The Plan


I’m waiting in the empty room above the garage for Jane to arrive. I texted 20 minutes ago that she should come, but she sent back a photo of her beer at the bar with the words, “Give me a minute.”

The house is ready; the plan is set, but the guest of honor has yet to arrive. I have put on several songs throughout the house, playing what I think of as unsettling electronic music. In the hallway below, her path is lit by candles and playing cards with images of the Karma Sutra drawn in graphic detail. Next to each is instruction. In the hallway, I have the sound of a couple having sex playing, the woman’s moans are echoing off my ceiling. I peer out behind the curtain waiting for her, hoping that Jane follows direction.

Nervous, anxious, and horny. Almost absentmindedly I stroke my cock. I am naked – It will be part of the surprise. When this happens, I won’t want to waste time with my own clothes. Touching myself, my mind focuses on the anticipation of being with Jane, of touching her body, going through the plans in my head.

The phone on my thigh vibrates. “I’m Here” I press the button of the garage remote and hear the door rise. A moment passes and the phone vibrates again. “Should I pull in?” I smile inwardly, knowing that she is waiting now for instruction and that things will go fine. Jane’s going to be a good girl and do exactly what I want. “Pull in.” I texted. And I hear the car pull into the garage.

I wait for a moment to let her turn the car off before I hit the remote again and the door closes behind her. I hear the inner door open and I know that she has found the first card. My greeting, welcoming her to this experience that I have been running through my mind all day. My cock begins to stiffen knowing that we have begun. I draw back to the door listening for he downstairs.

Jane should have found the second card by the candle, with the image of the disrobed woman and the simple instructions, “Strip and Go to the stairs.” What will happen? I hear as the belt of her pants hits my hardwood floors and I smile again. Good girl. I see her in my mind’s eye as she strips down by the candle light. I wonder about what Jane is thinking. Does she wonder where I am? Is she worried that someone might see her through my windows? Jane is naked now, exposed… Is she feeling vulnerable… Travesti She’ll be more vulnerable in a moment.

I hear her directly below me now. I know Jane is willing and my blood races. I need to stay out of her sight for just a moment more, until she reads the third card, by the candle, the one next to the image of the couple, intertwined in the act. Simple instructions. “Put on the robe and this blindfold. Climb the 12 steps and turn left, walk three paces and raise your hands when you are ready.” I can hear her working the knot on the robe. Perhaps it is tied a little too tightly. But she gets it and I hear her making her way up the stairs. Now I spring forward, know that I will be unseen and assuming that I can go unheard. When Jane reaches the top of the stairs, I am there with her. I am close enough to smell her body. She turns and takes the three steps toward the bedroom. It is the moment of truth. Is Jane willing to be mine? The weight of the evening follows with me close behind. Silently step by step. She pauses underneath the threshold of my doorway. …Raise your hands when you are ready. Slowly, timidly she lifts her hands just above her shoulders. And I pounce.

I feel her exhale as I press my naked body up against her back and begin searching under the robe for her breasts. I take them in my hands and squeeze them softly but firmly and bury my mouth on her neck, pulling away to hear her gasp slightly. My hands move over her breasts and down her belly to the belt of the robe. I run my right index finger over the lips of her pussy lightly. Jane is hot and wet and ready to enjoy the experience. I take off and pull down the shoulders of the robe, exposing her in the center of the room. She is completely naked except for the blindfold.

I wonder if she knows it’s me. Presumably she can smell me. Jane knows my touch. She can feel my beard. But there is always the chance that I am someone else touching her at the moment, right? I do not now, nor will I call out my presence. If she can be sure it is me, it isn’t from my voice.

If I were a patient man, I would take a moment to consider her loveliness in the room. After all, I have left a bedside lamp on just for this reason. But I am hungry with lust now and I want her on my king-size bed. I move her up toward my Ankara Travesti bed which is on a slight platform above the rest of the room. I try to be careful but she stumbles slightly and in my eagerness, I cannot help but push her a bit onto the bed which has been stripped of all but the fitted sheet to allow for me to move and manipulate her body as I wish.

