The Nixon Girls Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Moira

Saturday 15th October had a disquieting start; though to be fair the world felt pretty wonderful when I woke. My first thought was ‘damn, my shoulder hurts’; which took me back immediately to how I’d received the injury and avoided any question that I might have been dreaming. I could hear Moira, Jane and Eve moving around downstairs; their conversations sounded high spirited. I was happy enough just to lie in bed listening to their muffled voices and reminiscing about the previous night; but was soon disturbed when Jane banged on the door and called “shift yourself lazy-bones; I need taking to work.” I knew I was to drop Eve off at a friend’s house too and smiled to myself at the privacy their departures would provide Moira and me.

By the time I’d showered and headed downstairs, I was already too late for breakfast so I enjoyed a few moments outside the door before entering the kitchen; I’d been right: all three, but Moira most especially sounded to be very jovial and animated this morning. I smiled to myself; then remembering the need for discretion, I quashed the grin and entered. The chatter subsided somewhat on my arrival and never really recovered: Moira especially going quiet. Before taking Jane to work I got no opportunity to exchange even a meaningful look; never mind a few private words with Moira.

Once into the car and underway; we’d gone less than two hundred yards before Eve rocked my boat “What’ve you done to mum?”

I almost ran off the road in shock at her words “What do you mean Eve?”

“Mum; you’ve upset her: was it last night when you came back?”

“How could I have upset your mum Eve? I’ve not seen her since Jane and I left to go out last night.” I was mentally crossing my fingers as I said it: had Eve overheard our nocturnal encounter?

“I suppose not. But she was really happy this morning until you came in; after that she hardly said a word.”

It was Jane who unwittingly rescued me. “Would you have liked mum to carry on the conversation about you and Martin once Rob arrived?”

“God No!”

“Then perhaps you should be glad that mum did go quiet.”

The subject was dropped; though I was still relieved to dump Eve at her friend’s place and take Jane the rest of the way to work. We arranged a meeting for the coming evening; said goodbye and I headed north out of the town; in the direction of my own home, before back-tracking by another route to Moira’s: I was there by 09:15 and smiling happily; I barely hesitated between knocking on the front door and walking through to the kitchen.

Moira looked up from her task: washing sheets; I could guess were from. The look she gave me wasn’t cold; far from it: but it wasn’t particularly welcoming either; on reflection I think perhaps embarrassed might best describe it.

“Oh hello Rob; I wasn’t expecting to see you before this evening; has Jane forgotten something?”

This wasn’t going the way I’d expected at all “No; I… I… came back to see you.”

“What about?”

“Last night of course.”

“I won’t speak to you about that Rob: only to Tommy.”

“OK. I’ve put my ‘Tommy Hat On’ now.”

Moira’s head shook. “Please; don’t think that I regret what happened: it was the most wonderful night of my life and positively NOT a mistake. But; I’m not sure where I want to go from here and your coming back like this only makes it more difficult for me.”

“Sorry; but I’m not being indiscreet. I’m often here when Jane’s out.”

“No; that’s important: but it’s more than just discretion I need to think about. Please go; we will talk about what happened; but not today.”


“I really don’t know. But when I do speak it will be to Tommy; not you Rob.”


“Exactly: I’ll give you a message for Tommy when I want to discuss it; but until then please don’t mention it.”

“You know I’d never tell anyone else.”

“I didn’t doubt that: but I don’t even want you to mention it to me. Please; be patient.” Moira looked on the point of tears.

“I’ll go then.”

“Thank you; it’s for the best.”

I wasn’t sure that I agreed with that sentiment; but I could appreciate that the conflicting emotions that I’d been reconciling; were small-beer compared to those which Moira had to deal with. I left immediately and carried on my day as if it were a ‘normal’ Saturday. The only notable incident followed the afternoon’s rugby match; when I was obliged to lay on the floor of the changing room whilst a friend chewed up my right shoulder with his studded boots; thus changing an obvious bite-mark into a ‘rucking’ injury. It caused great amusement amongst my team-mates and a the debate raged for weeks after; regarding who might have been the perpetrator; though not one of them came even close to guessing correctly.

