Fuck Me on a Chair in Italy


This is how I would write erotica, she murmured to herself, as she felt the click-tap of her nipple clamps pressed against the glass. For the disgusting men, jacking off under their desks and the well tailored womyn sliding their manicured fingernails under the waistbands of their well tailored business suits, alone in their cubicles or offices. I would write it so they could feel this…

Her breast pressed against the glass window above the square, nipples cold and clanking as she thrust and jutted her hips forward, grinding into the wall, hard and cold. She felt her heels leave the ground as her pubic hair brushed back and forth against the brick mortar of the sunny, upstairs room, almost 300 feet above the cobbled streets of Italy. Uh..uh huh, oooh, is drawn from her throat as she imagines her lover finding her in this position. Legs spread, breast flattened against the glass. Thrusting back and forth, begging to be caught. Not by the tourists below but by the heavy footsteps vibrating their way up the stairs, directly into her cunt. Hand on the doorknob, turning it, mounting the steps to watch her fuck herself. Seeing her offering herself up, worshiping the sun and life in the easy ecstasy of her own fingertips.

But, her lover didn’t come. Her nipples grew solid and begged to be tugged, clamped harder in the grip of her silver clamps. She reached down and loosened the screw herself, letting the toy, bite harder into her nipples. Perfect for self stimulation when she couldn’t have a womyn’s teeth biting into her tits, or tugging painfully at the pink tips. Her fingers hd porno circled gently around her ivory breasts, teasing herself as she turned from the window and gazed for something in this sleepy, borrowed flat, anything, to shove into her cunt. So aroused she was past shame, her eyes flickered to the non-existent bed posts, the attached shower head and the expansive size of the pillar candle, before resting on the cream colored wood of the small table chair.

I’ve always had a thing for inanimate objects, she mused to herself, more as a distraction from the slow throb between her legs, than a self censure, because she already knows, somehow, the chair will end up inside of her. Clenching her pussy lips together, she sat down on the small square stool, rocking a little and wishing for a vibration or a pulse of any source. Her mouth grew dry as she felt the wood pressing into the seam of her still buttoned jeans, nudging one of her lips forcefully against her clitoris. Riding there, she ran scenario after scenario through her head.

She was a goddess worshiped by many talented lovers, lying back as they caressed, appeased and thrust themselves into her. She was a cheap hooker surprised by a gentle but forceful womyn lover dressed as a man, pressing her up, up, hard against the wall. She was herself again, panting and squirming of the video this would make, as a surprise for her lover to watch later.

With that thought in mind, she began to moan as if her lover could see and hear her right now. It was time. Standing up, she unbuttoned her jeans and shimmied out of sex izle them, dropping them to the floor, turning her back to the imaginary camera and bending over to finish freeing her feet from the pants. She crooked her finger back at the camera, turned around again, nipple clamps dangling-wishing for a chain and scooped up the light weight wooden stool, carrying it with her into the next room.

Lying down on the bed, she thrust the pillow under her hips, a better view for her love and slowly drew her long fingers across her pussy, darkened with hair and gleaming pink inside. Sliding her fingernails back down through the hair and spreading her lips apart, she thrust into the imaginary tongue, the lens of the camera her lover could be holding. She teased her pussy open with the careful tips of her sharp fingernails, then slowly corkscrewed a clipped thumb deep into the crevasses of her cunt. She could see the sweat starting on the forehead of her lover, feel her reaching for her and mentally swatted her hands away. This was her show. She planned on finishing it. Her own moans as she imagined enveloping the thumb, the dick, the tongue of her lover, made her wetter and wetter.

She reached her left hand out and brought the chair up onto the bed and slipped a condom from the bedside table onto the small square leg of the stool. She slipped another onto the fingers of her left hand and scooped lube out and over the leg of the chair and into her pussy. Then taking both hands, one to hold the chair steady and the other to pull her lips apart, she thrust up, onto the leg of altyazılı porn the chair, pushing herself onto the wood.

The square hard edges slipped right in and her pussy pulsed around the un-giving objects. A moan dragged out of her throat and her head fell back, her neck exposed and vulnerable. Bending her hips up more, she maneuvered the wood up and down, back and forth, in, in, in-deeper. Her breath began to come in short bursts as she imagined the biceps of her powerful lover. Her lover, striding in, flipping her over and fucking her senseless with the chair, on camera. Her right hand snuck down between her lips again from where it had alternately been steadying the stool and tugging hard at her nipple clamps. Her fingers slid against her clit and she began pumping, pumping harder, faster, thrusting herself against her fingers and the chair leg, fucking, fucking, thrusting, almost cumming, gasping, moaning… twisting…

…when a hand grabbed the chair and she looked up into the eyes of her lover and her fingers kept working her clit desperately, begging release now from her lover, who with a bitten lip, glanced at her twisting body and fucked the chair deep inside of her, over and over , again and again as she thrust up into her, clenching, twisting, faster, faster, harder, deeper, begging to be allowed to cum…

Cum, her lover whispered, cum my little slut of a darling and when you’re done, I’ll spank that delicious ass of yours for daring to begin without me. She gazed up into the dark brown eyes of her lover, moaned and exploded into her arms, clenching around the chair so hard it fell out of her lovers hand and she came again as it hit the bed and fucked deeper inside of her. Breathing hard, panting, she gazed up at the womyn she loved and whispered, now that’s some good erotica.

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