The Referral Program


My first story on Literotica. I welcome your feedback, comments, and ratings. Enjoy! And thank you, for trusting me with your time.


The conversation that night had turned, as it often did, to sex. After all, the girls were hot, the guys were horny, and it was the last conversation before we all went off to our separate colleges.

I was raised in a very conservative world and so, although I took part in the banter, I planned to “save myself” for my future spouse. God, how I loved to listen and talk though. I tossed out a question, not expecting an answer.

“So, ladies. What’s it take to make a man popular in the bedroom? What’ll make you tell your friends?”

It must have been the perfect moment, because they all laughed and began answering. Actual answers, not just jokes. They talked about dick size, which could cut both ways of course. They brought up having a guy that could finally last long enough to see them satisfied without faking. One girl said she’d be thrilled to have a guy that took his time and didn’t just rush towards the finish without considering her at all. As the conversation started dying out, and was probably about to go to the next subject, Alyssa said, quietly, “what about a guy that’ll go down on you, and do it well?”

The room exploded. Every single one of the girls agreed instantly. They were getting misty-eyed at the very thought. A good cunt-lapping was the ultimate experience. Not a soul of them disagreed. All of those young women said that a man that ate pussy with skill could do so practically as often as he wanted.

Equally interesting was the reaction from the guys. Nobody was into it. Nobody was willing. Get blowjobs? Sure. Go down on a chick? Hell to the no. They wrinkled up their faces. They sneered. The pushed each other and asked “you a carpet-muncher, man?” Not a one of them was willing to even entertain the idea.

As the one that had asked the question, I was stunned. Here were half a dozen beautiful girls that every guy here had stroked to for four years. They were telling us outright that eating pussy would get you all the pussy you wanted. From them. And nobody was willing to take the deal? Idiots.

I thanked the girls for their answers, and smiled gently for the rest of the night, lost in my own thoughts.

For the next few days, I turned it over in my mind. I wasn’t going to have sex before I got married, I knew that. It was settled already. But where did I draw the line? That question was new to me. As I considered it, I decided that as long as I kept my cock out of the equation, it was okay. How could I have had sex if my dick never came into contact with another person? That still meant I could provide plenty of pleasure for the ladies though. It would be fun. Hell, it could be downright profitable!


Chapter 1: Move-in

Shortly after check-in at the dorms, with Dad pulling away and hollering “See ya, Lou, be good!” out his window, I got to work. I’d insisted on getting to school early on the first day of move-ins “so I could learn my way around and get settled before classes.” Mom and Dad bought it just like they’d bought the mini-fridge, sheets, microwave, Tylenol, band-aids, textbooks, and everything else about college. Another thing they’d bought: the private room. After all, how can I be expected to study with the distractions of a roommate doing who knows what, and with whom, and at what hours? If it was going to help me learn and earn, they were all for it.

Getting there early *was* going to help me learn and earn, and so was having a private room– just not the way my folks expected. I set the room up quickly, then got my computer in place and onto the broadband connection that came with my room. Opening the file I’d stored in the cloud, I read over my plan again. Was I serious? Did I mean to do this? I did. I took a few deep breaths, picked up my cell phone, and dialed Alyssa’s number.

While the phone rang, I was scanning my script over and over again. When she answered, I was near the end of the script in my mind, and practically stuttered as I tried to catch back up with reality.


“Hi, Alyssa. It’s Lou. I just got moved in for the first time. Did you get here yet?”

(Alyssa was, by chance, the only other one of the gang from high school that had also chosen North State University.)

“Oh, hey Lou. Yeah, I did! My roommate isn’t here. The RA says she’s expected tomorrow. In the meantime, I have the place to myself. Isn’t this whole thing exciting?”

“It sure is!” I agreed. “What building are you in? I’d love to come visit and talk.”

“Huh? Oh, I’m in Building 4. It’s an all-girls dorm, so they won’t let you in. Maybe I could come to you?”

Glancing at my script again, knowing that it couldn’t be going more perfectly, I grinned. I didn’t even need the script. “Sure. Come on over to Building 6. I’ll meet you in the lobby and we can talk in my room.”

“Okay, see you soon!”

My plan was started, but I still had time to back out. I could just hang out and talk. I Travesti could just be a chicken. I didn’t have to do anything. I could let this whole thing be a dream. But I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t try, so I decided again to go for it.