Life went on as if unchanged; Moira perhaps gave me an occasional ‘out-of-place’ smile; otherwise it was as if our encounter had never happened. As the weeks passed Travesti I tried to pretend that ‘it’d just been a dream’; though I wasn’t very successful. I began to feel that it would’ve been easier if Moira had told me that she did regret the incident and that it’d been a mistake; but still I kept my promise not to raise the matter. Then as Christmas approached; I came up with an idea that I hoped might prompt things without breaking my promise.

I went down to Manchester to do my Christmas-Shopping and as usual managed to buy gifts for everyone in less than ninety minutes. I then went in search of one further present for Moira; this one from Tommy. Three hours! I’d never spent so long choosing a gift in my entire life; but it had to be perfect. I was looking for a nightgown; but a very special one: it had to scream wanton and sexy whilst also being demure and decorous too; not an easy combination to find.

Whilst collecting Jane on Christmas Eve; I managed to sneak this extra package into the house and carefully tuck it between the covers on Moira’s bed; where I knew only she’d find it; the message was simple ‘I owed you one; T.’ After wishing Moira a ‘Merry Christmas’ and sharing a polite kiss under the mistletoe; Jane and I departed for the evening. I knew that I’d not be seeing Moira again before the Weir’s New Year’s Eve Party and whilst that would be far too public for any but the most mundane of conversations; I was now looking forward to it immensely.

On December 29th I was out all day with the Weir brothers and when we returned I was surprised to find a note taped to the steering wheel of my car. It was typed and said only ‘please come this evening; M’ I stuffed it into a pocket before anyone else noticed; I’d no doubt who it was from, but was perplexed nonetheless. Moira along with Jane and Eve was supposed to be away visiting grandparents? Where and when had Moira had the opportunity to get the note in there? And perhaps most importantly; who was invited to ‘come this evening’ Rob or Tommy? I made my excuses to the Weirs and went home for a quick shower and change of clothes.

It was 7:30 when I drove slowly along the lane toward Moira’s house; I wasn’t sure what to expect. There were lights on so someone was at home but Jane’s new car wasn’t to be seen and the garage door was wide open. I pulled onto the driveway then rather than leaving it there I put my car inside the garage. Getting out I closed the garage door and walked across to the house; it was hard to see as the outside lights weren’t on; knocking lightly on the rear door I waited. Moira appeared within seconds; opened the door and immediately looked beyond me whilst asking “where’s your car?”

“Inside the garage; I didn’t know if this visit needed to be discrete?”

“Sorry; come inside.” Moira stood aside and waved me in; but she didn’t provide any answers to my unasked questions. Once inside; in the lights of the kitchen I scrutinised Moira in the hope of some visual clue to answer these questions; I was disappointed: she looked no different from any other day, perhaps a little nervous; I would’ve expected that whatever.

“Let me get you a drink? What would you like?”

Was that a clue? Wouldn’t Moira have just offered ‘Rob’ a beer? Maybe she was compartmentalising? Or there again; maybe I was just being fucking stupid? Whilst the last answer seemed the most likely; I tried a ploy “Gin and Tonic if you’ve got it.” Rob never drank G it was invariably ‘a weak G she also suggested that she ‘might as well refresh her own at the same time’ I’d never seen Moira take a second G it’s been so long since I’ve heard from you.’

“I know; I’m sorry about that: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking”

“And what have you decided after all this thinking.”

“That perhaps you’ll be patient with me for just a little longer?”

Neither the words nor Moira’s expression made me optimistic; I thought that I should return to safer ground “Of course, I’m surprised to see you tonight anyway; I’d heard you were away for a couple of days.”

“I was supposed to be; but I got a migraine and had to cry-off this morning.”

“I’m sorry; how are you feeling now.”

A small smile from Moira “Much better thank you; it soon passed.”

“And the girls; they went without you?”

A more confident smile this time. “Yes: I told them I’d be better off on my own. Besides which; Jane’s boyfriend gave her a car for Christmas and she was desperate to go and show it to her grandparents.”

At that response I too became a little more relaxed. “The girls could possibly come back this evening though? Just to make sure you’re OK.”

“No: Jane called a little while ago and I reassured her that all was well; I told her I expected to go to bed early too; so it’s unlikely that we’ll be distracted by any more phone calls tonight either.”

