The Perfect Gift

Alexis Texas

Christmas in Virginia. She looked out of the window, bemused. Snow wasn’t supposed to happen here. She sighed and buttoned her coat to the top. She’d have to walk now. Her car was spectacularly bad on snow. Fortunately, her home town was so small, just about everything was within walking distance.

So she walked, head down against the snow, hands stuffed in her pockets. This Christmas Eve gathering of a bunch of her old friends had the potential to be very weird. She tried not to think about the fact that he would be there, her dear friend and unrequited love. She tried very hard not to think about the fact that she would be in his house.

Most of her qualms were forgotten in the joyous reunion once she got there. Six months and more had passed since most of them had seen each other. She only had to get past that little hesitation when he walked over to hug her. Her internal awkwardness. She suddenly realized that the months gone by had eroded her defenses against him, and she resolved to stay as far away from him as possible during the evening.

She did fairly well, laughing and joking with her other friends, moving unobtrusively away when he got too close. Until she became too warm and decided to take off her sweater. Suddenly, he was there beside her, his hands around her waist, almost encircling her.

“Have you always been this thin?” he asked quietly.

That was when she made her mistake. She looked up, into his eyes. Those gorgeous, bewitching eyes, as green as the tree that stood in the corner. She felt her reserve and her resolve shatter. More than that, she felt a wave of almost overwhelming desire wash over her. She didn’t want his hands around her waist. She wanted them sliding up under her shirt, to cup the breasts that hung free, to play with the nipples that were already hardening under his gaze. Right here, in front of everyone. She wanted to fuck him with abandon that moment, never mind that they would have an audience.

She closed her eyes and shook her head slightly. This would never do. Instead of stepping closer to him, as she so wanted to do, she pulled away. “Yes. In fact. I have.” She tried to make herself sound – and feel – like the ice princess she needed to be. She couldn’t quite decipher the expression in his eyes Travesti as she moved away, but she thought he seemed…disappointed. Could that be possible? She’d always thought he held no feelings for her beyond friendship. A very close friendship, true, but nothing more.

She began her maneuvers again, trying to stay away from him while still talking to as many of her friends as possible. Again, she was successful for a time. Then…the party games started. And somehow, the two of them wound up as partners. She tried to be annoyed, but found she couldn’t. It was too comfortable, sitting there next to him, thighs touching, working seamlessly together again.

Halfway through a game of charades, he put his hand on her leg and smiled. “It’s like we’re reading each other’s minds.”

She tried to ignore the thrill of desire that went through her. Mentally, she worked through several things to reply, then finally decided to say what she really wanted to say, for once. “We’ve always been able to do that, though, haven’t we?”

His smile broadened and his hand tightened on her thigh. “Yeah. I’ve always loved that about us.”

Her concentration was shattered. She completely lost track of what they were doing in the game. His smile was amused, tolerant, not annoyed, as their score slipped from the highest to, well…not so high. She tried to get her attention back on the game, but she was far too aware of him, of his warm musky scent, of all the things she wanted him to do to her, consequences be damned.

She suddenly became aware that the party was breaking up. He stood to begin ushering people out the front door, but she remained seated, feeling chilled without his body next to hers. She didn’t want to leave. Didn’t want to go back out into that absurd White Christmas snow. Most of all, didn’t want to abandon this opportunity. But she still felt unsure, fearful. What if he was just being friendly? She wasn’t sure she could handle rejection from him, especially not at this most happy of seasons.

With a sigh, she pushed herself up from the couch and looked around for her discarded sweater. And then he was there, hands encircling her waist once more.

“Just where do you think you’re going?”

She ran her hands through her hair, nervous. Ankara Travesti “I…don’t quite know. But I thought probably I should leave, too.”

He smiled, and again she was captivated by his eyes. “Do you want to leave?”

No, she wanted to stay here and fuck him. She wanted to curl up in his arms forever. But she couldn’t say that. “I don’t quite know.” She knew she sounded ridiculous. She sighed softly and looked at the floor.

He cupped her chin in his hand and tilted her head up. “Well, why don’t you stay a while until you can make up your mind.”

Reluctantly, she smiled. “I could do that.”

He led her by the hand back over to the couch. Instead of sitting next to him, though, she gave in to her impulse and sat on the floor at his feet, leaning her head against his leg. It felt…right. When he began gently stroking her hair, it felt even better. They sat there silently, watching the flames of the fire dancing joyously. She wasn’t sure if she should try to say anything. She wasn’t sure what she’d say if she tried. As an alternative to conversation, she slid her hand along his thigh. She wanted this man, and badly, but had no idea how to tell him.

“So.” His soft bass rumble broke the silence. “What do you want Santa to bring you this year?”

Her hand paused in its caressing. “What do I really want, you mean?”

“Yeah. Tell me what you really want.”

She hesitated again as she thought through a number of possible things to say. And again, she found the courage within herself to say what she really wanted to say: “The one thing I really want is…” She took a deep breath. “…You.”

She watched several expressions chase their way across his face, as she held her breath in anticipation and terror. Finally, he smiled.

“Why don’t you come here and get me, then?”

Silently, she stood. Abandoning all of her fears, she straddled him. She slipped her hands behind his head, pulled him close, and kissed him. Their tongues intertwined, stroked one another. He tasted of cinnamon and some other spice she couldn’t identify. He smelled of musk. She pulled back and smiled at him.

“Well, if you’re my present, I suppose I need to unwrap you, don’t I?”

He grinned and said nothing.

Later, İstanbul Travesti she wasn’t sure how she had gotten all his clothing off. She just knew that after some fumbling efforts, he stood there before her, naked and gorgeous and obviously ready for her. And she was more than ready for him, feeling the slickness between her thighs and wanting nothing more than to feel him thrusting inside her.

He stepped forward and pulled her shirt over her head, roughly. He bent her backwards and took a breast into his mouth, tongue flicking over her nipple. She let out a moan of pleasure and desire.

“Oh God. I want you inside me. Now.”

Without speaking, he pulled her jeans off and pressed her to the floor. He poised above her, hesitated.

“Are you sure this is what you really want?”

“Yes! Now shut up and fuck me.”

She gasped as he filled her with one thrust. Needing to feel him as deeply inside her as possible, she lifted her legs, wrapped them tightly around his back.

“Oh my God, baby, yes, I need this!”

The world narrowed to the two of them, and there was nothing more than his cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy, filling her as she had never been filled before. The intensity of the sensation was almost unbearable, but she kept arching her back, thrusting up to meet him. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as they moved together.

“Yes. Yes. Fuck me. God, how long have I wanted this?!”

She didn’t want to come. Didn’t want him to. She wanted them to stay like this forever, locked in the dance of love.

But he felt too good inside her, stroking her, enflaming her body, all her senses. The waves of pleasure built and built inside her, finally breaking over her in an orgasm so intense all she could do was throw her head back and scream. And she felt him come at the same moment, shuddering, pouring his seed deep within her. Heard his wordless scream of pleasure combining with hers.

Slowly, she unclenched her hands from his shoulders, and opened her eyes. There he was, his pine-green eyes smiling down at her. He caressed her cheek gently, and the emotions she had so long tried to hold at bay consumed her. But this time, she knew it was okay to feel them. To give voice to what she felt.

Lying there in the soft glow of the fire and the lights from the tree, she smiled and ran her fingers gently along his lips.

“I love you, you know?”

His smile broadened.

“I know, angel. And I love you.”

It was, without a doubt, the perfect gift.

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