The Professor Ch. 01


I was sitting in my office, my feet on the desk drinking coffee and finishing the last bite of my bagel. It was a little past 7 in the morning, and the rest of the Social and Behavioral Sciences building was largely quiet. The newspaper sat unread on my desk, but I preferred to gaze out the window. One of the perks of teaching college in the searing heat of Arizona is that the vast majority of female students walked around half naked as a matter of course. I felt it was my duty to keep a close eye on things just in case any of them decided to undress completely.

There were few students so early in the morning, even though it was the third week of summer session. Taking a drink of coffee I wondered if I had made a serious mistake by not getting a second bagel, but I figured I could hold out another few hours until I delved into an early lunch. An extremely cute brunette strolled by my window.

“Ah, the glamour of youth” I thought as I watched her toned hard body glide by.

She was tan, with dirty blonde highlights, olive skin, and a nose just large enough to betray her Italian heritage. In short she was spectacular. She spent most of her time tugging her tiny shorts down in a desperate attempt to make them actually cover her splendid ass. I quietly rooted for the shorts, and was glad to see that they were still winning as she passed out of view.

“Uhm, professor Reynolds?” came a tentative voice from my doorway.

“Susi, you’re still alive!” I teased, beckoning her in with one hand as I took another swig of coffee and pulled my feet off my desk.

“Yeah” she smiled shyly, taking a step into my office.

“Come in, have a seat. You didn’t happen to bring me a bagel did you? I asked.

“uhm, no, but I could”

“No that’s all right” I cut her off “not your fault I chinced myself”

“So what’s up? I asked as she sat uneasily in the chair opposite mine.

This was the second semester I had Susi. She was a decent student, paid attention and took notes. She made a “B” in my intro American History course. This summer she was taking the second half of American History but had missed the last four classes. In the express world of summer school missing four consecutive classes puts a student in an extremely difficult position.

“I’m getting really behind in your class. I’ve had problems at work and home, and, well, I don’t know what to do”

Susi looked up at me with her big, watery brown eyes. She was wearing a short skirt, and the ubiquitous tight, spaghetti strap tank top for which I thanked god everyday. Her legs where just barely tan, not thin but certainly not fat, just the right amount of shape to them. My office was ice cold. One of the great wonders of the world is that while we can put men on the men, launch rovers to mars, it was impossible to develop an industrial Travesti cooling system where you could actually control the temperature. While it was 110 outside it was a constant 45 in every large public building in Arizona. Consequently Susi’s nipples were bulging out of her tight little tank top, and I was finding it increasingly difficult to carry on an intelligent conversation.

“Well I am sorry to hear you are having problems out side of school” I said “but to be honest, you missed a lot of material, even if you get the notes from someone, you are going to have a hard time on the final”

“I know” Susi lamented, “is there any way i can earn extra credit?”

The way she looked at me when she asked made me stir in my seat and start to grow hard. I told myself it was my imagination, that all she meant was actual extra credit, but I noticed she had put her books on the floor and leaned forward a little, exposing cleavage and her very erect nipples. Her legs had started to part just a little, drawing my eyes up her thighs, desperate to see what was up that skirt. I shifted a little in my seat and did my best not to look, but I was sure she caught my trying to sneak a peak.

“Well Susi” I stammered slightly, trying to regain my composure “in my syllabus I do allow for one extra credit assignment, but you did miss two quizzes, so that will only get you so far. Have you thought about withdrawing and taking this course again another time?”

“Oh no” Susi said earnestly, leaning forward a little further. “I need the credits this summer, I really need to pass this class now, I would do anything to pass this class.”

The last statement hung in the air. Here was a beautiful 19 year old woman in my office. Practically shoving her cleavage in my face, her legs definitely wider, and just the hint of a black thong showing under her skirt.

“I really don’t mind putting in the effort” she continued “I know I have been very naughty missing your class so much, but you can discipline me however you think is necessary as long as you don’t drop me from your class.”

By now I was rock hard and making no attempt to hide that I was drooling over this incredible young woman in my office. Susi got up and quietly closed the door. Walking over to me she leaned down.

“I really have been very naughty” she whispered “but I really do need to stay in your class, I will do anything to make it up.”

Instinctively, without even being consciously cognizant of it my hand ran up the back of Susi’s leg. Leaning closer she moaned slightly, and then gently bit my ear.

“I have been a bad girl” she murmured lustily “I deserve a good spanking.”

My cock jerked when she said that, and my lust and carnal desire took over, all my hesitancy was gone.

Sliding my hand under her skirt and Antalya Travesti over her ass I moaned myself when I realized she was wearing a skimpy thong. Standing up, my hand still on her ass I moved behind her and ordered to place her elbows on my desk. Immediately Susi obeyed, this shy, concerned student who had entered my office was now a lust filled vixen; bent over my desk, telling me how naughty she had been and begging to be spanked.

