Fungirl’s Fantasy Ch. 3


The next few days were uneventful. It rained most of the time and Emma spent most of her free time on the computer and her dad spent a lot of time in town at work. Then the day before Halloween it finally stopped raining. Emma got home from school and immediately threw her uniform in the hamper. She then put her hair up in a ponytail again and went down to the beach. She had just put her towel down and stepped into the water when she heard the unmistakable sound of Gabby’s boat. She squealed in delight at her friend’s unexpected visit and went back to her towel. She lay down and impatiently awaited Gabby’s arrival.

She didn’t have to wait long before Gabby was standing over her. She opened her eyes and smiled at her. Gabby knelt down beside Emma and began to play with her nipples.

“Want to go to a party tonight, Honey?” Gabby asked, tweaking Emma’s nipples.

“Mmmm, sounds like a plan. Where is it at?” Emma answered, running her hand up Gabby’s leg to her panties and slipped two fingers inside. Gabby sighed.

“It’s at a friend of mine’s place. It sounds like it’ll be a bash.” Gabby answered.

“Is this friend of yours a good guy? There won’t be any funny stuff going on will there?” Emma asked wearily. “I don’t want to have to jump out the back bedroom window like last time. My ass is still a little sore from that.” she said, stroking Gabby’s pussy and clit.

“HA ha ha. No, Emma, there will be no jumping out windows this time. The party is at a nice place on the beach on the other side of the island, invitation only, and very exclusive guest list. Trust me, it’ll be a blast. So what so you say? Do we go up to the house and hit the shower or are you going to keep fucking my extremely horny pussy with those wonderful fingers of yours all night long. One way or another I want to cum a bucket load tonight.” Gabby said.

Then she reached between her legs and pulled her panties to the side, giving Emma’s fingers free access to her visibly wet pussy. Emma slowly pushed two fingers inside Gabby’s pussy and stroked her clit gently with her thumb. Gabby sighed and settled down onto Emma’s hand more firmly, driving Emma’s fingers deeper into her pussy. She gently rocked her hips to the rhythm set by Emma.

“I say we head for the house. I can fuck you just as well in the shower as out here, although it’s more fun out here.” Emma said. She pushed her fingers even deeper into Gabby’s pussy and rapidly rubbed her clit with her thumb momentarily, then pulled away from Gabby and stood up.

Gabby grabbed Emma’s hips and pulled her pussy firmly to her face. Then she proceeded to tongue lash Emma’s pussy relentlessly. She squeezed Emma’s ass as she licked and nibbled on her clit and pussy lips. Emma started to moan and grind her hips against Gabby’s lips and tongue. Gabby then abruptly thrust a finger from each hand into Emma’s ass. Emma screamed held Gabby’s head tight to her pussy as it erupted pussy juice all over Gabby’s face and neck.

“Well now that I owe you one, a BIG one at that, let’s go inside so I can pay you back and we can get ready to fuck some people tonight. I’m kind of horny.” Emma said as she helped Gabby to her feet. The she kissed Gabby and licked her face and neck clean.

“Kind of horny, huh? I love it when you’re ‘kind of horny’.” Gabby said. They giggled all the way up to the house.

They went directly upstairs and to the bathroom. Emma got the shower going while Gabby took her clothes off. Emma stepped under the water and washed her hair while Gabby sat on the toilet and peed. By the time Gabby joined Emma in the shower, Emma was finished with herself so she washed Gabby’s hair for her while Gabby washed her own body. Then Emma slowly washed Gabby’s back. She reached around and tweaked Gabby’s nipples as she did so. Gabby moaned softly as her body responded to Emma’s touch. Emma rinsed off Gabby’s back then she knelt and spread Gabby’s legs. Knowing what was coming, Gabby leaned forward against the shower wall, thrusting her ass and pussy toward Emma. Emma grabbed Gabby’s hips and planted her tongue firmly against Gabby’s clit. She flicked at it rapidly as she reached up and played with Gabby’s tits again. It wasn’t long before she tasted Gabby’s pussy juice.

“Turn the water off. Let’s move to the bedroom.” Emma said as she stepped out of the tub. She grabbed two towels out of the closet while Gabby shut the water off and headed for her father’s bedroom.

Emma climbed onto the bed without bothering to dry off. Gabby gave her a questioning look.

