The Power You Possess


You walk into the room, confidence exuding from you with every stride. My heart speeds up at your sight. Once again, I find myself breathless in your presence. Part of me want to sit patiently on the bed and watch you move. Watch the way you haphazardly remove your clothes in a rush to reach me, your need to be naked. But I can’t resist the pull to just touch you, run my fingertips across your face. Just to makes sure this moment is reality. I jump off the bed and practically run to you, into your arms, into your warmth, into your strength, into your control, into your power. The moment my skin touches yours, I feel the electricity pass between us, I am already lost.

I wrap my arms tightly around your middle, you return my grasp around my shoulders. As and I bury my face into your chest, you lean down slightly and kiss the top of my head. There is something about those little kisses on my head, my shoulder, my back, that tell me I’m safe. You’ll take care of me, protect me.

“Hi baby,” you say. I smile, almost fighting tears, as I am just relieved to hear your voice, to be in your arms again. Your finger finds my chin and tilts my head up to look at you. I bite my lip ever so slightly, trying to get a grip on the fire burning through me right now. But you throw some more fuel on that fire as I feel your lips graze mine in a gentle kiss. I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding, it accompanied by a gentle moan. I feel my body loosen, nearly melt in your arms. And just as your tongue starts to explore the tastes of my mouth, you begin walking me backwards. Seven, maybe eight steps, and my back hits the wall. I feel your hands under my clothes, against the bare skin of my stomach. And as I sense you moving my shirt up, I throw my hands above my head. You take the opportunity and pull my shirt over my head, tossing It on the floor. You make quick work of my bra and I am standing in front of you, topless. I feel your lips press against my neck for a second, but then your body lowers, and you kiss down my chest until you land on my nipple. You take it into your mouth and suck it deep, hard into the back of your mouth. My body tenses. And as you work your oral magic on my nipple, you wrap your fingers in my waist band and pull my jeans and my panties Travesti off in one swoop.

I stand in front of you naked, completely bare for your pleasure. I look up, letting the pleasure you are providing rush through me, heating in the apex of my thighs. My hand makes its way to your head, my fingers lace in your hair. I start to you pull you off of my breast, back to my face for a kiss. As I do, I feel your teeth clamp down on my nipple. The pain shoots through me. My back arches from the wall and I grow even more wet between my legs. You stand up, your hands on my waist, pulling me against you. With those deep, dark eyes, you look at me and the lust that radiates between us is almost tangible. You kiss my lips, quickly, hungry. My core clenches with the realization of what is about to happen. I have been waiting to feel your cock inside of me for so long, too long. I can feel the moisture building in my pussy, so ready for your punishment, so ready for the pleasure. Eager to feel you, I turn around, my front facing the wall, so you can take me from behind.

You lean over me, your mouth against my ear, and whisper, “Good girl.” I live to hear you say those words. I smile slightly and push my hips back towards you. I hear you loosen your belt and let your pants down just slightly. Your fingertips grasp my left hip as you use your other hand to guide your hardened length into me. Slowly, but incredibly deep. I find myself instinctually lifting my body up on my toes, almost unable to accept your entire length. But I let myself back down, feeling you so deep inside of me, that place only you can reach. It’s yours, only yours. Take it. Your other hand grasps onto my other hip, which you use almost as handles as you thrust in and out of me with increasing speed.

I use my hands to push against the wall, gaining leverage to keep my hips thrusted outwards for your continued assault. My breath is growing short and choppy as you move faster and faster. Each time you hit that deep spot, I hold my breath. I feel the beginning of orgasm swirling in my belly.

You must be feeling it to because as my head starts to drift off, you ask, “You gonna cum baby girl?”

I shake my head, utterly a mere, “Uh-huh.” I close my eyes, letting the Antalya Travesti sensation wash through me, but I want more of you. Maybe I need more of you. I reach down and grab your hand and bring it up to my throat. I feel each of your fingertips against my neck. I count them in my head. One, two, three, four. Your thumb rests on the opposite side, just at the base of my chin. And you start to squeeze, gently at first, but then a little more. And still a little more. My breathing slows. I can’t think. Only feel. I feel pleasure. I feel pain. I feel you. I feel your strength. I feel your power. I feel free from my head, free from myself. Thank you for freeing me. And then in a fraction of a second, my whole body tenses.

“I’m going to cum. Oh god, I’m gonna cum,” I shout out. You take the opportunity to grab tightly onto my hips and drive deep inside of me with one fast thrust. And that does it. I coil forward, barely able to support my own weight, trying to grab at the wall to keep myself up. My orgasm pulses through me, wave after wave. Your arm is wrapped around my chest, helping to support me.

“You’re okay. You’re okay,” I hear you saying, your arms wrapped around me. You make me feel so safe when you hold me. I turn my head back towards you, catching those intoxicating eyes. We both let out a little grin.

“Can you get on your knees for me, baby girl?” I would do anything for you. I comply, turning around to face you, on my knees. I feel your fingers run through my hair, resting at the back of my head. I open my mouth, let your cock in as your gently push my head forward. I look up at you, your dick hitting the back of my throat, causing me to gag a little. There is something about this position, looking up at you so far above me, feeling weak under your control, that is gratifying like nothing else ever has been for me. I watch you for a second, but then close my eyes and let you guide yourself in and out of my mouth. I have little control of my mouth, my spit practically pouring from my mouth. You are covered, wet and sloppy.

You ease your hand off the back of my head. Feeling that, I bring my hand up and start stroking your cock in unison with my mouth moving up and down it. I glance up at you, noticing that you have Bursa Travesti visibly relaxed, your head lifted slightly.

“Ahhh, that feels good,” you grunt out. I keep going, my hand working up and down the base of your shaft, my mouth worshiping the head of your cock. I feel you growing harder in my mouth and it pleases me more than you could know. I continue for a few minutes like this, your cock growing wetter and sloppier with every movement of my mouth.

“On the bed, all fours,” you command. I comply, quickly hopping up on the bed, anxiously waiting for you to join me. I feel you behind me. Your hand squeezes my hip tightly as you guide yourself into me. I will never grow tired of the feeling of you inside of me. It feels like you belong there. You find your pace quickly, thrashing deep into me with every movement. I dip my head down towards the bed and you quickly grab a fistful of my hair and pull it back up. Pain shoots through me again. A little grunt escapes my lips with every motion.

“How does my cock feel inside of you?” you ask.

“It’s so big. I feel so full,” I say, barely able get the words out. And with that you continue. Faster. Harder. Deeper. It is almost too much for me to take, and yet I want more. I need more. The power you have over me, I need to feel it. I need to feel your power.

“Please spank me,” I whisper.

“Louder,” you command.

“Please spank me. Please,” I say, louder this time. I feel your hand connect with my ass, hard. You are so strong. “More,” I say. And you spank me again. And again. The pain from your cock buried deep inside of me coupled with the spanking sends me to the place I’ve been dying to go. Thank you for freeing me. I soak in every movement you give, let every sensation run through my body. This is a gift. You are my gift.

I sense your breath growing rapid, your movements growing jerky. I know you are close. And then I feel you withdraw from me, without warning. I am almost devastated with the loss I feel between my legs. I flip over, so I am sitting under you as you stand on the bed. You have your cock in your hand. What a glorious sight. I look up at you.

“Please,” I say. That’s all I have to say, you know exactly what I need. And with a few strokes of your cock, I feel the warmth spray all over my face, satisfying me completely. You sit down next to me, pull my body into your arms. You plant a gentle, comforting kiss on temple.

And then, in my ear, through your jagged breaths, you whisper, “Good girl.”

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