Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 57


Jenny slept on into the early afternoon, and when she finally woke up there seemed to be a buzz of activity all around her. She sat up in her bunk and looked around; all of the freshmen girls were there at the same time, a very unusual occurrence, especially on a weekend afternoon.

Seeing Jenny awake, April came walking over. “It’s about time,” she said. “I was starting to think we were going to have to throw a bucket of water on you.”

“What’s going on?” Jenny asked, rubbing her eyes and trying to clear her head.

“I’m not sure,” said April. “Miss White wants to talk to us all together.”

“Is everything OK?”

April shrugged. Rousing herself to action, Jenny hopped out of her bunk and quickly headed downstairs. She grabbed a cup of tea and a muffin and got back to the dorm just as Miss White began to speak.

Seeing Jenny arrive late, Miss White fixed her momentarily with a stare that made her blood run cold. But then the moment passed, and Miss White turned back to the assembled group and continued.

It turned out that she had gathered them to brief them on a longstanding ABD tradition called the “Study Break.” On this day, always the Saturday before Finals week, the freshmen were assigned to distract the seniors from their studies.

“I know it might seem counterintuitive,” said Miss White, “that we want to interrupt their studying. But it’s important to avoid burnout. We believe that while being prepared is certainly important, heading into the last week of school with the proper mindset is also important. You all should keep this in mind for yourselves as well.

“Your mission tonight, should you choose to accept it” — and here Miss White paused a beat to reinforce what they all knew, that there was really no choice at all — “is to show your seniors a good time, help them relax, and make sure they get a good night’s sleep.”

Miss White didn’t say in so many words that they were to seduce the seniors, but as soon as she was done talking the freshmen began to discuss what they were going to wear. Lingerie was discussed and compared, and the room began to take on a distinct sexual charge.

Jenny didn’t own anything that seemed to fit the bill, so she ended up borrowing a pink-and-white lace teddy from Maura, who was almost the hd porno same size as her. Jenny’s breasts were a little bigger, but having the fabric stretched tight across the chest made for a pleasing visual effect.

After showering, shaving, and powdering herself, Jenny put the teddy back on and went to find April. “How do I look?” she asked.

April looked Jenny up and down, then spun her around. “I’d do you,” she said, grinning slyly. “As a matter of fact,” she continued more quietly, “how’d you like to come downstairs right now?” They still had some time to kill before sundown, which was when the Study Break officially began.

Jenny was tempted. The day’s events had her in state of heightened sexual tension and anticipation, and April was looking scrumptious in a teddy similar to Jenny’s, but red and black and even more revealing; its plunging neckline that went all the way down to her navel. But after considering for a moment Jenny decided that she wanted to keep herself clean and fresh for Kristin.

“Yeah,” agreed April, “I guess you’re right. But what should we do instead?”

Jenny told April that she was starving, and suggested they go downstairs for a snack. Before doing so they put on bathrobes, not so much out of modesty as for comfort — the dormitory was nice and warm, but the downstairs areas of ABD could be drafty.

Walking into the kitchen, they were treated to the sight of Jodie’s bare ass sticking out of the oven as she scrubbed inside — in this position the short skirt of her uniform covered nothing. Miss White was sitting at the kitchen table with a laptop and a cup of tea.

“Hi girls,” said Miss White. “Ready for the Study Break?”

“You know it, Miss W,” said April.

“Could I get a little preview?”

Jenny and April smiled at each other and untied their robes. Miss White whistled. “Kristin and Emma are very lucky ladies,” she said. Taking a sip of her tea she added, “But then aren’t we all?”

April grabbed herself a banana and Jenny heated up some chicken soup. After eating they said goodbye to Miss White and headed back upstairs.

As soon as they had gone Miss White stood up and walked over to the oven. Balancing on her left foot, she stepped her right leg forward so that her calf was pressed against Jodie’s sex izle crotch. Jodie gasped and almost whacked her head against the top of the oven.