“Your going to get a lot more than just a spanking” I said as I playfully slapped her ass.

Susi moaned when I did that. Running my hand over her ass, and down to her crotch I could feel and smell her wetness, but I was taken back by how completely soaking wet she was.

“You like having your ass spanked don’t you?” I asked, giving her another light slap.

“Oh fuck yes” she cried “Oh Michael take care of me”

So much for professor Reynolds I smiled to myself. I took turns between running my hands over her perfectly smooth, round ass and giving her playful spanks. Not too hard, but just enough to make her moan and beg for more. Reaching into the bottom drawer of my desk I pulled out a vibrator I kept for just such a contingency. Putting it on low I ran it down her ass and over her sopped panties, pressing it against her clit. Susi groaned and arched her back, pressing back against the vibe. Giving her ass another slap I leaned forward so I was closer to her ear and whispered

“You don’t seem very sorry for missing so many of my classes. Perhaps you need something a little stronger”

Panting hard while desperately humping the vibrator Susi could only whimper.

“Get on the desk” I commanded “Get on all fours on my desk”

“Yes” was all Susi could manage to say as she scrambled onto my desk, knocking off papers, paper clips, and pens.

Pulling her flimsy thong aside I began to run the vibrator over her clit, which was soaked, and very hard. With my other hand I began to massage her incredible tits. They were good sized, but firm and natural. Being on all fours they hung down beautifully, her nipples poking through her thin fabric. Pulling one out from under her shirt I leaned forward and began to lick and suck her nipple. Susi moaned her approval. Sliding the vibrator back along her pussy lips, over her ass, I turned it higher and then slid it directly into her wet pussy.

Susi jerked for a second, groaning, and then pushed back, impaling herself on the vibrator so it was completely buried inside her. Susi whimpered and groaned as I fucked her with the vibrator while massaging, licking, and sucking her tits. By now I realized that she was getting close to cumming, and I hadn’t even unzipped my pants. Watching Susi panting like a dog in heat, I knew what I needed to do.

Cranking the vibrator on high I buried Bursa Travesti it as far into Susi as it would go. She screamed, and began making low guttural moans. Leaving the vibrator buzzing away I walked to the other side of my desk, standing right in front of Susi. I leaned down and kissed her. She opened her mouth and our tongues began exploring, wet and deep in each others mouths. The vibrator was buzzing so hard I could feel it through her tongue. As we kissed I unbuttoned my pants and freed my aching cock. It was hard and swollen, already oozing pre-cum. Susi reached out and began jerking me off, her hands deftly sliding and twisting over my head and down my shaft. I broke the kiss and stood there, enjoying her expert hand job. But we both needed more. Susi got down on her elbows and slowly began to run her tongue in circles over the head of my cock. Running my fingers through her honey brown/blonde hair I groaned as she sucked my cock deep into her mouth.

For a second she just kept it there, letting her warm saliva cover me then she slowly started to bob her head up and down my shaft. Her mouth was pure ecstasy, warm and wet, vacuumed onto my cock, I knew right there that Susi was going to ace her oral exam. Putting both hands in her hair I began to slide in and out of here mouth as she bobbed up and down. We developed the perfect rhythm. Her mouth provided the perfect lube, and I could feel my balls getting heavy, filling with cum.

Susi must have sensed it because she began to writhe around on my desk and groan as best she could with a mouth full of my cock. Although the vibrator was buried in her, Susi kept pushing back, trying to fuck it. Our pace quickened, both of us nearing the edge. Just as I got past the point of no return I grabbed her head hard. Susi sucked eagerly as my first shot went deep in her throat. At the same instant she began to scream onto my cock. Shaking and trembling from her own orgasm Susi whimpered as she did her best to swallow mouthfuls of my cum.

I lost track of time, but eventually we both began to come back to earth. I had literally emptied my insides into Susi, who had managed to take almost all of it, a few drips seductively on her chin and down her neck. She was still cumming, but less forcefully, more slowly, her body now in a constant low level state of orgasm. After letting her suck and lick my now semi-soft cock clean, I re-zipped my slacks and then removed the vibrator from Susi. She moaned in protest and then collapsed on my desk. Her thighs, actually her entire legs, were covered in her cum. I leaned down and gave her another kiss, our tongues gently playing with each other.

After another few minutes Susi got up and repositioned her clothes as best she could, while I straightened up my desk. Standing Susi came and pressed her body against me. I held her tight and gave her a kiss.

“I think I may still need some more help to get through this class” she said, innocently looking into my eyes.

Smiling I kissed her one last time “I think I may need some help to get through this class.”

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