yep… could you be a little quieter?

Liz- I’m kidding. We just got to the lobby

Liz- okay now we are heading to our room. Emma…

Liz- Em… can you and Teach possibly take your hands off each other long enough to put yourselves together so we can get going? What kind of example are you to your kids?

I looked at the time stamp, the last message had come through a minute ago. Nell laughed.

Me- what are you talking about? Nell and I are in our room, fully clothed, standing 20 feet apart like a proper unmarried couple.

Liz- sure…

Me- and I am the perfect example for my kids. It’s more than acceptable that they see me happy and in love Liz. And a healthy view of sex isn’t a bad thing either. So, let’s not go there with me. Please.

Liz- I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything

Me- I know. We really are proper and ready for you three to come over.

Liz- okay. I’m releasing the Kraken… aka your heathen children. You’ve been warned.

Thirty seconds later there was a knock on the door, then Jacklyn and Asher came in. Jack was bouncing with excitement over spending the rest of the day in Boston. Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall and everything else. Asher and I, and our shared disdain for shopping, were outnumbered… the other 3 loved it.

Liz came into the room finally, “okay let’s go!”

I stared at her. “Um try again Elizabeth.”

She put on her best sicky-sweet, almost southern voice,” y’all ready to go?”

Asher groaned. “Can I just stay here? Please.”

“Nope. You’re stuck with us kid.” It was Nell who responded to him. I couldn’t help but smile.

“That’s right you ungrateful teenager. Stuck.” Liz wrapped one arm through my arm and one through Nell’s and marched us out of the room. The twins trailed behind us. At the elevator we uncoupled from Liz. I took Nell’s hand and stood so close I almost melded into her. Kissed her.

Liz let out a half-exasperated sigh. “Are you two going to be like this all weekend?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Maybe.”

Jacklyn gave us side-eye. “Why can’t we just have a normal mom? One who drinks wine, has a boring best friend and is sexually repressed. Like most of my friends’ moms.”

“Jacklyn!” Asher yelled at his sister.

Nell got a little red, let go of my hand. I did not, and took her hand back, I was looking at Nell as I spoke to my daughter. “Jack… normal is boring. Remember?” I wasn’t acknowledging the repressed comment. I squeezed Nell’s hand and mouthed ‘I love you’ to her. She didn’t respond, so I did it again. This time I got a small smile.

“You really want me to be boring Jack? Think about that.” Liz’s voice told me she was hurt by Jack’s comment.

I wasn’t. I knew my kids. It’s not like we didn’t talk about my relationship with Nell. Often. Jacklyn was just having a moment. She would get over it. Teenagers were super fun.

The elevator opened to the lobby and we got out. Liz just stood there. Yep, Jack had hurt her feelings.

“Way to ruin the weekend Jack.” Asher brushed by her.

“Stop. Everyone.” No one was moving anyways. I wasn’t letting this mar our plans. “End it. Now. Jacklyn. Liz. “

Jacklyn could barely look at me. “Jacklyn. I know you don’t mean all that. Get over the moment and move on. Okay?”

“Sorry mom. “She wouldn’t make eye contact.


“Sorry Liz. I don’t want you to be boring.” She was shuffling her feet nervously as she spoke.

My mom voice got deeper and stronger. “And?”

“Sorry Nell. I didn’t mean it, not really.” I knew from the way her voice sounded, that I needed to sit and talk to her, just us. But that would have to wait.

“Okay. Now. Let’s go spend all Liz’s money.” I pulled Jacklyn and Nell with me as we exited the hotel. Liz grabbed Asher and we walked to the T station.


Many hours later we trudged back through the hotel lobby. Every one of us was laden down with shopping bags. I let out a contented sigh as we filed into the elevator. “You okay Em?” Liz looked exhausted.

With a smile I replied, “More than.”

We exited together then, with good nights said, we parted ways. Liz and the twins had a 1-bedroom suite they were sharing a few doors down. I was grateful for her willingness to share with them. We would have, but I was glad we didn’t have to.

Inside our room I dropped the bags of excess and sat on the edge of the bed. I really was exhausted. My favorite redhead walked over, leaned down and kissed me, kept my lower lip for an extra second.