I still wasn’t certain where we were going with this game and wonder now if Moira was at that moment sure either. “Distract Konya Travesti us from what exactly?”

Moira hesitated for just a second; then her smile albeit a little shakily returned “Well dinner for starters; I’m famished and I presume you’ve not eaten yet.”

I grinned at that “No; I’d love to join you.”

Moira began walking back through to the kitchen “Then make yourself at home; I won’t be long. She stopped for just long enough to give me a peck on the cheek as she passed. “Why don’t you fix us more drinks whilst you’re waiting?” I noticed that the proffered glass that Moira waved was empty once again; she was certainly drinking more than usual.

I honestly can’t remember what we ate; I was too intent upon the conversation. Though I do remember that we accompanied the meal with a couple more G other than the brief kiss on her way to prepare dinner; it was the first time we’d touched. “I promised my daughters that I was going to bed early: but I also owe you a Christmas Present. Her smile was now alluring; if perhaps slightly tipsy. “Why don’t you have another drink then come up to my bedroom; that way I can keep both promises.”

Despite everything that had gone before; this was the first moment when I was sure we were going to make love again. It’d been a strange conversation over dinner; with plenty of allusions but no direct references to our previous encounter and an insight into what had obviously been some serious sole-searching for Moira since then. To be honest once Moira had said that she’d been to confession on Boxing Day I’d assumed that we were history; as whilst I knew that the Nixon family were all catholic, they’d never to my knowledge practiced their faith: so Moira visiting the church had sounded like bad news. Especially since I’d also met the local priest on a couple of occasions and he didn’t strike me as the lenient type.

I elected not to take up the offer of another drink; I’d had more than enough already. So having reviewed our conversation one last time I followed up the stairs and after calling in at the bathroom to freshen up and undress I tapped lightly on Moira’s bedroom door.

“Come in Tommy; I’m ready.”

The first thing to strike me as different from our first encounter was the light; several lamps glowed softly within the room: Moira clearly no longer felt she needed the cloak of darkness which was encouraging. On the downside; what little I could see of Moira beneath the bedcovers suggested that she wasn’t wearing the nightgown I’d got her from Manchester. I tried not to let my disappointment show; though clearly not well enough as Moira’s first words were “I’ll wear it next time; but it’s too beautiful to tear.”

“I’d hoped that I wouldn’t need to tear your nightdress off this time.”

That resulted in the broadest smile yet. “Oh you don’t ‘need’ to rip it off me tonight; it’s just that I’d like you to all the same.”

As Moira spoke she tossed back the covers; stepped out of bed and walked toward me. She was dressed in another of her ‘passion-killing’ nightdresses; but this one was adorned with a decorative gift-wrapping bow atop each of her small breasts and between these was written ‘Merry Christmas Tommy. Open this End’ with a very large arrow pointing toward the neckline. I couldn’t help; indeed didn’t even try to control my amusement at her ‘gift’ and as I stepped forward to begin unwrapping Moira in accordance with the instructions; I noticed that the bottom hem had been removed; perhaps even raised slightly. I kissed Moira gently on her left cheek and whispered “Just like in the movies” into her ear.

I grasped the neckline in both hands; snatched sharply to make an initial tear; before very, very slowly drawing my arms apart. I never saw the destruction of her gown; settling instead for feeling and hearing the fabric slowly part in a single protracted rip that lasted for perhaps ten seconds before the final release of tension as the two halves separated; whilst I concentrated my attention on Moira’s eyes: they held a ‘far away’ look and quite literally sparkled with desire. To this day; my slowly ripping open the front of Moira’s gown remains her absolute favourite precursor to love-making.

As I released the torn remnants from my grasp; Moira stepped closer; threw her arms around my neck and we kissed. It was long slow and deep; whilst our tongues entwined and fought; I slipped my hands inside Moira’s torn nightdress; grasped firmly at her narrow hips and pulled our bodies together; my rigid cock pressing insistently against her belly. Moira gasped in response before tightening her own grip behind my head; grinding our mouths together still harder. The fears and apprehensions which Moira had displayed during our previous encounter had clearly been largely banished.