Before I position her onto the bed however, I want to do one thing. I take her hands and place them around the bed knob at the footboard of my bed. This has the purpose of bending her out at the waist a bit and putting her in a submissive position. I reach into her pussy with two fingers. Jane exhales lustily and a surge runs through my body. She is soaking and ready. I push my body on her to simply feel her beneath me. I pull back feeling the space between us, looking at her there with her hands grasping tightly on the bed knob. I step forward again pull her back from the footboard and push her up onto the bed.

I prowl around the large bed. This is where I had planned to be. I grab her ankles and pull the out toward the corners of the bed and I pull her arms out to the edges. I want to keep her in this position. Earlier, I had considered tying her up, but I decided to save it for a later time. This time, I wanted the blindfold to be enough. At the same time, if she has some doubt about whether it truly was me in the room, I want to hold on to that mystery, so I will have to hold her in this spread position across my bed through sheer force of will. Jane begins to draw back her leg and I pull it back extended. She keeps it spread. Good Girl.

I crawl up to Jane’s face at the head of the bed and lean down to kiss her; Her mouth is hungry and lusty and it charges me with a deep passion that I feel in my core. As I lean down to caress her body from up above, I can tell that she senses my cock is nearby. Jane turns her head and I let it brush her check. When she opens her mouth to search for it, I pull it back. Not yet, I think. Then I let it brush her cheek again and this time she is quicker to turn, but I still pull away. One more time, I taunt her with my dick, but we both knew that I want to feel the warm caress of her mouth around me and I relent. Down deep into her mouth Jane sucks and licks and kisses my cock, sometimes İstanbul Travesti so deeply that her teeth painfully pull for a moment across the shaft and I am stunned into wanting to cum into her, but there is more work to be done and I break away.

Beside the bed, I had already placed a cup of water. From time to time I dip my fingers in it and rub my hand across Jane’s warm body. I run my hand across her round ass, that ass that I had spanked on so moony occasions. I knead the water into her thighs. I stick my thumbs deep into her pussy and grab handfuls of her ass with the rest of my fingers. I kiss her between her legs, first on her pubic hair, then down to her warm slit, making my way up to her clit. I love Jane’s clit, as she gets excited, it seems to creep out between the folds of flower and present itself fully to be teased and rubbed and caressed.

As I work Jane’s body, I raise her to a standing position on the bed, I want to kneel before her, but she is so unsteady, it became clear that we could not last, so I pull her down to a kneeling position on on my face and begin to work my tongue across the landscape of her hot wet pussy. She is getting into the sensation apparently as she tugs on the headboard and grinds down on my mouth and face. She shifts her hand and knocks the water of the top of the headboard. “Shit! What was that?” Do I spank her for this indiscretion, I think. Normally, I would. No, not tonight.

Jane scoots off my face and moves down my body slowly. I know where she is going and I love it. Good girl. Between my legs she feasts on my cock once more. Now I am the one holding the headboard and shaking it. Deeper and deeper she goes on me and I will end this experience early if I do not find the willpower to pull her off me, which proves harder to do than you would expect, but I want to fuck her so badly now and as much as she might enjoy getting me off, I know she wants me in her snatch too.

I pull her legs up over my shoulders and push in. Jane sighs deeply and I return again and again, each time, trying to explore more deeply. I want to call her name, I want to tell her about the thoughts in my head, but I try to communicate it all with the push and pull of my body weighing heavily in hers, pressing her into the bed, giving her this experience. Ultimately I am unable to hold back, I try to communicate that we must ready ourselves and I explode into her, pulsing again and again. I kiss her deeply and longingly. Then I pull the blindfold off and Jane winces at the light. I smile down at her, “How was your day?”

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