The Party


The room is filled with people– some dancing, others are just talking– I am just standing there like a lost soul. I notice you just as Marvin Gaye’s song “Sexual Healing” started playing — I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Our eyes meet and your stare filled my body with longing and excitement. I close my eyes for a second and you disappeared. I looked around the room and see you making your way to me.

You ask me to dance and before long we spend the night deep in conversation. When the party’s over, you walk me to my car. But when I turned to ask you a question — I found myself kissing you. Your lips are incredibly soft– almost like velvet. Three slow soft kisses were all I need to send my mind racing. Your eyes slowly open as I tear my mouth away from yours. I didn’t want to stop kissing you. I can feel your hand moving slowly up my thigh as we kiss again, this time our tongues touch. I am so turned on that I could tear your cloths off right there — in front of other party guests. We walk toward a darkened street. The darkness that surrounds us fills the air with anticipation. We kiss again, neither of us can stop kissing, enjoying the feeling Esenyurt Escort of our tongues as they touch. The heat coming from our bodies nearly makes me lose control. We back into a doorway as I whisper in your ear “I want you right here and now.” I don’t care if it is in the middle of a crowded street; in my car or dark alley —- I want you.

I can feel you harden as I press my body next to yours. You unbutton my blouse and slowly slip off a bra strap. I feel my nipples harden as I anticipate your touch. I can feel the electricity conducted between your hand and my nipples. I move my hand closer to your erection; I can feel your body jerk as I slide my hand in your pants. I kneel in front of you; and as I look up into your eyes, I can see that you are surprised. All I can think is that I want to take you in my mouth and use my tongue to tease your hardness. I use my tongue to lick your shaft, you taste so good; I can’t stop sucking your manhood. I begin to use my tongue on your length; I take all of you in my mouth; I can feel you jerk again. I know that you are close to cumming. I want you to cum in my mouth. I İstanbul Escort want you. I want your eyes, your mouth, your beautiful cock – I want all of you.

I continue to suck your dick faster as your hips move to the rhythm of my mouth. Just as you are close to finishing, you grab me and force me up and against the doorway. You lift my arms and pin them against the door, while you kiss my mouth, chin, and neck. You rip my shirt open, and expose my breasts. My nipples are hard and begging to be touched. You bite my nipples, making me moan in unbelievable pleasure. I can feel you reach for my skirt; you hand glides up my thigh and to your surprise find out that I am not wearing any panties. You are surprised yet again, when you feel my wetness already dripping down my thighs. You use your fingers to rub my lips; suddenly your fingers are inside me, feeling my heat. You continue to slide your fingers in my pussy until they are dripping with my wet honey. I beg you to rub my clit, and when you do – I explode with another orgasm.

You kneel in front of me, and raise my skirt, suddenly not only do I feel your fingers but your tongue Beylikdüzü Escort as well. You use your tongue to bring me to another orgasm. I cum in your mouth and I begin to feel dizzy with lust. I can barely whisper that I want you. I pull you away from my pussy and I move up the step by the doorway. I stand with my back to you, lifting my skirt so that you could enter me from behind. You enter me slowly at first, but the frenzy we felt made me beg you to fuck me harder. You grab my hair and pull me closer to you. You kiss me passionately as we fuck in the doorway. With your free hand you play with my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples. My moans echo throughout the darkened street. You bend me over slightly so that I can take you in deeper. Your thrusts quicken and your moans echo with mine – I know that you are almost there. I ask you to stop, but you did not obey my request. As hard as it was for me I pulled myself away and I turned around, knelt in front of you, and began to suck your cock. I take you in my mouth and use my tongue to bring you to an orgasm. I feel your body tense up and suddenly I taste your orgasm. I want time to stand still. Suddenly we hear voices heading in our direction bringing us back to reality. We quickly rearrange ourselves and walk back to my car. Remembering the words you whispered in my ear “the night is not over” just as I get into my car. I follow you to your apartment.

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