Her Present; Her Pet Ch. 03


Chapter Two

Raina’s POV

I walked back into the room, and Elarin was dressed. I smiled smiled at her, and brushed Elarin’s hair back.

“Pet you look very beautiful, now come.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” I whispered, shyly.

I took Elarin’s hand, and squeezed it gently, she turned to me, and smiled. Her eyes were grey, a stormy grey. The bridge of her nose, and cheeks had a sprinkle of freckles, her lips were very pouty, and neck slender. Her cleavage was surrounded in a light blue ‘v’ dipped shirt, her arms were almost alabaster color, bare from the short sleeve shirt. The shirt flowed down her, and clung just barely to her flat stomach outlining her hips as well. The jeans were just lovely, ripped on both knees, they were snug on her defined ass, and well toned legs. I looked down at her bare feet, and frowned.

“Pet, you need some shoes, don’t you?” Her eyes flew to mine, and she smiled again, and nodded. I went to my shoe closet, and opened the doors, I looked around, and found the perfect pair of shoes. They were greek looking sandals, tan soles, and black criss cross straps. I picked then up, and turned around to Elarin, she glanced at the shoes, and smiled.

“Their lovely Mistress, their my favorite kind of sandals.”

“You don’t like in between the toe sandals either?”

“No, not at all Mistress.” I grinned at her, and passed Elarin the sandals, she put one of the bed, and tried to put the other one standing up, she tugged it onto her foot, and tripped on her left foot. She started to fall, and I caught her, she landed so her face was right there were my breasts were. She was a good few inches shorter than me, she looked up at me, and blushed. I helped her stand up straight, and I sat on the bed, grabbing the shoe.

“Give me your foot, Pet.” She stood on her right foot, and gave me her other, she laid her hand on the night stand so she could balance. I smiled again, and undid the buckle on the side of the sandal, I pulled it on her foot, and buckled it back up.

“Thank you, Mistress.” I placed her foot on the floor, and stood up again, I kissed her cheek, and whispered in her ear,

“Think nothing of it Elarin.” She shuttered as my breath tickled her ear, and I grabbed her hand. “Time to go, we are late, and they do not start dinner without me.”

Elarin’s POV

We walked out of Raina’s room, and down the red carpeted hall, the stairs came up on the right, and we turned, and went down them. I looked around the mansion, it had golden walls, and red trim. Painting which looked beautiful, I tapped Raina’s shoulder, and pointed to a painting of a moon, with it’s light shinning down on the lake, and a hill with a majestic wolf howling at the moon. It was painted with dark colors, and swirling patterns.

“Mistress, that is so beautiful, who painted that?” She turned to me, and grinned.

“I did. I painted almost all the paintings on the wall. I’m glad you like that one so much.” I blushed, and nodded. She rolled her eyes, but they weren’t annoyed, more like amused. At the bottom of the stairs, she looked at me, and frowned. I touched my hair, and then looked back up at her. “You need your hair brushed, my Pet. Here.”

She had a tiny shoulder bag, it was rectangle shaped, and had a long strap that had it so the bag laid on her hip. It was purple with tiny tassel dangling from the end of the bag. She rummaged in it, and uşak escort pulled out a mini brush, she handed it to me. I ran it quickly through my tresses, and handed it back to Raina. She put it back in her bag, and pulled out lipgloss. “Put this on, and we will go to dinner, you must be hungry, ma petite fleur.”

“Yes, I am very much so, Mistress.”

“That’s my girl.” I smiled, and put on the lipgloss, popping my lips, I handed the gloss back to her, she dropped it in her bag, and zipped it up. She grabbed my hand again, and walked me across the main hall, and to the huge, tall double door, she pushed them open.

In there was at lest a hundred people, with long tables, and food on them, everyone stopped talking. Raina smiled, and walked me towards a small table, on a platform. It was only able to seat four, she pulled out my chair, and her own. She slipped her hand under my elbow, so I wouldn’t sit down, and she turned to the silent crowd. “It’s nice to see that everyone has waited for me, I apologies for my lateness. Forgiven?” She smiled, and the whole crowed said together,

“Forgiven, Mistress.”

