The Photo Shop Ch. 20


Although each chapter is a story on its own, you might enjoy it more by starting with chapter 1 as there may be references to characters or events that happened in previous chapters. All characters participating in sexual activity in the stories are 18 or over. Please don’t be afraid to let me know what you think of my stories.

Chapter 20: Catharina’s birthday.

My regular readers will remember Catharina as my very first photographic model, well I knew that her fiftieth birthday was coming up and I had contacted her husband Mario to find out if anything special was planned. He confirmed that in two weeks, on Saturday, they would throw a big surprise party for her. The restaurant would be closed to the public as only family and close friends would attend. He confided that it had been difficult to keep it a secret from her, but he had played dumb, telling her there was no time to do something big and it would be business as usual in the restaurant with maybe a drink afterward with some friends. I made arrangements to fly to Rome the Friday morning before the event. Closing the shop was a bit difficult in the summer, but so be it, I too had a right to a vacation, albeit a short one as I would only be closed Friday and Saturday, Sunday and Monday being my normal closing days of the week. I booked a return flight in business class leaving Friday morning with my favorite airline, Brussels Airways; I still held a gold card, a nice perk leftover from my working days. Mario had booked me a hotel room in a place near the restaurant, allowing me to walk to the party.

When I got to the hotel, I gave Mario a call informing him of my arrival. He gave me the final instructions for the party but had to confess that under pressure he had told Catharina I would be there for the drink and that she would most probably call me to have dinner together the Friday evening, which of course she did. As we hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years, she would have loads to tell me. At 8 I heard a knock on my door and there she was. When I opened it she grabbed me in a bear hug and kissed me full on the mouth.

“Oh I am so happy to see you, it’s been far too long, you should come more often.”

“You are absolutely right darling, but I have been so busy the past year with retirement and setting up my photoshop and studio, I didn’t even have time to take a vacation, but hey, here I am, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

“How is that working out for you? Do you meet many girls you can photograph in the nude, or are you now only taking pictures of kids and pets?”

“You know me, you were my first nude model and it hasn’t stopped since you converted me. I do take pictures of babies but often together with their nude mothers, and most importantly, I’m still helping young girls with their careers as I did for this young Italian girl I once met here in Rome.”

“Yeah, you would, wouldn’t you, you’ve got to tell me all about it over dinner, let’s get going I’ll take you back to a place you may remember.”

“You mean Antonio’s? Is the old rogue still in business?”

“Yes he is, and yes that’s where we’ll go.”

This was truly a trip down memory lane, I started to wonder if we were going to repeat that whole evening tonight. Antonio still didn’t have menus in English, so Catharina ordered the food and wine for the both of us, and just the same as the first time it was excellent. She pumped me about the photoshop and I told her the whole story in some detail.

“So you are still a bachelor, but taking care of the ladies in your village, even getting a bit kinky on the side, your own BDSM cellar, my God what will it be next?”

“I am only renting the place to them, absolutely not involved in the operation, aside maybe from taking the occasional photo or video they want. The grand opening is coming up soon once all these strange contraptions they want have been installed. But what about you, how are the kids, they must now be well in their twenties?”

“Marco is already 29, happily married with 2 kids and working in the restaurant as sous-chef, a bit tricky with Mario as he wants him to excel at everything, you know how fathers can be. Mario wants Marco to take over the restaurant in a few years. We’re not getting any younger ourselves and Mario wants to travel the world. Last year we went on a cruise for the first time, in the Caribbean, and he’s been bugging me ever since to do it again.”

“Cruises are indeed addictive I loved them too, lots of single ladies on board to take care of you know,” I said with a wink.

“I can imagine that for you, these would have been tiring vacations.”

“You have no idea, when I came back from one of these I immediately needed another vacation to rest. How about your daughter Gina, how’s she doing?”

“Gina is 28, almost the same age you were when we first met, she’s still single, a bit shy maybe, basically like I was when I met you. You know what, maybe you should Travesti take her out to dinner and convince her to pose in the nude for you.”

“Come on, I will be 60 soon, what would a pretty young woman want with an old fart like me?”

