The Office Ch. 02


A week ago today I fucked Carla my coworker, and it was amazing. People always say never screw around with your coworkers because it will be awkward at the office. I say fuck that, there is some hot ass here and after having my first taste last week, I am now making it my goal to try and nail all of these horny sluts. That’s what they are, sluts. Why else do they all dress in skintight pants, shirts that show full cleavage, pants that show thong underwear whenever they bend down or lean forward. These chicks want cock, whether they’re married, have kids, are single, or whatever. They dress like whores, they flirt with me all the time, they make sexual hints, and they give that sexy smile when they catch you staring at their tits or their tight asses. So I would be foolish to keep acting like I’m not interested or that they’re off limits, because I in fact am very interested, and there are no limits. My point was proven tonight, thank you very much Tia!

Tia works in my department, on the other side of my wall. I could hear her but not see her, which is a shame considering what she looks like. The hottest of several Latina girls recently hired, Tia is about 5’3”, slim figure but with very ample tits for her small frame. In fact, her tits looked huge today, I’m not sure if it was the bra or what, but every time I saw her, her cleavage was prominent. Anyway, she has long brown hair flowing down to her perfect ass. Her ass makes every guy in the office stop and turn when she goes by, and not just for an innocent glimpse. They stare until she is out of sight. Nobody can believe how tight and shapely her gorgeous ass is. My dick is sticking straight up just writing about that butt. Tia has a slight hint of accent in her voice, making her that much sexier, and we spend most of the day chatting over the wall, usually playful, flirtatious banter that has me hard as a rock under my desk all day.

Whenever one of us goes around to the other’s desk, I am unable to control my little guy, and I get noticeably hard and painfully uncomfortable the whole time. There’s no way around it; if she’s facing me, I look at her tits jiggling around in her blouse, and if she’s turned around walking away I am treated to the work of art she calls an ass. Today was particularly painful, and I’ll explain why.

Tia came around to my desk in the morning to Avcılar Escort say hi and she wore a tight black top, which showed deep cleavage, and skin tight white pants. I could easily see a colored thong underneath the pants, and when she bent over I could see they were dark red. The pants looked like they were spray painted on, and I tried to visualize her sexy body slipping into them that morning. She flopped herself down on my desk, her ass inches from my body. I kid you not, the presence and proximity of that ass was enough to give me a steel pole, without even looking at it. I remained hard as she mumbled some bullshit about her night, praying she would get the fuck out of my area so I could adjust myself. She finally did, and I of course made sure I stared at her ass as she sashayed it away in those white pants. The outline of her red thong didn’t help my situation, and I got up to look for something on my shelf. As I did so, I did not realize that Tia had doubled back to my desk to tell me something she had forgotten to earlier, and as she appeared, I watched her eyes drop right to my bulging dockers. It was impossible to miss as I was almost at full mast from her tight little body. My face turned beet red, and she said nothing, and walked away.

The next few hours we talked about the usual shit, with no mention of what she saw, and as it approached lunch time, we discussed our options. She suggested we go out for lunch, and about three of us agreed to go. As soon as my two coworkers said they’d go, Tia explained that her backseat was a mess, and there was only room for one more. As the two of us were closer friends, we said we would go get food for everyone, and we headed out to Tia’s car. On the walk to her car, I felt the beginnings of a hard on, and thought this can’t be happening right now. We got into her car and she pulled out and headed for the exit but then last second she turned and drove to the very back of the lot, where no cars ever really went. I turned to her and asked what the hell she was doing, as there was no exit over here. Tia then put then car in park and shut the engine.

“We need to talk”, she said.

“About what?” I asked.

“That”, she said and she pointed to my crotch. “I saw it before sticking out of your pants and I’ve noticed it other times when I’m around you. Beylikdüzü Escort What’s the deal?”