She peeled off her shirt… then shorts, dropping them at my feet. My hands went to her hips and I pulled her close. Kissed her stomach. Kissed it again. Her skin beckoned me back again. In that moment I remembered reading Twilight long ago. Reacting porno to Edward saying Bella’s blood was ‘exactly his brand of heroin’. She smelled and tasted that good to him, irresistible. I laughed then. But now, I understood the precise feeling Meyer was trying to convey with that. The woman in front of me, she was exactly my brand of heroin. I was absolutely addicted to her, in all the good ways, the ways that made me a better person. The ways that filled my once broken heart and made it stronger. Better.

Another kiss right on her naval, my tongue swirled in that perfect divot. I felt her moan deeply. “I fucking love you.” My head was tipped up, looking in her eyes. Those eyes.

She smiled down at me, “I know. I’ve never been as certain of anything in my life as I am of that.” Another kiss on her stomach… right at my second favorite cluster of freckles. They almost made the Big Dipper. She stepped back, out of my hands. Turned around, her bra then panties hit the ground as she walked into the bathroom. The water started. She didn’t call my name. I waited until I knew she would be standing under the steamy heat. My own clothing scattered as I walked towards her.

The bathroom wasn’t very big, I’ll have to speak to Liz about the importance of that before we book any more hotels. I stopped for just a second and watched her silhouette through the shower curtain. Then I pulled it back, just enough to slip in. Her back was to me, but I can tell she knows I’ve joined her. My arms reach around her, settle on her breasts. They are my favorite physical thing about her. Have been since I filled my hands with them the first time so many months ago.

Her heat touches me as she leans back into me. My mound, my stomach… my thighs. She fits so perfectly. We stay that way just feeling the pressure. The heat. The desire. Then she turns to face me. I bite my lip. Even soaked, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Her shorter hair clings to her face in ways I’d not seen yet. She grins at me through the torrent of water cascading down her face, then leans in and tugs on the lip I was just biting. I willingly share it.

She finishes with it; releases and it snaps back to me. I stare into her eyes for a split second then plunge my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue didn’t fight me for dominance, stood aside and let me sweep around. She tangled her hands into my hair, she didn’t need to keep me there, I wasn’t going anywhere. Ever.

Her hands move low and lower as we kiss again. She possessed my lower lip. It was her lip now. Part of her connected to me forever. Her hands are on both my hips. She places a kiss on my neck then slowly turns me. My back to her. My head rests in the crook of her neck, almost. Our height difference evident. I reach behind us, my hands on her hips. A little squeeze.

Her hands leave my hips and move up, but not before one sweeps over my mound, just dancing gently, fluttering really, for the shortest of moments… a hint of what’s to come. My head leans deeper into the crook of her neck as her fingers reach destination one, my breasts. She kneads them both then moves to each nipple. Swiping her fingers gently over each, they react immediately. Now each is between a thumb and index finger. Tug… slow and gentle. I watch them spring back, certain she can feel my reaction. Hear it.

Both hands trail down my stomach. One stays, lingering gently on my hip bone, the other keeps going. The heat building between my thighs is intoxicating. I shift, open a little bit wider. Inviting her in.

She pauses. My mound fills her hand. My head presses into her deeper. One finger, gliding, barely touching my slit. Fuck. I’m overwhelmed again. Give me a second for my brain to calm down just a little. I don’t want to rush this. I want this, her, but I’ll breath and wait. Her hand stops there. “Don’t stop.” I can barely hear myself even. I pull her hand up to my mouth. Kiss it. Release it

She starts her movements lower again, not before my right breast fills her hand to overflowing for one brief moment. She’s back. Oh there. Yes… Her index finger trails up and back, barely touching yet my entire body reacts. I love it. I want to spin into her, kiss her… god I love kissing her. She makes pass after pass, up, down back up, going deeper and deeper into my folds with each pass. She is so warm against me. She’s back flitting those fingers over my sensitive area. Her fingers find my clit. I can feel its hardness as she presses there. Right there. Yes. Back down and in just a little deeper.

My body shivers and trembles under her skilled hands.

My hand is on hers, increasing the activity between my thighs. I feel a second finger inside, stretching me just a little more. Her other hand wasn’t on my hip now. Where did it go?… a deep and powerful moan escapes as it registers where her hand was now. The pressure around my clit was making my head spin. Her pace quickens as one hand thrusts in and out, curling to hit that sweet spot as the other makes increasingly harder circles.

I clench her thigh, nails digging in. Fuck. Right there. I stayed holding her thigh as I fell into the ocean of pleasure, my body moving like a ship on each wave. She holds me to her, and upright because I cannot hold myself right now. We calm, both of us.

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