“Are you sure about this? Where’s your dad?” Gabby asked, standing beside the bed within Emma’s reach. Emma reached over to her and placed her fingers between Gabby’s legs once more. “Daddy’s gone for the night. He’s staying in town because he’s got an early morning meeting tomorrow.” Emma answered as her fingers played in Gabby’s pussy lips. “Now I want you to put that wonderful pussy of yours on my face. türkçe altyazılı porno I want to finger fuck your pussy while I ravish your clit with my tongue.” she ordered sensually.

“Ohhh, how can a girl resist an invitation like that?” Gabby answered as she crawled onto the bed and straddled Emma’s face.

Emma immediately thrust two fingers into Gabby’s pussy and got a moan and thrust for her effort. Gabby leaned forward against the headboard for support. Emma stroked Gabby’s G-Spot and worked her clit at the same time. Once again, it wasn’t long before Gabby’s pussy was pumping juice and Gabby was reduced to a whimpering puddle of human jelly on Emma’s face.

“God I love the way you do that!” Gabby exclaimed after a few moments, then she settled down next to Emma and cleaned her own juices from Emma’s face. When Emma’s face was clean, Gabby sat up. “So, what are you wearing tonight?” she asked.

“I was thinking about that white tube dress with the little flower on the front. What do you think?” Emma asked as she crawled out from between Gabby’s legs, stopping briefly to lick and nibble on her lips.

“Hmm, that is so nice. Yeah the white dress will be perfect. I’m going to wear my black one. You know, the one with the really low back? Brad loves that dress. He says it accentuates my tits and he loves the way it hugs my ass.” Gabby said as she climbed off the bed and followed Emma to her room.

“Oh, I really like that dress on you too. His opinion is dead on. It’s the perfect party dress. It leaves nothing to the imagination, offers easy access to the goods, and it’s good for all occasions. When do we leave?” Emma asked as she went to her closet and grabbed the dress. She pulled it down over her head and smoothed it over her hips. She looked herself over in the mirror.

“We leave as soon as we’re ready to go. There’s no set start time and the party is set to be an all-nighter. Do you think your dad will check up on you?” Gabby asked as she too pulled her dress down over her head, smoothed it out, and joined Emma at the mirror.

“No. I don’t think it would even occur to him. Even if it did, I don’t think he’ll get the chance. Are you going to wear any panties?” Emma asked as she looked into the mirror at their overall look.

“I don’t think so. Brad likes a smooth backside to play with. But I think you probably should. The white would be a dead giveaway other wise. Plus you’re a new face in this crowd and first impressions are everything to these people. They like a willing and playful girl, but they don’t like a girl who advertises it. You know what I mean?” Gabby answered as she opened Emma’s underwear drawer and pulled out a pair of fullback, plain white panties. “These will work.” she said as she handed them to Emma.

“Fullbacks? I hate this pair! Do I have to?” she whined. She grimaced as she took them from Gabby and pulled them up her legs.

“Yes you have to. I swear to you it will be more than worth a little discomfort.” Gabby said, winking at Emma.

“Oh alright! There, are you happy now? So, aside from some hideous panty lines, how do I look?” Emma asked, striking a pose for Gabby.

“Beautiful as always. Grab your little bag and let’s hit the bricks. We’ll do make-up on the way.” Gabby said.

The girls took one last look in the mirror and they took off.

Brad’s house turned out to be more like a mansion. It was huge, a small version of the White House. Even from the beach the music was loud. It was obvious that an all-nighter was in the making. From the moment the girls walked in the door they were offered drinks and introduced around. Brad was indeed the hunk that Gabby had described him to be on the way over. He was a well-tanned, blonde hair & blue eyed, 6 ft 3 inch tall hunk of GQ quality man. His fondness for Gabby was obvious too.

“Hey Cassanova, come here! There’s someone I’d like you to meet.” Brad called out across the crowded living room. Gabby’s eyes lit up when she looked in the direction Brad was. Emma followed Gabby’s look and nearly melted at the sight of the man making his way across the room. He was easily as attractive as Brad with dark hair, dark eyes, Italian features. When he finally reached their group, he shook hands with Brad. His cologne was even intoxicating.

“Cassanova, this is Gabby. I believe you two have already met.” Brad said and the two politely shook hands. Then Brad continued, “The one I want to introduce you to is this beautiful young lady. Her name is”

“Emma.” Emma interrupted Brad’s introduction. She reached out and confidently shook Cassanova’s hand. “Cassanova, that’s an interesting name.” she said, looking him in the eye.

“Actually, Cassanova is Brad’s nickname for me. My name is Rudolpho DiGiovanni. My friends, all except Brad, call me Rudy. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Emma.” he said in a deep voice. He took Emma’s hand and kissed xnxx it lightly, keeping eye contact the whole time. Then a good dance song came over the speakers.