I told her the deal was I couldn’t help myself around her incredible body, and the image of her ass is etched in my mind at all times. Well she stared at me for a few seconds and then she told me my cock was on her mind ever since she started noticing how hard I get around her. She said she dresses the way she does for my benefit, cause she wants to keep making me hard, and she goes home at night and fingers herself to orgasm while thinking about my big hard dick. At this point I, of course, was sporting a flagpole in my lap, and Tia reached for it and took it in her small hands through my pants. She rubbed it a few times and then she unzipped my pants and took out my thick tool. It seemed huge in her tiny hands as she stroked it slowly. I asked her if she wanted to suck it, and before I got an answer, I pushed her head down into my lap, forcing her hot mouth over my cock. Her tits pressed through her thin shirt as she sucked me, and my pre cum was oozing out of my head. She sucked away as I fumbled to get her shirt off, before she realized it wasn’t working and she leaned back and slid off her top for me. Her bra encased tits were perfect orbs, aching to be sucked, creamy and tan like the rest of her hot body. She wasted no time undoing the bra and freeing those puppies, taking my hands and placing them on each tit. I massaged them for a minute and then leaned down and blew gently on one nipple, while rubbing the other. I continued to switch off blowing softly and darting my tongue out to her stiffening nipples and this was driving her wild.

By now she was stroking my thick cock while I teased her nipples, and I think she felt I was close to cumming so she stopped and struggled in her seat to get her tight white pants off. When she got them off the thong was next and she sat naked as the day she was born in the front seat of her car. I think my cock kept growing, I had never seen it this long or hard before and then Tia hopped over to my side and sat down on my lap, but not on my cock. We smiled at each other and I grabbed her lithe body and lifted her, moved her over a bit, and dropped her down onto my stiff dick. She was so fucking wet that I could have been able to slip right into her if she wasn’t so fucking Bahçeşehir Escort tight. I had to lift her and drop her slowly back down a few times until my head was fully inside her and she started to slide down my shaft. The friction was overwhelming for both of us as we began to fuck in my seat. She gyrated her hips like she was dancing on my cock, and between that and the sounds of her squishy pussy fucking my dick, I couldn’t hold back much longer.

Her tits were bouncing in my face, her car smelled like fresh cunt, I thought I was going to explode and die right there, until she suddenly stopped and my dick slid out of her with a pop. I figured she felt I was close and didn’t want me to cum in her, but then she turned to me and gave me a smile and a strange look.

“Where do you really want to dump that load?” she asked me.

“Um, uh……”

“I see the way you look at my ass, why don’t we try to get you inside of it and pump it full of your hot cum?”

Before I could respond, she propped her little body up with her hands and she felt around for my dick, aiming it right for her treasure. I had a hard time fitting inside that juicy little ass and she kept stopping and trying to let me ease into her a bit at a time. In the meantime my hands were busy playing with her firm tits, cupping them and squeezing her sensitive nipples while she worked on my dick. The sensation was unbearable and just as she had a good amount of my cock stuffed into her tight smooth butt, I felt that feeling coming on. Just as Tia’s ass came in contact with my pubes, I got about five or six good pumps in before exploding inside her. I pumped load after load of hot cum into her ass, and she humped herself back on my cock the more I came in her. I felt another warm liquid all over my legs and I knew she had cum hard as well. She shook in orgasm as her girly cunt cream flowed out and mixed with the cum that was overflowing from Tia’s butt. Finally I started to get slightly soft as my cock drained inside Tia, and I helped her back into her seat, spent. Her smooth pussy was soaked with juices, and her ass was spitting out my hot cum onto her seats. There was no way we would be able to go back inside the office because we reeked of sex and we were covered in our juices from this fantastic fuck session.

Tia had the great idea to call our boss and say we got a flat during lunch and we’d be back later when it was fixed. We then drove to my house which was nearby and showered and changed, but not before I gave her a proper fucking on my bed. We returned to the office later that afternoon, our coworkers never suspecting a thing.

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