“Good, now for the introductions. As everyone knows a new face has come into our little community, but there is something different. She isn’t a Slave, but she is suppose to follow the politeness, and respect like everyone else to me. She calls me Mistress, like all of you. But, she is solely mine. She doesn’t understand fully how our community works, but know this. I’m not sharing her, she is my present. Any questions? They are free today.” One raised their hand, a tiny blonde, with purple eyes. “Yes, Ally?”

“What is she then? If she isn’t a Slave, she’s not a Mistress, then what is she?”

“She is my Pet, I call her Pet, as I call all you Slave when being formal.” She turned to me, and brushed my hair back, I blushed, my face hurting from so much blushing. “Pet, introduce yourself.” My mouth dropped open, and I shut it, nodding.

“Yes, Mistress. I’m Elarinya White, but call me Elarin, I suppose.” I looked down, and then back at Raina, not into her eyes, like she told me.

“Good girl. Now one more rule, no one is to have sex with her, without my approval, and just because you ask, does not mean I will say yes.” Everyone nodded, and she smiled, nodding back. “Great, now lets eat.” She sat down, and pulled me down into my seat. I scooted the chair closer to the table, and looked down at my plate. It had meatloaf, potatoes, peas, carrots, and two pieces of home made bread.

It smelled so good, but I closed my eyes, and murmured a prayer to The Goddess Luna for the food, and opened my eyes to see Raina looking at me with interest.

“Yes, Mistress, is something wrong?”

“No, but I’m wondering. Who were you praying to?” My face brightened proudly.

“The Goddess, Luna. She’s my favorite.” Raina’s eyebrows quirked up, and she tapped her fingernails on the table in thought.

“Are you Pagan?”

“Yup, and proud of it.” Her hand came out, and wrapped her finger around a lock of hair, she laughed.

“I thought so, I’m Pagan as well, so is most of the people here, well some are Wiccan, but we celebrate almost the same thing.” I smiled, and realized the passed two sentences I hadn’t said Mistress, I looked up at her, and bit my lip, guilty. She bent down, and whispered in my ear, “You don’t have to say Mistress every van escort sentence, just enough like every couple of sentences, or so.” I jerked my head nodding.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“That is my girl, now lets eat.” I stabbed the piece of meatloaf, and scooped it up into my mouth, I moaned slightly, it tasted wonderful. Raina raised her eyebrows at me.

“So you moan when you eat, do you?” I blushed, and started to choke, she sighed, and hit my back two times. I swallowed the food, and smiled sheepishly at her.

“Sorry.” She giggled, and laid her hand on mine.

“It’s fine, Pet.” I started to eat normally now, but every few minutes I looked down at my hand, which still had Raina’s over it. We sat in a happy silence, and I relaxed more, this place may be big, and a little bit scary with the sex all around, but it was like they were a family, almost. “Elarin?” My head snapped up, and I looked at her, she was frowning slightly.

“What is it, Mistress?” She sighed, and squeezed my hand.

“It’s just in a week or so I have to go away for a while.” My eyebrows creased, and I frowned myself.


“Don’t worry about it much, we have a week to get to know each other, but I need you to keep away from all the men, and some of the woman, I will point them out. The ones I know will disobey me if they truly want you.” I nodded again. “Do you wanna take a walk outside?” My face brightened.

“I would love to, Mistress.” She stood up, and held her hand out, I took it, and felt her pull me, we stopped as a guy smiled at Raina. He had brown hair, and green eyes.

“Mistress, may I talk to you?”

“Of course Paul, stay here Elarin, I will be back.”

“Yes, Mistress.” She pressed a kiss to my head.

“That’s a good girl.” She pulled Paul away, and I stood there, a few of the people stared at me, other scowled. One of the scowlers stood up, and walked to me, she had black hair, and purple eyes, she was short, and not that curvy.

“So Elarin.” I turned to her, and smiled.


“You can’t have her.” I raised my eyebrow, and rubbed my arm.

“Can’t have who?”

“She is our Mistress, and I was her lover before you came along, and ruined everything.” My eyes widened, and I smiled apologetically.

