The Rain


I am woken up very early in the morning to the sound of rain. It’s pitch dark in the room. The usual faint red glow of the radio alarm clock non-existent.

There is an eerie silence, except for the sound of the rain and your breathing. I nuzzle in closer to your warm naked body, laying my head on your chest and feeling the rise and fall as you sleep.

Relying only on touch I run my hand lightly down your chest, and over your stomach. Being careful not to wake you yet, I gently run my fingers over your sleeping cock and get an immediate response.

Before it has the chance to reach a full erection, I take it entirely into my mouth. As I slide it in and out Travesti it grows and hardens.

I hear your breathing change to a little growl as I stroke the shaft while I suck and nuzzle your balls with my nose. I feel your hands rubbing my head as you wake. Your shaft becomes slippery with pre-cum as I continue to stroke it. I lick a little off the head, savoring the taste. I stop what I’m doing and ask you to come outside with me.

It’s still raining, but it’s a warm rain. I lead you out to the lush soft lawn in the back yard. As the rain pelts our naked bodies I get extremely aroused. “I want to fuck you in the rain,” I say as we kiss, “but I don’t Ankara Travesti want you to do a thing.”

I pull you down to the soft wet grass and lay you on your back. I lick the rainwater off your neck as I straddle your stomach then slowly slide your rock hard cock into my hot wetness. I slowly grind up and down on your cock while holding your hands down. I pick up the pace a little and grind much more aggressively. I can feel the rain running down my back and between my legs intensifying the sensation. I let go of your hands and lean back enough to stroke your balls as I ride your rock hard stick.

When I cum, my whole body shudders as it’s overcome İstanbul Travesti with shockwaves. I collapse onto your chest, my breathing is ragged. You feel the spasms inside of me as I constrict my pc muscles to prolong the pleasure.

Once I recover, I want to make you cum hard and I want it to be in my ass. I take your cock, slippery with my juices, and slowly guide it up my tight hole. I go down as far as I can then slowly slide up and down. I move a little faster and more forceful as you respond with heavier breathing and growls. The heat our bodies generate was enough to make steam as the rain beats down upon us. I feel your hands grab my hips and pull me down hard on you as you cum.

I can feel the fast hot bursts as it shoots out and fills me up. I lay in to you staying connected. We lay there on the grass in the rain for a while letting the rain cool our bodies and recovering for the next round.

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