“Oh! I love this song. Let’s dance!” Gabby exclaimed and grabbed Brad’s hand and drug him out to the terrace where everyone else was dancing. Rudy offered Emma his hand and she took it, smiling up at him. The scene on the terrace rivaled most upper class dance clubs. There were colored lights, strobes, huge speakers at the corners of a huge dance floor. Gabby and Brad immediately headed for the center of the dance floor. Rudy looked down at Emma and raised one eyebrow, questioningly.

“Do you dance?” he asked. He motioned toward Gabby and Brad, who were already into the groove of the music and bump and grinding away. Emma just smiled.

“Try to keep up, stud!” she exclaimed and led Rudy out to Gabby and Brad.

The group danced together, switching partners, girls dancing together, for the next 6 songs. Then a slow song came on and Emma went to Rudy, Gabby went to Brad, and they danced the slow songs.

Just as a the last slow song ended, there was a disturbance in the crowd and Emma felt a hand clamp down on her shoulder painfully and turn her around.

“What the hell is this?! My parents take me on a vacation and you’re all over the first loser you see? What are you doing here, Emma?!” a guy was screaming at her at the top of his lungs. She had been so into the music and dancing with Rudy that it took her a moment to focus.

“Tom! What do you want? I already told you I was through with you. We’re history, ancient history. Get lost, jerk!” Emma spoke the last through clenched teeth.

“Let’s go! You’re coming with me.” Tom growled. He made a grab for Emma’s arm but it moved. Rudy had picked Emma up and set her down gently behind him.

“May I?” he asked Emma. Emma looked at Gabby who was smirking and winked at Emma nodding her head.

“By all means.” Emma said venomously looking Tom straight in the eye. Rudy smiled, looked at Brad and got confirmation then turned to Tom. Brad disappeared momentarily.

“I believe the lady told you to get lost.” he growled at Tom and stepped forward. He saw a flash of defiance in Tom’s eyes. “You want a piece of me, boy? I’ll tell you what. You get one free shot.” he said as he put his hands behind his back and thrust his chin forward.

By now the crowd knew what was going on and they stepped back. Brad returned to Gabby’s side and they stepped over to Emma. Emma cast a worried glance into Gabby’s eyes and received a calm and reserved look in return.

“This is going to be good. I hope Tom takes his shot, it’ll be the only one he gets.” Gabby giggled.

“I hope Rudy doesn’t get carried away like he did last time. It took me all day to get the blood out off the terrace.” Brad said casually.

Tom was listening to all of this. He took a moment to consider it, then he reached back and threw all of his weight into a roundhouse right. About halfway through the punch, Rudy sidestepped and caught Tom’s arm as it passed it’s target. He pulled Tom past him and put Tom into a hammer lock as he put his left arm around Tom’s neck. Tom coughed and gurgled in the choke hold. He tried to sit out of it but Rudy easily held him up. Rudy held him immobile long enough for Tom to understand his situation, then he lightened up on Tom’s throat.

“First you will apologize to this beautiful woman for wasting her time, then you will apologize to the crowd for crashing this party uninvited, and then you will leave. If I find out you’ve bothered anyone in attendance tonight at any time in the future, I will hunt you down and finish this. Do you understand me, boy?” Rudy asked in a polite, matter-of-fact voice. Tom nodded his answer. Rudy released him gently and stepped back.

“I’m sorry Emma.” Tom reluctantly apologized and turned to leave. Rudy stopped him with a hand in the middle of his chest.

“You’re sorry for what?” Rudy prodded. Tom turned back to Emma.

“I’m sorry for wasting your time, and I’m sorry for crashing the party. Is that enough?” he asked Rudy.

“Yes, that’s enough. Now go away.” Rudy said.

Tom stepped a few feet away, then turned menacingly on Rudy.

“Except for the fact that it’s not enough. Not by a long shot. You’re going to be sorry for this buddy. Nobody embarrasses me like this and gets away with it, nobody.” Tom said. Then he put his fingers to his mouth and let out a shrill whistle. He looked expectantly at Rudy and Brad. But it only lasted a moment. He whistled again and again nothing happened.

“What are you whistling about, Tom?” Brad asked sarcastically, stepping toward Tom.

“Brad I don’t think he’s whistling about anything. I think he’s whistling for someone. Do you think he was stupid enough to get others involved in his situation?” Rudy asked.

“Rudy, yes I do think he’s that stupid. I think porno izle those others you refer to are that stupid too. Would you like to enlighten him or shall I?” Brad asked.