Waiting in the lobby for Alyssa, I didn’t even have to watch the door. I knew she was there when the RA on Duty stopped being able to form complete sentences in the middle of checking in another student. Turning in my seat to check, my suspicions were confirmed. The cause of such a sudden speech impediment was indeed my friend.

Alyssa was gorgeous. Gentle curls of red hair fell over her pale skin to rest on her shoulders. Light green eyes flashed with energy and a handful of freckles were scattered liberally across her face. She was only 5’2″, but that’s a blessing for a gymnast. She had small breasts, probably barely in an A cup. Her whole body was incredibly toned and firm. Her ass was high, round, and tight. Powerful thighs that stayed feminine connected smoothly to gracious calves, strong ankles, and small feet. Today, Alyssa was decked out in NSU gear from the campus bookstore. An extra-small NSU shirt clung to her body, accenting her nipples. They pressed firmly against the shirt with no bra in the way– she didn’t need one, she didn’t wear one. A couple inches of her tight torso were exposed before the rolled-down tops of her “NSU Athletic Dept.” shorts that barely covered the bottoms of her cheeks. She was in flip-flops and playing with her new keys.

Hopping up from my seat, I walked quickly to her side and we made small talk while the RA figured out how to talk again and finished with the student that had been checking in. “Jeff,” I said, “this is Alyssa. I know her from way back, and she’s coming over to see my new room.”

“Hi, Alyssa. Um, nice to meet you. C-could I ask you to sign here as a guest?”

Alyssa signed in and we went on to my room,

24. As I opened the door and let her take in the view, Alyssa spun around to me. “I thought freshman didn’t get private rooms!”

“We don’t. I had to convince Dad that I needed it to study, and then let him get an exemption from the housing administrator.”

“You’re lucky.”

“I’m hoping to be even luckier soon.”

Alyssa suddenly looked up at me in concern. After all, I was the good kid. Was I going to try to do something?

“Don’t worry. I’m not about to jump you or anything,” I laughed, “but I did want to talk to you about the conversation the other night around the campfire.” Before she had a chance to freak out, I continued. “I’ll be honest. You already know I’m not planning to have sex before I’m married. But I don’t want to get to marriage and not be able to please a woman at all. So this is what I was thinking…”

And then I outlined my plan. It was bold, but if it worked, it would be amazing. Alyssa’s face moved slowly from utter disbelief into realization that I meant every word. From there to acceptance, from acceptance to curiosity, and from curiosity to enthusiasm. She even gave feedback and helped me make it better.

Chapter 2: The Business Plan

I wanted to be “the guy” that ate pussy better than any other guy, bar none. For two weeks, I’d eat Alyssa at least twice a day. More, if she wanted. I’d take every tip she could give me. I’d try every technique she asked for. I’d focus on becoming a master at eating her out.

Then I’d ask her to start making referrals. This was a key point, because Alyssa would be rushing a sorority this fall, and would have access to plenty of young women to recommend me to. Furthermore, she was rushing into a group that wasn’t known for putting out easily like some others were. These girls would be horny but repressed, and open to the plan. Later, she’d be part of the gymnastics team at NSU, and she knew those girls would all want to have someone suck them to a screaming O without trying to make them too sore to practice.

Starting at this point, it would be a business. Because Alyssa gave me the idea, she got a sweet deal if she took it. I was offering:

1) Up to 2 sessions a week, free. 2) 10% of ALL profits. 3) 50% of gross on each direct referral.

And that’s the thing. From here on out, there’d be a price list, and a cash fee. In return for my services, I wanted money. The girl is always guaranteed that I won’t ask for sex. I won’t want a blowjob. I show up, I give her the greatest of pleasure, take my money and leave. No commitment. No dates. No condoms, wet spots, birth control, or pregnancy. Just relief from the horniness of youth. And ultimate discretion.

All I asked was clean, no diseases, and shaved or trimmed pubic hair. In return, I’d do whatever we agreed to, collect my money and be done until the next call. Each girl got an offer of her own: 50% of gross on each direct referral and no price increases for six weeks.

Here’s what that meant. If Alyssa referred me to someone that paid $20 for my services, Alyssa would get $10 in referral money and another $1 as her percentage of all profits. Konya Travesti I’d keep $9. If that girl made a referral for $20, she’d get $10, Alyssa would get her $1, and I’d get $9. Two referrals would let the girl pay for another session with me just out of her referral money. A referral for more money would help. A referral for less would pay less.