I was eager to reacquaint myself with Moira’s gorgeous nipples; so tried to draw back and slip the remains of the nightgown from her shoulders; an impossibility with Moira’s İzmir Travesti arms still locked firmly around my neck. Moira was so engrossed in our embrace that I think she perhaps misunderstand what I was doing. She suddenly released me and stepped back; a look of concern on her face. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing whatsoever; I just wanted to finish unwrapping my present.”

As Moira relaxed once more I slipped the gown from her shoulders; it fell softly to the floor but I barely noticed. Her elfin body was even more attractive than I’d remembered and despite knowing what to expect; the first sight of her nipples took my breath away once again. How long my reverie lasted I don’t know; certainly several seconds: it was broken by a squeal from Moira; as she stepped forward and quite literally leapt into my arms. I caught Moira beneath her tiny buttocks as she wrapped her slim legs around my hips; squealed in delight once more and linked her arms behind my head before crushing my mouth with a kiss more passionate even than those which had gone before. Despite Moira’s slight frame I was forced to step backward to maintain balance before trying to return the kiss with equal fervour. I know I failed; at that moment Moira was on fire!

It was some while before Moira’s assault eased; but when it finally did and I was able to gasp for breath; it was to the sound of another delighted squeal for Moira followed by “God; I just love it when you do that!”

This threw me somewhat “Do what? I’ve barely even touched you yet.”

She laughed and kissed me again; this time generously releasing me before I began to asphyxiate. “You didn’t have to; you looked at them.” Whilst the laughter was still dancing in Moira’s eyes tears had begun streaming down her cheeks; she looked enraptured; it was awesome.

“Well if just looking at your boobs has this effect; perhaps my touching them will be even better? Though you’ll have to ease your death-grip to give me the chance.”

More elated laughter from Moira as she eased her grip around my neck and rocked slightly backward. As her breasts came back into view I gasped in appreciation once again and the chain reaction was repeated; with Moira squealing in delight; before hugging tight and crushing my lips with her own. I was still trying to work it out; I could understand my own reaction to seeing her nipples; but Moira’s response to my ‘just looking’ seemed wholly disproportionate.

When Moira finally released me from this latest skull crushing embrace I asked ‘why?’ There was a flash of concern or perhaps embarrassment visible in Moira’s eyes; but it quickly passed and the sparkle returned.

“You really like the sight of my nipples; don’t you?”

“God yes; they’re fantastic.”

“My sisters teased me about them when we were growing up.”

“Ask them again now; I’ll bet they’d love to swap.”

“You really think so?”

“I’m certain; they’ll be jealous as hell! In fact they probably were even when they were teasing you.”

The smile disappeared once again “Jack… Jack said; that they were de-formed and looked like dog turds”

“I dislike that man more and more.”

“You do really like them though?”

“Moira; your nipples are without doubt and by a wide margin; the most gorgeous that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.”

“You’re not just saying that?”

“No! And if you’d ease your grip a little; I can prove it by giving them the attention that they so richly deserve.”

The warm happy smile was back. “Oh goody. But not like this; you’ll have to put me down on the bed first.”


The smile became mischievous. “Because I won’t be able to watch you as easily from up here silly”

I was happy to oblige; carrying Moira across to the bed I laid her gently down on it: she was as light as a feather then I commenced to give her pert breasts and huge nipples the attention that they warranted. For perhaps fifteen minutes I rejoiced at Moira’s warm breast; investigating every inch of the pale firm flesh and delightful pinnacles with my fingers lips and tongue. It was impossible to judge a response from my periodic looks into Moira’s face and eyes; they bore a serene smile throughout. The occasional small gasps and mewls which escaped Moira’s lips and her sporadic wriggles beneath me provided some clue as to the preferred direction and strength of my caresses; but as with both her sister and daughter, the most candid indicator was the changing shade of the small birthmark located below her left breast.

During these sojourns to inspect Moira’s vivid pink-penny my tactile explorations extended to encompass her flat but equally pale midriff; where she responded particularly to my tongue being traced around and within her shallow navel and to strings of light kisses across the tips of her slim pelvis. Recollecting Moira’s response during our previous night together; I kept my lips safely north of her pubis: even whilst tracking kisses from one hip to the other, my route curved upward to reassure her. Only the fingers of my right hand drifted lower and even these I limited to gently combing through Moira’s fine, sparse hair and lightly tracing along the edges of her swollen labia. There was no hurry.

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