Miss White laughed, and then smirked as Jodie began to grind her pussy against the older woman’s leg while continuing to scrub the oven. Tugging on Jodie’s top, Miss White told her, “You can take a break from that. I need you for something else.”

* * *

Just after sundown Jenny knocked on Kristin’s door. “Who is it?” demanded Kristin, not sounding happy to be disturbed.

“Um… it’s me,” said Jenny timidly.

“Oh,” said Kristin, her tone mellowing. “Come in, then.”

Jenny opened the door to find Kristin sitting at her desk, dressed in sweatpants and a worn-looking school sweatshirt. Closing the door behind her, Jenny approached the desk and said — as she had been instructed — “It’s time for your Study Break.”

Kristin grinned and sat back in her chair, looking the scantily-clad freshman up and down. She had completely forgotten about this tradition, though of course she had taken part in it when she was a freshman. Yes, she could definitely use a break right now. She had been working on her paper all day and made good progress, but her butt and shoulders were sore and her wrists were throbbing.

“Let me just finish this paragraph,” said Kristin. She leaned forward again and began typing; Jenny walked around behind her and began to gently rub her shoulders as she worked. Kristin sighed and exhaled; she could feel her tension dissipating as she typed a few last sentences and then saved her file.

Leaning back once more, Kristin pulled Jenny down over her shoulder for a kiss. Jenny’s lips were soft and sweet and loving. Kristin felt her whole body come to life; it seemed like weeks since she’d even thought about sex, and now here was this warm, willing, wonderful girl. Truly, hers was a charmed life.

They kissed for a good long time before coming up for air. Looking once again at the skimpy lingerie Jenny was wearing, Kristin said, “Aren’t you cold in that thing?”

Jenny smiled sheepishly. “I’m a little goosepimply.” Kristin led Jenny over to the bed and got her under the covers. After turning off the desk lamp and lighting a candle, Kristin slid off her sweatclothes and climbed altyazılı porn into bed as well.

After undressing each other they made love tenderly, unhurriedly, but passionately. Afterward they were both ravenous, so they put on robes and went downstairs to the kitchen. Several other senior/freshman pairs were already there, tucking into pints of ice cream they had liberated from the freezer. A few minutes later Miss White appeared with Jodie, both of them sporting JBF hair and blissful expressions. Miss White popped open a couple bottles of Champagne and they all drank a toast to a successful Study Break.

For while the kitchen was filled with innocent laughter and girlish giggles. As Kristin was talking to Emma and April, Jenny quietly consulted Miss White. She really wanted to do something special for Kristin; did Miss White have any suggestions?

Miss White nodded and whispered to Jodie, who left the room. When she returned a few minutes later she was carrying a small wooden box that she discreetly handed to Jenny.

When the party began to break up and Kristin and Jenny headed back upstairs, Kristin asked, “What you got there?”

Jenny smiled mischievously. “A surprise.”

When they got back to the room Kristin stripped off her robe and climbed into bed while Jenny went into the bathroom. When she emerged she was naked from the neck down but had a thick black phallus extending from her face.

“Oh my,” said Kristin.

Jenny walked over to the foot of the bed, lifted up the covers from the bottom, and climbed under them. Had there been anyone else in the room they would have seen the silhouette of Jenny’s body as it moved up between Kristin’s legs, then Kristin’s eyes going wide as she was penetrated.

Using the face dildo and her fingers, Jenny made Kristin come several times, fingernails digging into Jenny’s shoulders. Finally Jenny took off the dildo and applied the coup de grace by licking Kristin’s clit. Afterwards Jenny shimmied up next to Kristin and snuggled up with her head on the older girl’s shoulder. “Thanks,” purred Kristin into Jenny’s ear. “I needed that.” And it was true; though she hadn’t been aware of it, she had been desperately in need of a good fucking.

Within minutes Kristin was sawing logs. Jenny was still a little restless, so she fished around under the covers until she found the dildo and then slid it into her own pussy. Once it was all the way in, she fingered herself to two more delightful climaxes before she, too, fell asleep.

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