“Mm I think you could teach her a trick or two, I know she is no longer a virgin but she hasn’t had much experience with the male population. When do you have to go home?”

“I plan to fly back Monday evening.”

“Excellent, I will set up a date with you and her on Sunday night.”

“No honestly, I would feel embarrassed.”

“You shouldn’t, you’re still a very good-looking man and besides Italian girls usually go for older men: I did, Mario is more than 10 years my senior.”

“Come on, it would be like she’s dating her father.”

“I don’t ask you to marry her, you only take her out to dinner, talk her out of her clothes, like only you can, and as a bonus for her do your heavenly cunnilingus thing. Which, I must confess I hope you will do for me later tonight, it’s just been too long since I experienced that pleasure.”

“That is a tall order, first going down on a married woman, which you know is totally against my principles, and then, to top it, her daughter as well?”

“Will you, pretty please?” She looked at me with real puppy eyes, making me melt completely.

“OK, but just this once.”

“Yeah!” she said, clapping her hands.

“Are you done eating, or would you like a nice strong coffee?” she said, knowing very well I didn’t like Italian espressos or ristrettos, so clearly trying to get me to move on.

“No, no, I’m OK.”

“Well let’s adjourn this meeting then and get busy with some serious stuff.”

We walked back to the hotel, and it was like that afternoon so many years ago all over again. When we walked into my room we tore at each other’s clothes and in about 10 seconds flat we were both lying naked on the bed. From then on it went slower and calmer, I guess our age had something to do with that. We kissed, rediscovering each other’s bodies, exploring each other’s mouths, like dancing a slow foxtrot rather than a boogie-woogie, feeling though as if it was the very first time, circling our tongues around each other’s, caressing each other’s face like the lovers we once were.

“Oh darling, I missed this, you make me feel young again.”

Leaving her hot mouth I slid my lips over her cheeks, down her neck and shoulders to the top of her breasts, which had become larger over the years, kissing my way towards her enticing areolae and nipples. I took them one by one in my mouth and sucked them to full hardness; God, I loved those boobs, still so firm. Catharina began to moan, taking my head between her two hands and pressing it into her fun bags. I felt a light pressure on the top of my head pushing it down, it was obvious she wanted me to start eating her out. I slowed her down, tickling her sides with my nails, resulting in some shivers and she let go of my head to try pushing my hands away. I moved my fingers down to her hips just out of her reach, and my mouth to her abdomen, licking her cute little navel, enticing a giggle from her. Once there, it was only a short distance to her pussy. Wanting to tease her, I went all the way down to her knees, where I began to place little feathery kisses at the back, moving to her lower thighs, working my way up, and approaching her vagina ever so slowly from below, teasing her. She began squirming, trying to move her body down so my mouth would slide over her pussy lips, to her frustration I moved down as well, thus keeping the distance between her pussy and my mouth as I intended.

“Mmmm, stop that, please eat me!”

“Patience dear, your reward will be that much bigger when you let me do it my way,” I mumbled from between her thighs.

I continued my trip up her thighs, licking and kissing closer and closer to her love garden, drawing more moans from her lips. Grabbing her legs at the back of her knees, I pushed them up, exposing her completely and giving me total access to her playground. I placed a kiss full on her vertical lips followed by a flat tongue lick up to her clit, before making a U-turn and licking my way back down, spreading her inner lips open with the tip of my tongue, sucking them one by one into my mouth, as I finally snaked my tongue into her sopping hole. Catharina’s juices flowed profusely over my face and into my mouth allowing me to savor the tangy, sweet taste I remembered from my youth again. Speaking of a trip down memory lane, this was definitely one of the better ones I had ever had. She was so wet I could easily slide two fingers into her while moving my tongue back to her swollen love bean which had come out from under its hood begging for my oral attention. Catharina’s breathing became faster and deeper indicating the impending arrival of an orgasm. Her body began to shiver and shake, her back arching and pushing harder against my face as she went into sensory Konya Travesti overload, shrieking and squealing.

“Yes, yes…Oh God aaaaaah…Give it to me, yes I’m cumming, cumming!”