“Oh by all means, Brad, please enlighten us.” Rudy answered, then laughed as Brad whistled a slightly different pitch. The difference was that his whistle was answered by a series of thuds and smacks and ouches. Then the group parted behind Tom and four other boys were thrust into the middle of the floor. They landed in a heap, bleeding and bruised.

“Hey! I told you not to make any of them bleed. Now I have to clean the terrace again.” Brad exclaimed as four more guys his size stepped into view.

“Sorry Brad. I guess these guys just made it too easy. We’ll help you clean, won’t we guys?” the largest man offered.

“Yep.” the others answered, almost in unison.

“So, Tommy boy, you thought that you and your little gang here could make Emma see the light. You were going to show her what a big man you were by ordering a bunch of other guys to get the shit kicked out of them up here. Well I’ll tell you what. Your boyfriends are in luck, sort of. You see, I’m not a violent man so I’m not going to kick anyone’s ass, at least not tonight. However my original threat still stands. If you or any of your boyfriends here bother anyone who attended this party tonight or if you bother anyone who knows anyone who was here tonight, all bets are off and you’ll be lucky if all I do to you is ship you to another country. As an act of faith in this agreement, I am going to permit you to leave without further incident. Now for the last time, go away.” Rudy said and stepped to the side.

“Not so fast Rudy.” Brad said

“What’s up Brad?” Rudy asked.

“We can’t have them leaving through the front door. All of our guests’ cars are out there. They’ll have to go out the back way.” Brad said, pointing at the three foot high fence at the back of the property.

“Brad, you don’t have a back way.” Rudy said.

“Oh, yeah. Rudy’s right boys. Well as long as we’re cleaning up tomorrow anyway, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to put up a new fence. We’ll just have to make a back way then won’t we?” Brad said and suddenly grabbed the closest of Tom’s friends and threw him over the fence into the darkness. There was a second of silence then a dull thud. Brad’s friends all followed suit. Then as Rudy stepped toward Tom, Tom put up his hands.

“I’ll go on my own, thank you.” he said and hopped the fence. Then he screamed for a moment before landing on one of his friends.

Emma looked questioningly at Gabby before asking, “What’s to stop them from coming right back over the fence in a little bit?”

“30 feet of vertical rock face and very loose sand. The shoreline is like that for about 20 miles in both directions. If he’s smart he’ll leave you alone. If he’s not, then he will indeed be shipped off to another country. I have contacts in about 20 countries world wide. He won’t know what hit him. I promise. Now where were we?” Rudy asked as he pulled Emma close again.

Emma looked at Gabby and giggled. “I like the way he thinks. Can I keep him?” she asked.

“I think that’s up to him.” Gabby answered before burying her face in Brad’s neck again.

Emma smirked as Brad’s hands traveled down to Gabby’s ass and squeezed. Emma pulled Rudy toward them. As Brad and Gabby were kissing, Emma took Brad’s hand and slid it under Gabby’s dress. She almost laughed when Brad’s eyes shot open and he saw Gabby smiling at him.

“Can I help you with something, Brad?” Gabby asked. She put her hand on the growing bulge between his legs. “Something like this for example?” she asked as she massaged the bulge.

“Why don’t the four of us head for someplace a bit more private?” Rudy suggested.

“Sounds like a great idea to me.” answered Emma. They looked at Gabby and Brad expectantly.

“It is a great idea except for one small problem. There are people all over the house and grounds. The only place within miles of here that offers any privacy is the beach we just dumped Tom and his cronies on.” Brad answered. They thought about that for a while then Emma’s face and Gabby’s face lit up at the same moment.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Gabby asked Emma.

“Yep. I sure am.” Emma answered as she grabbed Rudy’s hand. Gabby took Brad’s hand in hers.

“Then let’s go. Brad and Rudy, you two wonderful gentlemen are in for a long night. Cum with us.” Gabby said as she led Brad off the terrace and toward the cars.

“Whose car are we going to take?” Emma asked.

“Well that all depends on where we’re going. If we’re going into town, I suggest we take my car. It’s the royal blue BMW 850i over there. If we’re headed for the country, then we should take Rudy’s vehicle, that black Lincoln Navigator over there. So where are we headed, girls?” Brad asked, smiling.

“My house. So we’ll have to head for the marina.” Emma said.

“Well then I guess it doesn’t really matter which car we take. Why don’t we take both. Gabby you can ride with me, Emma you can ride with Rudy. How’s that sound?” Brad suggested. Everyone agreed and went their separate ways.

To Be Continued…

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