That system would be continued for infinite levels. Any girl would make 50% on whoever she sent to me. Alyssa would always get 10% of my half as her reward for giving me the idea and helping me get started.

I’d always get 40% of a deal, by the end. And that was okay with me, because I’d be eating a lot of pussy. Top referrers could have a lot of cash, or a lot of pussy eating, or both. Alyssa was going to be rich. I was going to be the most popular guy on campus, and the envy of every other red-blooded male. Oh, and have plenty of disposable income.

Alyssa’s smile told me we had a deal, but I asked anyway. “Do we have a deal?” In reply, she stood up from the edge of my bed, hooked her thumbs into her waistband, and slid her shorts to the floor while locking my eyes with her flashing green ones.

Chapter 3: The Eager Pupil

Alyssa looked me in the eyes and queried “you’ve never done this before at all?”

“Nope.” I figured short was better for an answer then saying something dumb.

“Then you have a lot to learn. Start by appreciating the whole woman. Trace your fingers over her body. Feel her contours. Take pleasure in all of her. Kiss, sure, but also kiss from the chin down. Taste her skin. Don’t tickle, but make sure you touch everywhere more than once. Don’t just dive straight for sucking her titties. Don’t reach clumsily to spread her legs and dive right in. Wake up her whole body. Set her nerves on fire from head to toe. In doing so, you heighten every sensation to come, and create a connection between you that will make what you do much more effective and let you be much more expensive.”

I couldn’t even think straight. There was a reason this was apparently the greatest thing that ever happened to a woman when it was done right. It sounded hard. I knew *I* was hard. Alyssa was a wet dream for me and here she was, sitting on my bed with no shorts on (or underwear– as it turned out, she never bothered with it) and I was supposed to be focusing. She continued.

“When you finally do settle between her legs, spend time kissing and licking her inner thighs. Paint her mound with your tongue. Gently part her lips with your tongue, and explore tenderly. Look for a moment at the pussy in front of you and tell her it’s beautiful. What’s more, you had better believe it’s beautiful. You may have preferences, but every woman is the unique creation of God, and so is her cunt. Nobody else in the world has the same lips, ridges, and look. Some of us have long inner lips. Some barely have any. You’ll see fat lips and thin ones. Clits that are the size of tiny dicks and ones that you’ll have to coax to the light with patience and care. Every one of them is beautiful in it’s own way. So you look, you find the beauty, and you damn well tell her it’s beautiful.”

I nodded, struck dumb.

“Treat each step like it’s the only one. Let the girl’s body betray her into getting you to take the next step. Let her arch her body against you. Let her press her cunt up into your hand when you brush past it. Let her pull your head into her lips when she’s ready for you to stop teasing and eat her out. Once you finally get to the job, please, don’t be mistaken by the phrase ‘eat her out.’ This is not a time for teeth. Almost ever. Unless you get a freak, and she’ll tell you if she wants it. Lick, suck, probe, and tease. Explore every area of her outer and inner lips. Brush and tease her clit. Use a flat tongue, a pointed tongue, strokes and swirls, and eventually, suck directly on her pearl.

Don’t be fooled by the porn you’ve watched. Almost every woman wants you to end up sucking directly on her button. That’s not a special technique reserved for the most intense women. We’re all intense. We all want it. Build up to it, fine. But get there, and latch on like there’s no tomorrow. Figure out how to breathe on your own time. Whether she’s riding your face or you’re kneeling between her legs at the edge of the bed, stopping for air isn’t really excusable. You’ll get clues along the way. More or less noise, more or less moving, ragged breathing, swearing, whimpering, and so forth. Got it? One more thing, don’t just try to drive right for the goal. Have I made that clear enough? Do you remember the conversation around the fire? Everyone wants it to last longer. It will be SO MUCH BETTER if you can build a girl up to the edge, then back down a little and tease for a moment, then build up again, and so on, until you finally push her over the cliff of pleasure. You’ll earn your weight in gold.

Now, Lou– are you ready to try?”

If that was the lecture, I was ready for the lab. I was painfully hard, but had to ignore that while Alyssa positioned us the way she İzmir Travesti wanted. For my first time, she went easy on me, and lay across the bed with her knees hanging off the edge. Grabbing a pillow I dropped it on the floor in front of her open legs, fell to my knees, and started kissing my way up her thighs.