It felt like being under a shower, as she squirted and squirted her juices all over my face and mouth, thrashing about on the bed, almost throwing me off of her, and making it extra hard for me to keep sucking on her clit, to keep her orgasm going. After a final arching of her back which almost lifted my torso off the bed together with her, she came down and all of a sudden stopped moving as if she had fainted. She was experiencing what the French call ‘La petite mort’, the little death. I gently pressed the palm of my hand over her pussy, slowly bringing her down from her orgasmic state. Her breathing slowed, while she grabbed my head with both her hands softly bringing me up towards her mouth and giving me a loving kiss, clearly enjoying the taste of her own pussy.

Looking into my eyes she said, “madre dio, I missed this, it’s been ages since somebody worshipped my pussy as only you can.”

We both moved on our sides, just lying there a long time, gazing into each other’s eyes, tenderly holding on, words no longer required, communicating through our eyes without words, remembering our youth.

All of a sudden she sort of jumped up, grabbing my still rock-hard cock and started pumping it. “I almost forgot you didn’t cum, we can’t have any of that.” While she was speaking, she had moved down and engulfed my cock into her hot mouth taking me all the way in, when all of a sudden she sat up again. “What a pity we don’t have Champagne, I can’t make you relive the trick I played on you that afternoon in your hotel room so many years ago, remember?”

“As if I could forget, that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, no woman has ever done that to me again, I’ve had ice cubes shoved up my ass or applied to my nipples but never your Champagne trick. I guess some things are meant to only happen once in a lifetime unless, when you turn 60 I’ll come back and bring a bottle of ice-cold bubbly.”

“That’s a deal! But for now please fuck me, fuck me slowly, make it last.”

As I was already flat on my back, Catharina straddled me, assuming a cowgirl position, grabbing my hard dick with her hand and maneuvering it strategically to the entrance of her pussy, still extremely wet because of her orgasm. She impaled herself in one mighty shove until her pubic bone hit mine and she started riding me expertly, driving me into the mattress. She was a master amazon making all the right moves, up and down, forward-backward, even little circles, stimulating every square centimeter of my cock with her well-trained pussy muscles, and making me enjoy every ridge while bringing me higher and higher on my orgasm scale. I have no idea how she did it but it felt as intense as if she was giving me a blowjob with her pussy, I even had the feeling her tongue was licking around the head as my cock withdrew, giving a similar feeling when I was up close to her cervix. I was struggling to hold back from cumming as I wanted her to come again but this time together with me.

To help bring that about, I moved one hand to her bouncing boobs, grabbing onto one and pinching the nipple, while I pressed the other against her belly and sought her engorged, now very sensitive little pearl with my thumb, giving it little flicks. I felt her pull in her stomach, and arch her back while she pushed her boob into my hand, satisfied noises emanating from her mouth inching her and my impending orgasm closer to boiling. All of a sudden her muscles were rippling in ecstasy, and her body jerked as her orgasm hit her, thinking ahead I pulled out quickly, as I didn’t want to deposit my cum in her pussy; Mario might find out we had dinner and sex. I mouthed “Mario” after which she gave me an understanding look and pointed to her boobs. We changed position in a flash with me straddling her, shoving my cock in the valley of her rack which she then squeezed, allowing me to give her a tit fuck and taking me quickly over the finishing line, blasting 4 or 5 jets against her chin and all over the top of her boobs. After she had coaxed the final drop out of me I collapsed onto her in post-orgasmic bliss. We just lay there, squashing my cum between our bodies, our breathing slowing down in unison, in the afterglow of our earth-shattering orgasms.

Taking a peek at the clock, Catharina leaped out of bed and hit the shower. When I too looked, it surprised me it was already that late. Coming out of the bathroom Catharina said, “I must hurry to get back, I am like Cinderella, I need to be back home before midnight when the restaurant closes, otherwise Mario will begin to worry. As long as the service is running, he is completely focused on his work, but once that is over and I am not there he will panic and wonder if something might have happened to me.

“Don’t İzmir Travesti get up, get a good night’s sleep so you are ready for tomorrow’s festivities, we expect you at my ‘surprise’ party at noon.” She was out like a whirlwind.