“I’m sorry if you think that way, but she sent for me, kidnapping me actually, so obviously you weren’t satisfying her enough so she sent for someone else. Maybe you should pay attention at being a better lover next time.” Her mouth dropped open, and she screeched, she threw a girly punch at me, and I caught it. I twisted her arm around her back, and grabbed her other arm pulling it so the right arm was pulled down hard, and the left was pulled up hard. I put my mouth to her ear, and whispered,

“Don’t you think you should know your opponent before attack, especially if you punch like a girl.” She hissed, and gave me a death glare, I just smiled at her. “Are you done, yet? This is getting boring, holding you that is.” Her lip curled, but she dropped it, nodding. I let her go, and turned around to see Raina’s arms crossed with an amused expression on her face, she smiled at me, and held her hand out.

“Come on ma petite fleur, enough fighting for the day, it grows late, and I do not wish to walk in the dark.” I nodded.

“Yes, Mistress.” I took her hand, and turned around to see the girl storm off. erzincan escort We walked out of the double doors, to the front door, she pushed them open, and walked out. The sun was setting over the trees, it was gold, lilac, and orange, with purple tainted clouds. We walked towards the gardens, and I smelled the light fragrance of roses, and tulips. Raina bent down, and looked at the roses carefully before plucking one up, she handed it to me.

“Picking a flower is like love, you can’t go, and pluck a flower up at random, like you can’t pick a random person you want to fall in love with. It takes thought, concentration, and whether or not it’s right for you, love or flowers. Which is probably why roses are the flower of love.”

“Thats,” I paused for a moment, “very poetic of you, Mistress.” I lifted the flower to my nose, and took a deep sniff. “Thank you for the flower.”

“Of course, it’s one of the best roses, I know, I looked.” I blushed, and smiled at her.

“I wonder, that girl who started the fight with me, she never told me her name, do you know it?” Raina’s eyebrow creased, and she frowned darkly.

“Coleen Winters.” I looked down at my hand.

“She said that you two were lovers.”

“Were is the operative word.” Raina’s finger slid under my chin, and raised my eyes to hers, I tried to look away. “It’s all right.” She whispered it gently. I looked into her eyes, they darkened even more, her sapphire eyes. She breathed across my lips. “If we weren’t being watched I’d kiss you senseless. Passionately, soulfully, and lustfully. Remember that.” She pressed a gently kiss to my lips, and pulled back. “Lets go back to my room.”

I stupidly nodded, my brain was blank. She took my hand, and guided me towards the mansion, we walked by some people, and Raina nodded at them, they said hi back to her. Someone ran up to us, and smiled at us.

“Hi, Mistress. I missed your speak because Anya wouldn’t let me leave the bedroom, but I did hear about the new girl, I’m Jean.” The bleach blonde girl with dark green eyes smiled at me.

“I’m Elarin.” She held out her hand, and I took it shaking it.

“Jean not that I don’t love you, and your bubbly attitude, or the fact you want to be friends with Elarin, but we were just about to retire.” Raina raised her eyebrow at Jean, and she smiled.

“Ah I see, I’m interrupting, so sorry. It was nice to met you Elarin, and I can’t wait for you to met my Wife, Anya she will like you too.” With that she turned around, and left. My mouth dropped open, Raina saw it, and laughed.

“She is a handful, her, and her Wife. Now are we just gonna stand there, or are we going back to my room?” I nodded, and continued to the room. Once we up the stairs, down the hall we entered the bedroom. She shut it, and locked it.

“So. What are we gonna do?” She turned around to me, and started to pull out her earrings, she set them on her dresser with a mirror attached to it.

“You are gonna go take a shower, and I just might join you. I’ll give you five minutes.” I gulped, and nodded. She laid her hand on my cheek. “Don’t tell the others I asked this, but are you okay with this so soon? I really don’t want you to be unhappy.”

“No, it’s all right Mistress. I’m okay with it. Just be easy, please.” With that said I turned to go to the bathroom around the wardrobe, I felt her stop me with her hand on my shoulder, and she pulled me to her chest, she pulled my hair back, and pressed a kiss to my neck.

“I’ll be very easy with you. Why don’t you give me your rose, and I’ll put it in a vase while you start the shower?”

“All right, Mistress.” I turned, handed her the rose, and walked to the bathroom with an erratic heartbeat.

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