WHAP. “What the…?” I’d just been hit with a pillow. Alyssa was glaring at me.

“Don’t you listen, Lou? Start over, and appreciate the whole woman! No skipping steps!”

I nodded, realizing just how hard this would be. Starting again, I leaned over her with my cock tenting my move-in jeans. Getting intimately close to her collarbone I gently breathed in her scent, letting her light perfume mix with her soap and skin in a swirl in my mind. Bringing up my hands, I started at the sides of her neck and began gently trailing my wide fingers down her firm body while I hung over her. Light swirls and brushes over her creamy skin worked slowly across her neck and shoulders, down her slender arms, and tickled with her fingertips. I began tuning into her breath for clues as small kisses and licks began to caress her ears, neck, collarbones, and shoulders. Alyssa’s light gasp when I traced her jaw with my tongue told me I was starting to get it.

With a little more confidence, I let my hands keep moving: up her sides, sliding across her ribs, delicately tracing the edges of her small breasts. Experimenting with varying pressures, I found that her stomach tightened and rippled under firm, smooth movements. Almost non-existent flutters around her nipples made her small, tight areolae crinkle into tiny pebbles. My warm breath made them even harder, and I began to work my way down her body. Letting my hands begin exploring her torso, the sides of her ass, the delicate inside curve where thigh meets groin, down her thighs and the backs of her knees, I lowered my mouth to her breasts and began gently washing them with my tongue. The urge to suck her nipples was overpowering, but I had to remember to build up slowly, or I was sure she’d hit me with another pillow. My tongue worked on the bottoms of her breasts, which earned me a giggle from Alyssa. That giggle turned into a quiet whimper when I moved to flit the tip of my tongue across her nipples for the first time.

“Th..this…is… better,” she breathed, barely above a whisper as her body shook gently below me. Then I sucked her right nipple into my mouth. Sharply, all at once, and hard. “Oh, FUCK yes! God DAMNIT that was good!” It turned out little Alyssa really like having someone pay attention to her small tits. I guess, considering how amazing her ass is, nobody really focused on her less prominent features much.

It was a valuable lesson: a girl may have some spectacular aspect that everyone pays attention to, but she still wants to have the rest of her body celebrated. Even as I sucked and swirled on her nipple, I filed that fact away.

After what felt like an age, I reluctantly separated my mouth from her chest and continued trailing downwards. Gently settling to my knees again, I finished kissing my way down her sculpted abdomen towards her greatest treasures. She had those ultra-defined muscles at her groin that just draw the eye naturally to her pussy. I suddenly wished I had gone to our gymnastics meets in high school. With my eyes pointed right at her lower lips, the urge to dive for them was incredible. Steeling myself to the task, trying desperately to remember the things she’d told me, I worked my way up from her thighs to her inner thighs, then danced around her cunt. Alyssa was shifting and tightening her butt, squirming with a growing impatience under my kisses and fingers. I began to smell her arousal, and knew I couldn’t wait any longer.

With a broad, flat tongue I began to press firmly, making heavy strokes over her mons, her outer lips, and, finally, parting her inner lips with my tongue to slide for the first time from base to tip of her pussy. As I lifted, a flick of my tongue across her clit made her jump against my face. Holding her lips apart, breathing in her fragrant scent, pure, clean, and entirely shaven, I looked back up to her and said in true wonder “your pussy is beautiful.” Alyssa hadn’t actually told me what to do next, should I wait for a response? Should I get right back to it? I didn’t want to lose her excitement, so I decided that when there was no direct answer right away, I should get back to work.

Moving into her lips I began to lick and suck her outer lips from bottom to top, creating gentle tugs on her pearl. Realizing that this was it, that, just by offering to eat pussy, I was, and this whole damn thing was real, I went for gold. I thrust my tongue as far into her as I could get it, and wiggled it. To be fair, my tongue isn’t that long, but I did my best. Pushing as hard as I could, I heard Alyssa’s breathing get much faster, and looked up through my eyebrows to see her chest heaving and her fingers pinching her small nipples hard. I pushed up to her clit and began to make u-shapes around it with the pointed tip of my tongue, providing direct stimulation and constant movement. “Oh, my fucking God. Fuck yes. Eat that fucking cunt.” Alyssa was swearing like a sailor as she reached down, pulled my mouth into her pussy, and slammed her legs shut around my ears.

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