With the very early flight I had taken and the bed gymnastics, I fell asleep as soon as I switched off the light. Waking up the next morning was not the best of things that have ever happened to me, my chest felt stiff with the dried cum all over it. I jumped out of bed to hit the shower and clean up. As I wanted to look my best at the party, I took my time to wash my hair, and to shave wherever I deemed necessary, especially given the Sunday evening assignment Catharina had given me concerning her daughter. Walking down to breakfast I started thinking how I was going to approach this, how do you talk a girl, excuse me, a young woman, who thinks of you as an older uncle, out of her clothes, and then proceed to eat her pussy? Well first of all by having a good breakfast, that’s for sure. Breakfast didn’t bring me a solution though, so I kept pondering how I was going to tackle this problem when all of sudden it came to me. I had my computer with me, the force of habit, and over the years I had copied Catharina’s photos from computer to computer. Maybe if I shared those with Gina, I might be able to convince her to shed her clothes and pose for me as her mom did, and then hopefully the rest would come naturally. It was a plan, and time would tell if it would work, but first I had a big ‘surprise’ party to go to.

Walking into Catharina and Mario’s restaurant at noon, the place was already filling up, the lovely couple welcoming me at the door. They had been given the day off by their kids, Marco was busy in the kitchen and Gina had assumed the function of her mom. It was a warm reunion, Marco hugged me and kissed me as Italians do and so of course did Catharina. Gina was called by her mother to greet me too with a big hug and kisses. I was quickly moved to a table where Antonia was waiting for me, she was now well in her seventies but still as sharp as a nail, running her winery with an iron fist, or so she told me over lunch. The lunch was sublime, Marco had outdone himself, proving to his dad he was ready to take over the restaurant and let the ‘old folks’, as he referred to them, retire and travel the world. Gina, who like Catharina, had trained under Antonia, had chosen the perfect wines to go with Marco’s creations. She did come by my table several times to chat; her mother had obviously told her she was going to have dinner with me that evening. Whatever more she shared with her daughter I could only guess.

When the party ended around six and I said my goodbyes, Catharina took me aside and told me that she had, sort of, told Gina about our past relationship, without revealing the whole history, but explicit enough to pave the way to an enjoyable evening for me and her. Taking my leave from Gina, I reminded her of our ‘date’. Smiling, she said, “I know, I’ll join you at the hotel around 8 o’clock. Shall we grab a bite to eat in one of my favorite places, or do you prefer a walk to work off all the kilos you gained this afternoon?”

“I think I would prefer a walk if you don’t mind – afterwards we can have a drink in the hotel bar maybe?”

“OK, see you then.”

I had less than two hours to rest after a rather tiring afternoon reminiscing with all these people I knew from way back. I fell asleep immediately when I hit my bed. At 7:45 the phone rang, picking it up, a computer voice told me to wake up. I jumped out of bed, hit the bathroom, freshened up, and put on a pair of slacks and a polo shirt, and I was in the lobby, a bit nervous, waiting for Gina at 7:55. 8 o’clock sharp she walked in, the spitting image of her mother all those years ago, with the black wavy hair, hip-hugging jeans, and a crop top, just like her mom, giving a hint of her cute belly button.

“Where shall we go? I guess you know all the touristy sights, but have you ever been to the Vatican gardens?”

“No, not that I can recall, are they worth visiting?”

“Absolutely, and around this time, there won’t be many visitors.”

“Excellent, the Vatican gardens it is, do you mind if I bring my camera and take some pictures of you as I did with your mother?”

“No, mom warned me that you like to take pictures of girls.”

“Correction Gina, only of beautiful girls!”

“Ah that’s another thing mom warned me about, you like to flatter girls.”

“What can I say, you are the spitting image of your mom, and I always thought of her as ‘my Italian beauty’, which she still is, but I fear men always tend to go for the younger version when available.”

“OK, you can stop the flattering, and let’s go before I turn all red and start believing it.”

We had a nice walk in the park and I took numerous photos of Gina, and like her mother, she felt a bit awkward in the beginning, but gradually became more confident and took very similar poses as her mother had so many years ago. Returning to the hotel, we adjourned to the bar and had a nice glass of bubbly.

“There are some photos I would like to show you on my computer, would you care to come up?”

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